5 Essential Elements for Your Las Vegas Man Cave

While you can’t bring home a Las Vegas showgirl (wifey is touchy about that last one) or the money you lost playing the slots on the vegas strip, you can design the ultimate Las Vegas man cave. Yeah boy! Even Flavor Flav would hang there.

1. Welcome To Your Man Cave

Las Vegas Night View

Las Vegas is the bright light city. It’s flashy and known for pushing the limits of nightlife and entertainment – kind of like you, right? Bring the fun into your pad with this iconic Welcome to Las Vegas Neon Sign like the one that greets you when you enter the city.

The sign clearly sets the stage for your themed room and doubles as another lighting source, which comes in handy if you have a dark basement. Hang it on the wall behind your bar, over the sofa or on a feature wall to denote that this the place for mega mayhem. Gambling commences upon waking up, whatever hour that happens to be.

Gazing Ball for Las Vegas Man Cave

2. Bring The Bellagio Home

Why not recreate the magnificent glass structure on display on the Bellagio’s ceiling? It’s bold and bigger than life – everything you want in your Las Vegas man cave!

Mimic the look by putting multicolor hand blown glass vases and bowls on shelves and other surfaces around your den. The art in bold colors catches the eye.

This 10″ Gazing Ball looks amazing with its swirling mix of bright colors and an eye-popping design. 

We know you have balls but now it’s officially confirmed.

3. Card Sharks Welcome

Poker Tip:

Use two colors of chips to simplify the stakes; one color for $0.50 and the other for $5 chips. If you have regulars at the table, stick with the same colors for each amount to make it easy (Jim’s a bit slow, but he means well).​ Invest in a quality poker chip set; this one includes 500 casino quality poker chips with awesome dice-striped design. The set comes within a heavy-duty aluminum case with black felt interior. In true Vegas style, flashy is fabulous!

Now you can hold poker night at your place. Pound back a few cold ones as your buddies try to win a few hands – but they’ll be crying for their mommies when you beat them and take all their money. Playing poker right from your lair? Priceless.

Is Roulette more your game of choice? This 16-inch Deluxe Roulette Set includes everything you need to set up the game within your pad: roulette felt, wheel, 120 chips, two balls, and a rake. It even doubles as a Blackjack playing surface; just flip it over to play Blackjack. Two decks of cards come with the set. Get ready to take your “friends” for all they got! (All in good fun, of course).

Art Las Vegas Style

4. Go Bold Or Go Home

At least part of the magnificence of Vegas is its flashiness. It’s bright, intoxicating, and bigger than life. Mimic that effervescence (the word-a-day calendar is coming in handy) with this huge boner metal wall art.

The art is colorful and upbeat (not unlike that boner). The seven-panel set features lively colors that are reminiscent of the non-stop Vegas vibe. Plus, the mix of red, blue, purple, and green matches to any shade of sofa.

Note: This artwork is the perfect complement to the gazing ball we recommended earlier in this post.

5. Bar None, This Is The Place To Hang

Man Cave Bar in Las Vegas Style

Trust us on this – you want an amazing bar in your man cave if you’re going with a Las Vegas theme. Plus, a night out on the town can be expensive. Instead, you can have the guys over and if everyone pitches in for drinks then it’s dirt cheap. 

We’re not going to mimic the giant crystal chandelier at the center of Cosmopolitan’s bar, but we do think it would be awesome to recreate the Mandarin-themed bar in Caesar’s Palace. Here’s how:

Recreate the Caesar’s Palace Mandarin-Themed Bar

  1. Paint a feature wall behind the bar in a burnt orange shade
  2. Put drinks at the sides of the counter (easy to reach, hello)
  3. Hang cabinets on the wall for convenient storage
  4. This bar sets up well into the corner of the man cave, and you can plan out the measurements ahead of time using the Pro Home Designer software we spotlighted in this DIY guide.

If you’re making your own bar, the standard bar top is 42″ from the floor. The overhang is 8″ at a minimum but you can extend it more if you want extra knee room. A bar top of 16-20″ is adequate; any wider than that and you’re just wasting space.

Finish off your room with huge wood letters in “L” and “V”. Place them on shelves or hang from the wall like in Rainn Wilson’s man cave. Pick up bar stools, chairs for the poker table, and hang some fuzzy dice from martini glasses as accessories for around your crib. Fan out playing cards on the coffee table for an inexpensive centerpiece.

From the Las Vegas neon sign to the poker table, bold metal wall panels, and home bar, you have the bones of a rockin’ man cave. Roll the dice and have a blast! We’ll see you soon. Don’t worry, we’ll let you sleep in after your wild Vegas-style night.