7 Brilliant IKEA Hacks To Help You Organize Your Life

Sure, you can buy furniture and use it for its intended purpose. But, why not get creative instead and use these IKEA hacks?

Read on for inspiration on how to reinvent the Swedish store’s offerings and organize your life with the unique furnishings for your man cave. Let’s get started, shall we?

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1. From Lack To Luxury

IKEA Organization Hack for Shelving

Need shelving to organize your stacks of Maxim mags and gaming accessories? If so, here’s a great solution that uses the IKEA Lack wall shelf. Get three of the basic wood shelves and cover them with copper, gold or silver contact paper for an eye-catching finish. Alternatively, spray the birch wood with metallic spray paint.

2. Garage Worthy

Manly Organization via IKEA

The ultimate garage workbench can be yours. It just takes some creative IKEA hacks and muscle. The Swedish storage is affordable too so you won’t be living beyond your means. The base of the workbench is made from three-drawer RAST chests that are only about $40 each.

Above the counter, use KALLAX storage cubes from IKEA to store your most beloved tools and keep them easily within reach. Each cube is big and durable.

Sure, you might have to spend some time assembling the items but that’s what your media streamer is for, right?! Put on Orange is the New Black in the background and DIY your heart out.

3. Drink Up

Wine Rack DIY from IKEA

4. Storage Dreams

Organize with IKEA Men

Even if you have a small bedroom, you can slot in some extra storage beside and beneath the bed. Here’s an inventive way to do so, featuring nine Faktum cabinets from the Swedish megastore.

Tho get your manly bedding on, we got something for you too. Your room won’t look nearly so crowded (or creepy) once you hide away your “toys” in the DIY drawers. Here’s the how-to guide.

5. A Stool By Any Other Name…

IKEA Organized Man

…would be a bookshelf. Take the legendary Frosta stool and turn it into a bookshelf to showcase your books. Orgasmic organizational tip? We think so. The IKEA hack involves sawing the top of the stool in half.

The rest of the DIY steps are here. The stool comes in yellow or red top; we suggest using both colors to add extra panache to your man cave (do we get bonus points for using the word “panache”?).

6.If The Shoe Fits, Organize It

Shoe DIY Shelf for Men

Why throw your shoes into a pile by the door? This organizational hack is way cooler. Show off your latest kicks within an Expedit bookcase, customized with Variera shelf inserts. Add Kallax wheels to the display so you can move it around the room as you please.

The LED lights spotlight the sneakers, with the wires all tucked neatly in the shelf corners. Mounted at the bottom of the shoe bookcase and hidden from sight is the power supply box. Want to recreate this shoe display? Here you go.

7.When Size Matters

Towel Rack for Men

When you want a small towel rack, here’s a nifty idea. Invert a Bekvam spice rack to hang the towel. Bonus: The top is a shelf that can hold a bottle of cologne or your go-to deodorant. There are tons of other creative ideas for using the Bekvam in this post.

And there you have it… brilliance. Seven great IKEA hacks to keep you organized, provided you have a few hours here and there to do the conversions from the basic furniture. Choose from the shoe bookcase, storage under the bed, wine rack, and more.

These ways of reinventing the timeless, budget-friendly furniture are impressive and, let’s not forget, so are you.