7 Signs You Were A Real Man In The 1970s

The 1970s was a groovy time, with its waterbeds, mood rings, incense, and intense colors. It was also a turbulent time, with oil crises, women’s lib, advances in rock and roll, the fall of Saigon, environmentalism, and so much more.

Let’s not forget the invention of the microwave oven either. But what type of guy walked the street and what made him a “real man” in the ’70s? If you were chilling out back then, here’s what your manly self was all about.

1. You Dressed Hip

Groovy Clothes Men 1970s

Your attire was copacetic. You were one cool cat alright, jumping from one big fashion trend to another the decade. You had shirts with circles on them, others with bright stripes, and the colors nearly blinded you as you left your crib to go boogie downtown.

Polyester was the name of the fashion game, and you were a serious player, with more leisure suits, wide-flared pants, and big sunglasses than you knew what to do with. Your style icon? Elton John.

2. The Primo Tuff Guy

Movies in 1970s and Real Men

You watched movies like Dirty Harry and The French Connection in the 1970s. Those actors combined action and spy perfectly, with tons of stunts. There were no costumed needed, unlike the Iron Man and Wolverine types of today.

You were tough and considered a risk-taker. When you saw Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver deliver what would become one of the top movie lines ever, you went around saying “You talkin’ to me?” a LOT. You were one damn fine warrior.

3. Watched Off The Hook Sports

Sports in the 1970s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
You knew your sports. You were all about the 7’2″ NBA center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who won six MVPs during the decade. His ability to score points and block shots was stellar and radical. You also followed Chuck Noll like a hawk as he took four football teams to Super Bowl wins during the ’70s, each time in a position as head coach. It was his decade to rule, and it was outta sight.

4. Relevant Music. Rock On, Man.

1970s Music for Real Men

For music, the real man of the 1970s was all about Pink Floyd. You knew every song from The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, and you were impressed with the rad prog-rock of The Wall.

You would later find out your idols influenced a whole whack of bands, from Radiohead and Air to Genesis. These were great tunes to make love to, as were the classics of Marvin Gaye. You were a smooth operator.

5. Stoked about Chillin’ at the Pad

Pong for Real Men in the 1970s

You played the game Pong as you hung with your friends. Little did you know it was the start of the video game industry and that computers would become more enticing in the 1980s. Silly string was brought out for the parties while disco music played loudly.

You spent a lot of time scratching your bitchin’ beard and pondering changing it to a thick mustache instead. You smoked Marlboros because you wanted to be the Marlboro Man, and you said “Peace, love and granola” whenever you left your friends. Do you copy?

6. What a Drag, Nixon

Richard Nixon Cartoon of Scandal in 1970s

You were a Richard Nixon fan. You watched him address the issue of Vietnam on your small TV, send troops, and later withdrew in 1973. He did wonders for the space program, and you were 100% behind him when he got reelected.

Too bad there was a tiny issue called Watergate that took Nixon down. It was a little different than Deflategate.

7. Military Inclined

1970s Man and Military

The Air Force and Army were really out to recruit you with their ads. They vowed to teach you a skill and give you a fulfilling job. You immersed yourself in the stereotypes of technical training being for the man’s man and told yourself that the Air Force was glamorous.

The Marine Corps ads showed serious-looking men with weapons; you weren’t about to smile either, and you embraced the masculine images as well as the opportunity to play the traditional role of the protector.

Sigh, what has happened to the vision of the real man now? Mark Zuckerberg is arguably the leader of the generation. Sure, he is a billionaire that created Facebook and is a tech wizard. But is he a man? Geesh, I think not. I mean, who even came up with the “Poke” button?

And Facebook is a social activity, whereas real men are going to get down to tough, hard work. Speaking of which, best continue with work mode. Yeah, baby!