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The Wine Lover's Man Cave

Hello, wine lover! We think it's time to pay tribute to you as we've previously focused on the beer drinkers in the crowd. It's wasn't intentional that we left you out, only that we wanted to take the extra time to make sure we craft content that meets the expectations of the wine snob (wink wink). If you're tired of people rolling their eyes when you send back a bottle of red wine for being too warm, this is the perfect post for you.

1. off the chain, man

Illusion Bottle Holder for Home Wine Lover

This wine bottle chain holder provides an awesome illusion. At first glance, the bottle looks as though it's floating in the air! In reality (spoiler alert), the holder uses the weight of the bottle to balance itself horizontally, with the base of the holder being the bottom of the chain.

The strong metal can hold almost any size or weight of wine bottle. You know you want this one for your man cave.

Wine Lover's Decanter for Home

2. can't get over this decanter

The Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Wine Decanter is a piece of art as much as it is a useful decanter.

The glass art is formed used a skilled mouth-blown technique; only the most experienced glass blowers can produce the unique shape that resembles a bass instrument. It is made of clear crystal in Austria.

You'll love the creativity of this one, especially if you're a music lover, not to mention how much vino can fit within it (69 ounces).

Will your guests be surprised when you serve wine in this decanter? Yes. Will they be jealous? Yes again. Do you want that? Heck, yes!

3. wall I'll be damned

Wall Wine Bar

If your man cave is in a small basement or another tight space, you may find yourself potentially unable to create a custom bar. Never fear, there's always room for liquor; it just sometimes takes some creativity. That's why we like this wall wine bar option. 

The brilliant station takes up no floor space and is well-designed to hold more wine than you might think. Keep up to six bottles in the wall bar and six glasses, as well as shelves for bottle openers and other elements you want to put there.

4. Open the hatch

Wine Bottle Opener for the Man Cave

Well, of course we had to include a wine bottle opener! This Vinomaster Automatic Lever Opener is the ultimate gift for a wine lover. It opens any bottle of vino with ease; simply place the corkscrew on top of a cork, pull the lever down and then up, and ta-da you're ready to pour!

You'll never have to worry about floating pieces of cork in your bottle again. The innovative design makes this opener a must-have accessory for your man cave.

5. i Solemnly promise 

Wall Art for the Man Cave

​This lyric from the Foo Fighters' song Everlong says it all: "Promise not to stop when I say when." It's going to be a good night, y'all! As for the next morning, that's another story... 

Hang the cork art on the wall or use it as a trivet for underneath a tasty dish​ you serve company along with glasses of wine. It's easy to wipe clean with a soapy sponge, just in case you spill a bit of vino on it.

Now you have five more reasons to love wine! Adorn your man cave with items that speak to your habit of drinking good wine anytime you want to. By the way, if your co-workers look at you funny when you have a glass of wine with your lunch, just remember they're the ones who are weird, not you. 

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Raptor Survival Bow & Arrows

Clears my throat and talks about a 4 way…

The survival bow that is!

Okay, okay, it’s not sex, but it’s sure as hell going to be just as handy. Arguably more useful, actually. The Xpectre Raptor Survival Bow enables the archer to use a single bow in 4 configurations. Talk about the ultimate in survivalist gear.

The Raptor is a take-down bow that you won’t find the likes of anywhere else. It has a rugged aluminum skeletal design, universal arrow rest, and can be used right- or left-handed. Set it at a 40lb or 50lb draw at 30 inches with the same string and limbs. Yes, that’s how versatile this survivalist bow is. It comes with three arrows with field tips too.

Its inventive design allows for a good window of sight for the archer, between the skeletal stock and the bow’s center line with the string. Each riser has a durable surface with sure grips on the sides for great handling. The limb is made of Supersil poly-resin fiberglass.

Assembling the Xpectre Raptor Bow is straightforward, even if you’re not an expert shooter. User reviews online explain that it shoots fast and can get a clean kill of animals such as deer. A silent weapon like this bow-and-arrow set can be very effective in the wilderness. It is multi-use, and we like that you can use the same arrows again and again.

Fit the compact bow into its nylon pouch and store it in the survivalist kit in your man cave. Or, take it with you on your next hunting trip. If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the bush, you’ll want to have this bad boy along to provide you the means of getting animal meat for meals. A man needs protein, after all.

For a sturdy, compact bow that will scare even the undead during an apocalypse and shoots smoothly too, reach for the Xpectre Raptor Survival Bow.

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Uberfire for the Survivalist

When the only thing that will save you is a fire, reach for Uberfire. It kicks the ass of all traditional fire-starting methods we’ve seen – and that’s saying something. This small tin holds combustible materials that help you start a fire with any type of timber around, even if it’s soaking wet.

When lighters and matches can’t start the fire that you need, and your life depends on getting the flames going, you might worry that you’re about to bite the dust. But that would only be the case if you didn’t have Uberfire. Use this awesome product to get steady, fierce heat to dry out wet timber close by so you can get the fire that you require. And if you fan it, the wicked flame just burns hotter.

Easily portable in just a two-ounce can, Uberfire starts with just a single spark and will stay lit for 20-30 minutes. It can be lit more than once too if you just use it partially. When you open the tin, you will see its hydrophobic ingredients. Hydrophobic sounds like a nasty disease but it just means it won’t absorb water. So, even if it gets drenched, you can just remove any standing water and, voila, it’s ready to use.

Include it in the survival kit you stash in the man cave or include it with your Special Forces, Military or Federal Agency equipment. You’ll also appreciate it after your SERE training, if you are a pilot, or for anyone who loves being outdoors.

If you get in an emergency situation where you need a fire, you could (a) count away your last minutes in life, (b) soil your pants, or (c) use the Uberfire fire starter. Yup, we’re all about the last option too. Thanks to Dale Fruit of TOPS Knives for creating the life-saving Uberfire. We’re uber happy as we sing the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.” Don’t worry… We’ll work on our dance moves at some point.

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Magnetic Key Target for Man Cave

The “key” to never forgetting where you put your keys again is… this awesome magnetic bull’s eye. The Areaware Men’s Key Target is perfect for any man who can’t remember where he put the car keys and is seriously running late already.

Never get behind in your day again when you keep your keys on this magnetic holder. It’s shaped like a bull’s eye, so it’s a perfect target to hit with your keys. You’ll stay on target, or at least when it comes to being organized, bwahaha.

We know that sometimes you’re distracted when you enter the man cave, without much worry for where you drop your keys. After all, there are episodes of The Walking Dead to catch up on, not to mention the sports mags to flip through. All high priority tasks, of course.

And it’s not like you need great skillz to hit the target. It’s big enough that you can simply aim in the direction of it, and you’re likely to hit the magnet. Just because you suck at darts doesn’t mean you’ll suck at hitting this key target. The wooden Areaware disk is easy to mount, thanks to the notches on its back. Its bright stripes make it a fun part of your lair too.

This men’s Key Target is way more exciting than a traditional key rack. It fits with the playful theme of your man cave and is a good conversation starter when your buds come by to hang out. They can use the target too for their keys. Just make sure they take the right ones when they leave!

Sure, this bull’s eye adds to the stereotype that men lose their keys a lot but, well, it’s sorta the truth, isn’t it? Until we get better at remembering where we put them, let’s just say that this Areaware magnetic key target is a must-have for the crib.

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Extinguish Man Cave Fires with Elide Fire Ball

Do you have the guts to put out a fire? Or, in other words, do you have the balls? You will, literally, when you use the Elide Fire Ball to shut down a fire in no time at all. This ingenious wizard ball is the modern take of an old-school fire extinguisher.

You aren’t the only one that can’t remember how to use a fire extinguisher properly and worries about fumbling with it if a fire were to happen in your man cave. Then what would happen to your gaming gear? Ack! The horror!

That’s why Elide Fire created this awesome ball that you simply mount within your lair and the rest of your home in places at higher risk of causing or spreading fires. Mount the fire ball near kitchen appliances, such as your fridge, as well as fireplaces, circuit breakers, and those crowded electrical outlets you haven’t organized yet. In the case of fire, the Elide Fire Ball releases a haze of extinguishing chemicals – automatically!

This means that you don’t even need to be home for the ball to shut down a fire. Sensors in the ball recognize the presence of a fire and gives off a loud alarm before activating and releasing chemicals automatically within only three seconds. Wowsers!

Here’s a video demonstration of how the Elide Fire Ball works:

Is your mind blown after watching that? Yup, us too.

If you are surrounded by fire, which we sincerely hope never happens to you, another option is to grab this magical product and hurl it at the flames to suffocate it with the chemicals that release from it. The ball extinguishes four classes of fires: A (combustible materials), B (flammable liquids), C (flammable gas), and E (electrical fire). Rather than needing different types of fire extinguishers for different types of fires, Elide Fire Ball covers all of the blazing bases.

In addition to putting the inventive ball in your man cave and the other rooms in the house, why not also mount it at work and near electrical parts? You can never be too safe, just like they used to tell us in Sex Ed class. We just didn’t know back then that it had much to do with our balls.

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Healthy Car Charger

This is a car charger that your nose knows it will love. What, you don’t believe us? Then keep reading.

The Ostrich USB Car Charger doubles as a car air purifier, providing the ultimate 2-in-1 experience. Let’s break down all of the options in this awesome compact car accessory, shall we?

Let’s say you travel a lot for business or are out for a couple of hours in the car. If your iPhone runs out of juice, well, you might as well be in a black hole. Your boss and clients can’t reach you, nor can your family in case of an emergency.  Don’t panic! Now you can charge your phone, with its camera and all, right away. And you can even still talk on your phone while it’s charging (just make sure you keep your eyes on the road).

With its dual-USB ports, you can even charge two devices at once. It is comparable with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Android smartphone, digital camera, MP3 device, PDA, GPS, and other digital devices with 5V input.

So, as though that’s not awesome enough, you get an air purifier too. This Ostrich model purifies 99 percent of the air in your car, using active molecular oxygen, so you only smell clean, fresh air as you drive. Get rid of the toxins, including the lingering scents of cigarette smoke, farts, wet dog, and those unidentified smells that you can’t seem to get rid of in the back seat. You know what we’re talking about.

Just plug this sweet gadget into your cigarette lighter and hit the road; it’ll work its magic as you drive to your destination, charging as well as purifying the air. It fits nicely into the recess of your vehicle and is small enough to carry with you, so you always make sure your mobile device is charged.

It even comes with a lifetime warranty.  Not many items these days can boast that. Oh, and it’ll stop charging when the battery on your device is full, as well as confirming it’s fully charged with an easy-to-see LED light. So there’s no worries about overheating or overcurrent.

And you didn’t think a healthy car charger was possible? Well, we showed you.

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Tactical Arrowheads Set for Wilderness Survival

Survival of the fittest means that you’ll last longer in the bush if you have the right capabilities. Well, if you just happen to be lacking in one area, then you can certainly make up for it by either having another beer to feel more capable or arming yourself with Colt S.P.E.A.R. Tactical Arrowheads. Just don’t combine the two, please! Be safe.

So, ahem, here’s the thing. You never really know when you’ll wind up in the middle of the wilderness or stuck at your in-laws without anything edible to eat. Hey, it could happen (especially that last situation we mentioned). That’s why you should carry these survival-inspired arrowheads in your backpack when you leave the man cave. ‘Cause you never know what might happen once you leave the safety of your lair.

The Colt S.P.E.A.R. set comes with a range of different sharp stainless steel arrowheads: Clovis, Sahara, Kirk, Frog Gig, and Medieval. All you do is adhere your tactical arrowhead of choice to the top of a stick you find in the forest, and you’re all set to hunt animals in survival mode. Like in this video:

You’ll up your chances of catching something (other than a virus) if you use the right arrowhead on your hunt. The double barbed arrowhead, for example, is great for fish, like tuna or salmon. Use the barbed arrowheads when you want the point to stay lodged in your target of attack, and switch to the unbarbed ones when you don’t want the point to remain in the prey’s body. Got it?

If you’re looking at the size of these arrowheads and debating catching a buffalo or another big animal, think again. These are little heads meant for smaller prey, like the fish we mentioned, rabbits, or frogs. And, if you look closely at the Colt S.P.E.A.R. set, you’ll see that in addition to using the arrowheads to catch your prey, you can also use trap, cut, and skin the animals with them.

Wondering when the apocalypse is going to happen? Yeah, us too. That’s why we’re putting the Colt S.P.E.A.R. set into the survival kit in our man cave now, right next to the hangover relief kit. Don’t judge. The weekend’s almost here.

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Play Beer Pong Right From Your Truck

On St Patrick’s Day, March 17, you know you wanna drink beer. Green beer, to be exact. Call it a celebratory tool (or maybe we’re just the tools when we’ve had too much of the cold ones). Anyhoo, if you want to have some extra fun on the Irish-loving day this year, then you best be getting in on the tailgate pong awesomeness.

So, what exactly is tailgate pong, you ask?

It’s a hell of a lot of fun. To be more specific, tailgate pong is a panel you put on the back of your truck’s tailgate to set up beer pong wherever you happen to be. Just slide in the panel and it’s ready for the beer pong tournament of your life! It has cup holders for 10 cups, plus an extra slot for a water cup on each side. The cups won’t slide once you’ve put them in place.

You’ll save yourself from having to set up a table every time you want to play beer pong. Now you can just play it on your truck while it’s parked in the driveway, while camping, or anywhere else you want an excuse to chug back some brewskies. Just don’t drink and drive!

OK, yes, we’re assuming you’ll use it past St Patrick’s Day as beer pong is a game for any occasion, like putting the finishing touches on your man cave or letting off steam when your favorite football team lost the big game. The panel has high durability, made of HDPE.

There are a bunch of different truck bed beer pong tables for various truck makes and models, so make sure you get the one to fit yours. The panel goes on your truck in less than ten minutes. But we’re betting the game will last a lot longer than that once you start playing! When you go to the top link we provided you, just select your vehicle (year, make, and model) to find the match. Easy.

Redefine what make a great tailgate party, on St. Paddy’s Day and beyond!

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Make Homemade Organic Peanut Butter

Are you all about that bass organic? While it might not be a hit song (yet), unlike “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor, you know you want it if it says it’s organic. That’s why we want to show you this electric peanut butter maker that doesn’t include the pesticides that you get with regular bottled versions on store shelves.

Within minutes, you can whip up yummy homemade peanut butter – and make it exactly how you like it too. If you don’t want to use traditional peanuts because your kids (and everybody else’s, for that matter) have a peanut allergy, then swap them out for other nuts, like hazelnuts, cashews, or macadamia nuts. Heck, you can even use almonds or sunflower seeds if you want, you crazy animal you!

And, ahem, this peanut butter maker is easy to use. Just drop the nuts into the container, add a little oil to the dispenser, squeeze the oil into the machine, and turn on the switch. Move the machine agitator and, in a few minutes, you will see your creamy mixture oozing into the machine’s bottom receptacle. Ta-da! Behold the amazing, all-natural sight.

Watch this video to see exactly how the electric peanut butter maker works:

The 150-watt machine comes with an instruction booklet that has recipes in it, in case you want to get all fancy. It measures about 10″ x 4″ x 3″ and weighs roughly 3 pounds. It’s intended for home use only and is not meant for use by kids. The chances are that it’ll make the rounds from your man cave to each of your buddies’ lairs before the year is out.

Fresh nut butter doesn’t get any better than this. You won’t have to settle for chemical-ridden store-bought peanut butter. And there’s no preservatives in the organic variety you’re creating here. Plus, you avoid the gritty texture of some manufactured peanut butters, which renders them less than appetizing.

Go ahead, spread your homemade mixture on bread, crackers, celery sticks, apple slices, and anything else your manly heart desires. This peanut butter maker is one that you’ll go nutty over.

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It’s time to make your dream man cave a reality. But where will you put it? The first step may be the hardest, however with these space alternatives it’ll be easy to see potential where there wasn’t before. Make it a multipurpose room for you, and even share it with the family.

Think outside the box to make your man cave work for your home. Traditionally man caves have been found in basements, however consider a garage, spare room, walk-in closet or attic.


Whether your garage is storing your automobile or your filing cabinets, there is room to shake things up. Consider a multipurpose space that can be easily transformed. Plus – the moveable garage door makes it a great option for relaxing on those warm-weather days.

Mancave Garage

Spare Room

A finished spot all your own, the spare room can save you time and energy spent furnishing alternatives. Install soundproofing to keep the rest of the crowd happy.

Walk-In Closet

Small but mighty, the walk-in closet can offer you a secluded spot close to the action of the rest of the home. Small can mean budget friendly as well with less room to cover.


Often times the most under-utilized space in the home, the attic is a great option for those without a lot of space to work with. Use sub-flooring and short knee walls to make it into a comfortable, safe space.

Don’t forget, choose a space that offers sanctuary from the hustle and bustle. While sometimes you’ll be sharing this space, there will be time to be alone as well. In the certainties of parenting, privacy often is more of a luxury then a part of daily life. Whether in your garage, spare room, walk-in closet or attic your man cave will make down time possible!

ManCave for Grownups

You can find more of those snazzy infographics at