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best gifts for your girlfriend

​Even the manliest man has a soft spot for his better half. Sure, he spends a good part of his time in the man cave practicing the art of manliness (think a lumberjack crossed with a bacon lover, with a pinch of DIY). But he also recognizes that his girlfriend can make his day brighter and fill his heart in a way no other person can do.

Now we don't want to get all fluffy, but it's true that a special lady can make all the difference in the world. So, it's time to show her how much you care with this ultimate resource of gift ideas for your girlfriend on her birthday, Christmas, your shared anniversary or another special occasion.

C'mon man, she deserves it, and it's a heck of a lot better than being served a seat in the doghouse.

  • In Her Teens
  • In Her Twenties
  • In Her Thirties

Gifts for a Girlfriend in Her Teens

Does she like you? Text her to find out as she sits a row away from you during Math class. Give her three options: Yes, No, or Maybe. If she answers Yes then you're well on your way to being the new stud in high school, and that's a good reason to fist bump. You'd better take a selfie of this profound moment in your life first though.

Just don't slack off - after all, you want to keep her as your girlfriend, right? She doesn't mock you when a zit decides to make your chin its home for two weeks, and she listens to your problems, including bullying and meeting friends' expectations, when you feel like your parents totally don't get you. Here are great ways to say thanks to your teenage better half, aside from a gum swapping session. Bring on the best gifts for girlfriend. Full steam ahead!

Prom Date

Celebrate the special night when you officially graduate from high school into the real world with your special gal on your arm. Mark the prom occasion with these unique gift ideas for girls, depending on your budget. Take the stress out of the night by finding her a great present using these suggestions.

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

Go the traditional route by gifting your sweetheart a wrist corsage or bouquet of flowers. She'll love that she can keep either one for several days after the gala.

Alternatively, opt for jewelry, such as a prom ring that she can wear in remembrance of the dance for years to come. Find out the color of her dress before the event and choose a ring that matches to it. A pretty choice is the pink sea glass ring with fine silver wire design.

TIP: Find out her ring size without ruining the surprise by asking her friends if they know the size. If they haven't got a clue, ask beg them to ask her nonchalantly. Alternatively, swipe an old ring of hers to take to the jewelers with you to get a matching size. Just be sure to choose a ring that isn't overly significant to her so she won't be worried if she notices it missing. ​

Girlfriend Leaving for College or University
Present for Girlfriend College Bound

It's sad to see her go, but she'll remain in your heart. Give your girlfriend a memorable present that will keep you on her mind while she's studying for university courses and settling into campus life. Showing her support with a special gift will help keep your long-distance relationship going strong.

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

When she arrives at college or university, your sweetie will probably feel homesick. Help her feel more at home with these fun Pineapple Battery Powered String Lights from Urban Outfitters. The LED lights are great for adding a punch of fun to indoor or outdoor spaces. The warm glow will have her feeling more like she's at the beach than in the midst of exam stress when it hits.

Another gift idea for your girlfriend is to give her the Letters to My Future Self kit. This time capsule features 12 fold-and-mail style letters that have prompts to inspire self-reflection. She can write about her college adventures, from getting lost on campus to meeting her BFF in art class. She will treasure the diary entries in the future and thank you for giving her such a thoughtful gift (she doesn't need to know it's only about $10 either).

Or, ​if you are a DIYer and want to go that extra mile (especially since she'll soon be miles away from you at college), why not make your own custom picture frame for her? Then put a photo of you two in it for her to display on the desk at her dorm to cheer her up when she misses you. Use this simple photo frame tutorial to create a custom work of art for your favorite woman in the world (shhh don't tell ma).

Girlfriend Breaking Up With You

The bliss is turning into piss... Yup, it's official, your girlfriend's breaking up with you. Maybe she's been cheating and now swears the new guy is the man of her dreams (which makes you say swear words and have nightmares). Or, perhaps she's giving you the "it's not you, it's me" speech... But still, you'll take the high ground and end this relationship with a gift for the former sweetheart. Mind you, this present is going to be cheaper than the other occasions because, well, you want to make it sting!

  • Under $10
  • Under $25
  • Under $50

What is happening?! OK, you'll be the bigger person... in a few months. If you can't accept that she's breaking up with you, use one of these Fiverr Jealousy Related Services that are as low as $5. Check out the options sure to have her eyes bugging out and her mind spinning, from hiring a hot girl to send you flirty texts or having her write lovey-dovey messages on your Facebook wall for your ex to see as she stalks your profile. 

Or, give your former flame a taste of her own breakup medicine by sending her this clever "It's not you it's... Um no wait, it is you" girlfriend card. Your ex may not appreciate the cleverness of the card, but we're betting that you will enjoy it enough for both of you.

For Valentine's Day
Monogrammed Present for Girlfriend

Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, and a heartthrob like you has to step up for the special occasion. Your girlfriend expects the softie in you to come out in full force today, and you aim to deliver. Here are Valentine's gift ideas for girls that will blow her mind.

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

Meet her at the door for your date and give her this sweet Princess Heart Pillow in bright pink with embroidery of a tiara on the front. She'll love that you worship the ground she walks on. She will want to cuddle up with you as much as she does to this plush pillow, if not more.

Another option, for only about $25, is this personalized name cosmetic bag. Order it custom with her name on the front and pick the colors for the bag and thread. She will adore that it's one-of-a-kind and handmade just for her! Plus, now she'll have a place to store all that makeup she's always talking about (why does she need that many eyeliners, anyway?) ​

Are you worried because you don't have a lot of money to spend on her? Or, maybe she has asked that you exchange DIY presents. Don't panic! Instead, here are some inexpensive homemade presents that a teen gal will adore:

  • Go retro by burning a CD of songs important to your relationship, such as the first song you danced to. Title the front of the CD with both your names as an extra step to personalize it.
  • Bake her cookies! Choose her favorite kind and make them into the shapes of hearts for Valentine's Day. 
  • Create a photo album. Use a cheap photo service like Walgreens to print out photos of the two of you over the months or years you've been together and put them into a photo album. Your sweetheart will adore the thoughtful gift for the love-filled day!
Girlfriend's Birthday
Pandora Bracelet and Charms

She's throwing a huge party for her birthday, and you're the lucky guy who'll be by her side. Don't fall flat by giving her a lame gift. Instead, take inspiration from our list of the best gifts for women, whether your budget is under $100, $500, or $1000. Find memorable presents for any price range (aka so you won't be in the doggie house).

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

Has she been talking about bracelet charms for a while? You know, you vaguely recall her saying Pandora this, Pandora that, but all you remember thinking is that you wanted her to hurry up and place her McFlurry order.

Well, now you'd better listen up! Get her a Timeline Treasures Charm Bracelet that fits Pandora jewelry and Trollbeads. It is a fraction of the cost of a Pandora bracelet - why pay extra just for the name? The 3.4mm bracelet is made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel and fits charms and beads with a core size of 3.5mm and up. 

If you're not sure what size of Timeline Treasures bracelet ​to get her, you'll need to know her wrist size. Most teen girls would fit a 7 or 7.5inch bracelet, but you can be sure about her size by measuring the inside of her wristwatch. Oh and don't feel bad about not getting her a Pandora bracelet as her wrist is going to grow over the next few years and she can then invest in a real Pandora one for a life-long jewelry piece (and simply move her charms over to it).

Now don't just get your girlfriend the bracelet for her​ birthday - you have to add in at least one Pandora charm to start her collection! If she already has the bracelet, then you can afford to get her two charms instead. A suitable choice is the genuine Pandora Happy Birthday Charm in sterling silver.

​If you want to get her a genuine Pandora bracelet, add in two charms and get the shopping advice you need in the "Under $500" tab in this section.

Girlfriend's Graduation

Whether your sweetie is graduating from high school, college, or university, she deserves a special present to celebrate achieving her goal. After years of slogging through books and falling asleep on your shoulder (not that you're complaining), you are proud to be dating a full-fledged graduate. Show your girlfriend how much you care about her with these gift ideas sure to make her smile.

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

Edible arrangements are popular and for good reason/ They look beautiful, are more original than giving her a regular bouquet of flowers, and, of course, you can eat them! Yum. They feature chocolate and fruits, all in a beautiful bouquet she can munch on later. She might even share with you if you're a good boy.

How about getting her this Congratulations Bouquet with Dipped Strawberries? It's great for a graduation, featuring a medley of fruit truffles, gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapple stars, and a ton of other fruits, as well as a group of grad balloons!

​But, then again, you might still be in school yourself and not have a lot of money to spend on your gal. In this case, you can come up with free or cheap date ideas that will come across as clever and a good "hoorah" for celebrating her graduation. Here are a few ideas:

  • ​After the graduation ceremony ends, take her to a great spot you've scoped out already for watching the sunset. You romantic devil you.
  • Set up her favorite movie on Netflix at home and have her beloved snacks ready to go on the table. She'll love having a movie night with you, and you can enjoy the cuddling for about two hours.
  • Plan a picnic for her at the park, including packing foods she loves and a soft blanket so you two can lay out on the grass. Organize it all for her and then tell her it's all in the name of her special occasion. Be sure to whisper in her ear that you're proud of her.
Monthsary with Girlfriend

This gift-giving occasion may not be a top one, but it is still likely to be important to your girlfriend. And, if she doesn't remember when is your monthsary or monthly anniversary, you can charm the socks off her by giving her a surprise present!

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

Use your creative side to- no, wait, use the creative side of other people, with these Gift services from Fiverr. For just $5 you can get a cool watercolor portrait painting done of her, a personalized card made, 40 origami hearts sent wherever you went, or even get your padlock of love placed in Paris. And that's just the start of the unusual stuff sellers there can do for you.

To make sure you get your unique card, artwork, or another item ready for the monthsary with your better half, make sure you allow time to have it made. Look at the number of days each order requires on the individual seller's Gig page. Also, before buying the service, check out the reviews on the Fiverr seller to ensure they deliver high quality; if they have a lot of 1- and 2-star reviews (out of 5), you might want to choose a different person.

Other Couple Anniversaries
Unique Anniversary Present

The perfect anniversary present is one that celebrates your relationship and tells her how much you care. Whether it is an experience or a tangible item, we've got the bases covered with these gift ideas for girls. Get ready for some smooches from your lovely lady!

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

Flowers are always a welcome choice for anniversaries, whether you have been together one month, six months, or longer. But your other half is well worth doing something more creative than the standard bouquet of roses. Instead, why not get her a Red 24k Gold Rose? It is a real living rose dipped in gold! It will last forever, unlike a regular bouquet that has a lifespan of about a week, and comes in a gift box so you can give it right to your special lady. A beautiful rose for the love of your life!

Another great idea for under $100 is a Custom Photo Necklace. Pick a great photo of the two of you and order this oval pendant through Etsy. The keepsake will be dear to her heart, and she will think of you every time she wears it. ​This one even comes in a gift box already so you won't have to worry about how to wrap it.

A chain comes with with the pretty pendant. The three styles to choose from are 24inch rolo, 24inch ball, or 18inch snake chain. Not sure of the differences? The ball chain has beads fixed along it with a distance between each bead, while the rolo style has round connecting links. The snake chain, also known as the Brazilian chain, has round, waxy, plate-looking links that look kinda like a smooth snake.

For Easter

Your girlfriend probably got chocolate or other candy for Easter from her ex-boyfriends, and you don't want to be a repeat. Be more original than the last guy by giving her a present that even the Easter Bunny himself would give the nod of approval (floppy ears and all).

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

She loves magic, from Harry Potter to unicorns. If this sounds like your sweetheart, then the DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit will be a great Easter gift. It appeals to her whimsical side and is a fun project that will keep her busy while you're enjoying gaming time in the man cave later (wink wink). She'll get a kick out of the mossy glass world that features a prancing unicorn. And you can bet her BFF won't be getting as unique a gift from her guy. 

​Another fun idea? Fill an Easter basket up with little things your hunny bunny will like, from a Pez dispenser to an iPhone cover, a beach towel, and a poster of One Direction. The possibilities are endless. When you give her the present, tell her about your adventures finding the items and how each one relates to her. The best gifts for women are thoughtful and sweet, just like you (on the days when you behave). 

For Christmas
iTunes Gift for Her at Christmas

Santa Claus himself would approve of these choices of Christmas gifts for wife or girlfriend. He'll be saying "ho ho ho" while you say "she's no ho, she's a whole lot of woman!" Fill her Xmas stocking full of goodness with any of these holiday gift ideas.

  • Under $100
  • Under $500
  • Under $1000

Even if you are short on cash or have made a pact with your girlfriend not to spend money on each other this Christmas, you can still get her a creative, one-of-a-kind present. We're talking about writing her a love letter.

Don't worry about being Shakespeare; as long as it comes from the heart, she will adore it (and you). Here are tips for crafting an amazing love letter for her:

  1. Go to a quiet place. Avoid distractions like TV and Minecraft or you will wind up including words like "pickaxe" and "hoe" in the letter and no good can come of that.
  2. Use real paper! Sorry, email just isn't as romantic. Your special gal deserves better.
  3. Be honest. Don't hide behind your emotions or she will get to the end of the letter and go, "Yeah, so?" Also, don't pull a Geoffrey Chaucer and go all medieval on her with words like "o'er," "methinks," and "need'st." Write the same way you would talk and then she can relate to your words.
  4. Double check your spelling. Your honey might wind up reading this romantic letter over and over again so be sure you do not have any spelling errors. Make sure you wrote it neat enough too so that she can read it clearly.

Now you should have a mind full of clever, unique, and romantic gifts for your girlfriend or wife. If not, well, you'd better take another read. This is the ultimate guide in presents for the woman you adore, whether she is a teen, 20-something, or in her 30's.

Never worry again about how to delight her on a special occasion as you can simply refer to this resource, even if you have a small budget. If you're a big spender, there's a range of great options here for you too.

We also recommend varying the kinds of presents you give your lovely woman throughout the year. For example, an experience present, such as a skydiving lesson, may be what you give her one holiday and then the next occasion you gift wrap a pretty ring.

In other words, keep her wondering what you'll have up your sleeve next. The element of surprise can be romantic and exciting for any woman, and it keeps you looking like the stellar boyfriend or husband that you are at heart.