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    nfc recap

    The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round. With that win, they were awarded the game against the #1 seed in the NFC, the Green Bay Packers. The 49ers went into Lambeau Field, in snowy and cold conditions, and did what most did not think was possible, knocking off the Packers in Green Bay.

    While there were lots of different things that happened in this game, especially with the weather being the way it was. Let’s take a look at the key skill players and how the game matched up with the NFL Lines.

    Quarterback Play

    The 49ers had gotten great play out of their quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, heading into this week’s game. On Saturday he was limited due to the weather making it tough to throw the football. Garoppolo only threw the ball 19 times, completing 11 passes for 131 yards. He did not complete a touchdown pass but did throw a single interception.

    Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, was not fazed by the weather, as he has been in Green Bay for his whole career. The Packers let Rodgers throw the ball more than San Francisco, with Rodgers attempting 29 passes and completing 20 of them. Rodgers was only able to accumulate 225 yards passing and did not record a passing touchdown. This ended a seven-game streak of throwing at least one touchdown.

    Key Running Backs

    The Packers turned to the dual-threat running backs of Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon. Jones attempted 12 rushes for only 41 yards. Dillon was less effective with only seven rushing attempts for 25 yards but he was able to find his way into the end zone. The rushing attack was not great all year for Green Bay and it really showed on Saturday against a stout San Francisco defensive front.

    The 49ers were not much more effective than the Packers, however, when they needed a big play, or to convert a big first down, they were able to get the job done. Elijah Mitchell had 17 rushing attempts and was able to gather 53 yards. Deebo Samuel was also semi-effective with 10 carries for 39 yards. Going into Los Angeles to take on the Rams, these two will need to find a way to have more of an impact if they are going to win again next week.

    Key Wide Receivers

    All year, Davante Adams has been considered one of the top wide receivers in all of football. On Saturday, he was able to be very productive again, hauling in nine receptions for 90 yards. Aaron Jones, while not effective in the run game, did show out in the passing game, hauling in nine receptions for 129 yards. The problem is, even with both of these guys playing great, they were unable to get into the end zone.

    The 49ers did not have a ton of passing yards, as previously stated, so there was not a huge impact from the 49ers’ wide receivers. The one player who was effective, the tight end George Kittle. He hauled in four receptions for 63 yards. Deebo Samuel was the only other player over 20 yards receiving, hauling in three receptions for 44 yards. Again no touchdowns amongst these wide receivers.

    Special Teams

    The special teams won the game for the San Francisco 49ers. In the fourth quarter, Jordan Willis was able to break through on a Green Bay punt attempt out of their own endzone and get his hands on it. Talanoa Hufanga was able to scoop the blocked punt and score the touchdown for the only touchdown from San Francisco.

    Against The Lines

    At the start of the game, the line was anywhere from -5 to -6 for the Green Bay Packers. Bettors who were confident in the 49ers and took the moneyline were able to cash in handsomely. San Franciso will head to Los Angeles to take on the Rams for a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

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    hot water system repair man

    Hot water systems are one of the most essential things that every household requires. However, at times even the best quality heater stops working even after maintaining it properly. Even if you have an old water heater system, you can replace it with the new one. And for that, it is better to get help from the hot water service professionals. In winters it becomes impossible to live without the service of hot water at our homes.

    hot water system

    Know everything about hot water system service

    Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind when choosing the best hot water system. On top of that, the professionals will even take care of the installation process as well. Besides, you can enjoy the best possible service with the hot water service.

    Different hot water systems

    We first need to understand the purpose of buying a water heater for our home. You will come across multiple hot water services throughout the city to suggest uncountable options.

    • It is your responsibility to choose the best one and make sure that you are doing proper research for this.
    • Also, find out whether it is necessary to replace the one you are already using. Some of the common ones include electric, gas, solar, etc. Among all the other options, the electric continuous flow has become quite popular.
    • Take time and find out about all the popular options to check the one which is working well for your requirements.
    • Choose as per the size of your house

    The complete size of your home is yet another important factor that you must consider when opting for a hot water system. Make sure that you choose something that will provide you with enough water for every family member.

    Besides, large houses come with many bathrooms. Automatically, you will need smart hot water systems, which is not the case with small houses. Due to this reason, it is better to opt for a hot water service before you are investing in one. This is not only beneficial but also will help in saving money in the long run.

    Budget is vital

    When it comes to budget, this is yet another one of the essential factors when it comes to selecting a hot water system. Before you choose anything, check your budget and buy the best one that comes under your budget.

    Similarly, if you want to get something that is the latest in the market, it will help save your money. You can consult with the hot water service experts so that you can find out the best one that will suit your budget as well as for your home.

    Check energy efficiency

    You will come across multiple energy-efficient options that will not only serve your purpose but also reduce your bills.

    • The energy-efficient hot water systems always work just the same as the normal ones.
    • These are so easy to operate, you will get the opportunity to operate them without any hassle.
    • Some will enjoy the benefits of using solar power systems, others will just opt for the electric ones.

    These are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind when choosing the best water heater system. Before you make the final decision, it is better to talk with professional plumbers. This is because professionals have a better idea of what your house needs.

    Moreover, they can also provide you with clear solutions about your budget along with the models that will suit your purpose. If you want, you can take help from the hot water service provider experts who can guide you in the right way!

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    Many households are reported to be destroyed by electrical fire every year across the country and you can find similar cases in every corner of the world. It is true that we cannot live without electricity because all our home appliances including our phones and laptops require electrical power.

    You can find some expensive home appliances getting affected by an electrical fault and you need to repair or replace them. To avoid such problems and keep your family and property safe, you need to hire a certified electrician. They are qualified professionals who can ensure the safety and best working condition of your electrical system.


    Like other essential services, you can also find many electrical contractors in your location, and it is really hard to choose the best one. Here, you can find some tips to choose the best electrician:

    Check the license and insurance before you hire

    Always choose a licensed electrician because licenses indicate that the electrician has the adequate knowledge and training to work on various electrical components.

    Along with that, you should check their liability insurances before you hire, in case anything goes wrong, and any electrician gets injured during the repair work going on in your property then the insurance company will settle their medical expenses and you do not need to take their liability.

    Choose an experienced electrician

    Electrical systems are complex and complicated in nature and electrical contractors can face different types of challenges like electrical surges and short circuits. Experienced electricians can deal with these problems, and they can easily solve your electrical issue within a few hours.

    There are some novice electricians who are working as trainees, and you should not hire them for any major work related to your residential electrical system. Always choose an electrician who has at least five years of experience and he must hold a master’s license.

    Read their reviews

    Nowadays, you can find many electricians online because almost all the electrical contractors have their own website or have their presence on any social media platforms, and you can check their services online. Along with their services, you must check their reviews on various websites and portals.

    Electricians with too many negative reviews should be avoided and you should choose a contractor that has some positive reviews and ratings. You can also contact their previous customers to know more about their services.


    You must choose an electrician who is reliable and trustworthy. They can provide a limited period of warranty on their electrical component and services. If you face any issue after they have finished working on your electrical system within the stipulated warranty period, then you can claim a free service. You must check their warranty terms before you hire.


    Best quality services

    You should choose an electrician who can provide the best quality services. Poor quality electrical components can damage your electrical system and electronic appliances.

    You should not compromise with the quality of their services. the electricians can provide discounted prices is because they can buy electrical parts in bulk from the wholesalers. So, you can check their prices to save your cost.


    Hiring an electrician can save your maintenance cost because he can identify the potential damages and fix the issue beforehand. They can save your costly repair and replacement cost. You can search for such electrical contractors online and ask for a quote. Then, you can compare their prices with other contractors to choose an affordable one.


    Now, you can search for electricians online to choose the best one for your home. You should check their licenses, certifications, experience level, and reviews before you hire. You can also ask for some recommendations from your family members and neighbors to choose the best electrician.