7 of the Manliest Bathroom Ideas

In between watching sports games and immersing yourself in mayhem in Grand Theft Auto III, you will have to drain your bladder. Well, that or wear an adult diaper and you’re way too young to go that route. Why settle for an average bathroom connected to your awesome man cave? Instead, go for the glory. Go for the manliest of bathrooms and design one that is creative, attractive, and functional. 

We scoured the Internet to find the best design elements for the manliest bathrooms, and here they are:

1. Drive this dIY project

Man Cave Bathroom Decor Project

Sure, we’re okay with guys being synonymous with a love of cars. It’s about time though we did something with those old license plates anyway. Here’s a way to honor the dude mobiles of the past with a TP holder unlike anything else.

It’s a cinch to make, just consisting of a crate hung on its side on the wall with a rusted license plate at the bottom of it. Put it above the toilet and you’ll be amazed how this simple DIY project creates a buzz with your buddies when they visit your place.

2. Shower Sinatra

Shower Speaker for Manly Bathroom

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few tunes while you’re in the shower in the morning. Get this AquaAudio Mini Waterproof Wireless Stereo Speaker and you’re all set to croon along with Sinatra or your other favorite singer. The small round speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth media player or phone and is even Siri compatible.

You can play, skip, pause, forward, or go back on songs, all right from the speaker. It features a suction cup for easily attaching to the wall or a flat surface in your shower. Get it in manly black, opt for classic white instead, or go for a bold shade of blue, green, pink, or yellow.

3. Mirror mirror on the wall

Manly Bathroom Mirror Design

Ladies aren’t the only ones looking at themselves. Yes, guys want to look good too. Here is an affordable, clever alternative to mounting one large bathroom mirror over the sink. Opt to hang four hand mirrors instead!

4. A grooming good time

Men's Accessories for the Bathroom

Now that you’re all excited about grooming, we’ll show you these vintage menswear trays. The accessories are the perfect places to put your comb, toothpaste, razor, soap, and anything else you want to keep organized. You can put these trays on a shelf or keep them right on the bathroom counter for easy reach in the morning.

Tips For Good Lighting In Your Manly Bathroom:

  1. When you shave and shower, you want a well-lit room. While natural sunlight is great, you’re likely using the bathroom before the sun rises or after the sun has already set.
  2. Great solutions are to add LED bulbs or add additional recessed lighting.
  3. For your stylish bathroom, choose modern fixtures and covers. If you’re not an electrician, call a pro installer to wire any new outlets or special lighting features; you’ll save money in the long run as you won’t risk short circuiting your house.
  4. Do the sanding work and painting around any new fixtures yourself to save some dough.

5. Water works

Temperature Water Gauge for Your Bathroom

With this device in your bathroom, you will have full control over the temperature of the water. It is not only a stylish water valve but also a thermometer. Set it to the exact warmth you like the water temperature to be every time you step into the shower and start your day off right. You will never risk scalding yourself again!

6. Keeping with the water theme…

Man's Bathroom Sink

Tires as sinks – this is genius! Notice that the faucets are nozzles from the fuel pump. You’d normally only see these features at the gas station or the junkyard. Your friends would love the rugged look of a sink like the ones shown here when they step into your bathroom.

7. Granite knock off

Countertops for Men that Save Money

Granite countertops are awesome, but their high prices are less than stellar. Now you can get the same great look for less by painting the countertops you already have to look like granite. The DIY project uses the Giani Granite Paint Kit, which goes over old ceramic tile, cultured marble, or laminate countertops. The above photo features the chocolate brown kit, although there are other different colors available. Check out this simple tutorial featuring the kit that shows you how to transform your counter without spending hundreds of dollars.

The manliest bathroom on the block will be yours when you use the inspiration provided in this post! You can install better lighting, modify your countertops, add cool mirrors, and even DIY a funky TP holder. The next time your buddies are over and drinking too much, you’ll be glad to escort them to this amazing bathroom – but just make sure they don’t mess it up while they’re in there!