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Flying the Giant Octopus Kite

You know that moment when you’re talking with someone, and they tick you off? You might tell them to take a hike or go fly a kite. But, if you said the second option, you’d be wishing them a lot of fun if they got a giant octopus kite of their own!

Oh, you don’t know about this trend yet? An octopus kite made headlines earlier this month when it fluttered over Marina Barrage in Singapore, tentacles and all. The video of the massive kite, made by custom kite designer Erich Chew, got over 15 million views on Facebook alone. You can watch the kite in action in the video below.

Now everyone wants a giant octopus kite! The bigger, the better too. Heck, who wouldn’t want something that looks like a monster flying through the air? It’s ominous looking and cool.

Giant Octopus Kite in Motion

The parafoil octopuses come in almost any shade imaginable, and some are even rainbow colored. As for the size (insert drumroll please), this type of kite typically ranges from 5 meters to 25 meters long, depending how much of a daredevil you want to be.

Wowzers, that’s some big tentacles arms. These kites have amazing details and designs, looking lifelike as they float through the sky while you control them via handle and string.

The outdoor flying toy is not just for the kids either. Take one out on a windy day on your own or with the wife (she can’t complain you never take her anywhere anymore), and if the kids behave they can come along on your flying adventures too. When you’re not flying the giant octopus kite, just fold it up and store it in the man cave. A lot of them even come with a kite bag for easy storage.

Now that we’ve seen the kite in Singapore, we want one of our own too! But, first, we better get our second wind and publish this post…

[Post image via Erich Chew]

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Butt Buoys

It’s not every day that you get to see something kick-ass in the water. Literally.

Say what? Say yes to the Butt Buoys Novelty Boat Marker Buoy. It’s certainly an attention-grabbing buoy! Your boat will have an inspiring sidekick that reminds you of the good ol’ days when you were a young boy discovering lady bumps.

The cheeky PVC anchor marker is designed to look like an inverted woman’s ass – talk about inspired. As it bobs above the water’s surface, you might find yourself wishing you could cozy up to that in real life. Your friends will chuckle, and you won’t think about the phrase “bottoms up” quite the same way again.

Checkered Butt Buoy

The look of the Butt Buoys is a throwback to the 1980s, no doubt.  Hey, maybe the sweet cheeks are fashioned after Brooke Shields or Jennifer Jason Leigh.

There are a lot of varieties to choose from for the “bikini bottoms” too, whether you want to go with the timeless black or choose from the checkered pattern (raceway to my heart), blue-and-white star pattern (all-American lady), and many others.

Be proud of being a grown-ass man with a Novelty Boat Marker Buoy. Not only are you smiling out on the water but you also get a high-quality boat buoy that does what it’s made to do. The PVC is heavy gauge, and its dimensions are about 12″D x 8″H.

The Butt Buoys are easy to use too. Just inflate them with a hand pump and then set them on the water. They’ll float along with a bootylicious attitude that rivals Destiny’s Child or JLo, and any man can appreciate that.

Kick ass with the buoys that bob with a combination of tackiness and sexy that is too good to miss out on. Aside from using them with your boat on the open water, the Butt Buoys also can hold pool and hot tub thermometers. Yup, these lady humps are sure a (cl)ass act.

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Transformers Pop-Up Book

You’ve probably never seen a pop-up book quite like this before. Typically this style of books is for the kiddies. But that was before the Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe book, which is perfect for any guy’s lair, no matter his age.

The hardcover book features awesome pop-up transformers as you read through the 10-page story. Just pull a tab on the side of the page to transform cars, trucks, jets, and more into awesome robotic beings like you saw in the Transformers movies.

Turning the Page on the Transformers Pop Up Book

The Transformers pop-up book is part of the massive craze that ignited after the recent announcement that production has begun in Cuba for Transformers: The Last Knight. No doubt this book will be one you’ll want to keep out for your buddies to thumb through in your man cave as they discuss the latest hype about the movie franchise.

Transformers: The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe features an interactive story created by master paper engineer Matthew Reinhart. As you turn each page, the paper Autobots, including powerful Omega Supreme, and Decepticons rise up, literally, to battle against one another. You control their transformations with the tabs, making your actions integral to the story.

Transformers Pop-Up Book in the Man Cave

What a super cool concept! The famous “roll out” command of the movie series has never been put to better use.

Not that we would expect anything less from Reinhart, who also created award-winning pop-up books like Star Wars: The Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy. The illustrations are impressively detailed and rich in color, without being rich in price.

More than 35 of your favorite Transformers characters are in this book. Bumblebee, Starscream, Megatron, and, yes, we could go on. They’re all here!

In the words of Optimus Prime, “At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall.” Well, one shall read too as we’re going to take another look through the epic book now.

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Television Retro Pillow for the Man Cave

You know there’s nothing better than kicking your feet up on the couch in the man cave and watching Game of Thrones or another epic 2016 TV show. Well, almost nothing. It’s tough to improve this experience, but we’re pretty confident we can do it.

So, what is this secret must-have element? It’s the DCI Television Retro Pillow. This pillow has an amazing likeness to an old-school TV set in a wooden case, just like you would have seen in living rooms across American in the ’70s and ’80s.

This isn’t a shoddy design either.  The rectangular pillow has a full-on 3D design; its front side bears the detailed front of the old-school TV set, the pillow’s sides look like the wooden case, and the back features the backside of the television.

The attention to detail is impressive and quite accurate, down to the knobs and push buttons to the right side of the screen. For the youngsters in the crowd, those knobs and buttons were how people used to turn the television on and off, change channels, and adjust volume. Remember a time before the remote control? If you do, then we think this pillow is probably as nostalgic for you as it is for us.

While the 2016 TV trends include time travel, with shows like Flash, there’s also going to be a reboot of MacGyver, the legendary ’80s series, coming our way. In other words, the past and future are the focus of the 2016 television lineup.

Sure, you’ll get a blast from the past by watching your favorite TV shows on cable or via one of the top 5 media streamers, but you can up the awesome factor by tossing the Television Retro Pillow onto your couch in the lair. It’s soft yet durable, made of 100 percent polyester, and measures 16in long x 11.25in tall x 6in deep.

Now all you need in addition to the retro pillow is a combination of sweet and salty snacks, like ice cream and chips. If you invite us over, we might make you a bacon milkshake too, but only if you fess up to still having a VHS collection.

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Fake Driveway Spikes

Tired of strangers using your driveway for U-turns? We get it. Here’s a great solution.

Let us introduce you to DrivewaySpikes, a fake strip of “spikes” (wink wink, they’re made of flexible plastic) that are meant to deter unwanted drivers from entering your drive. They’re totally harmless, but they sure look like tire-busting spikes.

Simply put DrivewaySpikes down and you’ll never worry again about cars coming almost all the way up to your house just to turn around. This isn’t U-turn land, buddy! Some reckless drivers might accidently run over part of your garden or take out a lawn sprinkler in their hurry to get in and out of the driveway.

If you have little kids or pets, these fake spikes will also save you from having to worry they’re in danger while they’re in the yard. No driver in his or her right mind will want to enter a driveway with spikes on it. A flat tire is not something you want to get – ever. If a car does run over them, the flexible material just bends under the weight and then goes back to its original stand-up position.

If a car does run over them, the flexible material just bends under the weight and then goes back to its original stand-up position. So you won’t have to move the strip to drive in and out of your own driveway.

For those of you living in condos or apartments, DrivewaySpikes can also come in handy. Just put down the strip in your parking space and no one will dare park there. No more worries about mystery cars showing up in your spot when you pull up after work.

DrivewaySpike’s a cinch to set up, and the strip’s heavy rubber base helps keep it in place. It won’t blow away in a heavy wind or get out of position if you drive over it as you pull into the garage.

Use the plastic spikes whenever you want to show that your driveway is not public property. The strip even has yellow reflective markings to be visible in the dark. DrivewaySpikes are innocent as they won’t damage any tire or your driveway.

What’s no so innocent is the foul language you’d likely otherwise spew at the U-turning drivers. Those drivers ought to thank us for saving them from being yelled at now that they won’t be using your driveway as a turnaround zone.

Now let’s spike some lemonade. Who’s with us?

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snake shot

Are you looking to perfect your snake shot? As a beginner, the snake shot, also known as the rollover shot is among the basic shot techniques you must master to be on top of your game. This guide will take you through the techniques, tactics and tricks of performing a snake (rollover) shot.

Understanding the snake shot

The snake shot is a 3 bar shot by the center offensive man. The shot is performed by placing the ball between the table and the middle man.

Your hand and wrist technique plays an important role when performing this shot. In particular, your hands need to be open while your wrist pins the man on the ball in a forward-facing position. The man is then pushed left or right at a lateral angle while your wrist curls on the rod to shoot using the center offensive man.

Steps to Setting Up the Rollover (Snake) Shot

Setting up your rollover shot the correct way can increase your goal score percentage. To get started, place the ball against the table using your center 3 bar offensive man. Getting the set up right will require plenty of practice, so you can expect to lose many shots before perfecting your set ups.

Pinning the ball aerially is actually the most difficult of all foosball set ups.

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Bring the ball from the offensive man on the furthest bar and pass it to your middle man. As the ball passes over to the central man, tilt your man to allow the ball to hit your man’s toe and to consequently shoot the ball forward. What you need to do next is to get around and on top of the ball and pin it on the table. You want to pin down the center of the ball in a way that half of the ball is on either side of the central man.

Techniques for Foosball Snake Performance

To successfully perform the snake shot, wrist technique and speed are essential. This is an open-handed shot and is therefore characterized by high speed.

When the ball is pinned on the table, you want to practice how to push or pull the ball laterally while twisting your wrist upward at the same time. This will cause your center offensive man to twist anticlockwise and to shoot the ball into the goal. The objective is to shoot on each side to avoiding giving your opponent cues about your shot patterns.

Placing the Rollover Shot and Reading Your Opponent

Most foosball shots can only be performed in a single direction. However, the rollover shot can be placed in multiple directions including straight, pulling it or pushing it to either side of the goal.

The foosball goal is typically 5.8 widths greater than the ball, giving you 5 holes to place your shot. At the same time, your opponent has 2 men defending the goal, leaving you with 3 holes; the objective is to place the shot in one of the three holes.

Understanding your opponent’s defense strategy is very helpful in performing successful shots. Typically, your opponent will attempt to defend the third or middle hole given that it is easier to hit this hole. This defensive strategy is an attempt to force you to try to hit the first or fifth hole.

Another common defense strategy is to move the men back and forth in anticipation of your shots.As you can see, to overcome the defense you need to polish up on your sense of timing with regard to performing shots. The better you understand your opponent’s defense strategy, the more accurate you will be able to perform your snake/rollover shot.

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foosball table rods

Foosball table rods are a big deal in two ways: They are expensive and they can really affect the quality of your foosball games. This guide will answer the basic questions most foosball table owners usually have about their rods.

The anatomy of foosball rods

Foosball rods or bars differ greatly based on the quality of materials used by the manufacturer. The material could be too heavy, therefore making the rods too heavy and this contributes to an annoyingly slow game.

If you feel like every time you spin the rods, some sort of inertia comes in the way, it could be that your foosball table manufacturer did not do a good job with the rod materials.

The problem with heavy rods is that they make it incredibly difficult to make lateral shots.

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The good type of Table rod

A good table should come with light rods that can be easily maneuvered laterally. High quality rods are chrome-coated, hollow and slide unhindered between the bearings, allowing you to perform good shots while keeping you well in control of the ball.

If possible, try to find hollow rods with safety caps at the end to prevent children, whose heads may be at the same level as the rods, from getting hurt.

How do you ensure bars are installed properly?

How you arrange foosball table rods on your table will obviously affect the games’ progression. In other words, you need to install the rods correctly for the game to make sense and to be played as it should.

rods for your foosball table

So if you have a single goalie table, you will have 22 men while a 3 goalie table comes with 26 men. Before you start installing the rods, organize the 4 roads on either side of the table to make the whole process less confusing.

Organize the 4 rods for each side of the table as such: first, is the 1 or 3 man goalie rod, second is the 2 man defensive rod, third is the 5 man midfielder rod and the fourth and last rod is the 3 man offensive rod. Be careful not to confuse the order of the 3 man goalie rod and the 3 man offensive rod.

To differentiate the two rods, simply look at or measure their length, the offensive is usually a bit longer than the goalie. You also need to be careful to install the men correctly.

Should you replace bent foosball Table rods?

Remember we mentioned earlier that foosball rods could be quite costly to buy. If your hollow rod bent due to aggressive play over time, it would be impossible to use it as it; it could be time for a replacement.

But wait…could you just bend it back and straighten it up instead of putting money into buying a new rod? Fortunately, you can bend it back to its original position depending on the damage done. Several things can severely bend and damage your rods and you should ask players to stop doing this:

  • Pushing down the rods too hard
  • Pulling the rod all out then leaning it down

To bend the rod back, look at the point where the bend starts and determine where the bend meets the table. Ensure that you spin the rod to cause the bend to face downward while the rod handle faces the ceiling. Gradually, press the rod downward; the pressure should be moderate to prevent the rod from bending to the other direction.

How much will it cost to replace the rod?

Sometimes, a rod (or a couple of them) could be too damaged and therefore require replacement. Replacing rods from high-end tables is certainly not a cheap undertaking—be prepared to spend anything in the range of $30-$50 for a single rod or at least $250 for all eight rods.

In summary, it is really a good idea to start off with the right quality of foosball table rods in the first place, if you want to enjoy better games. Go for the hollow, lightweight type but warn other players against aggressive playing and pushing the rod too hard because this can severely damage the rods.

Even if your first set of rods was not the best type, you can commit to replacing them with premium rods; the payoff will be worth it in terms of game quality.

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f you are just getting started with foosball, a great yet simple technique to learn is the bank shot. Setting up this shot is easy and you do not have to worry about giving your opponents cues that may sabotage your shot. Read on to find how to perform the bank shot and catapult your game to the next level.

Understanding the bank shot

The foosball bank shot is essentially one of the more defensive foosball trick shots, taken when the ball bounces off the table’s wall at an angle that allows the player to shoot the ball into the goal. It is entirely possible to undertake this shot from both the defensive and offensive ends of the table.

Even then, you will find the shot to be stronger when performed from the defense because you can do it without your opponent reading your defense strategy. From the offensive end, the bank shot has an open set up that the opponent can easily identify and therefore anticipate your move.

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Mastering the Bank Shot Set Up

Setting up your shots should be a discreet affair; giving your opponent cues will certainly sabotage the success of your shots and in effect, your goal score percentage.

table foosball bank shot trick

As mentioned earlier, you are better off performing a bank shot from the defense given that it is more difficult for your opponent to recognize the set up. At the same time, shooting from the defense gives you a greater chance for scoring success than when the shots are performed from the offense.

This does not mean that shooting from the offensive does not have its role. In fact, an offensive shot can be performed as a surprise shot to leverage those situations where the opponent is not defending the closest post.

Techniques to perform the foosball bank shot

Remember that to perform a bank shot, the ball needs to bounce off the side of the table at an appropriate angle to shoot squarely into the goal. For an accurate shot, you want to ensure that the ball is not moving left or right as you position to kick the ball. It is also important that you set up the ball in a way that it is closer to the rails.

To improve your goal score percentage, learn how to quickly set up the bank shot. Another important tactic to boost your score percentage is learning your opponent’s defense strategy. To perform a successful shot from the offense, look to see that your opponent has not blocked the near post. In the absence of an obstacle, shoot squarely into the goal.

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One of the major Foosball tricks, the Arial shot is no easy feat to master!

What is the aerial shot?

When asked about Foosball tricks that can make or break a game, the arial shot comes to mind. The aerial shot is an advanced kind of shot but this does not mean you cannot master this pro foosball technique. Here’s the down low-down on how to perform the aerial shot; don’t be surprised at how well this move can turn around your game for the better!

Being the advanced technique that it is, the aerial foosball shot is essentially one of the foosball tricks performed by the men on the defense. In this shot, the player raises the ball between two defensive foosball guys and pins it at the back of the 2 bar man. At this point, the 2 bar man is on a lateral position and is pushed to the table’s center in preparation for a shot. To perform the actual aerial shot, the player flips the foosball in the air, across the playing field and into the goal on the opposite side.

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Mastering the Aerial Shot - Set Up

Here’s the thing, setting up the aerial shot is no easy feat. In fact, the setup is more difficult than the actual technique of performing this shot! So, you will need to garner plenty of patience before you can position the ball effectively for this king of foosball tricks and before you can raise the ball off the ground and into the goal.

To get started in setting up the shot, you want to position the 2 defensive foosball guy in front of the 3 bar goalie guy while tilting both bars at a 35 to 40 degree angle. Then, pass the ball swiftly from the 3 bar goalie man to the back of the 2 bar defensive man.

You need to get the titling angle right and at this point powerfully twist your wrist to lift the ball off the ground. As the ball is airborne, you need to act fast to catch the ball between the two defence guys.

Spin your goalie bar in such a way that the foot of the goalie man shoots the ball behind the 2 bar man. The objective here is to shoot the ball strategically so that it does not roll away from the 2 bar man. If this technique is done correctly, the ball should sit in a small hole at the back of your man.

Placing the Aerial Shot and Reading the Defense

Given that the aerial is essentially a trick shot, its placement is really not as important as it is for the other types of shot. At the heart of performing an aerial shoot is mastering the art of flipping the ball of the ground using just the right amount of force while accurately aiming the goal on the opposite side.

Aiming the ball is a technique of its own. When performing an aerial shot, the ball can be aimed laterally or dropped in front of the goal, allowing it to bounce into the goal. A rule of thumb is to ensure that the ball does not touch the tabletop, rails or the top side of the back of the goal because this will disqualify your shot.

Your goal scoring percentage will get better as you improve your ability to accurately read your opponent’s defense strategy. One important cue you need to look for in your opponent is whether their defensive men are ground-bound or if they are airborne.

If the defensive men are placed in an upside down position in order to block the shot, you want to shoot the ball in a way that it will get in front of the goal instead of trying to lift it off the ground. If the defensive men are on the ground in an upward position, a good strategy would be to lift the ball over the men’s head and shoot squarely into the goal. 

Sounds clever? You betcha, there is a reason this shot is amongst the top foosball tricks in a serious player's arsenal!

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Kovot Wine Kit for the Man Cave

Here’s a kit that combines guys’ universal love of tools with the allure of alcohol. OK, we’re appealing to your most basic needs but heck we’re pretty basic in many ways. And, no, we’re not suggesting you get drunk and operate power tools. That’s just dumb. Instead, we’re talking about something quite clever.

Let us introduce you to a wine tool kit that’s shaped like a bottle of your favorite drink. The Kovot Wine Bottle Tools & Accessory Kit is essentially a wine-shaped box, which conveniently holds everything you need to pour a nice dry or sweet glass of red or white – or two or three glasses if you so choose, no judgment from us (although we’d like an invite).

The five included wine tools are a corkscrew, foil cutter, wine pourer, collar, and stopper. The stopper is, of course, not always mandatory if you finish off the bottle with your buds in the man cave one night (we won’t tell the wife). All the tools are stainless steel.

When you want to take the wine party to another guy’s den, just pack the tools into the case and off you go. There’s no Merlot crisis.

You’ll save yourself several trips to stores trying to find all the tools you need for your tasty habit. Everything’s right here (and organized) for you. Simple!

And, ahem, you’ll score points with the ladies if you’re single and they come over to your lair. They’ll see you have the right equipment for their wine-drinking needs. From that point on it’s up to you to use the equipment in your pants to your best ability too. Of course, if the date goes sideways you can still enjoy the wine on your own and get to finish playing your video games too.

Store the Kovot Wine Bottle Tools & Accessory Kit in your man cave bar so you can access it whenever the (drinking) mood strikes. You’re all set, and now you just need a cheese platter to snack on with the glass; we’re sure our invite to your next wine get-together is already in the mail. We’ll be waiting patiently for its arrival.