5 Steps to Recreate Ashton Kutcher’s Basement Makeover

When Ashton Kutcher recently made over the basement of his mom’s home, we had a moment of “Wow, neat!” That moment was then followed by a light-bulb moment of “Let’s recreate that awesome space.” So, without further ado, here we go. This step-by-step guide gives you everything you need to makeover your basement to look like the one that Ashton helped bring into its current magnificent state, as shown in the photo above. 

Step 1: Lighten The Space

Basement Sectional Sofa

If your space is anything like the basement that Ashton dealt with, it’s dark and dismal. Lighten up the room with pale colored furniture, such as a cream shade. Choose neutral tones for the main furnishings to add a brightness with little effort to the area. You can then also add in boldly colored accessories for pops of visual interest here and there.

For the main seating, get Ashton’s preferred look with a sectional sofa that has clean lines and is high on the comfort scale. The one in the celeb family basement has its chaise at the left side but choose whichever side suits your room’s layout best. Check out the Poundex sectional sofa that even comes with an ottoman. The set is made of cream bonded leather that is soft to the touch. Chill in style!

Add matching pillows to the sofa to complete it, while continuing to focus on neutrals. Great pillow choices are tan and beige. If you want ones with patterns, go with a classic style, such as dots or stripes, as they are always stylish. Yes, we know, you never go out of style either (unlike these vintage computer ads that are so bad it hurts).

2. Add Table. It’s More Than Just A Place For Your Beer

Table for Extra Storage

You’re going to need a place to rest your beer while you pick up the TV remote, right? Now matter what purpose you intend for the tables in your basement, you’re going to need at least one. Use its shelves , if it has any, as storage and throw your keys on its surface when you enter the man cave.

Note the oval shape of the stressed-wood coffee table in the Kutcher basement photo at the top of this post. The oak finish Abbyson Living Forgia coffee table is a great match and has an advantage over the original one with its lower shelf for extra storage. 

If you have a small basement, you will appreciate having the extra shelf in the table to store your mags, movies, and other man-esque stuff.

Rope Lamp in Basement

3. Tug O’ Rope Lamp

Also, get a matching side table for each end of the sofa; use these surfaces for lamps, which spread out the lighting of the room.

A cool design trend right now is using natural and eco-friendly materials throughout your indoor spaces. This basement is a great place to do so by using a rope base for a table lamp.

Refer to the DIY guide’s steps below to create your own rope lamp. Get your creative spirit into gear this weekend! Model your rope design after the lamp shown here or try something completely different. 

Create Your Own Rope Lamp:

  1. Gather your coiled rope and thread thin wire through it
  2. Make sure the rope can bend with the wire in it
  3. Soak the rope in PVC glue; use glue that won’t dry clear, for a cleaner look
  4. Wrap the rope around your lamp base. Use a few swirls or tie knots to create a really unique look
Oil Painting of Feathers

4. Rock The Walls

Given the natural vibe of this basement, a feather-themed artwork piece would work well here. As there hasn’t been a lot of color up to this point, you may choose to concentrate it within your wall art.

If so, this feather oil painting is a great choice. It is 24 x 36in and has a range of colors. It is made by hand too.

Tip: Hang a round-shaped mirror on the wall too (as Ashton did for his basement makeover). Why? Adding a mirror to a dark space helps bring out natural light. Your basement will actually feel brighter.

5. Finishing Touches (And A TV, Duh)

Now to bring it all together. If you have hardwood flooring, place a flat-weave rug in ivory under the coffee table, in front of the sofa. Get a cozy, cable-knit throw blanket for the couch. Also, why not treat yourself to a 42″ LG 1080p LED television? It has a sharp picture and is wall mountable. What, you hadn’t thought about where the TV is going to go?

Wall mounting a flat panel TV is fairly straightforward. Just be sure you’ve done it right before you step back from the TV you just bought to admire your work. If you’d rather do it yourself than to hire a pro installer, here are the starting steps.

How To Wall Mount A TV

  1. Get the right wall mount for the weight of your TV. A 42″ LCD model can be 45-60 lbs, while a 42″ plasma is heavier (about 80 lbs).
  2. Make sure you have a concrete wall to sink your anchors into rather than a hollow wall.
  3. Check where the studs will position the TV. Will it be be high enough when you’re sitting on the sofa? Will you get the sun’s glare?
  4. Check out the full instructions for wall mounting a TV in this guide.

Well, there you have it. Follow these five steps for a relaxing room for your friends, wife, beer and you. The design is serene and rustic, featuring wooden tables, a comfy sectional sofa, and a new TV. Sit back and enjoy! We’ll tell Ashton to stop by and admire your handiwork later.