7 Romantic Comedies Guys Secretly Love

Okay, okay, as much as guys hate to admit it, there are romantic comedies that are totally worth the two-hour viewing period. It helps if you have a gal snuggling up to you on the couch too while you’re watching it. Just for the love of God don’t call them “chick flicks.”

1. Knocked Up

Romantic Comedy for Men
True, it would be a major nightmare for any woman to get knocked up, but any man can appreciate the smart witt of the dialogue in this movie. You can always count on Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen for a laugh.

2. Pitch Perfect (1 & 2)

Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 Movies for Men
You’re totally off target if you think the two Pitch Perfect movies are just more Glee remakes. Nope, it’s got corny humor you won’t “Aca-Believe” that you “Aca-Saw” until you actually sit down and watch this one. Aca-tually, this rom-com isn’t really a secret one to love; lots of guys will tell you they think it’s hilarious.

3. Friends With Benefits

Rom-Com Movie Friends With Benefits
Maybe guys like this romantic comedy because it’s heavier on the sex scenes than on the plot. The scenes in the bedroom can also help you out if you want a few new moves to use on the ladies in bed. You can thank JT for the advice as you watch him work his charm in the film.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Men Secretly LIke This Movie Seriously
Maybe this is a movie guys adore because it shows there’s a crazier woman out there than the ones we already know! Plus, Kate Hudson is a hottie, especially when she’s not so clingy near the end of the flick.

5. A Lot Like Love

Men Secretly Love This Movie
For the hopeless romantic guy, A Lot Like Love is a must-watch film. It delves into the possibility of love at first sight. It’s also a reminder that even if you sing off key you can still win over a woman’s heart by belting out a love tune (watch the movie to get the full story).

6. Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a Movie Men Secretly Love
Here’s what guys secretly love about this romantic comedy: The leading man owns his own business that sells travel books. Replace travel books with comics or video games and you’ve got the guy’s dream gig. Not to mention that most men would be okay with spilling coffee on a woman and later having her fall madly head over heels for him. In short, it’s a dream life for a guy.

7. Say Anything…

Boombox in Romantic Comedy Say Anything
Classic! True, some people might call it a cliche romance but we like to call it a great version of “average guy gets amazingly hot girl.” Every guy can identify with Lloyd and totally roots for him to get the chick. If you’re looking for an alternative to chocolates as a present for her birthday, you could always lift a boombox over your head too.

These 7 romantic comedies won’t make you want to commit suicide for spending a couple of hours watching them. You also won’t feel like you got a female chromosome in the process. Go old-school with Say Anything… or take in a newer rom-com like Pitch Perfect. Whichever one you choose, you’ll secretly love it. Come on, you can tell us. Really.