7 Masculinity Fails That Are Too Epic Not To Share

Masculinity is at the intersection of beast mode and GQ. It can be oh so handsome or oh so wrong. We’re catering to the WTF part here. These 7 masculinity fails are too epic not to share. So, we are. So, here you go.

1.Male Sunscreen

Man Grooming Fail
See, here’s the thing. The sun doesn’t treat male skin differently than female skin. So, what up here? The fail zone is officially filled with manly sunscreen. Unnecessary gendered product alert.

2.Snacks Gone Wrong

Masculinity Fail Cooking
Sure, they’re called “cereal bars” but it’s a phrase, not literally Cheerios mashed together into a snack. Baking fail is awarded to the man who created these “treats.”

3.The Slight Oversight

Fail for Men in Literature
A masculinity fail can even happen in literature. Oh yes, there’s nothing quite so dweeb-like as forgetting the name of the chick you just felt up. Let’s hope you remember how good her ass felt in your hands cause you probably won’t hold it again anytime soon.

4.Admirable Fail

Romance and Masculinity Fail

Keep getting shot down by writing her notes like this? No doubt. It appears you are only two steps away from officially not getting laid for what seems like a lifetime.

5.Skin The Manhood

Weird Fail Man
This is oh so wrong. Mark Rober posted a video on YouTube about skinning a watermelon. It looks so freakin’ creepy! Even the kids are saying Ewww! Why spend all this time peeling a melon when you could be playing with her melons instead?

6.Doggie Style

Dog Clothing Fail and Masculinity
Speaking of creepazoid… Since when is the headline above true? I don’t look at clothes on dogs and think wow oh wow that would look great on me. If you do, well, seek treatment.

7.Choke On That

Man Fails in Theft

Oh, this “man” seems to have lost more than his ways… He’s also missing a set of balls. When he tried to steal MMA fighter Monique Bastos’ phone, she put him into a chokehold. Not exactly a masculine stance.

Masculinity can be fragile. Handle us with care, whether we’re dogs who shop for clothes or wanting to combine roses¬†with giving head. Let’s just say sometimes we don’t exactly have a clue… We need feminine advice once in a while. And common sense. But just once in a while.