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solar shower diy

Showering under the open sky in the backyard or on your campsite is a beautiful thing on a warm summer day. Showering with warm water is incredibly pleasant: This is made possible by a solar shower, which heats the water with the sun’s power in a cost-neutral and environmentally friendly way. With a little skill, you can build a solar shower yourself in just a few steps and with the right material, available at the hardware store. 

How does a solar shower work?

All solar showers have in common that they use the sun’s power to heat the shower water without electricity. Solar showers, which can be purchased as ready-to-install units, are also based on the same principle. They are equipped with a large water tank, which is covered with a black coating. This coating absorbs the sun’s rays and transfers the bundled heat to the water in the water tank.

The water heats up to 60 degrees Celsius within a short time. An integrated single-lever mixer is used to supply cold water from the garden hose so that you can shower with that pleasantly warm water. 

This principle can also be easily applied to a water canister or a water barrel, with which you can build a solar shower yourself.

Build a solar shower yourself: What do you need?

  • Canister or water barrel
  • Garden hose
  • Showerhead or spray gun
  • Mixer tap

Instruction: Build your solar shower

Even without outstanding craftsmanship and with the material mentioned above, you can build a solar shower yourself in just a few steps.

1. Suitable container

If you want to build a solar shower yourself, the first step is to choose a fitting container for the shower water. Well suited for this are water canisters or water barrels, which you usually have in your garden to water your plants. The container must have a 3/4″ connection for standard garden hoses. To ensure that the sunlight is ideally absorbed, you should choose a black container if possible.

Alternatively, you can also paint or spray it with simple black paint. With the canister’s size, keep in mind that the water’s heating time depends on it. The larger the canister, the longer it takes for the water to reach a comfortable temperature. Canisters with a capacity of 6.6 – 15.8 gallons are recommended. They should not be smaller, because otherwise, the showering processes are too low and should be worth it if you want to build a solar shower yourself.

2. Suitable location

In the next step, you should consider where to place the container if you want to build the most efficient solar shower yourself. The location will later determine how much sunlight is absorbed and how quickly the shower water warms up. So choose a place in the garden that is as sunny as possible. However, when choosing a location, make sure that the sunlight is not disturbed by shadows cast by adjacent trees or buildings.

Another important factor when choosing a location is the height required to create sufficient pressure. Therefore, areas at high altitudes, such as the roof of a garage, a carport, or garden shed, are well suited. Alternatively, the water tank can also be placed on a wooden trestle to gain height.

3. Interconnecting a mixer tap

Depending on the canister’s size, the water can heat up to over 122 degrees Fahrenheit within a short time, so it is advisable to mix the heated shower water in the container with fresh cold water. The Interconnecting of a mixer tap is ideal for this purpose. The mixer tap is installed underneath the canister and connected to the canister with a garden hose. The 3/4″ connection on the water tank is used for this purpose. The mixer tap is also connected to the cold water, e.g., the water pump and another garden hose.

If you cannot connect the mixer tap to a cold water connection, you can use a second water container instead. However, this should not be painted black. It is placed next to the dark container, and a hose also leads directly to the mixer tap. Now follows the last step, if you want to build a solar shower yourself.

4. Connect the showerhead

From the mixer tap, a line now leads to the showerhead. You can also use a spray gun for this. When the mixer tap is turned on, the canister’s heated water is now mixed with the fresh cold water, resulting in pleasant water temperatures. 

Building a solar shower yourself without a mixer tap?

You can build a solar shower yourself without a mixer tap. The garden hose is connected to the 3/4″ connection on the water tank, and the showerhead or spray gun is attached to the other end. As mentioned above, the water heats up quickly depending on the sun’s intensity and can be too hot for showering. Therefore you should not place the water canister directly in the sun but prefer a partially shaded spot.

This way, the water does not heat up as quickly. If in doubt, you can add cold water from the garden hose to the canister’s warm water. This cools down the heated water, and you can shower with comfortably warm water. Using this method, you can build a solar shower yourself even without a mixer tap.

Tip: If you have a conventional garden shower with a cold water connection and you do not want to build a solar shower yourself, you can lay the garden hose across the garden so that the sun heats the water in the garden hose during the day. The garden shower is then turned on, and at least the first shower can be enjoyed with warm water. So you can enjoy a warm shower without having to build a solar shower yourself.


To shower with warm water in your garden, it does not always have to be a solar shower from the hardware store. In just a few steps and with the right material, you can build a solar shower yourself. The water is heated in an eco-friendly and cost-neutral way. All you need is a black water canister with a capacity of at least 6.6 gallons. 

Place it in a location that is as sunny and elevated as possible so that it can absorb solar energy. Within a short time, the water in this container heats up and can reach over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the shower water could potentially be too hot, you should use a single-lever mixer. A garden hose leads from the water canister to the single-lever mixer, and another hose connects it to the cold water connection. From the mixer tap, a line finally goes to the showerhead. A spray gun, for example, is suitable for this. When the water is turned on, heated water and fresh cold water mix, and you can take a shower in the garden at pleasant temperatures with the solar shower built by you. 

If you follow these steps, you, too, can build a solar shower yourself and enjoy a wonderfully warm shower in your garden.

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Grilling 101: Types of Grills

Nothing can match the excitement level of having a BBQ party with your friends and family in Spring/Summer.

It is one of the best times of the year to upgrade the kitchen to showcasing your cooking and grilling skills. There are many types of grills like Kamado grills, Pellet grills, Charcoal grills, Gas grills, and Infrared grills. However, it’s a tricky part to choose the right one so, if you are a beginner or you wanna replace your old grill and don’t know what to choose then here are some of the best options for you to select from:

Gas Grills

A gas grill is for those who want to get rid of the traditional process of preparing the grill and firing up charcoal as this grill does not need any preparation you just have to add a natural gas source or a propane tank.

It cooks the BBQ within no time and it doesn’t require a tiresome cleaning process. You can buy aluminum plated grills under $100 and it will work the same even after 10 years with little maintenance or you can select a high-class stainless-steel gas grill.

Electric grills

Electric grills use heat to cook the meat within no time. They do not use charcoal or gas so it reduces the workload of arranging charcoal or propane. They are best for outdoor as well as indoor types are also available BBQ parties on rooftops and balconies. Though they do not provide the special smoky taste which is the main edge of using traditional charcoal grills, however, they reduce the clutter and are ideal options for people living in condos and apartments.

Infrared Grills

Infrared grills are up-to-date technology in open-air cooking appliances as they replaced the conventional grills with their mixed infrared and heat technology that gives sizzling flavor to the meat without changing the original taste of the BBQ dish. These grills provide maximum heat to the food which reduces the risk of improperly cooked meat. If you want to know more about features, benefits, and top models for this type of grill,  Outdoor Cooking Pros has a detailed review of some best-infrared grills that might help you to make a smart choice.

Portable Grills

Portable grills are for the picnic and camping lovers as these grills can be transported anywhere. These grills use charcoal or propane so they might need some extra preparations and patience, however, in return they provide the unique smoky flavor, therefore, this grill is the best option for the perfectionists who like the specific flavor of the BBQ that can’t be obtained from the electric grill. It is a lightweight and travel-friendly grill as it has a compact size and can be taken from one place to another without much effort.

To enjoy your summer parties, you need a well-organized and sustainable grill. So, you can buy any of the grills mentioned above it completely depends on your budget and supplies.

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We all want to buy a house, and that seems to be everybody’s dream. Some people prefer detached houses because of the freedom to upgrade to their taste, but many people are too busy to deal with such tasking projects. This is a major reason why people go for condos. Condos come with modern decor and amenities. You move in without needing to make changes in the house. Condos have a pool, gym, party room, and more to make you comfortable. It is built for busy people who want to come home to relax. Condos attract maintenance fees which take the burden off when it comes to maintaining the home. You pay for your comfort, while you focus on other important things. 

For people who are looking to buy their home in a big city like Toronto, it is a daunting task. Just as much as you want to live in one of the biggest cities in Canada, so do others. This makes things a lot expensive for people who want to rent and buy properties in Toronto. When you compare the rental prices of a one-bedroom apartment in the three biggest cities in Canada, it is no wonder people want to quickly own their homes.  A one-bedroom apartment in Toronto goes for 1,550 dollars per month, Vancouver a bit more expensive at 1,870 per month while Montreal goes for around 1300 per month. Renting is very high, and it is preferable to buy a home instead.

Toronto has a record of rising prices in the condo market. Real estate developers and analysts have predicted that it may even get tougher for buyers and renters in the coming years. The cost of new condos is barely affordable. Older condos lack the modern amenities you will find in newer condos and are also still very expensive. It is the reason why people now go for pre-construction condos. There has been a 68% increase in pre-construction condos since 2016.

The benefit of buying these types of condos is that you get it at a cheaper price than what it would be in the next two to four years. In that case, when you plan on reselling, you will get more value for your money. Instead of struggling to find a condo at a very expensive rate in Toronto which may probably be overpriced because of the demand, it would be better to look at pre-construction units. Some pre-construction units in Ajax go for a reasonable price, and there are lots of benefits when you invest in them. You will be getting modern amenities, kitchens, and more.

When you buy pre-construction condos during the first weeks of the project launch, you will be locking down your condo at the lowest price. You will also have the option to choose your favorite spot among the rows of residences. If the condo has a waterfront view, you get to pick the angle that gives you the best view of water on your balcony.

New condos are always better because you will get the most advanced building technology, and you avoid the wear or tear that comes with older buildings. If you have decided to go on your condo hunting in Toronto, hopefully, this will help you decide. If you plan on buying pre-construction condos, look for a developer with a credible reputation, and one that has a lot of experience.

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When you want to get away from it all, you don’t need to travel off into the mountains. All you need is a backyard and a little DIY know-how to make your own retreat. It doesn’t matter where you live or how big your yard (or balcony) is. With the right projects, you can revamp a boring outdoor space into your new favorite destination. 

Get Growing 

Landscaping can make all the difference between an “okay” yard and a great one. Even if you are not a lawn and tree maintenance expert, don’t despair! Here’s how to transform your yard with plants. 

  • The simplest way to revamp your landscaping is to lay down fresh mulch
  • Planting new things in your yard can create visual interest as well as privacy. 
  • Planting a garden is a fun hobby that can also beautify your backyard or patio. 
  • If you choose the right species of plants, you can also control bugs naturally
  • No matter what you plan on planting, be sure to check your growing zone first. 

Make it Kid-Friendly 

If you have a backyard, it holds countless opportunities for your kids to play. These ideas can help you create a kid-friendly space. 

  • If you already have climbing structures or swings, make repairs so they’re safe.  
  • Creating a play fort or sandbox provides endless fun for little kids. 
  • Building yard games like giant Jenga or connect four will offer fun for all ages. 
  • Getting a telescope can take your stargazing up a notch and engage kids even more.  

Take Your Yard to the Next Level 

A backyard can be anything you want it to be. These projects can help transform a basic yard into a true getaway. 

If your backyard or patio has seen better days, it’s time to tackle some projects to transform the space. Some projects will take a good deal of time and planning, but others can make your space look new in just one afternoon. Even if you only take on one of these projects, you’re almost guaranteed to get more use out of your deck or backyard.

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choosing a table saw

If you’re really interested in making things out of wood, a table saw is arguably the most important and versatile tool that you can own. 

When you need to do quick rip cuts, a table saw is your go-to tool. But which one do you really need? It can be quite confusing. 

But don’t worry! Follow our instructions, and you’ll get the best one for you.

First Two Considerations

Obviously, the primary considerations you should have before selecting a table saw are two things: your budget & your needs.

It’s up to you to decide your budget. So we’re leaving it for you alone. Here we’re talking about the other thing in detail.

Types of Saws

Table saw woodworking is a kind of art and needs a lot of technical and subjective knowledge before you proceed. 

There are two types of table saws: stationary models and job site models. 

Stationary Table Saw

Stationary table saws are designed for ripping large pieces of wood, including breaking down sheet plywood with high-performance motors and premium parts to offer the greatest cut capacity, stability, and support. If you have a workshop and need a table saw that can stand up to frequent and demanding use, a stationary table saw is ideal.

Jobsite Table Saw

Jobsite table saws come in two models: compact or contracted. Compact models are lightweight and generally don’t include a stand or wheelbase and are great for renovations or on-the-go jobs. They are made to be transported easily and carried around at the job site.

The contractor saw is a step up from the portable table saw. It gives you a larger range of cutting capacity or features and often has a collapsible, scissored, or wheeled stand that’s attached to the saw.

There is, however, a new model, which we can call a hybrid. Recently, they are gaining a lot of popularity. It’s like a step up from a contractor saw but just a little bit of a step down from a cabinet style saw.

The Fencing

Make sure to check the fencing system. You need one that gives you a reliable parallel alignment with the blade when you lock the RIP fence in position. This is the best way to get accurate ripping and clean cuts.

Features that You Need

Finally, choose a saw that has the features that matter to you. Obviously, the more features you’ll look for in your saw, the costlier it’s going to be.

Cut Capacity

Look at the rip or cut capacity that the saw offers to both the left and right sides of the blade. If you’re doing basic work, such as trimming the deck and fence board, a rip capacity of 20 inches or lower is sufficient. However, if you’re venturing into more varied work, such as custom carpentry, you’ll need more options. Look for a saw of a minimum of 24 inches to the right of the blade.

The Top

It’s where you work, and you must be very careful to consider how it is. When you have a cast iron top, for example, it adds stability to the table, and there’s less vibration.

Soft Start

A soft start feature will manage the intensity of the motor starter, offering you more refined performance and minimizing the chance of tripping the circuit breaker.

Constant Speed Control

Constant speed control lets you maintain your speed under an unexpected low like a knot in the wood. This reduces the chance of kickback and helps ensure you don’t get a burn in the material.

Bevel Angle Range

Check the bevel angle range on your saw. Generally, you’ll see a range of about -2O to 45O, which is sufficient for most jobs. If you want added versatility, look for a saw with a bevel range that exceeds past 45O.

A saw with a dado capacity allows you to add a dado blade for different kinds of woodworking, such as cabinetry. With some models, you can go up as wide as a half-inch. Some other models allow you to go up as wide as ¾ of an inch.

Multiple Uses

If you have a saw that offers a 10-inch blade, you could use it between your table saw and your miter saw. Your sheet stock blade for your table saw can also be used as a crosscut blade on a miter saw.

Dust Collection

Look for a good dust collection feature that helps keep your workspace clean and safe. Some models can be attached to a wet/dry pack. Dust collection reduces the amount of dust and particles that accumulate inside the machine, helping to prolong the machine’s life. Some of them offer you a port that you can plug a hose in and run the vacuum operation.

The Guard and other safety features

It’s very easy to take off and put back on when you need to. There can be a riving knife also. Riving knives travel up and down with the blade. This means that the blade is always equidistant from the knife regardless of what the height of the blade is.

Look before you start

Make certain that you have your blade adjusted just above the stock that you are cutting.

Another thing you need to be careful of is the speed that you’re feeding the wood through the blade. You don’t want to go too slow because this could leave burn marks on the side. If you go too fast, you’re going to get tears in the woods. Keep on practicing to apply smooth, steady, and consistent flow of the piece you’re cutting.

Finally, Follow the Safety Rules

Now that you know what you’re looking for in a table saw, remember that safety is an essential consideration during use. Read the instruction manual before operating.

You always want to keep all the five fingers on both of your hands. So, don’t allow your hand to get within four inches of the blade. Make sure to use the blade guard and kickback paws that come with your table saw.

Always wear proper safety gear.

You’ve got this!

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Ham radio, otherwise known as novice or amateur radio, is a fun hobby that can open up a lot of doors in the professional fields of communications, advertising and of course public radio.

Aside from the various equipment needed to start a Ham radio station, you will need a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in order to legally operate on a pubic frequency. This article will help you understand what it takes to get approved for this license.

There is an extensive test that the FCC will have you take when you apply for a Ham radio operator’s license. The FCC will not hold your hand or help you out with completing or preparing for this test. If you have not done so already, be prepared to do a lot of homework on operating a Ham radio station. There are several free resources on the internet to help you study and pass this exam.

The best way to get started in ham radio is by finding someone that already runs a station. These will be the people that can tell you what kinds of equipment to buy and how best to prepare for your FCC operators exam. You will be surprised how many people are running amateur radio stations in your area.

To find out who is operating a ham radio in your town simply visit the website of your counties’ professional regulations and licenses office and search their public records for ham radio operators licensed in your area. If your area doesn’t offer this information online, you can simply call or visit the office and have the information faxed or prepared for you to pick up.

Another great way to study for your exam is by joining a local amateur radio operators club or joining a virtual club online. The majority of these clubs will be more than willing to accept you and help prepare you for the FCC exam or give advice about your equipment and setup. You can also typically find high-quality used equipment in these groups at very good prices.

There are two exams you need to pass to achieve FCC certification. One is your Technician license and the other is your Operator license. You will need to find someone who can administer both of the FCC exams that already has a certification. This is another benefit of networking with other ham radio operators as they will usually be more than willing to administer the tests for you for free.

Once you pass both exams you will receive your ham radio operator’s license within three to six weeks. You are then licensed to purchase, repair and operate public frequency radio transmitters.

If you are interested in radio as a profession, you will be a step above your competition because you are already licensed and certified.

Operating a ham radio can be a fun hobby that could potentially turn into a full time career. You only need a dependable radio that might be simple newbie model or one of the suggested dual band mobile ham radios, and the license to operate. All it takes to get your ham radio operators license is a little hard work, some help from some like-minded colleagues and a lot of studying.

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The history of the Italian company Saeco, a manufacturer of systems for making coffee and coffee and milk drinks, began more than thirty years ago, in 1981. She received an order for a well-known version on the market for such devices, and it can be found both in offices and among private users.

Philips, Saeco, however, has been decisively returning to the Saeco brand since 2012. And, of course, the Philips name contains packaging, an information resource, and an Internet resource at saeco.philips.

Currently, several Saeco serial coffee machines are being produced, which differ in various ways and in the degree of automation of the process of preparing coffee drinks, starting with the simplest Poemia handheld machines, mainly intended for making espresso, and ending with the HD8969 / 01 coffee machine provided to us from the top GranBaristo Avanti series 8969. there can only be a whole set of coffee-based drinks that can be controlled using a tablet computer via Bluetooth.

What coffee to brew in Saeco GranBaristo Avanti HD8969

You have given only a short and generalized description. As a rule, they have their own capsules, they also have sizes. Of course, the main thing is that the amount of coffee should be constant: different types of coffee drinks are usually prepared on the basis of the bookmark, so each capsule contains 6–9 grams of ground beans.

They are easy to recognize by their unique shape – in appearance they resemble disks. Each one contains a barcode. The machine reads it and makes a drink with the required flow of water and time. The brand has implemented a completely different brewing technology compared to competitors. Coffee powder is not compressed, which eliminates the need for high water pressure. The taste and aroma is extracted much easier. The packaging contains the correct dosage of coffee – 9 g. Capsules are available online for sale and Nespresso compatible capsules something like this. Several types of flavors are available in our market:

  • black coffee – three types;
  • cocoa – one species;
  • coffee with milk – three types,
  • including large-volume latte macchiato per 300 ml mug;
  • tea – four types (green, berry, etc.);
  • hot chocolate; milk.

If you think that advertising phrases do not have such value as the taste and unsurpassed taste of the resulting drinks. Therefore, we had to comprehend a lot. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to make high-quality photos of the internal capsules.

Making coffee in Saeco GranBaristo Avanti HD8969

We have already described, so we stopped at some possibilities.

First of all, you need to make one more remark if you want the coffee machine to be installed on a table of normal height. It was a slight slope.

The review of the LCD screen is quite sufficient (horizontal, perhaps even less), the margin of brightness and contrast is decent, and we do not have any other requirements for reading information from the screen.

Entering standby mode, including warming up and automatic rinsing takes a little more than a minute.

Coffee containers not only have sloping days, but also vibrate during grinding, so that the grains completely pour out into the outlet.

It’s great that when there is no more coffee in the tray, and even in a mountain grinder there can be a maximum of 1-2 grains, enough coffee is left in the machine to make a serving of espresso. It’s not scary if it is provided with the grains left between the coffee grinders, but worse if the remains of ready-made coffee are used: experts say that the break between grinding and preparation should be minimal; several hours (for example, at night).

Therefore, after a break in the use of the coffee machine, you can use the coffee cleaning function, which is available in the section “Tech. service »The menu indicates that no coffee is provided in this cycle. It is still thrown into the waste bin.

It is recommended to keep in the refrigerator. If the coffee is not lazy, it can simply remove the coffee container with the lid and keep it in the refrigerator.

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For ages, women had a wide range of clothing and lingerie to choose from, while men made do with designer underwear or reliable boxers. But, the time has changed, and you can now find mens sexy underwear for the modern guys. If you want to grab some of these sensual underwear items to help you feel sexy and confident, you have a wide range of briefs to choose from.

Reasons to Get Sexy Underwear for Men

There are many reasons that you will enjoy adding sexy underwear in your collection. If you have a special item that you can wear to increase your sexual confidence, this can make the evening more romantic and enjoyable for you. You can find sensual materials such as lace, microfiber, and satin to add a playful excitement to your outfit, something that you could not get from cotton underwear. The way lingerie can help a woman feel and look more desirable and attractive, men’s sexy underwear can be a powerful tool and a great turn on. Also, these sexy briefs for men make an excellent gift for your loved ones.

Pick the Material for Your Sexy Underwear

Men’s briefs have a wide range of fabrics available, from soft microfiber to seductive lace to flirty mesh. You will get a different experience and appearance, depending on the material you are wearing. Opt for satin or lace if you want to achieve a feminine look. If you are in the mood for a kinky look, you can find PVC or wet look for this choice. If you want to play it safe but still have that sensual factor, choose Lycra, skintight Spandex, or sheer mesh panel. When buying sexy underwear for men, take into account other details, for example, pop-open panels or lacing, which let you have the control of how much you want to display until you are completely confident.

Determine Your Style

If it is your first time to buy men’s sexy underwear and you are unsure of what to pick, choose the ones that you know you are going to wear. If you are having difficulty with style, here are some tips to help you get the best underwear style for you:

G-strings, thongs, and jockstraps display your butt as well as emphasize and cling to your package.

Tight boxers and trunks are suitable for most shapes of the body. They also give great support and can make slender body forms appear bigger.

Sexy briefs are incredibly comfortable and easily fit under your clothes. Briefs look especially flattering on you if you carry more weight on your bums and legs than on your upper half.

Inspect the Sizing

The majority of men’s underwear typically comes with small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. These different sizes make it easy to get the right fit for your body type. To buy the right size of the brief, know the measurement of your waist. Keep in mind that brands use a bit different measurement in sizing.

Buying men’s sexy underwear is fun and exciting. To make the process easier, consider reading some customer reviews to find out what other people who bought items from specific brands can say about the underwear. This proves to be helpful in making the right decision when purchasing sensual briefs.

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Because of its vast size, Australia has different climate zones for different regions. The cities in the northern part of the country experience hot and humid weather during the summer, while the winter is usually warm and dry. Meanwhile, those who live in the southern areas have mild summer and cooler and occasionally rainy winter.

On the other hand, those living in Central Australia have to deal with scorching hot temperatures and could experience drought for years. At the same time, those living in the inland parts of the country experience extreme weather throughout the year.

Despite the different weather conditions, Australians all over the country generally wear light clothing during summers and warmer sweaters in the winter. They also pair their fashion with their favorite scents bought in shops and fragrances online in Australia.

While most Aussies love to buy colognes and perfumes, finding out which ones smell good when purchasing online can get tricky. Here is a smart buying guide to help you decide which fragrance has the best scent even without smelling it.

Do a Thorough Research

It can get tempting to buy perfume based on its elegant packaging or has an endorsement from your favourite celebrity. Some perfumes sold online also have huge discounts. But if you are unsure about the perfume brand, you need to research first before purchasing to avoid wasting your money.

Check out the feedback and reviews from others who bought that particular item. It would be best if you also made sure that the site which offers the perfumes is legitimate.

Make sure that the site complies with the Australian consumer law wherein you can get a refund if the purchase does not match the description or if you suddenly changed your mind after smelling the perfume. 

Read the Descriptions

You will learn more about the fragrances that you intend to buy by reading the descriptions written online. These descriptions should discuss the ideal person who will enjoy the scent. Blogs like Fragrance and Co. do a great job of describing perfume and cologne scents, along with when it makes the most sense to wear certain fragrances.

It must also explain at least two of its most prominent ingredients but presented in a way that will appeal to your personality and elicit some emotions. It will be your guide to see if the particular product matches your lifestyle. 

Understand Your Notes

Most perfume descriptions mention the word “notes” at least once. It is the description of scents that are present in the perfume. Experts divide notes into three categories, including the top notes, middle notes, and base notes. It also has four main themes, including fresh, woodsy, floral, and oriental.

In 2018, an Australian beauty website revealed that the most preferred women’s perfume during that year has floral notes while males favoured the scent with spicy notes.

For unisex perfumes, the site revealed that Australians loved the product with strong citrus notes. Knowing which theme fits your personality may help you pick the right fragrances online in Australia.

Sign Up for Subscriptions

Most online fragrance sellers offer subscription plans to entice customers to buy from them. If you avail of these subscriptions, they will send you regular updates about their new scents. It will let you know if their new items will suit your taste and lifestyle.

Also, some subscription packages come with exclusive discounts that can help you save a lot of money when buying new fragrances online in Australia. 

Get Samples

There are websites offering fragrances online in Australia that can send sample packages for those who will sign up for exclusive membership. Take advantage of these promotions so you can have a chance to smell their products first, even without visiting a store.

If you do this, you can save a lot of time, effort, and money when buying perfume online. This way, you will reduce your chances of buying something that you will not wear eventually. 

Buying perfumes online can get tricky if you have no idea how to do it properly. With the help of this guide, you can now start purchasing different scents and fragrances even without the opportunity of smelling it beforehand.

Aside from these tips, you can also ask for the opinion of your family and friends so they can point you to the right scents offered online. 

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How to start a welding business

Welders are in high demand, meaning it might be the perfect time to start your own welding business. But how exactly do you get started? Welding presents several different business opportunities, each with its own rewards and challenges.

For a beginner, the best place to start is with a mobile welding business. A mobile welding business is easier to start, as it requires minimal initial capital. You will not have to invest in a brick and mortar office.

Before venturing into the mobile welding business, there are a couple of things you need first.

A license

No business can operate without a license. That being said, you will need to obtain a permit from your state’s licensing board or authority. Before being granted a permit, you will be required to take a welding exam.

This exam will test your abilities and skills in welding, welding equipment as well as fabrication. You can contact your state’s licensing board for the procedure of applying for this exam. Also, you may require a local business permit.

Buy the right tools

You cannot be a mobile welder unless you have the necessary tools. As a portable welder, you never know where the job will take you. Thus, having the right tools for the job at the ready is a necessity.

Some of the tools you will require include a welding machine, a plasma or air cutter, and protective welding gear. These can include a welding helmet, gloves, and welding goggles. But the most essential tool among those mentioned is the welding machine.

A multi-function welder will be your best option. You can acquire a MIG welder capable of gasless flux core welding from your nearest welding tools supply store. Alternatively, you can get the best MIG welder under 1000 for an auction.

Identify the target audience

While welders are in high demand, not everyone is in need of welding services. It is essential to know which individuals require your services. Commercial clients with ongoing long terms projects are the best.

These can include marine equipment fabricators, repair of restaurant equipment, architectural projects, and farm equipment. These commercial projects need to meet the highest standards of workmanship and thus pay very well.

Apart from ongoing commercial projects, one-time clients can also help sustain your business. These can include small repair works such as repair of farm equipment. And also, auto body repair works. 

Know how to charge

As with any other business, you will charge a price for your services. There are two ways of charging clients you can adopt. The first is on a per-job basis. This is where you are paid per the jobs you do.

Secondly, you can charge per hour, especially for long term welding projects. Per hour rates can be anywhere between $30 and $70. Needless to say, as a beginner, you can start with low prices and increase as your experience grows. 

Some welding businesses charge more based on their experience. Knowing how to charge your clients will be of great importance.

The amount of money you charge for a project will depend on a number of things, though. Number one is the estimated time a project will take. Secondly is the tools you are likely to require for the job.

A job that requires a welding machine only will not be priced the same as another that requires you to have a plasma cutter as well. It is also important to consider the difficulty of the overall tasks. Some welding tasks are undoubtedly more complex than others.

Only buy what you need

It is easy to be lured into buying fancy and expensive tools as your business grows. However, buying only what you need ensures you sustain steady growth. When starting you don’t need all the tools that a large welding company has.

Some tools will become necessary when you get a special job, while some other tools will become necessary when your business grows. 

Specialize in a niche

As a start-up, you will want to take up any business that comes your way. However, it also helps to have an area of specialty you are known for. For example, an expert in aluminum welding, marine equipment welding, or fabrication.

This will help your customers better identify with you. 


When starting any business, there are many things to think about, and a welding business is no exception. Insurance, personal or general, is an important is a requirement. Other documents, such as a contract document, may come in handy when dealing with different clients.

Overall, a welding business can be a financially rewarding venture. However, this is when it is done right. Acquiring all the legal documents and requirements needed is vital for anyone thinking of venturing into the welding business.