7 Delectable Items for the Candy Lover’s Man Cave

7 Delectable Items for the Candy Lover’s Man Cave

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Eating Candy in the Man Cave

You have had a sweet tooth for longer than you can even remember. Oh, who are we kidding, you have a whole mouth full of sweet teeth! If you can't even count on one hand how many times you have lied to your dentist (and spouse) about the amount of candy you consumed within a given time, then we think you will like this post about creating a man cave for the candy lover.

1. DIY this - for emergency purposes only

DIY This Chocolate Bowl for the Man Cave

There are some situations that can only be solved with chocolate. In those cases, you are by all means allowed to break the glass on this fun DIY item! Use whatever chocolate you like; the image above features M&Ms. 

Follow this guide for the easy project that only takes about 30 minutes to make and offers a heck of a lot of yummy candies as the tasty reward for your work!

Candy Dispenser for the Man Cave

2. man in motion

You love snack foods and want an easy way to enjoy your favorite ones. Now, here's the answer (and it looks slick too). This SnackMan Motion-Activated Treat and Candy Dispenser has three pre-set serving sizes: small handful, large handful, or bowlful. Easy! And the motion sensor helps keep germs in a land far, far away.

It's perfect for peanuts, sunflower seeds, and even unwrapped candies. The dispenser takes the saying "Oh nuts!" to a whole new level.

3. a galaxy full of chocolate

Star Wars Hans Solo in Chocolate

There's nothing quite like seeing a Star Wars design on chocolate, especially when it's in the shape of Han Solo! The savory truffle even has a Nutella center! The flavor is out of this world galaxy.

4. a jar for this, that, and the other

Chocolate in Jars for the Man Cave

Let's devote a wall in the man cave to jars upon jars of your favorite treats, from Kit Kats and Snickers to gummy worms and gumballs. Sounds like a sweet deal to us! We like how the jars are clear so you can see right away what is inside each one. Using different sizes of jars can add even more visual interest in your man cave.

5. the classic approach

Gumball Machine Art for the Man Cave

Well, of course we had to include a classic gumball machine at some point in the post! I mean, come on, who didn't get a piece of candy out of something like this when they were kids?! Now you can have a poster print of a gumball machine store to hang on your wall and transport you back to fond childhood memories. The choice of black and white adds to the vintage appeal of the 24" x 36" print.

6. retro pillow talk

Retro Candy Pillow for the Man Cave

How great is this pillow?! It not only features the vintage classic candy called Bazooka, but it has the comic on one side that we used to find within the wrapper as kids.  NOTE: The pillow is bubblegum scented. Yup!

Bright colors draw your eyes immediately to the fun pillow. It is filled with comfy microbeads too, so it's totally functional on a couch in your candy lover's man cave in addition to being a very cool throwback item.​

7. call me a candyaholic

Colorful Sprinkles Candy iPhone Cover

Your phone looks so good you could eat it (almost!) with this colorful candy sprinkles iPhone 6 case cover. Not only does the strong cover help to protect your precious phone from scratches or that awful moment when you accidently drop it, but it also shows your love of sweet treats! Your fun spirit shines through, even when you pick up your phone.

You won't have to go far to have a yummy snack now! Create chocolate havens and sweet spots for other types of candies throughout your home when you build a candy lover's paradise. Whether you complement your sofa with a retro Bazooka pillow, have a candy-centric iPhone case, or DIY an in-case-of-emergency box, you're sure to be on a sugar high in your fun, delectable den.