5 Must-Have Items For The Wine Lover’s Home

Hello, wine lover! We think it’s time to pay tribute to you as we’ve previously focused on the beer drinkers in the crowd. It’s wasn’t intentional that we left you out, only that we wanted to take the extra time to make sure we craft content that meets the expectations of the wine snob (wink wink). If you’re tired of people rolling their eyes when you send back a bottle of red wine for being too warm, this is the perfect post for you.

1. Off The Chain, Man

Illusion Bottle Holder for Home Wine Lover

This wine bottle chain holder provides an awesome illusion. At first glance, the bottle looks as though it’s floating in the air! In reality (spoiler alert), the holder uses the weight of the bottle to balance itself horizontally, with the base of the holder being the bottom of the chain.

The strong metal can hold almost any size or weight of wine bottle. You know you want this one for your man cave.

Wine Lover's Decanter for Home

2. Can’t Get Over This Decanter

The Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Wine Decanter is a piece of art as much as it is a useful decanter.

The glass art is formed used a skilled mouth-blown technique; only the most experienced glass blowers can produce the unique shape that resembles a bass instrument. It is made of clear crystal in Austria.

You’ll love the creativity of this one, especially if you’re a music lover, not to mention how much vino can fit within it (69 ounces).

Will your guests be surprised when you serve wine in this decanter? Yes. Will they be jealous? Yes again. Do you want that? Heck, yes!

3. Wall I’ll Be Damned

Wall Wine Bar

The brilliant station takes up no floor space and is well-designed to hold more wine than you might think. Keep up to six bottles in the wall bar and six glasses, as well as shelves for bottle openers and other elements you want to put there.

4. Open The Hatch

Wine Bottle Opener for the Man Cave

Well, of course we had to include a wine bottle opener! This Vinomaster Automatic Lever Opener is the ultimate gift for a wine lover. It opens any bottle of vino with ease; simply place the corkscrew on top of a cork, pull the lever down and then up, and ta-da you’re ready to pour!

You’ll never have to worry about floating pieces of cork in your bottle again. The innovative design makes this opener a must-have accessory for your man cave.

5. I Solemnly Promise 

Wall Art for the Man Cave

​This lyric from the Foo Fighters’ song Everlong says it all: “Promise not to stop when I say when.” It’s going to be a good night, y’all! As for the next morning, that’s another story… 

Hang the cork art on the wall or use it as a trivet for underneath a tasty dish​ you serve company along with glasses of wine. It’s easy to wipe clean with a soapy sponge, just in case you spill a bit of vino on it.

Now you have five more reasons to love wine! Adorn your man cave with items that speak to your habit of drinking good wine anytime you want to. By the way, if your co-workers look at you funny when you have a glass of wine with your lunch, just remember they’re the ones who are weird, not you.