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Master Pan So Millennials Eat Breakfast

The latest revelation rocking the Internet world is that Millennials are choosing not to eat cereal for breakfast. While fruit loops were once a beloved treat in the morning, they are now being turned away. As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day (mom said it again and again), so we’d better hope that Millennials find a breakfast item they like more than cereal. Or, instead of hoping, you could just get them a Master Pan to use in the morning.

It’s an all-in-one grilling dream. A one-man pan, you might say.

With the Master Pan, you no longer need multiple pots and pans to make an awesome breakfast of eggs, sausages, bacon, and pancakes. The one multi-sectioned pan lets you cook or fry five or six different foods at once! Let that sink in. You get the ultimate fry up to eat in the man cave and spend less time on cleanup!

The double non-stick surface of the 15″ pan is great for making sure foods don’t stick to it, and you won’t need to use a bunch of oil either. The die-cast aluminium is great quality. It’ll save you cook time too; you can cut the time in half, so you get back to gaming in your crib sooner.

Then, when the meal’s done, wipe the slots dry or pop the Master Pan into the dishwasher for a clean. Ahem, you won’t have a sink full of dishes, thank you very much.

The shapes of the slots in the black pan are great for a range of food types, so you aren’t limited to breakfast foods. The rectangular center slot is great for grilling fish or meat, especially since it gets 15 to 20 percent hotter than the outside areas. As for the side sections, they fit pretty much any sliced vegetable. You’ll want to use the recessed circles for frying eggs or making those famous pancakes of yours.

We hope the Master Pan helps save breakfast from becoming extinct along with cereal, whether you’re a Millennial or not. Eat up.

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Instant Water Filtration with LifeStraw

Slurp, it’s clean water now. Huh?

Sorry, we’ll back it up to explain what we mean. LifeStraw is your portable instant water filter. And you won’t have to carry around an awkward water filtration bottle just to get a few drops of water by midnight.

Instead, LifeStraw is one heck of a powerful purification pipe that sweeps away 99.9999 percent of water-borne bacteria, so you get safe drinking water in your man cave… instantly. If you’re in an apocalypse, you can turn even the ickiest of swamp water into clean water for sipping to keep you hydrated as you run from zombies.

For those of you who are savvy with this filtration stuff then you’re likely already wondering about the filter. LifeStraw lasts a lot longer than other products out there, filtering over 1,000 liters of contaminated water before it needs changing. There are no chemicals either, like chlorine or iodine, unlike some other filters.

It’s easy to use too. Just open the caps, insert the end into a water source, and sip from the other end. When you’re done drinking, simply blow back through the LifeStraw to rid the item of the dirty water and clean the filter membranes.

Feeling skeptical? LifeStraw was named “Best Invention of the Year” by Time Magazine and has sold millions around the globe. It has even been used for humanitarian relief in Haiti, the Philippines, and elsewhere. You can see it in use for yourself in this video:

LifeStraw comes in its own package so that you can store it in your lair for “end of the world” situations (which we hope won’t happen, of course). It doesn’t require any electricity or batteries and is conveniently portable.

The personal filtration system is great for your lair, a camping trip, a long trek, or for your emergency preparedness kit. Just put it in your pocket and enjoy the security of knowing you can always get clean water. Now if your friends would only clean out their foul mouths once in a while. Well, that’s a story for another day.

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Sugru Bumpers for iPhone

So, you like your iPhone. You open Siri in the morning, and she’s a loyal companion. Your friends know you freak out if it’s not on you at all times in the man cave. You think the iPhone is the best thing ever (well, aside from pepperoni pizza and Game of Thrones). We get it. But, wait, here’s a way to make your Apple device even cooler.

Is it too good to be true? Nope, it’s Sugru.

Sugru is the first mouldable glue, and we’re stuck on the awesome idea. The flexible compound is designed to stick to all sorts of materials, so after you’re done applying it to your iPhone, then you can use around the rest of your crib.

It feels like modeling clay when you remove it from its small pack, but once you exposed to air, the consistency becomes like silicone rubber. Soft to the touch, you can apply it to your iPhone as protective “shock bumpers,” like in the photo above. This way, little accidents like dropping your phone don’t become major catastrophes. Just roll, twist, and stick the material to the corners of your phone; within 24 hours the material sets and you have bouncy rubber bumpers.

Or, add a ring light or camera lens adapter to your iPhone using Sugru. Want a new iPhone case? Create one easily out of the stretchy material and then design it before it cures by imprinting a cool design like your Western belt buckle on the material. If you already have a case, but it broke on the corner, just add a new corner yourself with Sugru.

Now you see why Sugru’s slogan is “fix that thing,” right? You can also use it around your den to repair flexible things like the fraying cable on your laptop. Or, use it to fill chips in ceramics, fix gaps in your wood floor, or give extra support to your mic boom on your gaming headset.

Here are more ideas of how Sugru help things last longer and work better:

Sugru bonds strongly to aluminum, glass, ceramics, steel, and some plastics. Did we mention it’s waterproof? You can even put it in the dishwasher once it’s cured, which takes about a day.

You can get this funky item in small packs, in different colors. We like the classic black and white pack ourselves, but you might like the red, blue, and yellow options. For small repair tasks and decking out your iPhone, we think you’ll find Sugru sticks out from the competition as an awesome solution.

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Foot Massager for the Man Cave

MassageClicks, an on-demand massage app, launched this week in Jacksonville, Florida, offering same-day service by sending licensed massage therapists to customers’ homes or other desired locations. It’s a solution that’s prompted by the high stress levels of many Americans, who seek to unwind and recharge easier than ever with massages on demand.

But, what if you’re not comfortable with a stranger touching your body in such an intimate way? Or, what if you don’t want someone you’re just meeting for the first time stepping into your home or office? You also might not have the bucks to afford a massage therapist. Heck, maybe you just want a good old-fashioned foot rub, without having to whine to your gal to give you one.

Aha, that’s where the Sharper Image Warming Foot Massager comes in to save the day. It massages your achy feet so well that you’ll swear it’s a professional masseuse’s hands on them. Minus the cost of your spa appointment, of course, as the product is only about $50 and you can use it again and again.

This particular massager is a beauty, featuring options for vibration and heat. There are two different switches, one for massage and one for heat. Use vibration only, heat only, or go for the works and use them both together. You can also alter between low and high massage speeds (without offending the masseuse). Customize your massage, right in your den. We think the heat option is awesome for keeping our toes toasty warm in the chilly winter months.

As with any quality foot massager, you get a range of health and well-being benefits, including a relaxation aid, better blood circulation, and relief for swollen feet. Also, use the Sharper Image massager just before bedtime to help your body unwind and improve your sleep quality.

The fully enclosed foot pockets are super comfy, with a strong, raised base to fit both feet at once. The ergonomic design is great, and the dark tan color will fit well with your manly décor. It’s another cool accessory for your man cave. The slippers design fits men’s shoe sizes up to 11.

When you want a massage in your lair, sure there’s an app for that, but the Sharper Image Warming Foot Massager trumps a masseuse any day.

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Nekteck Car Charger and Power Bank

Nope, we’re not referring to a “Help Me” sign in your car’s trunk. We want to introduce you to a portable car starter that can totally save your day in the midst of the chilly, snowy conditions forecast for eastern U.S. next week.

When the temperatures drop, your car’s battery is in jeopardy of dying. A stalled car is no fun, even in sunny weather, so we want to save you from having one heck of a bad day if this happens in the midst of a winter storm in the eastern states.

The solution is to keep the Nekteck Portable Multifunction Car Jump Starter in your vehicle’s trunk. We know, you have a soccer ball, gym equipment, tools, and loads of other stuff piled in there already. Don’t freak out. The Nekteck powerhouse is small enough to fit in your back pocket! It is lightweight too at only two pounds.

While it is compact, this impressive unit delivers you everything that you will need to jump start your car. It has 600-amps of power to jump start your vehicle’s 5L gas or 3.0L diesel engine as much as 25 times. Woah. It comes with a jumper cable with battery clamps, carrying case, and more. You’ll be back on the road in no time.

If it’s dark outside, you’ll appreciate the unit’s built-in LED flashlight that helps you see exactly what you’re doing as you jump start your car battery. The flashlight can also be a life saver (literally) if you get stranded outdoors; use the bright light as an SOS signal. The portable car starter has safety features too, which prevents issues such as an overcharge, short-circuit, overcurrent, or overvoltage.

And who says a man doesn’t know how to multitask? Prove your old lady wrong by also using the Nekteck power bank to charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, MP3 player, headphones, speakers, or other electronic gadgets. It has 16800mAh high battery capacity and comes with a 4-in-1 mobile adapter for your phone or laptop (several models are compatible). Never worry about your phone or other favorite gadget dying on you again.

If you’re on a trip or have to head out in the looming winter storm in the eastern U.S., you won’t want to be without the Neckteck car jumper. Start your car and power all of your electronic devices with one compact unit!

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HeatTrak Snow and Ice Melting Stair Mat

Winter won’t ruin your plans, even on President’s Day. Snow is here, and that’s fine because you have the HeatTrak snow-melting heated stair mat. Oh, you don’t have these mats yet? Here’s why you should get them now.

Even when the snow forecast for the presidential holiday comes true, you can still avoid the death trap that is also known as the front steps of the house that you have to shovel constantly. You can’t stop the snow and ice from happening, but you can make your steps more manageable in the winter months (and avoid throwing out your back again while shoveling).

The residential HeatTrak snow and ice heated stair mat is one heck of a clever item. Each 10in x 30in mat runs off electricity and uses a six-foot power cord. The mats melt the snow and ice on contact. No more worry about slipping on the stairs or worrying about salting the stairs. Your buddies will thank you as they enter your man cave to play foosball.

The mats are made of durable SBR rubber to withstand those horrible weather conditions we get in the coldest months of the year and have great grip. Plus, they’re super easy to install too; just lay them flat on the stairs of choice and plug the 120V HeatTrak Power Unit (sold separately) into an electric outlet. Turn them on from outside using the power unit. That’s it!

Use just one or get a mat for each stair. Simply daisy-chain them together with a cable to heat each stair. You can even connect them to the HeatTrak door mat or walkway mats.

Both the electric heating stair mat and door mat melt two inches of snow per hour. You’ll finally have steps free of ice and snow. You don’t have to fuss over the waterproof mats either as they can simply stay outdoors the entire winter season. Then pack them away for use next year.

No more salting or shoveling stairs sound good to us… As does a Whiskey Sour in the den. See you inside.

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MUZO Cobblestone Audio Receiver for Man Cave

Kick your dream into high gear with Kickstarter, the largest funding platform in the world. That’s exactly what MUZO did with its Cobblestone Wi-Fi Audio Receiver in 2014. Fast forward to today and the campaign has officially surpassed its $100,000 campaign goal ($103,948 to date) AND successfully launched the music system. Awesome to the max.

Here’s what’s so great about this audio receiver. It makes your speakers wireless. Go ahead and read that again. With the Wi-Fi receiver, you can fully control the music pumping through your speakers without needing to connect any more irritating cables.

It’s all about the Wi-Fi, baby! Control your favorite songs via the MUZO Player App and get a stable connection over your home Wi-Fi connection. There’s no complex setup either. Simply connect your MUZO Cobblestone to your amp, receiver, or speaker through the app and you’re good to go in your man cave. Acess the app on your smartphone or tablet. Ta-da!

Stream your tunes of choice, from The Beatles “Hello Goodbye” (we dig Ringo Starr’s drum performance) to “Creep” by Radiohead. It’s wireless streaming at its best and, ahem, we haven’t even gotten to the multi-room function… yet.

Hey, having a home music theater isn’t anything to scoff about. Stream synchronized music into different rooms in your home with just one app selection. While you’re on the user-friendly app, control volume and select the songs you want to listen to right now. Oh, and it has Spotify Connect, making your audio experience even sweeter. Your Cobblestone also supports Pandora, Apple AirPlay, DLNA, iHeartRadio (Beta), and TuneIn.

All of this via a deceivingly simple-looking gray, stone-shaped audio receiver. Did we mention it’s only the size of a cobblestone too? Don’t worry about another big device to fit into your man cave. It’s only 5.5″L x 5.5″W x 1.2″H.

Say buh-bye to speaker wires and helllllo to MUZO Cobblestone. This kick-ass audio gear is proof Kickstarter can propel dreams into reality.

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Easy Sushi Roller for the First Date

OK, yes, Valentine’s Day is coming. You’ve seen the massive Costco displays of heart-shaped candy, but you want something extra special for that gal you have your eye on. We get it. Hook that girl in with a sushi meal and you’re more likely to get a second date, according to a recent joint report from GrubHub and Match.com.

Yup, the food Cupid favors is sushi, according to the latest research. People who ate sushi on the first date were 170 percent more likely to have a second date, according to the study. That’s good odds! While you could take her out to a restaurant, why not make the cuisine yourself instead in your man cave for a more intimate atmosphere? You can also customize the rolls, from tuna to tofu, based on her preferences.

Not a sushi master? Don’t sweat it. We’re stoked about the Easy Sushi 4.5 cm Sushi Roller, a clever tool made by a Frenchman (ironic?). It’s the real deal, turning out tight professional sushi rolls in only minutes. If you’re a beginner in the rolling arena, here’s your solution, and if you already know how to roll them, then you can save time by using this handy machine.

We love that every roll is uniform too, so it looks super professional on the plate. Say goodbye to the common issues of hand rolling, like the uneven rolls, rice packed too loose or the ingredients falling out of the sides. What a mess, and you probably don’t have ten years to perfect the craft of rolling perfect sushi like chefs at the hotspots downtown.

The 4.5 cm (1.8 in) wide roller is made from food grade plastic, so it’s durable, safe, and hygienic. We understand about cleaning being a pain in the butt, so we’re happy to report that the roller is dishwasher safe. Score!

Most of all, it’s a cinch to whip up classic Japanese cuisine to impress your lady on the first date. Just put in the wrapper, lay down your ingredients, close the cover, and pull the specially made traction sheet. Voila, tight, slick-looking rolls right before your eyes. She’ll liken you to Jiro Ono himself!

The black Easy Sushi Roller comes with one roller and one reusable traction sheet that you can replace when necessary. Use traditional rice paper as the wrap or vary it up with crepes, tortillas, and even leaf wraps. Make her an appetizer, full-size maki rolls, or create dessert rolls to accompany the kisses coming your way.

Get your sushi on for the first date and you’re more likely to get a second one. You’re going to look mighty fine in the eyes of your Valentine.

Looking for more ways to get her to like you? Check out our post on how to style your man cave to appeal to that special women.

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Manly Bathroom Time

In between watching sports games and immersing yourself in mayhem in Grand Theft Auto III, you will have to drain your bladder. Well, that or wear an adult diaper and you're way too young to go that route. Why settle for an average bathroom connected to your awesome man cave? Instead, go for the glory. Go for the manliest of bathrooms and design one that is creative, attractive, and functional. 

We scoured the Internet to find the best design elements for the manliest bathrooms, and here they are:

1. drive this dIY project

Man Cave Bathroom Decor Project

Sure, we're okay with guys being synonymous with a love of cars. It's about time though we did something with those old license plates anyway. Here's a way to honor the dude mobiles of the past with a TP holder unlike anything else.

It's a cinch to make, just consisting of a crate hung on its side on the wall with a rusted license plate at the bottom of it. Put it above the toilet and you'll be amazed how this simple DIY project creates a buzz with your buddies when they visit your place.

2. shower sinatra

Shower Speaker for Manly Bathroom

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a few tunes while you're in the shower in the morning. Get this AquaAudio Mini Waterproof Wireless Stereo Speaker and you're all set to croon along with Sinatra or your other favorite singer. The small round speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth media player or phone and is even Siri compatible.

You can play, skip, pause, forward, or go back on songs, all right from the speaker. It features a suction cup for easily attaching to the wall or a flat surface in your shower. Get it in manly black, opt for classic white instead, or go for a bold shade of blue, green, pink, or yellow.

3. mirror mirror on the wall

Manly Bathroom Mirror Design

Ladies aren't the only ones looking at themselves. Yes, guys want to look good too. Here is an affordable, clever alternative to mounting one large bathroom mirror over the sink. Opt to hang four hand mirrors instead!

Look closely at the mirrors and you will see they each have a different shape, from circular to square. We also like the cartoon above the urinal and the simplicity of the overall design. The wall is a muted gold color that is less "bling" than the gold man cave we designed for you.

4. a grooming good time

Men's Accessories for the Bathroom

Now that you're all excited about grooming, we'll show you these vintage menswear trays. The accessories are the perfect places to put your comb, toothpaste, razor, soap, and anything else you want to keep organized. You can put these trays on a shelf or keep them right on the bathroom counter for easy reach in the morning.

Tips For Good Lighting In Your Manly Bathroom:

  1. When you shave and shower, you want a well-lit room. While natural sunlight is great, you're likely using the bathroom before the sun rises or after the sun has already set.
  2. Great solutions are to add LED bulbs or add additional recessed lighting.
  3. For your stylish bathroom, choose modern fixtures and covers. If you're not an electrician, call a pro installer to wire any new outlets or special lighting features; you'll save money in the long run as you won't risk short circuiting your house.
  4. Do the sanding work and painting around any new fixtures yourself to save some dough.

5. water works

Temperature Water Gauge for Your Bathroom

With this device in your bathroom, you will have full control over the temperature of the water. It is not only a stylish water valve but also a thermometer. Set it to the exact warmth you like the water temperature to be every time you step into the shower and start your day off right. You will never risk scalding yourself again!

6. keeping with the water theme...

Man's Bathroom Sink

Tires as sinks - this is genius! Notice that the faucets are nozzles from the fuel pump. You'd normally only see these features at the gas station or the junkyard. Your friends would love the rugged look of a sink like the ones shown here when they step into your bathroom.

7. granite knock off

Countertops for Men that Save Money

Granite countertops are awesome, but their high prices are less than stellar. Now you can get the same great look for less by painting the countertops you already have to look like granite. The DIY project uses the Giani Granite Paint Kit, which goes over old ceramic tile, cultured marble, or laminate countertops. The above photo features the chocolate brown kit, although there are other different colors available. Check out this simple tutorial featuring the kit that shows you how to transform your counter without spending hundreds of dollars.

The manliest bathroom on the block will be yours when you use the inspiration provided in this post! You can install better lighting, modify your countertops, add cool mirrors, and even DIY a funky TP holder. The next time your buddies are over and drinking too much, you'll be glad to escort them to this amazing bathroom - but just make sure they don't mess it up while they're in there!

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Sing Karaoke in the Man Cave

Now you can be a rock star, for three to five minutes at a time.

After its appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, this blisteringly hot device finally made its way in to the stores.

Sing your heart out without worrying about getting kicked out for having one too many adult beverages. Make yourself at home behind the mic because, well, you are at home. Transform your man cave into the ultimate karaoke bar any time you want with the Singtrik Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System.

This karaoke system blows competitors out of the water with professional live vocal effects that haven’t ever been available to the public. Get instant access to over 300 pro vocal and instrument effects, including doubling, reverb, and wah-wah. Channel Blake Shelton’s country twang, become a rebellious rocker like Mick Jagger or sound like your guilty pleasure pop idols.

That means if you don’t exactly have the vocal chops of Bruno Mars or Stevie Wonder, you can still sound amazing. And if you already sing well, you’ll take the world man cave by storm by upping your singing game even more! Enjoy natural pitch correction and hard tune features, with three enhancement levels from newbie to pro.

Check out the Singtrix home karaoke system in action:

Wanting your own chorus of backup singers? As you wish, master. Just press a button and generate 5-part harmonies using your single voice.

With the Singtrik karaoke bundle, you’re getting a complete hi-fi home theatre system for your den. The vocal-tastic package includes a 40 watt 2.1 speaker system with built-in subwoofer (20Hz to 100Hz). Also included is a Singtrik studio controller, with music input, two speaker outputs, two mic inputs, and USB connector, as well as a custom Singtrik microphone.

The “hit” button on the side of the mic powers the awesome backup singer feature we were telling you about earlier, in real time. The bundle is a great addition to your audio gear collection. If you are more of a home studio kind of guy, one of the best midi controllers from out midi keyboard reviews might be your jam.

Oh, and did we mention the system is portable? Yup, now you can take your singing act to your buddy’s lair, the office party, or anywhere else you’re feeling would benefit from some rock and roll. It’s lightweight and easily connects to your phone, tablet, or portable music player’s headphone jack.

Now let’s have a few beers and get our karaoke on! Must… go… sing.