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We all want to buy a house, and that seems to be everybody’s dream. Some people prefer detached houses because of the freedom to upgrade to their taste, but many people are too busy to deal with such tasking projects. This is a major reason why people go for condos. Condos come with modern decor and amenities. You move in without needing to make changes in the house. Condos have a pool, gym, party room, and more to make you comfortable. It is built for busy people who want to come home to relax. Condos attract maintenance fees which take the burden off when it comes to maintaining the home. You pay for your comfort, while you focus on other important things. 

For people who are looking to buy their home in a big city like Toronto, it is a daunting task. Just as much as you want to live in one of the biggest cities in Canada, so do others. This makes things a lot expensive for people who want to rent and buy properties in Toronto. When you compare the rental prices of a one-bedroom apartment in the three biggest cities in Canada, it is no wonder people want to quickly own their homes.  A one-bedroom apartment in Toronto goes for 1,550 dollars per month, Vancouver a bit more expensive at 1,870 per month while Montreal goes for around 1300 per month. Renting is very high, and it is preferable to buy a home instead.

Toronto has a record of rising prices in the condo market. Real estate developers and analysts have predicted that it may even get tougher for buyers and renters in the coming years. The cost of new condos is barely affordable. Older condos lack the modern amenities you will find in newer condos and are also still very expensive. It is the reason why people now go for pre-construction condos. There has been a 68% increase in pre-construction condos since 2016.

The benefit of buying these types of condos is that you get it at a cheaper price than what it would be in the next two to four years. In that case, when you plan on reselling, you will get more value for your money. Instead of struggling to find a condo at a very expensive rate in Toronto which may probably be overpriced because of the demand, it would be better to look at pre-construction units. Some pre-construction units in Ajax go for a reasonable price, and there are lots of benefits when you invest in them. You will be getting modern amenities, kitchens, and more.

When you buy pre-construction condos during the first weeks of the project launch, you will be locking down your condo at the lowest price. You will also have the option to choose your favorite spot among the rows of residences. If the condo has a waterfront view, you get to pick the angle that gives you the best view of water on your balcony.

New condos are always better because you will get the most advanced building technology, and you avoid the wear or tear that comes with older buildings. If you have decided to go on your condo hunting in Toronto, hopefully, this will help you decide. If you plan on buying pre-construction condos, look for a developer with a credible reputation, and one that has a lot of experience.

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When you want to get away from it all, you don’t need to travel off into the mountains. All you need is a backyard and a little DIY know-how to make your own retreat. It doesn’t matter where you live or how big your yard (or balcony) is. With the right projects, you can revamp a boring outdoor space into your new favorite destination. 

Get Growing 

Landscaping can make all the difference between an “okay” yard and a great one. Even if you are not a lawn and tree maintenance expert, don’t despair! Here’s how to transform your yard with plants. 

  • The simplest way to revamp your landscaping is to lay down fresh mulch
  • Planting new things in your yard can create visual interest as well as privacy. 
  • Planting a garden is a fun hobby that can also beautify your backyard or patio. 
  • If you choose the right species of plants, you can also control bugs naturally
  • No matter what you plan on planting, be sure to check your growing zone first. 

Make it Kid-Friendly 

If you have a backyard, it holds countless opportunities for your kids to play. These ideas can help you create a kid-friendly space. 

  • If you already have climbing structures or swings, make repairs so they’re safe.  
  • Creating a play fort or sandbox provides endless fun for little kids. 
  • Building yard games like giant Jenga or connect four will offer fun for all ages. 
  • Getting a telescope can take your stargazing up a notch and engage kids even more.  

Take Your Yard to the Next Level 

A backyard can be anything you want it to be. These projects can help transform a basic yard into a true getaway. 

If your backyard or patio has seen better days, it’s time to tackle some projects to transform the space. Some projects will take a good deal of time and planning, but others can make your space look new in just one afternoon. Even if you only take on one of these projects, you’re almost guaranteed to get more use out of your deck or backyard.

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choosing a table saw

If you’re really interested in making things out of wood, a table saw is arguably the most important and versatile tool that you can own. 

When you need to do quick rip cuts, a table saw is your go-to tool. But which one do you really need? It can be quite confusing. 

But don’t worry! Follow our instructions, and you’ll get the best one for you.

First Two Considerations

Obviously, the primary considerations you should have before selecting a table saw are two things: your budget & your needs.

It’s up to you to decide your budget. So we’re leaving it for you alone. Here we’re talking about the other thing in detail.

Types of Saws

Table saw woodworking is a kind of art and needs a lot of technical and subjective knowledge before you proceed. 

There are two types of table saws: stationary models and job site models. 

Stationary Table Saw

Stationary table saws are designed for ripping large pieces of wood, including breaking down sheet plywood with high-performance motors and premium parts to offer the greatest cut capacity, stability, and support. If you have a workshop and need a table saw that can stand up to frequent and demanding use, a stationary table saw is ideal.

Jobsite Table Saw

Jobsite table saws come in two models: compact or contracted. Compact models are lightweight and generally don’t include a stand or wheelbase and are great for renovations or on-the-go jobs. They are made to be transported easily and carried around at the job site.

The contractor saw is a step up from the portable table saw. It gives you a larger range of cutting capacity or features and often has a collapsible, scissored, or wheeled stand that’s attached to the saw.

There is, however, a new model, which we can call a hybrid. Recently, they are gaining a lot of popularity. It’s like a step up from a contractor saw but just a little bit of a step down from a cabinet style saw.

The Fencing

Make sure to check the fencing system. You need one that gives you a reliable parallel alignment with the blade when you lock the RIP fence in position. This is the best way to get accurate ripping and clean cuts.

Features that You Need

Finally, choose a saw that has the features that matter to you. Obviously, the more features you’ll look for in your saw, the costlier it’s going to be.

Cut Capacity

Look at the rip or cut capacity that the saw offers to both the left and right sides of the blade. If you’re doing basic work, such as trimming the deck and fence board, a rip capacity of 20 inches or lower is sufficient. However, if you’re venturing into more varied work, such as custom carpentry, you’ll need more options. Look for a saw of a minimum of 24 inches to the right of the blade.

The Top

It’s where you work, and you must be very careful to consider how it is. When you have a cast iron top, for example, it adds stability to the table, and there’s less vibration.

Soft Start

A soft start feature will manage the intensity of the motor starter, offering you more refined performance and minimizing the chance of tripping the circuit breaker.

Constant Speed Control

Constant speed control lets you maintain your speed under an unexpected low like a knot in the wood. This reduces the chance of kickback and helps ensure you don’t get a burn in the material.

Bevel Angle Range

Check the bevel angle range on your saw. Generally, you’ll see a range of about -2O to 45O, which is sufficient for most jobs. If you want added versatility, look for a saw with a bevel range that exceeds past 45O.

A saw with a dado capacity allows you to add a dado blade for different kinds of woodworking, such as cabinetry. With some models, you can go up as wide as a half-inch. Some other models allow you to go up as wide as ¾ of an inch.

Multiple Uses

If you have a saw that offers a 10-inch blade, you could use it between your table saw and your miter saw. Your sheet stock blade for your table saw can also be used as a crosscut blade on a miter saw.

Dust Collection

Look for a good dust collection feature that helps keep your workspace clean and safe. Some models can be attached to a wet/dry pack. Dust collection reduces the amount of dust and particles that accumulate inside the machine, helping to prolong the machine’s life. Some of them offer you a port that you can plug a hose in and run the vacuum operation.

The Guard and other safety features

It’s very easy to take off and put back on when you need to. There can be a riving knife also. Riving knives travel up and down with the blade. This means that the blade is always equidistant from the knife regardless of what the height of the blade is.

Look before you start

Make certain that you have your blade adjusted just above the stock that you are cutting.

Another thing you need to be careful of is the speed that you’re feeding the wood through the blade. You don’t want to go too slow because this could leave burn marks on the side. If you go too fast, you’re going to get tears in the woods. Keep on practicing to apply smooth, steady, and consistent flow of the piece you’re cutting.

Finally, Follow the Safety Rules

Now that you know what you’re looking for in a table saw, remember that safety is an essential consideration during use. Read the instruction manual before operating.

You always want to keep all the five fingers on both of your hands. So, don’t allow your hand to get within four inches of the blade. Make sure to use the blade guard and kickback paws that come with your table saw.

Always wear proper safety gear.

You’ve got this!