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Adjustable Folding Workbench

Sure, you’d love a permanent workstation to store your tools and the rest of your gear, as well as providing a great surface for your DIY projects for the home. But there are the limitations of space. So, what’s a guy to do?

The solution is the Keter Adjustable Folding Work Table.  It folds up when it’s not in use or if you want to take it with you on the go to the worksite. Easily store it in the garage or the man cave to give you more room when you’re done the manly project of the day.

The practical work table measures 21.65in x 33.46in x 29.7in, giving you plenty of workspace for your home improvement jobs. It assembles in minutes, and it’s a cinch to fold up too. When folded away, it’s only 4.5in wide! Don’t believe us? Watch this:

While the Keter folding workstation is lightweight, it is made to be durable and sturdy. The weight limit is an impressive 1,000lbs.

Use this folding workbench for most of your DIY projects (if not all of them). Unfold the sawhorse alternative in just seconds from the steel legs and get to work. You’ve now got a great miter saw workstation. Or use the worktop to prep your repair projects, assemble cool shelving, and more. You can even mount quick-ratcheting 12in bar clamps vertically or horizontally.

Wondering where you’ll store your tools? The bottom shelf of the Keter adjustable folding work table is the perfect spot for them. Now you’ll always know where to look for your supplies. Adjust the shelf so it’s easy for you to access the supplies.

As for the look of the DIY portable workbench, just in case that matters to you, it’s got masculine written all over it. The plastic is black, with bits of bold yellow. We’re grunting just looking at it in the garage.

Your DIY dreams have come true and… You’re welcome.

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Beard Wipes for Men's Grooming Routine

Are you a get-up-and-go kind of guy? Well if you’re also a guy with some hair on your face, and you like it that way, then you’ll want to use beard wipes. Here’s why bear wipes are a must-have for men’s grooming routines.

Think about your morning routine for a minute. You shampoo and condition the hair on your head, right? So it makes sense also to clean your beard regularly too. Otherwise, it can get smelly and itchy – even full of dandruff. Gross, dude. What woman is going to come near that?

Nope, it’s not a pleasant thought for any of us, quite frankly. Instead, reach for Zekes Beard Wipes that come individually packaged for you, ready to use. Just tear open the package and bathe your magnificent beard. Easy. Hygiene is a good thing, guys, especially if you want to get lucky at some point (hint hint). You’ll be looking even more handsome than usual and smelling fresh too.

One point to Zekes Beard Wipes for cleanliness, the second point for masculinity, and the third point for the well-groomed beard that makes a stellar impression on the ladies. Use it exactly as you would the beard oils and beard balms. It also works great on mustaches. The wipes comes in packs of 10 or 30.

Now you can get all up and personal with a burger that’s dripping with sauce and not worry about it rubbing all over your beard. No more of this irritating nonsense! Simply use your beard wipe after the meal and ta-da you’re clean and sexy again.

The Zekes formula contains jojoba oil, argan oil, and coconut oil, so it gives your beard the deep conditioning that it deserves, without drying it out. There are few things worse than an itchy beard, not that you’ll know that when you’re using these beard wipes in your grooming routine.  And the wipes are portable so you can take them with you on the go.

The men’s grooming routine will never be the same again for those of you with beards or mustaches. And we mean that in a good way! Stay masculine and stay clean.

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Cooker in a Trash Can

If you’re like most men, you spend a lot of summertime by the grill. You’ve got the routine down to a science: Get the meat on the grill, add a beer in one hand, and tongs in the other hand. You’re typically in the backyard rather than in an alleyway with the trash cans. Wait – trash cans? That’s weird, right? Well, okay, a little bit. But it works when it’s the Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill that looks like a trash can.

Nope, we’re not kidding. It looks like a garbage bin. You might even expect Oscar the Grouch to jump out of it.

The Po’ Man Charcoal Grill is a cooker in a can. Its innovative design delivers the delicious smoky flavor of meat that you want when you grill your burger patties, ribs, and steaks. It’s more meat, with less “la dee dah” like you get with those overrated monstrosities that some people use to BBQ. Here’s how it works:

The Original Po’ Man isn’t so much po’ or poor on anything – In fact, it’s chock-full of value. This charcoal grill includes all the goodies you need for an awesome BBQ with friends and family; it comes with a round grate, drip tray, and two skewers. It’ll cook better than a more expensive grill that has all the bells and whistles, much to the admiration of your buddies. They’ll also get a kick out of the trash can design.

It’s a cinch to use too. Just light the coals, add your meat of choice, and tilt the lid. Then sip a cold one while you wait. The grill is on autopilot, just like you are at the office some days; in other words, it knows what to do without needing to be poked much. The steel outer shell is durable, and the matte black paint can withstand high BBQ temperatures.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to the trash can and start grilling. The sooner we grill, the sooner we eat. Yup, it’s that simple.

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Fitness Sledgehammer for Manly Workout

Do you ever get on the elliptical machine and somehow feel less of a man? Us too. It’s just not a very manly workout. Thankfully the MostFit Core Hammer comes to the rescue for our workout needs. It’s a fitness sledgehammer that is way safer than the alternative exercise of whacking a tire with a real sledgehammer.

The innovative design removes the need for a bulky tractor tire, and you still get all the fitness benefits of a regular sledgehammer workout. In case you’re not familiar with this type of exercise, you’ll want to get in on it because not only is it badass but it also can bulk up your forearms, shoulders, and back if you consistently keep at it. You’ll develop impressive core strength too.

You’ll also get addicted to the explosive power movements of the MostFit Core Hammer. Having a bad day? Just want to retreat to the man cave? Well, first you should get out your frustrations with the fitness sledgehammer that gets you into ripped shape. Talk about double duty. You’ll also find that the muscles and ligaments in your wrists and elbows will strengthen over time.

Here is an exercise you can do with the fitness sledgehammer:

Now this is a full body workout we can get behind. And you won’t have to use a dangerous sledgehammer or magically acquire a bulky tractor tire. Plus, you can hammer the ground without worrying about damaging the surface (or yourself) the way that you would with a real sledge. Instead, the workout is fun, manly, and gives you the intense workout that you’ve been craving.

Use it at the gym, your lair, or the back yard. Head to the front yard with your fitness sledgehammer when you want to win over the ladies in the neighborhood. With the MostFit Core Hammer, your training program is going to be slamming (pun intended).

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Tactical Earbuds for Workouts

You’ve got your workouts down to a fine art, altering between gym time and the outdoors. The only problem is that your earphones keep falling off your ears when you’re right in the middle of your sweaty workout sessions. Talk about annoying and distracting from your exercise goals. Sound familiar?

If so, wipe away your tears and lean in to hear about this sweet pair of earbuds that are just too good not to share. Hell, there’s a reason they have the word “tactical” in their name. They actually stay in place; imagine that?! They also deliver crystal clear sound quality. We’re talking about the Munito NINES Tactical Earphones.

There’s no distortion to the sound like you get with so many other earbuds. Instead, enjoy unmatched sound purity. These babies will even cancel out the noise around you, so it’s just you and your favorite beats as you exercise. Maintain your focus, whether you’re on a run, the treadmill, lifting weights, or another exercise.

Also, there’s a 3-button mic control to adjust the music volume, as well as make and receive hands-free calls while you exercise. After all, there’s nothing worse than sweating all over the phone you’re holding up to your ear (shivers). The mic option is compatible with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You can hook it up to an Android device too, but the volume button isn’t compatible.

Kudos to Munito for the sweet NINES Tactical Earphones. They even look like black bullets; talk about badass.

And don’t forget about the 9mm speaker drivers with great range and fast recovery, thanks to the rare-earth neodymium magnets. As for the Bass Enhancing Chamber and customizable Sound Flow System, they give you accurate bass and smooth frequency response, with a great range within each feature.

The Silicone Hollow Points are what give these buds the secure and comfortable fit that we like so much. We also appreciate the clarity of the sound that helps keep away ear fatigue. You’ll also notice you won’t have to crank up the volume to hear Snoop Dogg as much as you did with non-tactical competitors. We don’t joke when it comes to audio gear.

And during your most strenuous workouts, you won’t have to worry about the earphone wire shorting or stretching because reinforced Kevlar fabric cable covers the copper wire. Sorry Beats, it looks like you have competition for the Earbuds Of The Year title!

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Pizza Ultimate Frisbee Disc

As any pizza lover knows, there’s nothing quite like taking the first bite of a slice containing ooey gooey cheese with loads of your favorite toppings. Whether you buy a slice from the corner pizza joint, grab it frozen from the grocery store to heat up at home, or make the pizza dough from scratch, you’ve got an amazing lunch or dinner to feast on in the man cave.

And, when you leave your crib, you can still enjoy the Italian dish by playing with the Discraft’s Supercolor Pizza Ultra Star Disc that looks just like a pizza pie! This frisbee looks almost as good as the pepperoni and mushroom slice you had last week.

The frisbee is a hit with anyone who likes things that are out of the (pizza) box. The Discraft pizza disc is fun to toss around the field with your buddies or your dog because people think it’s a real pizza! What a great gag. Yes, it’s that realistic looking.

Of course, you’re also getting some exercise and burning off calories to eat more slices in the near future. The 175-gram disc is the official disc of USA Ultimate and the typical size you’d use for a game of Ultimate Frisbee.

It is water resistant, which is handy if you want to play on a beach or even in the water. The soft and comfortable feel will help keep gameplay going strong.

Pizza dough isn’t the only thing you can toss well! The disc has a contoured grip that is easy on the hand as you throw it, and it’s part of the Ultra Star line that is made to throw longer than any other Ultimate Frisbee disc. As for the design, it’s totally one of a kind.

The disc looks yummy but tastes like plastic. Well, it’s not like we haven’t had food that was tasteless before. We’re kidding, of course. Do not attempt to eat the Pizza Ultra Star Disc. Instead, play with your fake food and have a blast. Warning: You might need to go out for a bite after playing with the frisbee because you’ll get hungry!

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Mini Mobile Projector for Man Cave

Remember the days of the big overhead projector that always seemed to break down in the classroom or boardroom? Yeah, we’d rather forget those days too. Now there’s a whole new video projector in town – and it’s a mini-me you’ve got to see to believe.

We’re talking about the iCODIS CB-100W Mobile Projector that is so small it can fit into the palm of your hand. Gone are the bulky projectors of the past. The iCODIS device has integrated 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz (2T2R). That’s some serious performance in such a small space.

It’s uber portable in a mini 1.7-inch size and only weighs about one pound. It even has a handle!

You get up to 90 minutes of video play with the 1,800mAh built-in battery. Talk about endurance in a small package (we won’t go into the gutter here, even though it’s tempting). Did we mention yet that it has dual band Wi-Fi connectivity?

This pica wireless home theater (!!) even has a built-in dual speaker. Turn the wall of your man cave into a 120-inch screen (maximum size). Then take the electronic device with you to your next business meeting to wow the clients. Going camping? Heck yeah, this baby is coming with you.

The quality of video on the CB-100W is awesome too, thanks to the VGA 640 x 480 pixels resolution, DLP display that enables you to get the wide view on everything, and 80ANSI lumens.

Even when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, you can project your iPhone, Android, or Windows smartphone screen onto the projector for a bigger platform to watch HD movies. Don’t worry about any annoying cables either as they’re not necessary.

Setting up the iCODIS CB-100W Mobile Projector is a cinch; it only takes a few minutes. The video projector supports USB On-The-Go, SD card, AirPlay, and Miracast. It’s DLNA technology, of course. There’s no HDMI port, so you’ll need AirPlay to use it with your iPhone and Miracast for Android or Windows devices.

And although the tech elements are impressive, we’re also smitten with the minimalistic, modern design of this mini video projector. We’re oohing and ahhing more than we ever did for our friend’s kids. Well, at least the projector can’t puke on us, unlike little Bobby did that one time. Today is a much finer day, indeed.

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LED Wall Clock for Man Cave

Timing is important, whether it’s the moment you choose to plant a wet one on her lips or knowing when to turn on the TV for the kickoff of a long-awaiting football game. Whatever is on the schedule, it’s important to you, and that’s a big reason why you need the Chihai Jumbo Digital LED Wall Clock to stay on track.

It’s not only big enough to see without those glasses your girlfriend says you need, but it’s also sleek and modern (two words it wouldn’t hurt to hear her use to describe you). Impress your buds with the 5.9″ inches of digital time goodness mounted on your den wall.

Personalize the clock by choosing from 8 levels of brightness; choose high brightness or a lower option, according to your needs. Control the illuminating beauty from up to 30 meters away. And it’s all in the name of the eco-friendly man cave as LEDs are way more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. So your power bill isn’t likely to go through the roof just yet.

There are 3 designs available for the jumbo LED clock. There’s the sophisticated white shell with white digital, the snazzy black shell with white digital, or choose the eye-popping black shell. Any of these clocks can show a calendar and current temperature by switching the layout.

Enjoy a few surprise features too. You can countdown from 99 days, 99 hours, and 99 minutes. That’s to go with the “99 bottles of beer on the wall” song that never seems to go away, we assume (wink wink). There’s a countup feature too, and you can mute the sound if it bugs you. Oh and you can set up to 16 snoozes for your alarm, which each range from 1-59 minutes. But, hell, you’ll be late for work if you use them all!

The clock is perfect for your lair but you can also put it in the kitchen or another living space in the house. We bet it would be a hit in classrooms with the kids too (it might have helped keep us in line, back in the day). It’s not waterproof, so stick to indoor use only.

You can use either the 12 or 24 hour mode, depending on your preference. It’s powered by AC adapter and button cell too so there’s no need to reset the time if the power goes out. Mind you, if it’s an outage due to an apocalypse, then you’ve got bigger problems on your hands!

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Neon Glasses for Men

This is one heck of a “bright” idea!

The Wayfarer Light Up Glasses from Neon Nightlife are an awesome fashion statement at clubs, bars, concerts, Halloween parties, or Mardi Gras. You’ll turn heads with these illuminating glasses that feature neon frames.

The composite frame and lens make this eyewear lightweight and sturdy, even when you’re jumping around like a crazy dude while wearing them. Make a flashy entrance anywhere you go, especially in darker environments that really make the frames pop. Neon Nightlife offers the glowing frames in orange or aqua.

These clear lens glasses have three settings, to give you lots of options for your personal light show. There’s Full On, Slow Blink, or Fast Blink. Stand out in a crowd like never before! You’ll never worry about having trouble hailing a taxi again or your friends spotting you at a big event.

The non-polarized Wayfarer glasses have a timeless style. Guess that’s why the Wayfarer style that began with RayBan has been going strong since the 1950s. We always link them to Tom Cruise in “Risky Business.” Move over Cruise, cause there’s a new pair in town.

Don’t worry about lugging around a bunch of clunky wires either. The bright eyewear powers through a controller that takes two AA batteries and fits easily into your pocket. You can also clip the batter pack to your belt or anything else from the waist up. With full batteries, you’ll get about 24 hours of glow.

Even though they’re inspired by RayBan’s original Wayfarers, this neon style is a heck of a lot cheaper alternative at only about $25. They are one size fits all. Wear the glasses to easily start a conversation with that hot chick who always seems to leave you tongue-tied. And, with the clear lenses, you can easily make sexy eye contact with her as you follow these 5 pickup rules. The Light Up Glasses even come with a 90-day warranty. Impressive? Our thoughts exactly. Who says neon was a thing of the past?

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Loominoodle Lighting Solution

Until the time we have night vision goggles to get around campsites and other places we love to explore, there’s always the go-to lanterns and flashlights. But, well, they’re kinda boring. It’s time to modernize lighting solutions when you’re on the fly – don’t you agree? Well, Power Practical certainly shared this illuminating vision when they created Luminoodle. They launched it through Kickstarter (kick butt, fo sho).

Yup, the name is really Luminoodle. It’s an ultra-bright LED light rope and lantern that you can string up just about anywhere. The 5-foot light strip gives off 180 lumens of light, which is about the brightness of a 25-watt bulb. String it where and how you want, from a tree, around your camping tent, or the inside hood of your car as you tinker away at night. With its universal ties, magnets, and utility loop, it’s a cinch to hang. Gotta love the noodle mode.

Say what? You want a lantern too? No problem-o, as we can just use the included rip-stop nylon carry bag to diffuse the light and carry it with you on your adventures. Loominoodle isn’t clunky like a traditional lantern and won’t be as risky as a torch in your hands (no offence).

Loominoodle is waterproof too (up to one meter for 30 minutes) so it can handle the elements when you’re out in the bush. It works with a universal battery pack (not included) or via any USB port.

Even if you’re not planning to leave the man cave anytime soon, you can still use Luminoodle at home. Drape it behind the TV for an LED backlit effect or hang it by the window to set the mood for your next date. It’s the indoor/outdoor lighting solution you’ve been waiting for (even if you never knew it).

Get a lantern and string light in one! Luminoodle is anything but the wet noodle that came to your last Halloween party at the lair. Let’s get lit and have fun. Whaddya say?