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lunch ideas for the working man

There is no working man who can produce top-notch work on an empty stomach. It’s a must to get the necessary calories and nutrition during your lunch breaks. Here are some awesome lunch ideas for any working man.

Protein and carbohydrate

It would be best if you had all the energy you can get while you are running all your errands. Carbohydrates and proteins are essential in every healthy way possible. You can decide to pack a snack sandwich to eat during lunch break.

One can decide to make their sandwich using pita bread. It can contain cheese as well as meat.

You can alter canned tuna, baked chicken, or cold pork chops to meet your various nutritional needs. The protein ought to become chilled as well as packed with a condiment like mayonnaise.

You can add on pocket pies or pasties that have beef and onions to add a nutritional taste. Try adding a chicken salad or pasta salad on the side.

Fruits and vegetables

Any working body needs all the vitamins it can get. What a great way to build your immune system with fruits and veggies. Fresh veggies and fruits should never be dull. Try having a container with cherry tomatoes or quartered bell peppers. It’s an excellent idea to alternate with oranges and apples.

You ought to spice up your fruit salad bowl or a zip bag with pasta salad with a little touch of marinated artichoke hearts and black olives. Mix up the chopped apples with chopped celery, raisins as well as smoked salmon.

To have a well-packed lunch, you ought to have a container of pickles, bagged salted nuts, dried fruits as well as pepperoncini.


Having a potato chip bags would hardly satisfy any working man. You need to come up with a top-notch lunch that will help you power through the day without the tummy rumbling. Try some boiled eggs or canned fish for a good source of protein. You can also order pizza as it has the right calories as well as some nutritional value. On one of the working days, you can choose to have cheese and crackers. Try taking some bagels as well as cream cheese with smoked pock chops or trout.


What a great way to finish your lunch than with desserts? When it comes to desserts, you ought to go with foods that will offer you nutritional satisfaction. Try taking some homemade brownies or applesauce cake.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Try some homemade blueberry muffins as compared to candy bars. The buns are more nutritious than you can fathom.

Over the weekend, you can try making some pies and stuff them with peaches, blackberries, or apples using the best restaurant equipment in preparing a dish. Later, you can freeze them and include them in your lunch pack for the week.

Get the best kitchen equipment to prepare your packed lunch. You can get various restaurant equipment that you can use to make lunches. Never starve yourself while working while you can have these great ideas, equipment, and so much more.

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how to get rid of parasites naturally

There is nothing more annoying than having to deal with parasites. Regardless of the dynamic role they play in the ecological system, and where they fit in the food chain, they can be a threat to our health and wellbeing.

Most parasitic organisms will feed off of human beings for their survival and cause imminent diseases that can eventually lead to death. Some parasites get into our bodies through polluted or undercooked food while others can pass through skin and hair. 

The most common parasitic organisms we come in contact with are fleas and various types of worms. Of course, the less hygienic a person is, and the weaker the immune system is, the more subjected he/she will be to parasitic infections.

But just like most ailments to the human body, Mother Nature has remedies that are clean and effective and as potent as complicated chemical medicines if not more.

Below you will find a number of ways to remove parasites organically from your body to enjoy a healthy life. In order to better tackle this topic, we need to categorize parasites into 2 main types, parasites living inside of you and parasites living on your skin.

For the Parasites Living Inside You:

Do a Parasitic Detox

Perhaps one of the most efficient ways of saving yourself from parasitic infections is to use fibrous veggies and fruits to detox your body from within. Parasites need to be expelled outside your body through consistent and efficient bowel movement.

You will need a parasitic cleanse that would depend on fiber-rich foods like green apples and berries to keep your bowel movement healthy and ensure fast parasitic exit. The cleanse will also require you to reduce or better yet eliminate your intake of foods high in sugar and dairy since they are considered inflammatory ingredients that parasites feed on to grow.

Eating foods that support your immune system will be very important to increase your fighting chance against these organisms, which include citrus fruits with high content of vitamin C, broccoli, garlic, spinach, and ginger, among many others.

Drink a Lot of Water

Water is essential for flushing your body from parasites and toxins. Make sure you are drinking clean, uncontaminated water from reliable sources and, as advised, drink anywhere between 2 to 3 liters a day to support your intestines in functioning properly and expelling any parasitic organisms feeding on your insides.

Seek the Benefits of Natural Oils

You can use a variety of oils in your battle against parasitic infection.  It is recommended to use olive oil and coconut oil in cooking for their infection-fighting properties.

Other essential oils that can be taken as supplements are oregano for its detoxifying abilities, fennel as it inhibits the production of toxins that stand in the way while your body is fighting parasites, and chamomile, which works on paralyzing the movement of mature parasites.

Exercise and Get Enough Sleep

While fighting off infections, your immune system needs to be in tiptop shape. This means you should work out as exercise releases hormones responsible for strengthening your immune system and killing off harmful cells. Moreover, increasing your sleeping hours will give your body the rest needed to work efficiently and destroy these organisms.

For the Parasites Living in Your Skin:

Maintain Proper Personal Hygiene

The most important factor in removing parasites living on skin and hair is to avoid auto-infection and cross-infection. If you are already a parasite carrier, you are at risk of worsening your case by remitting parasites into your body through touching infected areas and then eating with your unwashed hands. 

Daily showers and frequent thorough hand washing with clean water and soap will protect you from reinfecting yourself or those around you. And just as important is drying your hands and body very well afterward as these parasitic organisms prefer damp environments to flourish and grow.

You should also clip your nails often in order to maintain their cleanliness as some parasites tend to live under long nails and enter your body through mindless skin scratching. 

Wash Bed Sheets and Towels Frequently

Clothes, bedsheets, and towels need to be washed at very high temperatures with proper detergents to destroy any existing parasites that might have found their way into these surfaces. Cotton is the preferred fabric when choosing your clothes as well as your home linens since it withstands high temperatures from washing to ironing making it easier to kill any parasites.

Clean Cookware and Kitchen Utensils Thoroughly

Infection can easily spread among the household through your kitchen. Making sure your kitchen counters and pots and pans are regularly cleaned using hot water and suitable sterilizing detergent or, if possible, using a dishwasher, which is even better as the steaming cycle works on exterminating any harmful organisms.

Another point to stress with all family members is to always designate a separate cutting board for fresh produce and another one for meats and poultry.

This will prevent cross-contamination, which is when bacteria on a cutting board that is used for raw meat contaminates food that requires no further cooking such as vegetables or bread. Both boards need to be washed properly as mentioned before to limit contamination risks.  

Do Regular Maintenance for AC Filters

Many kinds of parasites inhabit the AC filters as they provide their favored humid environment to ferociously grow, increasing our chances of getting infected. Find a good AC maintenance company that will do regular checks and upkeep the cleanliness and dryness of your AC filters and keep parasites at bay.  

Avoid Public Pools

Even though these can be a great escape for you and the family on a hot summer day, public pools are probably infested with all sorts of infectious organisms just floating around ready to attack.

If this is not something you can forgo, research good locations online that are famous for cleanliness and do not have any negative health-related reviews. 

Parasitic infections are hard to identify. Some types of worms can live inside a human body for years without being spotted. Pay close attention to your body and do not overlook the possibility of such infections when you fail to get a convincing reason for your constant fatigue and exhaustion.