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Toast Art

The #SELFIE song by The Chainsmokers may have been a fad, but this selfie toaster isn’t going out of style anytime soon. It’s time to make a toast to The Selfie Toaster.

As per the chorus of the song #SELFIE: “let me take a selfie” (on toast). Okay, you caught us, the on toast  part isn’t in the song but, well, maybe it should be. This toaster from Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation is pretty kick ass.

Keep it for yourself or give it to your bro for his man cave. You’ll never want to go back to boring toast again. Now you can put your face or the face of anyone else on the toasted bread. How about your pet? Or, your boss’s face? Oh come on, it’s not like you’ve never wanted to go all Hannibal Lecter and eat his or her face off, right?

The Selfie Toaster comes with a redeemable code that you use to create a custom insert for your toaster later. The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation mails your unique 3.75in x 3.50in insert to you within 10 days of when you send them your photo of the face or another image to go on the edible slices.

Make the photo that you send Vermont a good one so you’ll get the best results on the toast. Contrast is good as then the face will show up more on the bread. Tip: Use good lighting in your selfie. You can have up to two faces per slice. Text won’t work out well on the bread because the detail is so fine.

As for the toaster, it is stainless steel, so it looks great on your kitchen counter and is long lasting. It comes with a “starter” plate for practice and to pump you up about the toasted designs to come.

You’re creating food art here, guys! Toaster art just might trump coffee art one day.

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5 Port Charger for the Man Cave

It’s not enough that your iPhone, tablet, and other USB devices are constantly having the power sucked out of them. Then you need to find the chargers for each of them and enough outlets around the man cave to put the juice back in your gadgets again. Sigh, and you have a job to go to on top of it all. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

But it seems that life is going a bit light on the bitch mode today because we have the Truffol Station 5 USB Charger that has five USB ports to it. Finally! Now we can plug multiple devices into a single desktop charger to power them back up.

It’s not a bad lookin’ charging station either. Truffol 5 is the world’s first five-port charger handmade out of wood, and it’s a class act. We’re loving how the cherry wood finish with brushed aluminum casing looks on our desk. Its rubber bottom helps keep the family-style charger from slipping or scuffing the desk. And the aluminum is fingerprint resistant to so it always looks good.

Now let’s talk about the specs on this bad boy. It’s got a 12V 3A 36W power adapter, three Universal 1A ports, and two Quick Charge 2.4A ports. You can simultaneously charge your USB devices before you head outdoors for a workout or while you’re gaming in the den. You won’t worry about losing your charger either (let that fact sink in for a moment).

The design is intuitive and top quality. Not that we’d expect anything less now that we know the Truffol 5 is made in collaboration with ORICO, which is Amazon’s top charging brand. It’s passed the safety rounds too with FCC and CE certifications. The materials are industry grade, and the built-in surge protector helps to protect your valuable devices. You’ll also get an easy access smart charger with full plastic insulation.

Here’s a review of what you can expect from the Truffol Station 5:

The 100-400 volt input on the Truffol Station 5 USB Charger means you can even use it when you go overseas for business or pleasure. You’ll never be out of touch on your phone or tablet again, no matter where you are in the world. It works with a lot of the new smartphones on the market and even comes with a one-year warranty.

OK so now that we have this awesome charger, the only other thing we need to explain that we weren’t crying earlier. We were watering our beards if you must know.

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Travel Iron for Men's Shirts

Sure, we know all about travelling for work. It’s not easy to look good on the go, especially when you’re a guy who has to wear shirts to meetings that have been balled up into a suitcase for hours. You get what we’re talking about. We’ve all been there. It’s not like you can just pull out an iron from your suitcase to get rid of the creases. Or, wait, maybe now you can, thanks to the Collar Perfect Travel Iron.

It’s a mini iron that has all the features you need to press your button ups while you’re on the go. This iron’s compact design makes it easy to fit in your bag; simply pull it out when you want to do quick touch ups or flip out its wings for traditional ironing.

You’ve got to check out how easily it fits just by clamping it around the parts of your shirt that are most prone to wrinkles and hardest to reach. Yup, we’re talking about the collars, cuffs, and between the buttons. It’s super cool that this is another Kickstarter success story, like The Dash headphones we recently featured at our man cave site.

You won’t need a ton of space to press your shirts like you do with a traditional iron either. The Collar Perfect Travel Iron makes it easy to smooth away wrinkles while you’re in the airport bathroom, at a Starbucks table, or anywhere else you happen to be as you go about your travels.

The portable iron is simple to use too. There are six heat settings, so you can adjust the iron to use on pretty much any type of fabric. The rotating power cord makes it easy to glide along the fabric without getting twisted. The iron is compatible with both 110V or 220V power outlets, so it works in most of the places you’ll go.

Look great for your next business meeting out of town or other trip destination when you use the Collar Perfect Travel Iron. Marvel’s Iron Man has nothing on you when it comes to first impressions. You’ll be one hell of a handsome super hero when you pack this iron in your travel bag.

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consider those tips when shopping for foosball table parts

Why Your Players Are a Pretty Big Deal in your Foosball table Parts Arsenal

Players are some of the important Foosball Table parts that need replacing once in a while. Whether you call them ‘guys’ ‘players’ or ‘men’, foosball figures play an essential role in the game, especially when it comes to making advanced shots.

The best men must have certain features to ensure smooth, targeted shots. For starters, accurate ball control requires that the men have pointy instead of rounded toes.

Advanced shots such as the push kick shot, pull kick shot and rollover snake shot require men with pointed toes. A crosshatched design on the foot is also necessary to facilitate ball control.

ready for the right Foosball table?

Find your perfect table in our reviews!

The Downside of Using Traditional Guys

A major problem with traditional foosball men that come with rounded toes is that these types of toes inhibit proper passing of the ball to other players on the same rod. Using those men when having to replace Foosball table parts can increasingly undermine your capacity to shoot bank shots. The perfect bank shot requires hitting the ball offside at an acute angle but such an undertaking needs a sharp pointed toe.

Traditional foosball guys are screwed in place using nuts and screws. The disadvantage of this design is that the nuts and screws make the rod too weighty thereby hindering its movement. At the same time, the men can easily come off the rod due to wear and tear resulting from hard-hitting foosball games.

If you are looking around for tables, you might want to find a superior quality table in which the men are secured in place using a lightweight screw. How do foosball men’s toes differ?

How do foosball men’s toes differ?

Regular foosball men come with unmistakably rounded toes and the gripping crosshatched design. The gripped crosshatched design is really crucial for ball control as it allows the men to catch, pass and pin the ball whenever necessary. Without the required grip, in fact, without adequate ball control, it is simply impossible to play at an advanced level.​

What about Counter-Balanced Men?

Having counterbalanced men means that each of the players’ head weight is the same as the toe weight. Most modern (not to mention pricier) tables come with counterbalanced men.

Generally, it is recommended to have counter-balanced men especially for ease of playing one-on-one games. Here’s the thing: if the weight in your men’s toes is heavier than that in the head, the men would not be able to remain at a horizontal position. In fact, you would need to twist the men completely vertically to keep them in an upright position—this would obviously not make for a pleasant game.

Another problem with not having counterbalanced men is that weightless heads will certainly come in the way of your shots. On the contrary, counterbalance allows you to keep your men on a horizontal position and will not block your path. You will also notice that counterbalanced players enable faster shots because of their heavier weight.​

Replacing your men: What’s the cost?

Have you ever tried to play a foosball game with even a single broken man? Quite frustrating, isn’t it? If you want to constantly enjoy your games, you want to replace any broken players immediately.

If you only need to replace one or just a few men, it should not cost you much; most men will run you an average of $5. Obviously, the cost increases significantly if you have to replace all your men who could add up to 26 or 22 depending on the table’s design.


Given the significant cost of replacing foosball men, it is not advisable to buy a table without counter weighted men hoping that you will replace them later.

Just to wrap up, the design of your foosball men means everything for the quality of your games. Look out for tables that come with men with pointed toes and a gripped crosshatch design for easier ball control.

Counter-weighted men can also make or break your foosball games; to avoid the extra exorbitant costs for your Foosball table parts, ensure that the table you purchase already comes with counter-balanced players.​

Are you looking for a Foosball table? Take a look at our review here!​

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The Dash Wireless Headphones

What would you do with a cool $3.3 million? For the company Bragi, they were determined to use this amount of money, raised through their Kickstarter campaign, to fund production of The Dash, the world’s first wireless smart in ear headphones. And they did exactly that. Talk about a success story.

But, why do you care? We’ll tell you why. These are more than just earbuds, guys. Soon you’ll understand why there were close to 16,000 backers on Kickstarter for the campaign.

The most obvious benefit of The Dash is its wireless capability. There’s no more of those annoying headphone wires that twist, catch on things, and even break on you in the middle of your manly workout. With the buds from Bragi, you’re now totally hands-free and can go full force at the gym.

As for the sound system on these babies, you’re going to be in heaven. You get stereo sound that is crystal clear, and you can stream your favorite tunes via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Want more tunes? Coming right up.  Your in-ear headphones can serve as an MP3 player too. They have 4GB of storage, which is enough to store up to 1,000 songs. That means you can get your audio fix on a run without having to lug your smartphone with you. Mind blowing, we agree.

And that’s not all. Yup, The Dash can also function as a Bluetooth headset. The embedded mic enables you to answer a call seamlessly even in the midst of getting your Bruce Springsteen fix. Now who’s The Boss? And you’ll enjoy clear conversations too because the mic blocks out background noise well by operating based on the mechanical vibration generated by your voice.

Ahem, there’s more. OK, now you see why the Kickstarter support was huge, right? Another use for The Dash is as a fitness monitor. It can track useful metrics like heart rate and calories burned. Use it to keep track of stats during your workout too, including distance, number of steps, and time.

Speaking of steps, we’ve got to dash over to get our set of The Dash headphones. Want to join us?


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Touchless Toilet Flush Kit for Men

Sure, rapper MC Hammer made it big with the hit song U Can’t Touch This, but he probably never thought it would apply to a toilet! It does, though, when you use the Kohler K-1954-0 Touchless Toilet Flush Kit.

There’s no more holding down the handle to flush the toilet or bending over to flush it. It’s a touchless device that auto flushes for you.

It’s not that we’re lazy but… OK, who are we kidding, we’re slackers most of the time. So anytime we can save a step is a reason to cheer (provided the cheering doesn’t take much effort, of course). That’s a big reason we’re getting the Touchless Toilet Flush Kit for our lair.

With this device on your toilet, you’ll also save having to touch the germy toilet that you can’t remember the last time you cleaned. Your hands stay clean, and we think MC Hammer would approve of that part!

Simply wave your hand over the top of the toilet tank to activate the sensor. Watch your turds float down the bowl and outa sight. Feel free to yell out, “bombs away” as you wave your hand like a magician.

As the video above shows, the kit is a cinch to install; it only takes about 15 minutes. The small black sensor simply mounts to the inside of the toilet tank, just above its water line. Then you wave your hand above that part of the tank (with the lid on) when you’re ready to see the swirling water. It retrofits a standard toilet and works with most canister and flapper toilets.

You get everything you need for the installation in the Kohler Touchless Toilet Flush Kit. It comes with the sensor (d’uh), flush actuating wheel, and four AA batteries to power the flush job. Depending how often you take a dump or pee, the batteries will last up to 12 months. A beep sounds as you flush when the batteries get low, reminding you to replace them soon.

Gotta love technology, especially in the bathroom!