5 Ideas For A Sports-Based Bachelor Party

Before a groomsmen gift finds its way into a future husband’s best buddies’ hands, it’s custom that he treats his ragtag to a bachelor party. While there is nothing wrong with strip clubs,  an outside-of-the box idea might make this outing truly unforgettable! Here are some ideas to get you started.

In case you haven’t heard before, guys like sports. Or at least, a lot of them do, probably more than they should. In any case, this makes sports the perfect excuse for guys to travel together, and since groups of guys often travel together for bachelor parties these days, I thought I might combine the ideas.

The following are a few suggestions from an admittedly obsessive sports fan (yours truly) for sporting occasions to travel for for a bachelor party.

Premier League Regular Season

You don’t need to be a big football fan to appreciate the English Premier League. Its crowds are legendary, the teams are historic, and there are numerous reasons it’s considered the best in the world as far as sports leagues go.

Getting tickets can be a little bit of a struggle – typically you need to become a member of a club before being eligible to purchase tickets. But if you do secure tickets to a major stadium you’re in for awesome football action, as well as a fun crowd to follow before or after the match. Throw in some time out at the well-known pubs that surround or exist in close proximity to a lot of the stadiums, and you’ve got a great bachelor party going.

The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is, to put it lightly, not your standard golfing event. It happens only every other year and features teams from America and Europe facing off for nothing but bragging rights.

A lot of the best players in the world tend to participate and the venue is different every time. Most importantly though, as an overview of the event points out, it’s got a different atmosphere. Golf is known for its quiet and conservative atmosphere, but the Ryder Cup is more raucous and, for people who don’t take golf particularly seriously, more fun. That makes it a great option for a bachelor party.

Formula 1 Regular Season

The really cool thing about Formula 1 is that it’s basically a menu of awesome destinations around the world. Races take place from Melbourne, to Singapore, to Monte-Carlo, to Canada, and more.

The races are a lot of fun, as are the days leading up to them, but this is mostly a sporting occasion that gives you and your friends a selection of great destination ideas. Most of the race locations are in close proximity to other major attractions also.

The U.S. Open

Truthfully, any major tennis tournament can be a great chance for a getaway with your friends. Of the biggest tournaments however, the Australian Open and the U.S. Open have the reputation of being the most enjoyable.

We’re opting for the U.S. Open specifically because its grounds are more or less made for groups of friends letting loose. The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is packed with concessions and bars, such that you can have as much fun in between matches as during them. It’s about as much of a party as you want to make it, provided no one gets out of control. And, at the end of the day, you’re in New York City!

SEC Football

College football in general can make for a fun weekend getaway, but if you want a unique experience to enjoy for a bachelor party, the SEC is the conference to look at. Football is just taken a little more seriously throughout the south, and a lot of good SEC teams are among the strongest and proudest in the country.

You can look into the different stadiums and see which one is said to offer the best experience (this can fluctuate with the programs’ success), but any game at Alabama or LSU is a major occasion, and if you can catch Alabama versus Auburn you’re in for one of the most thrilling events in college sports.