6 Essentials That Will Complete Your Man Cave

The old-school man cave was probably not a sight to behold—an old, buzzing fridge that struggles to keep the beers cool, a dusty, tattered sofa and a hand-me down tube television—not a pretty place to bring your boys and hang out the entire afternoon.

Who needs this sort of dinginess anymore?

Classy, cozy, state-of-the art man caves have become living, breathing entities within the family home. Your man-space should be a place where you are proud to bring your buddies and your family for fun afternoons. Whatever style you choose for your space, these six essentials must be present:

1. A Big Elegant Flat Screen TV

flat screens can never be big enough

The bigger you go with the television, the better. Entertainment is the only reason why man caves exist in the first place—so go big or go home. One of the most common post-TV purchase regrets people have is not going big enough with the screen.

Purchase at least a 50-inch TV if you really want to enjoy all the sports and movie action. Obviously, if you have the space and the budget, you can buy something bigger. Look out for the picture quality; if you are buying a high end TV, you will probably end up with one that is Ultra High Definition and provides great picture quality.

2. A Badass Surround Sound System

the real man's sound system

What’s more exhilarating than watching the latest movie, music video or sports game and hearing every sound byte as if you were present and right in the middle of the action? If the TV is the focal point of the cave, then a good surround sound system will make the cave come alive.

Even the best, high-end TV will only come with a modest speaker, making a sound system a very important part of the cave experience.

A home theatre in a box will come with a receiver, a set of speakers (between 6 and 12) and a sub-woofer. You also have the option of purchasing the woofer, speakers and receivers separately. Install the speakers into the walls for the perfect acoustics.

Other cool features you could add to your sound system include a streaming box such as the Apple TV connected to the internet to watch a wide array of sports, TV programs and movies on demand.

3. Furniture

sporty furniture for the sports cave

Where in your house do you get to have your own special seat? A comfy, plush, cushy haven that you do not have to share or fight over with anyone? The cave only! Next right to a good TV and a surround sound is a good, high quality chair for the cave owner.

Plush leather recliners are universally popular but you can get as creative as your own style allows you to. It is also a good idea to invest in equally comfortable seats for guests—after all, your friends and family will occasionally come out to keep you company and you want them to feel comfortable in your space.

4. Bar

awesome aquarium bar idea

No cave is complete without a bar or at least a constant source of drinks. Just like the TV, you can go all out with the bar depending on your style, budget and space availability.

Setting up a full-blown bar is certainly costly but you could go for other affordable yet classy options such as investing in a good refrigerator, a stand-alone bar with in-built coolers, a stylish liquor stand/cabinet or a kegerator to keep the drinks flowing.

5. All Things Gaming

show off all your gaming consoles in style

Most guys would rather watch a movie or a sports game while sipping on their favorite drink. But of you are an Xbox fanatic, your cave is the best place to get away and get lost in your video game fantasies.

Investing in a video game console could just be the most fun way to spend your afternoons with your buddies especially on those weekends when there is nothing interesting to watch.

Other than video games, you could include additional recreational features if you have the space and the budget for it. A Foosball tablePing-Pong table, an indoor putting green, a chess table, darts—all these would intensify the excitement and entertainment level in your cave.

6. Man Cave Art

avengers wall decals

Is your style rustic, modern, sporty, quirky? Art and memorabilia are a great way to personalize your space with artifacts that express your style. You could decorate your cave with anything ranging from memorabilia from your favorite sports team, movie, video game, to quirky signage, posters, and lights, just to mention a few.

If the force of The Avengers​ is always with you, take a look at our roundup of awesome Avengers Man Cave items!

After all, it is your space so you can go as wild as you want to. So there you are, a home entertainment system, drinks flowing, chilling out on your swish leather recliner, surrounded by your favorite memorabilia and comforted by the laughter of your buddies or family…it’s paradise, your cave, isn’t it?