6 Grooming Essentials For The Modern Man

After serving up posts on the 1970’s and 1980’s, we’re all set to discuss the modern man again. You know, the metrosexual who never leaves home without his iPhone, the latest issue of GQ, and his e-cig. For the modern man in you, here are 6 grooming essentials to incorporate into your routine (don’t worry, Apple understands).

1. Cologne

Grooming for the Modern Man

This grooming essential is one that you’re likely already in ownership of, but are you using it correctly? Cologne is meant to be used sparingly; don’t leave your co-workers or date gagging after they get a whiff of you. Don’t throw on the cheap stuff either. It might give you a rash, fades quicker than the better quality brands, and *hint, hint* you give an air of “I’m sexually desperate.” Gasp! Instead, opt for the Amazon from Giorgio Armani, an unwaveringly masculine fragrance with woody tones and marine notes.

2. Hair Essentials

The Grooming Modern ManKeep your eyes on the prize – your hair. Shaggy hair can ruin your entire look, modern man, and that means you might not be shagging with her anytime soon. Use a trimmer on those nose, ears, and chest hairs once a week, at a minimum. Keep your beard neatly trimmed too; it’s generally easier with an electric shaver. Head to the barber regularly too. Oh and shampoo your hair, you grease monkey! Take pride in yourself and you’ll feel more confident.

3. Skin Cream

Moisturizer and Modern Man
What, you thought moisturizer was just for chicks? Nope. Your skin is your biggest organ, and when you take care of it, then you’re more likely to look younger and fresher. Plus, when you use the cream on your face regularly, it smooths your skin, and you get a closer shave.  Tell time to go f*ck itself. And tell yourself to pick up the Amazon from Neutrogena’s skin care line for men. It’s oil free, fragrance free, has SPF 15, and hydrates with multi-vitamins.

4. Hand Products

Grooming Tips for Men's Hands

So, you don’t pay much attention to your hands? You should. It’s one of the first things women notice about you.

Dirt under the fingernails and sweaty hands are major turn offs. Invest in a nail clipper, file, and hand cream, then keep all of them in your bathroom to remind you to use them. Wash your hands well with soap, especially after meals when they can be grimy or sticky.

5. Stylish Clothes

Stylish Clothes, a Man's Grooming Essential

Any good men’s grooming guide has to address a sense of style. Wearing pants that are two sizes too big is so last decade. Be current by wearing fitted shirts and pants; trim is the best fit for the modern man’s clothes. Avoid taking that tee out of the laundry basket to wear it again – we’ll all notice it smells and is wrinkled.

Go for clean clothes that fit you right.  OH and pay attention to your shoes; YES everyone judges your shoes. Keep your black leather footwear in particular clean with the Amazon; it’s perfect if you’re new to shoe shining, offering all of the basic tools, including a shine brush made with 100% horsehair bristles.

6. Men’s Oral Health

Men Grooming Essential Dental Care

Sure, this isn’t the oral that you really want, but it can help lead to that. Even if you are dressed well, shaved impeccably, and smell amazing, you’ll still fail miserably in the grooming department if you have rank breath. Brush regularly with toothpaste that contains fluoride and follow with mouthwash for a fresh breath that attracts, rather than repels, breasts the people who surround you.

Using these grooming products can help you get laid, meet new friends (or combine the two of them into friends with benefits), and make a favorable impression at work. Once you have all of the essentials for your hair, skin, clothes, and more, you’ll step out into the world as the modern man that no one can resist. Damn, you’re one fine (hygienic) specimen!