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Beanie Beard Hat for Men

If you couldn’t grow a beard even if your life depended on it or you don’t like the way it grows in uneven, we have the manly solution. We’re talking about the Beardo Original Foldaway Beard Hat.

This knitted ensemble is more than a beanie – although it’s one heck of a soft, warm hat for your head on cold winter days. It doubles as a cozy blanket on your face that looks like a macho beard. Yup, it’s a beanie with a beard.

This unique hat is all man, without an ounce of lame. Put it on when you go skiing, snowboarding, or whatever other outdoor sport is your latest obsession. Heading to a football or hockey game? Your trusty companion, in addition to your beer, is the Beardo beanie. It’s stylish and comfortable too, which is more than we can say about those dress pants that keep riding up your backside.

The tightly-knit beard is foldaway or detachable if you only want to wear the beanie; it’s totally your call. When you want the bearded look, it’s there in an instant, without having to worry about taking the time to maintain it within your morning grooming routine.

Take a look for yourself:

Adjust the beard easily to fit your face; its beard adjustment range of 14 cm (5.5 in) accommodates any face. There are no worries about getting the wrong size!

The knit beanie is soft, not scratchy or itchy – unlike a real beard, we might add. The 100-percent acrylic yarn is hand knit with love. Speaking of love (and getting some action in bed), if your gal isn’t a fan of the real deal, then you can just have a beard for a couple of hours with this Beardo Original Foldaway Beard Hat.

There’s a range of colors too, bud. The black beanie/brown beard combo is mega popular, with other great options being grey/brown, grey/black, black/blonde, and black/red.

Beard up and stay warm!

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Pistol Pete Rubber Band Gun for the Man Cave

Your rubber band combat as a kid had nothing on this baby. Now that you are fully grown as a modern man who works the ol’ 9-5, you deserve some fun time. We’re talking about a little ode to your childhood. It’s a nifty toy from Bandit Guns Rubber Band Shotgun. Let me introduce you and your man cave to “Pistol Pete.”

Now this is sophistication, yo. The semi-automatic, USA-made shotgun is the focus of this here craft kit. Your ammo is the rubber bands, and you can fit up to six of them on your shooter. It’s an awesome moment when you pull the trigger as fast as you can in a mock-semi-automatic style to release six rubber bands faster than you can blink. And they shoot up to 25 feet long. Awesome.

See the Bandit Guns Rubber Band Shotgun in action for yourself in this video:

That’s some powerful rubber! (Yes, about 101 sex jokes are running through our heads too. Calm down buddy). Shoot the gun at Pistol Pete himself, the collectible character on the back of the craft kit.

And the mock gun isn’t made of shabby materials either. It’s a strong fella, comprised of laser-cut wood pieces. He’s worthy of placement in your man cave amongst your other toys.

Don’t worry if you’re not a handyman of any sorts as you’ll find this rubber band shotgun is a cinch to assemble from the kit. Just stack the series of wood pieces together, hold them in place with a few included plastic fasteners and you’re good for launch time. No tools or messy glue necessary. Yup, in a matter of minutes you can build your own rubber band gun.

The impressive gun comes with a pack of 100 rubber bands, so you’re all set for stationary combat for a while, even if you lose one or two each time you use it.

By the way, a note for the kiddies in your life. The rascals under eight shouldn’t use this toy as they’re under the recommended age. As for the older ones and you, have a blast firing this clever mock gun, one powerful shot at a time!

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Bionic Bird is Cool High-Tech Gadget

Sure, Angry Birds was a hit, but this remote control bionic flying bird is frickin’ genius. It’s a drone-and-a-half or drone-to-the-max… You’ll get the picture once we explain more about it.

The drone bird communicates via Bluetooth 4 to a 100-meter range. Just use the Flying App application via the Apple App Store or Google Play. So, why does this Bionic Bird, created by Edwin Van Ruymbeke, blow other radio-controlled gadgets out of the water? (Excuse the pun)

Let’s start with the portable, egg-shaped charger. Sit your bird atop the egg and, voila, in only 12 minutes, your bird is fully juiced up and ready to go – not into the oven but the sky! Magnetic contact with the egg charges the bird (how cool is that?) for up to 10 flights of eight minutes max each. Once you’re done with the egg, simply slip it into your pocket until you need it next. Egg-cellent.

How exactly does your high-tech Bionic Bird take flight? Get a load of this, guys: simply hold your bird in your hand and release it in the direction you want it to go. Use touch controls on the intuitive app to adjust the bird’s speed and sound as you live vicariously through its flight – which you can see via the bird’s embedded HD camera that shows you a live video feed.

Wait, did we mention its shock-absorbent wings even flap during flight, just like a real bird? Check this out:

You can even try flying it indoors if you dare to do so in your man cave. We recommend adjusting the tail angle in this case for a slower flight. Outdoors, you can angle it again to increase speed. The ultra-light bird’s body is made of indestructible foam while its tail and wings comprise of replaceable carbon fiber.

And don’t freak out about running your robotic bird into a window or tree as it conveniently comes with a second pair of wings. Your inner klutz is smiling, isn’t it?  And the nature lover in you will appreciate that the Bionic Bird is the only flying object that won’t scare birds.

Want to take to the sky? Thanks to this smart technology, now you can.

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Go DJ Audio Mixer for Your Man Cave

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being a DJ or you want to up the level of audio you mix, produce, and record. If you have previously been scared off by the assumption that it’s too hard to learn the music tech scene, then we’ve got something awesome for you.

It’s called the Monster GO DJ portable mixer digital turntable, and it’s about to become your new best friend in your man cave (step aside, Bob).

Get a load of this. Go DJ delivers slick audio and a ton of features, all within a mixer small enough to fit in your pocket – unlike some of our favourite midi keyboards. Seriously? Yes. We’re talking broadcast-quality sound and the ability to perform your DJ sets wherever you want with this baby by your side. No computer necessary.

And there are even more reasons why you’ll want to use this sexy turntable instead of another controller. It runs on a Lithium-ion battery, so you won’t need to lug along an AC adaptor. Plus, each end features digital turntables – read that again if you have to. The digital turntables (cheering over here) are responsive, meaning they utilize touch screen technology. So you can play back, record, and mix audio onto high-res WAV files – all on digital LCD displays that mimic the classic turntable look.

Is your mind blown yet?

Also, enjoy a built-in automatic BPM analyzer, so you won’t have to use an app like MixMeister anymore. Don’t worry about the battery running out of juice quickly either when you’re on the go as it has a 12-hour life.

In case you want to spin beats without bothering people around you, just plug your headphones into it; there’s a headphone input. There is a mic too, just in case you want to record any noise on the fly. Other specs include a 4GB internal memory and SD card slot.

Whether you’re new to learning about audio from the tech side, a musician trying to up his game, or a DJ or producer who wants a quality portable controller, you’ve just found your Wonderland.

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Exercise Equipment from iGrip

Get Isometric power, right in the palm of your hand. Working out doesn’t get any simpler or more convenient than with this iGrip Portable Isometric Trainer. The portable exercise equipment increases your power, strength, and muscle tone. It’s time to grip up, guys.

Here’s the secret (we lean into your man cave and whisper): the easy-to-use iGrip Isometric unit electronically measures your applied push and pull force. Just do a contraction and watch it monitor the force on its nifty backlit digital display. Now you can take your effort to the max, within a custom routine you build, and measure your result.

For resistance training, there’s nothing better out there. The rugged gear has three exercise modes; choose from mobile, static, and progressive contractions. The grip is high in comfort, and the device is built strong with a 1/8-inch steel frame and ABS plastic shell. It only weighs two pounds and is small enough that it’s a cinch to take with you on the go.

There’s no more of those clumsy weights that take up precious room in your den. With this exercise equipment, you get 200-pound resistance capacity that can finally deliver the results you want for body strength and muscle tone. Pit your muscles against one another and watch your upper body firm up. If she’s not all over you already, she sure will be now. Stud is coming through.

This silver portable Isometric trainer is way more advanced than traditional weight lifting. The inner techie in you will appreciate the feedback you get on the digital readout with the cutting-edge force sensor technology. Meanwhile, your inner jock will be all about the consistency you get from workout to workout, as well as being able to take workout anywhere, anytime. That’s right, no more CrossFit gym nightmares.

Get ripped fast with push and pull force using iGrip’s Portable Isometric Trainer. Doing traditional reps lifting weights are so last year.

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Funny Doormat Cool Find

Sometimes all are not welcome… Especially when it comes to your man cave. It is your personal place, where you can wear your grungy sweatpants all day and eat right from the leftover containers without worrying about using dishes you would just have to wash later.

In these cases, when you really want to put out an un-welcome mat, we suggest you use the Come Back Doormat. It says in block letters, “Come Back With A Warrant.” What it means is go away, bud, this man cave is all full up (you get the point).

The reference to the warrant is playful, which is great if you have sarcastic friends like us. They will chuckle, and you can tell them you will only let them past the doormat if they bring a couple of cold ones with them the next time. This home item is also a hit with cop friends.

The doormat is highly durable, made of 100 percent Olefin. It can go either indoor or outdoor, so it’s a great option for outside your exterior basement door, in the attic doorway, or another room that holds your gear inside it. The dimensions of 27 inches by 18 inches means it fits well in front of most doors. It’s big enough to stop any more sh*t from entering your dungeon.

What we mean is that you won’t have to worry about pesky fibers from the doormat trudging into your man cave on the bottoms of the feet of people who you allow through the door. Oh and if you like this mat, then we might have to suggest a second one that says “Got a Bail Bondsman?” for when the cops show up and say that they do have a warrant (we kid, we laugh, we poke).

Now wipe your feet at the door, you animal you.

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Walking Dead Shelf Sitters for Man Cave

Evil is close by. Do not see, hear, or speak of it. Well, not if you want to get out alive.

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? So are these detailed Walking Dead zombie figures that would look rad sitting on a shelf in your man cave. Do not adjust your computer screen – cause this set of three zombies would look great sitting above your PC!

The three cleverly designed figures put a zany spin on the proverb “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” But instead of the wise monkeys, we have zombies covered in blood! That’s bloody excellent, actually.

They’re four inches tall, which is plenty big to show onlookers immediately that they reference the awesome Walking Dead television show. The shelf sitters wreak havoc on your lair as they seek more blood than already covers them. Get ready for the zombie apocalypse that we warned you was coming your way (Insert “told you so” here).

Made of resin, these statues have all the stuff we love in the TV series on AMC. You know what we mean, right? There’s the undead reference (duh), the dripping and realistic-looking blood, the chest cavity, and the gruesome facial features, all crazily put into one set. Talk about ensuring that everyone knows how much you love this TV show.

For your convenience, each of the zombies comes with some double-sided tape to attach them to a shelf in your man cave. Put the three undead figurines on your computer desk, by the bar, on your pallet bookshelf, or wherever else you want them. Just remember that they might get hungry and want to feed off anyone close by, so it’s best not to neglect them. What, you think we kid? Maybe, maybe not…

In the meantime, we’re going to see, hear, and speak of this set of three zombies because, well, we like the look of them.

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Flask-Shaped Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Well, OK, we better say more because we need to describe what exactly it is and how you can get one.

iHome’s rechargeable Bluetooth stereo speaker that has the shape of a liquor flask is the bomb. And it would go great with a bomb shot at the local bar!

The iBT12 wireless stereo system is perfect for streaming digital audio in your man cave. As it is Bluetooth-enabled, you can stream the Beastie Boys any time you want from your phone. The cool system works with your iPhone and iPad, as well as Android and Windows devices.

It’s a sexy piece of technology, we’ll give it that. The speaker takes one full side of the sleek silver flask-shaped body, with the controls embedded into its top without looking clunky or obtuse.

Enjoy crisp, clear sound too, whether you have the iBT12 stereo system on low as the backdrop to your poker game with the guys or want to blast “Hotline Bling” by Drake as you undergo your morning grooming routine to look like the stud we all know you to be.

The iHome device has a built-in speakerphone too, did we mention that yet? With a built-in mic, talk and end controls, and digital voice echo cancelation, you’re all set in case a call comes in while you’re relaxing in the crib.

The badass speaker also comes with a custom case that protects the device without obstructing the sound in any way. The bottle opener carabiner clip is a nice touch.

Running low on power? Calm down, don’t worry, it has a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery is long-lasting, made of lithium ion.

Almost any audio device can play on this baby, thanks to its aux-in jack. Now that’s what we call an extra-useful flask. Pair with your favorite manly drink and sit back to enjoy some satisfying sounds.

Join you? Yes, yes we will. Don’t mind us.

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Accessories for Under $50 for Him

Even if you don't think of yourself as the coolest guy in the neighborhood, you can still have the coolest man cave on the block. Here are awesome, manly accessories for your lair that each cost under $50. Being stylish doesn't have to come with a big price tag. 

1. lean on this

Manly Bookends

These manly bookends from Kikkerland are hard workers. Your treasured books fit well between the leaning men that come in a set of two for less than $35. They are reminiscent of the machine age and suit any room's color scheme.

2. in case of fire

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Watch your favorite shows with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It gives you access to more than 250,000 TV episodes and movies on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, and other providers, as well as music and games. Get this streaming device for only $40 and you'll have one more reason never to want to leave your man cave again. Check out our recent post about how the Fire Stick compares to Fire TV for more information on the streamers.

3. a different kind of plasma

Night Light Plasma Man Cave

If you haven't donated blood lately, you should probably get on that, and then reward yourself with a plasma night light. It's trippy with the swirls of colored light that radiate when you plug it into a standard 120-Volt power outlet. It has the same effect as a neon sign in your man cave, only more portable and less expensive at just under $25. Find out more about the light, including how it swivels, in this cool finds post.

JBL Clip

4. house music

Portable Bluetooth speakers are very cool in the modern tech world, and some of them are even affordable.

A great example is the JBL Click to replace anchor textClip, a wearable device that you can just clip to your belt or hang from a wall hook as you stream music from your tablet or smartphone in your home.

Its masculine design is only upscaled by the battery that holds its charge for up to five hours. It comes in at just under the $50 mark.

5. liquor lovin'

Whiskey Decanter for the Man Cave

The glass Lexington Whiskey Decanter from The Wine Enthusiast has a classic design. The chic style says "I'm here to have fun" but it's never in your face about it (unlike some people we know). The price of $45 is tough to beat. We think it's time for a whiskey sour or another manly drink

6. rock and roll style

DIY Vinyl Projects for the Man Cave

If you like a good DIY project on the weekend, then you'll love this one. Transform your old vinyl rock and roll records that are just laying around the house into cool custom-made coasters. The whole project only takes a few hours, and we have the directions here for you. The cost of the materials is well under the $50 mark if you already own the records; you just need to buy acrylClick to replace anchor textic sealer, felt, sandpaper, and liquid fusion glue.

7. spot the superhero

Man Cave Batman Mirror

This superhero Click to replace anchor textmirror is a must-have item in the man cave. In the shape of the Batman logo, you can't help but feel the presence of the amazing bat figure in the room. If you haven't checked out our Avengers post, then we suggest you do so now to find more affordable superhero design advice. 

Now you have a lot of options for manly accessories for your home that are under $50! If you thought it wasn't possible to find cool stuff at affordable prices, well, we proved you wrong (sorry about that). If you're a music lover, the DIY coaster project is an easy one that will impress your buddies, and if you're into comics, then the Batman mirror will likely be on your must-buy list. By choosing to adorn your man cave with items that reflect your personality, you can make the pad better than ever!

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Star Wars Lightsaber Fork and Other Utensils

And then the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens released in movie theaters. And you ate it up.

Now you can have all the Star Wars you can stomach with this awesome 3-piece Lightsaber flatware set, exclusively from ThinkGeek. Yup, you can geek out during a meal – we’ll join you soon as we plan to get a set of our own too.

Each utensil features a different lightsaber as its handle; there’s Luke’s lightsaber hilt on the fork, Yoda’s lightsaber hilt on the spoon, and Vader’s on the knife. Check out the intricate details.

Mix a little more galaxy goodness into your next meal with this officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise. Imagine eating your cereal with the Yoda-inspired spoon. Eat more, you must. Oh, how Yoda talk warms our hearts.

Put a fork in us, we’re done now that we’ve seen this stainless steel flatware set that is so out of this world that it belongs in your stellar man cave. Note: The utensils do not light up, but the light side is not always about being flashy. Pretty sure Hans Solo said that somewhere.

If you do want Star Wars utensils that light up, though, these Darth Vader lightsaber chopsticks will serve you well. Just turn the switch on the chopsticks to activate the LED lightsaber. The force may be with you but you’re also channelling your dark side as you dig into your bowl of noodles with chopsticks modeled after Darth Vader’s lightsaber in Return of the Jedi.

Bring your love of the 2015 blockbuster directed by George Lucas to your TV tray or coffee table in your lair. Combining your favorite food dishes with your favorite movie sounds delectable. It’s downright delicious if you don’t burn the food this time around. Jest, we do (ah, Yoda speak, never gets old).