5 Celebrity Man Caves So Over The Top You Won’t Believe It

Just when you thought that you had seen it all… Nah. You be going all Kevin Hart on us now, like in the pic above. You know what though, hear us out. Seriously. Here are 5 over the top man caves that may just be out of our league but sure are fun to fill up the daydreams (move over Ariana Grande).

5. Dunking The Dollar Bills

Man Cave of Celebrity Michael Jordan

Yes, Michael, we know you have money. The former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jackson (you may have heard of him) takes the concept of a sports man cave to the next level. Here you see his full-sized basketball court in all its glory. Former #23 can practice his skills on the private court whenever he wants, without worry about actually having to leave the house.

While you likely can’t afford a whole basketball court in your home, you can still pay homage to the athlete’s awesomeness by hanging this Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 20×20 Uniframe Photo on the wall.

4. Got A Candy Crush?

Candy Man Cave Celebrity Jay-Z

So, we are slightly obsessed (is that even possible?) with the game Candy Crush. But we totally want this other form of a candy tribute too! Check out this sweet room (literally) in Jay-Z and Beyonce’s house. It’s likely a useful space for when Jay-Z wants to grab a few of the chocolatey goodies to take back to his den as he hangs out with his musical bro’s Justin Timberlake and Chris Martin.

We’re totally crushing on the idea of having a room devoted to chocolate. Check out the M&M figurines at the side and how you can choose which type of M&Ms you want easily in those tubes on the wall. Get your own version of this room when you incorporate M&M Star Wars Dispensers into your man cave. Sugar high is coming soon.

3. Magical Mayhem Of Money

Celebrity Man Cave Neil Patrick Harris

If you are a fan of magic or of TV’s How I Met Your Mother, then you will likely appreciate this over the top man cave from actor Neil Patrick Harris. He and his partner David Burtka have a room devoted to magic, including a Houdini tribute area and big carnival signs.

There is a secret door to enter the room, and inside are antique magic kits. Do you want to perform your own magic tricks? This Amazing Money Magic Kit includes everything you need to do three classic tricks. Razzle dazzle your buds and practice your moves to get better than NPH. Speaking of Neil, remind us to ask him what’s the secret to ​everlasting fame.

2. Home Theater, Yeah Baby!

Celebrity Man Cave LeBron James

Check out the leather reclining chairs with cup holders. While you may not be able to afford the huge screen or custom surround sound audio, this Simmons brown leather recliner is one to check out. It is ultra-comfy with armrest storage for your soda as you watch the latest game of hoops on TV.

1. Jay Leno’s Modest Airplane Hanger

Airplane Hanger Jay Leno Celeb

Ahem, excuse us, we need a moment to recover from this kick-butt airplane hangar that comedian Jay Leno had installed into his home. It’s for his one or two or five or twenty cars that he collects as a hobby. Heck, I’m more into Model Airplane Kits but that’s just me and my modest income. 

Should I ever find myself in possession of amazing vintage and modern sports cars, I may just ask Leno for a few tips on how to craft this ultra-cool space. Just in case you are keeping count, the former late night host has over 130 cars.

When is a man cave not a man cave? Dunno but I certainly wish I could get a bit of this posh lifestyle! Well, even if you don’t have a room devoted to candy or a home theater, you can still decorate your lair exactly how you want it, within your budget, and have a place to call your own. And that, really, is priceless.