$3.3 Million Raised For Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

What would you do with a cool $3.3 million? For the company Bragi, they were determined to use this amount of money, raised through their Kickstarter campaign, to fund production of The Dash, the world’s first wireless smart in ear headphones. And they did exactly that. Talk about a success story.

But, why do you care? We’ll tell you why. These are more than just earbuds, guys. Soon you’ll understand why there were close to 16,000 backers on Kickstarter for the campaign.

The most obvious benefit of The Dash is its wireless capability. There’s no more of those annoying headphone wires that twist, catch on things, and even break on you in the middle of your manly workout. With the buds from Bragi, you’re now totally hands-free and can go full force at the gym.

As for the sound system on these babies, you’re going to be in heaven. You get stereo sound that is crystal clear, and you can stream your favorite tunes via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Want more tunes? Coming right up.  Your in-ear headphones can serve as an MP3 player too. They have 4GB of storage, which is enough to store up to 1,000 songs. That means you can get your audio fix on a run without having to lug your smartphone with you. Mind blowing, we agree.

And that’s not all. Yup, The Dash can also function as a Bluetooth headset. The embedded mic enables you to answer a call seamlessly even in the midst of getting your Bruce Springsteen fix. Now who’s The Boss? And you’ll enjoy clear conversations too because the mic blocks out background noise well by operating based on the mechanical vibration generated by your voice.

Ahem, there’s more. OK, now you see why the Kickstarter support was huge, right? Another use for The Dash is as a fitness monitor. It can track useful metrics like heart rate and calories burned. Use it to keep track of stats during your workout too, including distance, number of steps, and time.

Speaking of steps, we’ve got to dash over to get our set of The Dash headphones. Want to join us?