6 Design Ideas Inspired By The Beatles

The Beatles were a sensation back in the ’60s and their music lives on today. If you’re a fan of the Fab Four, imagine a classic rock heaven right in your home. The 6 Beatles design ideas below for your man cave are super groovy.

Beatles Bar Stools for Man Cave

1. Decked Out Bar

Jet set back to the 1960s with a custom-made wet bar where you can toss back a few beers at the end of the day. Bar top features could include a smokey glass finish and a black-and-white base.

As you sip a cold one, you start to hum the 1964 hit “I Feel Fine.” You certainly ARE content as you sit on these Beatles-themed specialty chrome barstools

They conveniently come in a set of two. The padded funky seats denote your #1 Fan status and are rich in retro awesomeness.

2. Album Art, Aha!

The Beatles Record Abbey Road

Include some authentic memorabilia of John, Paul, and the gang in your crib. Frame some of their most iconic album covers to hang up on your walls.

Take the Abbey Road record jacket with the famous crosswalk image to use as art. Or if you dig the Rubber Soul one instead, then that’s the ticket.​

Collect your favorite album cover (or a few of them, we understand it’s hard to choose just one), and get it custom framed at a local store. Want to save a few bucks? DIY it with a 12″x12″ frame instead. It’ll save you time too; your precious time can be spent instead at the bar we mentioned earlier.

Chalkboard and The Beatles

3. Chalk It Up To Rock N Roll

Are you a creative guy who expresses his love of the band regularly? If so, embrace the chalkboard trend that is rocking the design world the way The Beatles rocked Liverpool and beyond.

Get a chalkboard on the cheap online, and some chalk markers to use with it. Hang the board on any wall or prop it on a shelf and use it once a week to write out your favorite Fab Four song lyrics. 

A few examples that come to mind are “Obladi Oblada life goes on” and “I get a little help from my friends.” 

The Beatles in the Studio

4. Music Mania

Perhaps you want to mix tracks and pretend you’re recording “Penny “Lane” in the Abbey Road Studios of London. 

If so, you’ll want a proper mixing desk like the EMI TG12345 model that The Beatles used for the Abbey Road album. If you don’t have room for a whole transistorized mixing console, opt for a mobile version, such as a 6-channel mixer

This mixer takes up considerably less space than the ones The Beatles used. It can also go gigging with you if you’re a DJ, as can the MIDI keyboard controllers we reviewed here.

5. Clock In A DIY Project

DIY Clock of The Beatles

Chill within your man cave to all hours of the night – and know exactly what hour it is with a custom vinyl wall clock. To recreate the one shown here, follow the steps in the guide below.

Create a Clock with The Beatles Design

  1. Disassemble a clock by removing screws from the back and then use pliers to take out its gearbox and hands.
  2. Cut out the design of a submarine on plain white paper or lay it on the top of one of the band’s vinyl records.
  3. Trace the paper with a marker and then slowly cut out the shape with a wood burning tool. Soften any rough edges with an X-Acto knife. Always use best safety practices.
  4. Attach the clock mechanism to the record’s backside with superglue. Re-attach the minute and seconds hands to the clock’s front. Super Glue the words “Yellow Submarine” on colored paper to the lower half.
  5. Step back and admire your handiwork, as often as you want (no judgement).
Lamp of The Beatles

6. Brighten Up The Day

Light up your pad with this funky Beatles color faces silver lamp. The Beatles design features the faces of your fave performers in a bold psychedelic format reminiscent of the 1960s.

The translucent lamp shade softens the light, and the silver finish of the base is tastefully done. The multi-color shade easily matches to any den, even if you decide to paint the walls a different hue later.

Plus, this lamp’s a cinch to turn on and off with a pull-chain. Set it on your teak or oak vintage desk to set the hip mood.

Rock and roll rules! Show the world your love for The Beatles with the design ideas shown here. Put in your own music mixer, add a wet bar with retro bar stools, frame vintage album covers, and more. The Fab Four would nod in approval at the cool space. You’ll truly feel “Free As A Bird.”