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Man caves aren’t just a place for you to chill out and escape from the real world, they’re blank canvases for you to flex your handyman muscles over. Some guys can spend hours down there working on their latest project and making sure everything is perfect for the next time the guys are over.

Maybe your man cave is starting to look a bit dated though, a few scraggly grey hairs on what used to be a perfectly trimmed beard. Whether it needs some sprucing up or you’ve got the urge to get your hands dirty, take some inspiration from these, slightly more out-there, project ideas.

Create a Poker Paradise

Every man cave has hosted a poker game or two in its time. They’re perfect for getting a couple of friends over for the night and fleecing them out of all their money. Maybe you’re winning every time and want to try your luck against a higher quality of opponent. Your man cave could become the space to hone those skills.

Throw out that old dining table you used to play on and invest in or build your own premier poker table. Recreate that Vegas feeling and start using your weekly poker night as a chance to try out new tactics and see how good your bluff game really is.

Create the perfect conditions to turn yourself from poker chump into poker champ. If you’re really up for a challenge, you can channel Dustin Hoffman and try counting cards like Rain Man. This tutorial on how to count cards in poker is a great starting point to set you down the road of a fun and potentially very lucrative hobby. A quick warning though, your buddies won’t want to play if you get too good.

Handmade Sports Decoration

Any self-respecting man cave has its fair share of sports decor. Whether you’re going for the sports bar vibe or just want to commemorate your icons it’s a classic style to run with. Whatever your sport of choice is from football to baseball to NASCAR, a great project for real sports fans to sink their teeth into is to go all out with the athletics theme.

Those little league baseball bats you’ve had lying around for years? They could make great banisters or bar stool legs in the man cave. That old foosball table everyone got bored of ages ago? Use the handles to create fun little coat racks featuring little soccer players. These little projects are a great way to kill a Sunday afternoon and show off just how big of a sports guy you are.

Greenhouse Man Cave

Most guys aren’t gonna out themselves as big plant lovers, but turning your man cave into your own little greenhouse can be a fun, and rewarding, project. Your average man cave isn’t going to have the best access to sunlight, so don’t think you can start getting all your veg from there rather than the supermarket, but there’s room to try your hand at growing a couple of things. Instead, we mean bringing a little green into your personal spot. It can make for a great change of pace from the usual dim and moody man caves.

There are a ton of masculine plants out there you can incorporate into your man cave, from the Coffea Arabica to Agave. Working on a plant or veg project is a great way to keep yourself busy and reconnect with nature from the comfort of your own home. Plus, showing that you care for your new green friends is a great way of showing off your sensitive side to someone special.

Massive Memorabilia Collections

Nerd culture is cool now, we all agree on that right? Try telling Batman he’s not cool. Most man caves have some film, TV or comic book memorabilia decoration, like an old Star Wars poster or a genuine prop from an 80s classic. Even if you don’t like nerdy things, you might be a big music guy obsessed with old vinyl. Collecting is a big thing right now, and a great project that can also give your man cave a bit of a wow factor.

What’s gonna turn heads faster in the man cave than a seriously cool collection in some homemade cases? Whatever your passion is, there’s loads of collectible stuff out there you can spend hours scouring eBay for. You could work towards having a full set of your favorite action figures as a kid or bring together your favorite team in baseball card form.

Dedicating your man cave to your favorite pop-culture passion isn’t just a satisfying way to decorate it, it’s an excuse to get crafty with your spare time while you work on ways to present it.

Man caves are your private spaces. They’re somewhere you can relax, be creative and reflect your personality. Some of these ideas are a bit unusual, but hopefully, they help you find your niche.

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why you should be part of a virtual real estate brokerage

If you have been an agent for quite some time now, it should be no surprise that the real estate industry is very competitive, which is why you need to do something to gain an advantage. One thing that you can do to get ahead of your real estate competitors is to be a part of a virtual real estate brokerage

If you have been struggling recently as a real estate agent or you would want to increase your revenue, then you should read on as this article will discuss the things you need to know about virtual real estate brokerages and why you should be a part of them.

What is a Virtual Real Estate Brokerage?

In a nutshell, a virtual real estate brokerage functions just like a traditional brick-and-mortar brokerage but without the physical presence. Because of its presence in the ‘cloud,’ a virtual brokerage has numerous benefits and advantages over a traditional real estate brokerage.

Better Commission Rates

Overhead expenses such as office equipment and renting of physical space is a fixed cost that must be paid by traditional real estate brokerages. A portion of this expense is passed on to customers and real estate agents, leading to decreased commission rates.

According to SMB CEO, a virtual office is a great way to save tens of thousands of dollars per year in office expenses. Since a virtual brokerage does not pay for office costs, overhead expenses are not passed on to real estate agents, which means that agents gain better commission rates. Some virtual brokerages even offer 100% commission.

Fewer Fees

Traditional brokerages require real estate agents to pay fees for licenses as well as franchise fees. Some virtual brokerages do not need their agents to pay franchise fees. This is beneficial for agents because they will save more money.

Another benefit of being part of a virtual brokerage is that once you become a part of them, transaction fees already become inclusive, which means you won’t have to pay every time you make a sale transaction.

Better Marketing and Management Support

Virtual brokerages have better technology compared to traditional ones, which is why it is a better choice, especially for marketing and team support.

Virtual brokerages have far more comprehensive marketing support than physical brokerages that can escalate your success in the real estate industry by helping you reach more clients. Virtual real estate brokerages also have better agent resources to help you unleash your true potential in the industry.

What You Should Look For in a Virtual Brokerage

When looking for a virtual brokerage, be sure to read about testimonials from other real estate agents. By doing this, you are learning from shared experience what it would be like working with the virtual real estate firm that you want to be a part of. Also, by reading reviews, you can determine if a particular virtual brokerage is a perfect fit for you.

Another thing to consider when looking for a virtual brokerage is the price for membership. You would be better off by joining a virtual brokerage that offers a reasonable and competitively-priced membership fee compared to a cheaply priced brokerage, as it could just be a marketing tactic to persuade you to join them.

With all the reasons mentioned above, it is without a doubt, beneficial to be a part of a virtual real estate firm. Don’t have second thoughts, don’t hesitate, and consider being part of one soon!