5 Tech Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Man Cave

Is there a tech gadget you need? You’ll have to read on to see why these electronics take your man cave to an awesomazing level. Go on, you know you want need to find out more.

1. Check Out This Wood Without Being A Perv

Wireless Music Speaker Clock

We had to give this baby a second and third look (oh who are we kidding, we scooped it up before this article was even written). The GOgroove Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Clock Kit multitasks to the max, streaming wireless music, as well as functioning as an alarm clock and speakerphone.

Rock the room with American Woman; even singer Lenny Kravitz would appreciate the clear sound and how easily it connects with your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, and more.

The LED display shines bright on the front against the real wood casing. You can easily check the time and date, while also setting alarms to wake up from your nap. By the way, you snooze you lose if you don’t get this gadget today.

2. Wash Her Down & She Won’t Complain

Easy to Wash Keyboard

Cleaning your keyboard just got a whole lot easier. This one is washable! It’s a breeze to clean it, freeing up any dirt or dust that builds up over time. A keyboard brush is included with this Logitech Washable Keyboard for your Windows PC, and it dries quickly with drainage holes.

Pound out your frustrations on its durable laser-printed keys with UV coating. Plus, it has all of the hotkeys for your shortcuts, including one-touch access to email (rather than access under Alyssa Milano’s skirt, well you can’t have it all).

Just plug in the keyboard and start typing; there’s no software to install. It has a sleek look too with a slim frame (sigh, more thoughts of Alyssa MIlano).​

3. Tetris. Need We Say More?

Tetris Lighting Retro

Russia is well-known for vodka and Vladimir Putin, but perhaps what is greatest about it (sorry Vladimir) is the creation of Tetris. If you still love that game as much as us, then you’ll go crazy for the tech-erific Tetris Light too. 

It has seven lights, all boldly colored, that illuminate when they come in contact with one another. Just plug it in to turn on the tower. Plus, you can move around the building blocks any time you to create different shaped towers.

If you love retro and gaming, this is a great lamp for you. It’s customizable and clever, unlike that coworker you don’t like.

4. Germs! This Sh*t Just Got Real

Sanitizer Smartphone Charger

And then there were germs. Whole germ communities are likely living on your phone. There may even be E. coli, the flu, and MRSA bacteria.

Are you ready to hurl yet? Then you need this tech gadget from PhoneSoap. It’s a UV Sanitizer and doubles as a universal charger too. It safely kills about 99.99% of bacteria on your phone, whether it’s iPhone, Android or Windows.

And it only takes 5 minutes to disinfect your phone! Leave it in the case longer though to charge it while you’re at it.

Whoever Has The Most Toys Wins

Wi Fi Robot Called Ollie

A Wi-Fi robot that races at floor-warping speeds? Hell yeah! Meet Ollie, the robot made for a racer at heart to use instead of working any time of the day. It’s app-powered, compatible with both iOS and Android phones, for you to easily program it for tricks like spins, flips, jumps, and drifting. Customize it and take play time to the next realm!

Wanna drive fast but don’t want a speeding ticket? Ollie travels up to 6.3 m/s, so it fills your need for speed. It’s pretty much awesome, just as we expected app-enabled driving to be.

Getting the latest gadgets has never been easier, huh? From a washable keyboard to Tetris light and an alarm clock that also streams wireless music, there are many cool options for your man cave. Guys have needs, right? Craving even more tech? Then check out these smart technology options too.