5 Pickup Rules For Men To Transform Your Game

Why does it seem so difficult to pick up a chick? It’s like they’re taunting us with their sexy tight jeans and low-cut shirts. We just want to ask them out, but something always seems to go astray. Help is on the way! Here are 5 pickup rules for men that will totally transform your game. You won’t even need a wingman.

1. Be Open for a Pick Up Anywhere

Pick Her Up at the Store
Pickups don’t just have to happen at the bar or on datingbrides.com. You can pick gals up in the most random of places, and there are some sexy finds. From the grocery store lineup to the mall, there are hot girls everywhere.

Sure, it can be nerve-racking to walk up to them but just be yourself. Ladies are way more flattered being hit on in these situations than in more conventional places like the nightclub because they don’t expect it.

2. Rejection Happens. Move On.

Pick Up Tip Is To Get Over Rejection

Accept that you will get rejected by at least one girl along the way. Don’t fear it. If you enter a pickup situation feeling scared that you might get rejected, you’ll hold back, and she might even sense your scaredy-cat ways. The result is totally unattractive, dude. Instead, smile, stand confidently, and avoid any movements similar to Pee Wee Herman.

3. Ignore Pick Up Artists

Don't Listen to Pick Up Artists

What’s up with the people who claim they are pick up artists and offer to give insider advice to men and women in exchange for money?

They act like there’s one method that you can use that will make all women sleep with you. Huh, that’s funny, from the little we know about the female gender we can already tell different chicks like diverse qualities in guys.

Don’t dole out money to these scammers. You might not have been laid in months, but you can still have your integrity. Just say no to these “artists.”

4. Read a Woman’s Body Language

Strong Female Body Language During Pick Up

You can tell if she is interested or not if you know how to read her body language. Is she fidgeting or tapping her fingers?

These are common signs that the woman just isn’t interested. On the other hand, if she laughs, smiles, and looks at you a lot, take those gestures as positive ones. The gesture in the photo here appears to be a pleasant one (or two, to be more accurate).

5. Be The One Who Closes

Close the Pick Up With Her Phone Number
If she doesn’t suggest you take your conversation elsewhere or meet up again soon, then you need to close the deal.

Of course, we’re assuming you two are hitting it off in public. NEVER leave without getting some way to contact her, whether that be her phone number or (less threatening) her email address.

After all, you want to see her again, don’t you? You’re not just there for the good conversation without follow-up.

Even if you get put into the “Friend Zone,” it’s not always a bad thing. She might have a hot, single friend you can meet down the road, or there’s a better catch for you still out there somewhere. Look at it as a challenge. Y

ou win some, and you lose some in terms of rejection to your advances; it happens to even the best of us. The golden rules above will help your pickup maneuvers and, who knows, you might just fool her into believing you’re not a total douchebag, even if you are.