Who Knew A 4 Way Could Be So Useful?

Clears my throat and talks about a 4 way…

The survival bow that is!

Okay, okay, it’s not sex, but it’s sure as hell going to be just as handy. Arguably more useful, actually. The Xpectre Raptor Survival Bow enables the archer to use a single bow in 4 configurations. Talk about the ultimate in survivalist gear.

The Raptor is a take-down bow that you won’t find the likes of anywhere else. It has a rugged aluminum skeletal design, universal arrow rest, and can be used right- or left-handed. Set it at a 40lb or 50lb draw at 30 inches with the same string and limbs. Yes, that’s how versatile this survivalist bow is. It comes with three arrows with field tips too.

Its inventive design allows for a good window of sight for the archer, between the skeletal stock and the bow’s center line with the string. Each riser has a durable surface with sure grips on the sides for great handling. The limb is made of Supersil poly-resin fiberglass.

Assembling the Xpectre Raptor Bow is straightforward, even if you’re not an expert shooter. User reviews online explain that it shoots fast and can get a clean kill of animals such as deer. A silent weapon like this bow-and-arrow set can be very effective in the wilderness. It is multi-use, and we like that you can use the same arrows again and again.

Fit the compact bow into its nylon pouch and store it in the survivalist kit in your man cave. Or, take it with you on your next hunting trip. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the bush, you’ll want to have this bad boy along to provide you the means of getting animal meat for meals. A man needs protein, after all.

For a sturdy, compact bow that will scare even the undead during an apocalypse and shoots smoothly too, reach for the Xpectre Raptor Survival Bow.