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how to build a playhouse for your kids

What do you do when your kids will not stop demanding that perfect, playhouse they saw in the movies? If you are good at carpentry, pleasing your kids should not be a problem because you can indeed build them the playhouse of their dreams.

Sure, it will not be easy because they have a million ideas of what their playhouse should look like. But you certainly want to consider your kids’ ideas and needs when building one; so in spite of the excitement, don't be afraid to include them right from the beginning and have some fun while you are at it.

Lat but not least: Playhouses are not just cute getaways for kids; they actually offer several benefits. Providing a playhouse for your children allows them to be independent early, teaches them the value of caring for their own things and the best part is that once in a while the kids can get off your back!​

If you are looking to set up a playhouse, you have two options—call in a professional carpenter or go the DIY route. A professional carpenter will certainly save you loads of time and effort but the cost of hiring one can quickly add up. The DIY option is more time consuming but it could be surprisingly rewarding to build a playhouse down from scratch with the help of your Munchkins.

Going it on your own​

How do you get started building a playhouse on your own?

A quick online search will bring up plenty of excellent and free playhouse plans that you can use as a guide to set up a kiddie house. The plans, most of which are downloadable, will include actual sketches, advice on best materials and equipment to use, step-by-step instructions on setting up the playhouse as well as pro tips that will help you build a great playhouse that your kids will appreciate.​

A smart idea is to download free playhouse plans that are detailed so you can build a sturdy and professional-quality structure. Preferably, the instructions should not only be easy to read, they should include colored images of each step of the construction process.

Most playhouse plans will advise that you set aside at least a week to complete the project depending on the amount of time you have. It is also best to work in consecutive stages so you are not rushing the construction.

The nuts and bolts of building a playhouse​

There are a couple of things you need to pay attention to when laying out a plan for the playhouse.

First, the playhouse needs to be absolutely safe for the kids to play in. Without a doubt, they will be spending a lot of time in there and so you want them to be as safe as possible. It is advisable to build the kiddie house with sturdy materials that the can support the structure. If necessary, give it additional reinforcement to ensure absolute stability. Another way to ensure that the house remains stable is to face it away from the direction of the wind.

Safety tips for playhouse construction projects:

    Your safety and that of the children should be a top priority as you embark on building a playhouse. Some precautions to take include:

    1. Using high quality materials that do not have adverse health hazards
    2. Having adequate ventilation when doing carpentry work
    3. Attaching a dust bag to your circular saw
    4. Wearing a dust mask​

    Before getting started with building the playhouse, you want to purchase all the materials you need according to the recommendations offered on the free playhouse plans. Having everything you need gathered in one place will make it easier for you to build the house step-by-step as illustrated in the plan.​

    Next, choose the right spot to locate the playhouse. A good idea is setting it up away from the main house unless you do not mind the noise that is sure to come from in there during playtime. The spot you choose should ideally be levelled - otherwise you will need to level it manually by removing debris and pebbles. The kids will definitely not enjoy playing in a lopsided house. 


    Now, you are all set for the big project. Generally, the recommended size for playhouse beams is 2x6; the beams should ideally be made of treated lumber and accurately measured.

    The posts should be made of water resistant and high quality timber to avoid rot, which will no doubt weaken the playhouse and cause it to collapse. If you are unsure about the best type of timber to use for embedded posts, consult with your local timber merchant; he is best placed to advice you on the appropriate timber to buy based on climatic conditions and type of soil in your area.

    Other than timber rot, you also want to avoid rust, so make sure that the bolts and nuts are made of galvanized metal or steel.

    Before nailing the joists together, you want to lay them out the right way. Placing sheets of plywood over the beams can make for a great and stable floor and the kids will surely appreciate the smooth walking surface.


    Once you have the joists and the floor surface all set up, the next step is building the wall. As you might expect, building the walls for a kiddie house is quite similar to building the walls of a regular, adult house, if you may. 

    It is always a good idea to put up the rear wall last and to support it with small pieces of wood nailed in between two beams. The wall studs supporting the rear wall should ideally be fixed halfway up the wall in a horizontal position.​

    As you cut out the walls, be sure to leave space for windows. The front wall should have space for a door. Do not be shy about putting in more windows to let in natural light and ventilation.​


    After building the walls, the next step in the playhouse plan is structuring the roof. You need to consider several things before building the roof—first, what are the climatic conditions of area where you live? Second, your kids’ safety should be a priority and this has already been emphasized. As such, you want to construct a roof that is stable enough to support the children’s weight because they will definitely climb the roof as part of their adventure at playtime.

    Usually, it is recommended that to use gabbled roof for playhouses.The final step in setting up the playhouse structure is decking the roof and sheathing the walls with plywood panels. For the final touches on the roof, you have the option of installing a vinyl roof, tin roof, asphalt or roof felt.

    Get Creative

    Decorating the playhouse is certainly the cherry on the cake—the options are literally limitless and your children could really put their creativity to use here. Paint the playhouse with their favorite colors and spruce up with cute mementos.The kids will thank you a million times for the gift of a cozy space where they can create cherished memories.

    There are plenty of ways to structure a playhouse but some features are almost always compulsory.

    For example, you should definitely create a storage area where your kids can keep their toys and books. You also need to make space for a working table and chairs for the children to use for their various activities.

    Other fun seating options include beanbags or benches. Sectioning out a cozy reading nook would not be a bad idea either.The floor does not need expensive carpeting but you want to ensure that it is durable and childproof.

    Cement fiberboard is a more affordable and long-lasting material to use for the roof and exterior walls. Cement fiberboard offers several advantages including affordability, availability, ease of use, resistance against fire, rot and insects, and the best part is that it looks beautiful. However, before using this material, conduct some research to find out about any potential health risks.

    Raised Playhouses: Tips for Building a Playhouse above Ground

    raised playhouse

    Building a playhouse above the ground is pretty much similar to building one on the ground. However, a raised playhouse will have its floor suspended a little bit higher from the ground and so you will need a staircase for the kids to easily access their house.

    Before starting the construction work, you want to level out the ground by removing all debris that could potentially cause the house to tilt. It is a good idea to locate the house at a spot that receives a good amount of natural light.

    The playhouse should also not interfere with the main house.

    Once you have located and prepared the ideal spot, you can begin digging holes where the timber joists will be embedded. After inserting the joists, hold them in place by pouring concrete into the holes and allowing it to dry for two or three days. Such a setup is necessary to ensure that the foundation is completely sturdy and safe.

    With your solid foundation, you should be good to go with construction of the actual playhouse structure. For the best results, be sure to select good quality materials that will last for years to come—your kids will thank you for the unforgettable memories even when they outgrow their little getaway.​

    constructing a castle playhouse

    a castle playhouse

    Most castle playhouse plans recommend using plywood for building the playhouse.

    Plywood is not only durable; it is also easy to work with. To really bring out the castle look, paint the plywood in castle grey using at least two coats while allowing each coat to dry completely. To give the walls the classic stone-effect, use a pencil to draw the blocks and then paint these blocks with a darker shade of grey.

    Finish the paint job with a coat of waterproof sealer and allow it to dry.The next step is constructing the frame and waterproofing it with a sealant. Once the frame is dry, paint and waterproof the walls before nailing them to the frame. Pay close attention to the doorframe as this will largely effect the overall look of the castle—this requires that you carefully follow the instruction on the plan.

    When fixing the drawbridge ropes, they should be at a height that is good enough for a kid to pull on when they want to bring the drawbridge down or take it up. Painting the drawbridge and roof the same color gives the castle some uniformity but do not be shy to try different color combinations. Just be sure to waterproof them and allow the paint to dry.

    As you build the castle, involve the kids as much as possible. A good time to let them jump in is at decorating and painting time. Get them to help with adding brightly colored pennants to the walls.

    Now that the kids have an entire castle of their own, there is no better way to create wonderful childhood memories with them!

    Designing a girl’s playhouse

    a girl's dream playhouse

    Once you build the structure including the walls, floor and roof, be sure to involve your girl in the interior design and decorative process. Involving her in the project can actually teach her positive values such as independence, teamwork, critical thinking and the need to protect her own property.

    One of the most important aspects of the décor is the girl’s name, which should be hang or stuck at the front of the house. Try out bright colors and flowery decorations to embellish the playhouse.

    Furniture is another vital interior décor consideration. While a playhouse does not require expensive furniture, you want to furnish the house in a way that reflects your child’s personality. Add a table and chairs to create a workspace, thrown in brightly colored beanbags and cozy reading nook and your girl will have the loveliest hideaway she could possibly ask for.​

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    best gifts for your girlfriend

    ​Even the manliest man has a soft spot for his better half. Sure, he spends a good part of his time in the man cave practicing the art of manliness (think a lumberjack crossed with a bacon lover, with a pinch of DIY). But he also recognizes that his girlfriend can make his day brighter and fill his heart in a way no other person can do.

    Now we don't want to get all fluffy, but it's true that a special lady can make all the difference in the world. So, it's time to show her how much you care with this ultimate resource of gift ideas for your girlfriend on her birthday, Christmas, your shared anniversary or another special occasion.

    C'mon man, she deserves it, and it's a heck of a lot better than being served a seat in the doghouse.

    • In Her Teens
    • In Her Twenties
    • In Her Thirties

    Gifts for a Girlfriend in Her Teens

    Does she like you? Text her to find out as she sits a row away from you during Math class. Give her three options: Yes, No, or Maybe. If she answers Yes then you're well on your way to being the new stud in high school, and that's a good reason to fist bump. You'd better take a selfie of this profound moment in your life first though.

    Just don't slack off - after all, you want to keep her as your girlfriend, right? She doesn't mock you when a zit decides to make your chin its home for two weeks, and she listens to your problems, including bullying and meeting friends' expectations, when you feel like your parents totally don't get you. Here are great ways to say thanks to your teenage better half, aside from a gum swapping session. Bring on the best gifts for girlfriend. Full steam ahead!

    Prom Date

    Celebrate the special night when you officially graduate from high school into the real world with your special gal on your arm. Mark the prom occasion with these unique gift ideas for girls, depending on your budget. Take the stress out of the night by finding her a great present using these suggestions.

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    Go the traditional route by gifting your sweetheart a wrist corsage or bouquet of flowers. She'll love that she can keep either one for several days after the gala.

    Alternatively, opt for jewelry, such as a prom ring that she can wear in remembrance of the dance for years to come. Find out the color of her dress before the event and choose a ring that matches to it. A pretty choice is the pink sea glass ring with fine silver wire design.

    TIP: Find out her ring size without ruining the surprise by asking her friends if they know the size. If they haven't got a clue, ask beg them to ask her nonchalantly. Alternatively, swipe an old ring of hers to take to the jewelers with you to get a matching size. Just be sure to choose a ring that isn't overly significant to her so she won't be worried if she notices it missing. ​

    Girlfriend Leaving for College or University
    Present for Girlfriend College Bound

    It's sad to see her go, but she'll remain in your heart. Give your girlfriend a memorable present that will keep you on her mind while she's studying for university courses and settling into campus life. Showing her support with a special gift will help keep your long-distance relationship going strong.

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    When she arrives at college or university, your sweetie will probably feel homesick. Help her feel more at home with these fun Pineapple Battery Powered String Lights from Urban Outfitters. The LED lights are great for adding a punch of fun to indoor or outdoor spaces. The warm glow will have her feeling more like she's at the beach than in the midst of exam stress when it hits.

    Another gift idea for your girlfriend is to give her the Letters to My Future Self kit. This time capsule features 12 fold-and-mail style letters that have prompts to inspire self-reflection. She can write about her college adventures, from getting lost on campus to meeting her BFF in art class. She will treasure the diary entries in the future and thank you for giving her such a thoughtful gift (she doesn't need to know it's only about $10 either).

    Or, ​if you are a DIYer and want to go that extra mile (especially since she'll soon be miles away from you at college), why not make your own custom picture frame for her? Then put a photo of you two in it for her to display on the desk at her dorm to cheer her up when she misses you. Use this simple photo frame tutorial to create a custom work of art for your favorite woman in the world (shhh don't tell ma).

    Girlfriend Breaking Up With You

    The bliss is turning into piss... Yup, it's official, your girlfriend's breaking up with you. Maybe she's been cheating and now swears the new guy is the man of her dreams (which makes you say swear words and have nightmares). Or, perhaps she's giving you the "it's not you, it's me" speech... But still, you'll take the high ground and end this relationship with a gift for the former sweetheart. Mind you, this present is going to be cheaper than the other occasions because, well, you want to make it sting!

    • Under $10
    • Under $25
    • Under $50

    What is happening?! OK, you'll be the bigger person... in a few months. If you can't accept that she's breaking up with you, use one of these Fiverr Jealousy Related Services that are as low as $5. Check out the options sure to have her eyes bugging out and her mind spinning, from hiring a hot girl to send you flirty texts or having her write lovey-dovey messages on your Facebook wall for your ex to see as she stalks your profile. 

    Or, give your former flame a taste of her own breakup medicine by sending her this clever "It's not you it's... Um no wait, it is you" girlfriend card. Your ex may not appreciate the cleverness of the card, but we're betting that you will enjoy it enough for both of you.

    For Valentine's Day
    Monogrammed Present for Girlfriend

    Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, and a heartthrob like you has to step up for the special occasion. Your girlfriend expects the softie in you to come out in full force today, and you aim to deliver. Here are Valentine's gift ideas for girls that will blow her mind.

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    Meet her at the door for your date and give her this sweet Princess Heart Pillow in bright pink with embroidery of a tiara on the front. She'll love that you worship the ground she walks on. She will want to cuddle up with you as much as she does to this plush pillow, if not more.

    Another option, for only about $25, is this personalized name cosmetic bag. Order it custom with her name on the front and pick the colors for the bag and thread. She will adore that it's one-of-a-kind and handmade just for her! Plus, now she'll have a place to store all that makeup she's always talking about (why does she need that many eyeliners, anyway?) ​

    Are you worried because you don't have a lot of money to spend on her? Or, maybe she has asked that you exchange DIY presents. Don't panic! Instead, here are some inexpensive homemade presents that a teen gal will adore:

    • Go retro by burning a CD of songs important to your relationship, such as the first song you danced to. Title the front of the CD with both your names as an extra step to personalize it.
    • Bake her cookies! Choose her favorite kind and make them into the shapes of hearts for Valentine's Day. 
    • Create a photo album. Use a cheap photo service like Walgreens to print out photos of the two of you over the months or years you've been together and put them into a photo album. Your sweetheart will adore the thoughtful gift for the love-filled day!
    Girlfriend's Birthday
    Pandora Bracelet and Charms

    She's throwing a huge party for her birthday, and you're the lucky guy who'll be by her side. Don't fall flat by giving her a lame gift. Instead, take inspiration from our list of the best gifts for women, whether your budget is under $100, $500, or $1000. Find memorable presents for any price range (aka so you won't be in the doggie house).

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    Has she been talking about bracelet charms for a while? You know, you vaguely recall her saying Pandora this, Pandora that, but all you remember thinking is that you wanted her to hurry up and place her McFlurry order.

    Well, now you'd better listen up! Get her a Timeline Treasures Charm Bracelet that fits Pandora jewelry and Trollbeads. It is a fraction of the cost of a Pandora bracelet - why pay extra just for the name? The 3.4mm bracelet is made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel and fits charms and beads with a core size of 3.5mm and up. 

    If you're not sure what size of Timeline Treasures bracelet ​to get her, you'll need to know her wrist size. Most teen girls would fit a 7 or 7.5inch bracelet, but you can be sure about her size by measuring the inside of her wristwatch. Oh and don't feel bad about not getting her a Pandora bracelet as her wrist is going to grow over the next few years and she can then invest in a real Pandora one for a life-long jewelry piece (and simply move her charms over to it).

    Now don't just get your girlfriend the bracelet for her​ birthday - you have to add in at least one Pandora charm to start her collection! If she already has the bracelet, then you can afford to get her two charms instead. A suitable choice is the genuine Pandora Happy Birthday Charm in sterling silver.

    ​If you want to get her a genuine Pandora bracelet, add in two charms and get the shopping advice you need in the "Under $500" tab in this section.

    Girlfriend's Graduation

    Whether your sweetie is graduating from high school, college, or university, she deserves a special present to celebrate achieving her goal. After years of slogging through books and falling asleep on your shoulder (not that you're complaining), you are proud to be dating a full-fledged graduate. Show your girlfriend how much you care about her with these gift ideas sure to make her smile.

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    Edible arrangements are popular and for good reason/ They look beautiful, are more original than giving her a regular bouquet of flowers, and, of course, you can eat them! Yum. They feature chocolate and fruits, all in a beautiful bouquet she can munch on later. She might even share with you if you're a good boy.

    How about getting her this Congratulations Bouquet with Dipped Strawberries? It's great for a graduation, featuring a medley of fruit truffles, gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries, pineapple stars, and a ton of other fruits, as well as a group of grad balloons!

    ​But, then again, you might still be in school yourself and not have a lot of money to spend on your gal. In this case, you can come up with free or cheap date ideas that will come across as clever and a good "hoorah" for celebrating her graduation. Here are a few ideas:

    • ​After the graduation ceremony ends, take her to a great spot you've scoped out already for watching the sunset. You romantic devil you.
    • Set up her favorite movie on Netflix at home and have her beloved snacks ready to go on the table. She'll love having a movie night with you, and you can enjoy the cuddling for about two hours.
    • Plan a picnic for her at the park, including packing foods she loves and a soft blanket so you two can lay out on the grass. Organize it all for her and then tell her it's all in the name of her special occasion. Be sure to whisper in her ear that you're proud of her.
    Monthsary with Girlfriend

    This gift-giving occasion may not be a top one, but it is still likely to be important to your girlfriend. And, if she doesn't remember when is your monthsary or monthly anniversary, you can charm the socks off her by giving her a surprise present!

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    Use your creative side to- no, wait, use the creative side of other people, with these Gift services from Fiverr. For just $5 you can get a cool watercolor portrait painting done of her, a personalized card made, 40 origami hearts sent wherever you went, or even get your padlock of love placed in Paris. And that's just the start of the unusual stuff sellers there can do for you.

    To make sure you get your unique card, artwork, or another item ready for the monthsary with your better half, make sure you allow time to have it made. Look at the number of days each order requires on the individual seller's Gig page. Also, before buying the service, check out the reviews on the Fiverr seller to ensure they deliver high quality; if they have a lot of 1- and 2-star reviews (out of 5), you might want to choose a different person.

    Other Couple Anniversaries
    Unique Anniversary Present

    The perfect anniversary present is one that celebrates your relationship and tells her how much you care. Whether it is an experience or a tangible item, we've got the bases covered with these gift ideas for girls. Get ready for some smooches from your lovely lady!

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    Flowers are always a welcome choice for anniversaries, whether you have been together one month, six months, or longer. But your other half is well worth doing something more creative than the standard bouquet of roses. Instead, why not get her a Red 24k Gold Rose? It is a real living rose dipped in gold! It will last forever, unlike a regular bouquet that has a lifespan of about a week, and comes in a gift box so you can give it right to your special lady. A beautiful rose for the love of your life!

    Another great idea for under $100 is a Custom Photo Necklace. Pick a great photo of the two of you and order this oval pendant through Etsy. The keepsake will be dear to her heart, and she will think of you every time she wears it. ​This one even comes in a gift box already so you won't have to worry about how to wrap it.

    A chain comes with with the pretty pendant. The three styles to choose from are 24inch rolo, 24inch ball, or 18inch snake chain. Not sure of the differences? The ball chain has beads fixed along it with a distance between each bead, while the rolo style has round connecting links. The snake chain, also known as the Brazilian chain, has round, waxy, plate-looking links that look kinda like a smooth snake.

    For Easter

    Your girlfriend probably got chocolate or other candy for Easter from her ex-boyfriends, and you don't want to be a repeat. Be more original than the last guy by giving her a present that even the Easter Bunny himself would give the nod of approval (floppy ears and all).

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    She loves magic, from Harry Potter to unicorns. If this sounds like your sweetheart, then the DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit will be a great Easter gift. It appeals to her whimsical side and is a fun project that will keep her busy while you're enjoying gaming time in the man cave later (wink wink). She'll get a kick out of the mossy glass world that features a prancing unicorn. And you can bet her BFF won't be getting as unique a gift from her guy. 

    ​Another fun idea? Fill an Easter basket up with little things your hunny bunny will like, from a Pez dispenser to an iPhone cover, a beach towel, and a poster of One Direction. The possibilities are endless. When you give her the present, tell her about your adventures finding the items and how each one relates to her. The best gifts for women are thoughtful and sweet, just like you (on the days when you behave). 

    For Christmas
    iTunes Gift for Her at Christmas

    Santa Claus himself would approve of these choices of Christmas gifts for wife or girlfriend. He'll be saying "ho ho ho" while you say "she's no ho, she's a whole lot of woman!" Fill her Xmas stocking full of goodness with any of these holiday gift ideas.

    • Under $100
    • Under $500
    • Under $1000

    Even if you are short on cash or have made a pact with your girlfriend not to spend money on each other this Christmas, you can still get her a creative, one-of-a-kind present. We're talking about writing her a love letter.

    Don't worry about being Shakespeare; as long as it comes from the heart, she will adore it (and you). Here are tips for crafting an amazing love letter for her:

    1. Go to a quiet place. Avoid distractions like TV and Minecraft or you will wind up including words like "pickaxe" and "hoe" in the letter and no good can come of that.
    2. Use real paper! Sorry, email just isn't as romantic. Your special gal deserves better.
    3. Be honest. Don't hide behind your emotions or she will get to the end of the letter and go, "Yeah, so?" Also, don't pull a Geoffrey Chaucer and go all medieval on her with words like "o'er," "methinks," and "need'st." Write the same way you would talk and then she can relate to your words.
    4. Double check your spelling. Your honey might wind up reading this romantic letter over and over again so be sure you do not have any spelling errors. Make sure you wrote it neat enough too so that she can read it clearly.

    Now you should have a mind full of clever, unique, and romantic gifts for your girlfriend or wife. If not, well, you'd better take another read. This is the ultimate guide in presents for the woman you adore, whether she is a teen, 20-something, or in her 30's.

    Never worry again about how to delight her on a special occasion as you can simply refer to this resource, even if you have a small budget. If you're a big spender, there's a range of great options here for you too.

    We also recommend varying the kinds of presents you give your lovely woman throughout the year. For example, an experience present, such as a skydiving lesson, may be what you give her one holiday and then the next occasion you gift wrap a pretty ring.

    In other words, keep her wondering what you'll have up your sleeve next. The element of surprise can be romantic and exciting for any woman, and it keeps you looking like the stellar boyfriend or husband that you are at heart.

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    Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker

    Now that the warmer weather is here, it's time to say buh-bye to the brutally cold days of winter and hello to the swimming pools that has been sadly underused for months. You can finally take off the pool cover and enjoy a wet wonderland of swimming pool floats and loungers, as well as the best water toys you and your kids have used in ages. Now don't get us wrong we're not saying to unleash your inner Borat in a mankini, but we are all for diving into a swimming pool as a refreshing activity on a scorching hot day. Have fun and even get a great workout while you're at it!

    Here are the best in swimming aids, inflatable floats, pool games for adults, swimming games for boys and girls, and more. You'll find the latest and best ways to beat the heat this summer. You might even want to pop open a few brewskies and continue enjoying the cold ones after you retire to the man cave at the end of the day. Of course, be responsible when drinking in the pool (the lair might be another story).


    Inflatable Floats for Adults That Really Make a Splash

    Get the ultimate adult-oriented experience for the pool with the Ginzick Inflatable Floating Pool Bar Lounge. It removes that pesky experience of having to lift yourself out of the pool to grab a Bud Light or other bottle of choice. You can brag to your buddies that you have a swim-up bar in your pool. You might even entice a gal or two to stop by the house. The bar table includes cup holders and 4 inflatable chair loungers so you can stay close by the best spot at the pool (and keep your bud's mitts off your cold one).

    Inflatable Floats for Adults
    Or, you might want to go for a modern take on pool loungers with an inflatable couch in the water that's perfect for chillaxing all day - just put on the sunscreen or you'll wind up looking like the twin of the lobster that you plan to have for dinner later. We like the Ozark Trail Floating Couch for its sporty look and ability to fit up to 3 people on it. Of course, you could just kick out your friends and lay out on it all by yourself - after all, your own company is the best, right? (Just don't ask your friends that question as you might not like the answer).

    With these adult pool toys, you'll create the atmosphere of R&R that you've wanted since you started your workweek, which was only a couple of hours ago...

    Hacks to Blow A Pool Float

    • There are more ways to inflate pool toys than just using an air pump. What, you don't believe us? Check out these 3 hacks:
    • The Shop Vac - For just $15 you can inflate your swimming floats as well as pick up water from your hot water tank when it finally kicks the bucket (been there). Get the full scoop from this YouTube video.
    • The Hair Dryer - Just put it on the cool setting to inflate the pool furniture. You might have to hold the nozzle right up to the inflatable's plug the whole time you blow it up but just think of the money you're saving here.
    • The Trash Bag - We're talking about the plastic variety here, not the paper kind, and use a big one. This genius approach (no, we didn't come up with it ourselves, but we are mildly clever by some standards) involves opening the garbage bag into the air and catching a bunch of air, then sealing the bag's end to the mattress and laying on it to create air flow to the inflatable. Repeat a few times, if needed - easy!

    Teenage Time

    Unique Pool Floats That Make the Cut with Even the Most Critical Teens

    When your teen is feeling stressed out from homework, an annoying sibling, or the way that you're breathing at the moment, you'd better step out of the way and just let him or her be. Yes, you've learned that trick one or two thousand times by now. Super dad? You're getting there. 

    Colorful Outdoor Games for Teenagers

    Get even one step closer with the rainbow Popsicle Inflatable from H2Whao.

    This unique pool mattress is 58 inches long and perfect for when your teen wants to nap or huff and puff the day away like one of the 3 pigs from that famous nursery rhyme.

    Ah, yes, you remember that story, right, from the days when you were able to comfort them with picture books...

    That was back in the "easier" years; only you didn't know you had it so good back then.

    Now, picture your teen lying on a giant rainbow Popsicle in the pool. It sounds like something you did back in the 1970s when you were smoking a little weed, doesn't it? This float makes the cut with the cool crowd, also known as your teen and the best friend that always seems to be "diving" into your fridge, in addition to the pool. 

    Kid Zone

    Swim Aids for The Kids in The Crew

    Your kids will make a splash safely in the pool this summer with swim training aids. Yes, we're talking about the arm floaties but also there are some great swim vests and life jackets out there that work great for keeping your youngin' afloat and making them smile with cute characters on them.

    Think along the likes of this Disney Finding Dory PFD Life Jacket. You can also get it in Frozen, Marvel, or Star Wars designs, depending on who is the hero for your little one. Adjust the waist belts and the strap between the legs to get a custom fit that helps improve their stability and control in the water. It's a tad small for you, though, daddy dearest.

    Batman Learn to Swim Kids Life Jacket

    If your kid's between 2 and 8, you can give him wanna-be abs to die for with this fun Batman Swim Vest.

    The EPE foam moves with his body shape rather than holding him back as he learns to swim. He'll love being like his favorite caped crusader - only he won't sink the way Ben Affleck did in the movie role of Batman.

    sunny patch shark kickboard

    By the way, Affleck not only sunk but also stunk (minor rant, pardon us) in the film.

    We're also loving this Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Kickboard that helps children develop their swimming skills while having fun with such a cool board. Kids will get a kick out of the Spark Shark character - literally!

    Oh Baby

    Baby Swimming Floats: You're Not the Only Baby Anymore

    There's a new kid baby in town. And this little one's got a set of lungs! But you're feeling unconditional love for the latest member of the family and want the baby to learn to swim. Obviously, the safety of the baby swimming seat is essential, so we're only selecting items here that have at least 4 stars and several positive reviews on Amazon.

    Intex Whale Infant Float Seat

    Your baby will be the target of the "oohs" and "ahhs" in this Intex Whale Baby Float that makes it appear as though the infant is sitting in the middle of a huge whale with its inflatable tail in the air.

    The swimming seat has smooth leg holes for easy use and high comfort, with two air compartments to enhance security. The tail doubles as a sun shade for your little guy or gal (age 1 or older) in the pool. Welcome to the mac daddy level of baby float seat choices! 

    Oh, and if you're wondering how to clothe baby in the pool, there's a baby float suit that gives them the buoyancy they need as they begin to swim (and so you can breathe comfortably again). This Swim School Aqua Tot Trainer has over 500 reviews online and 4.5 stars, and for good reason.

    Check out the ingenious design of the inflatable swim tube trainer. This swim aid fits over swimsuits, and the tube that goes around the infant's waist lets them paddle freely while also feeling safe. They'll become more confident with each time in the pool! We love the bright yellow color of the water suit too, like sunshine.

    Or, you can start to get your little warrior into the water with this Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket in fun blue camouflage design. It's a float suit for babies (30-50lbs) that help them learn to swim and is U.S. Coast Guard-approved. It is also backed by close to 2,000 online reviews and an impressive 4.5-star rating.

    Water Safety Tips for New Parents

    Make sure baby is safe in or around water, whether it's the pool, open water, tub, or elsewhere, by remembering to: 

    • Wait until the baby can hold their head up on their own before taking them to the pool or open water. This usually happens around 5 months old.
    • Put a flotation device on your infant any time you're around or in water. Make sure it fits properly and is approved by the US Coast Guard.
    • Ensure your pool has a drain safety system. An auto pump shutoff, for example, can save a life if anyone is unexpectedly pulled underwater by the suction of an ill-performing drain.
    • Take an infant / child CPR safety course.
    • Remove water toys from the water and around the pool when you don't want the baby to go near it; the infant might otherwise want to play with them and risks falling into the water.
    • Teach your little bundle of joy about water safety rules, such as never going near the water without an adult.


    Adult Central

    Pool Party Games for Adults: A Different Kind of Wet

    Invite your buds over and head into the backyard pool this weekend. Rather than just swimming laps, why not play the ultimate host and have some pool party games for adults ready when they arrive? There's the Intex Pool Volleyball Game that ships with the net, inflatable posts, and ball, so you're all set to play right away.

    Or maybe you're more for the "less sober" approach. Enter the Port-O-Pong Inflatable Beer Pong Table. Just put your red solo cups into the 20 recessed cup holders on the raft and keep the 2 drinking cup holders at each side filled to the brim with cold ones.

    Beer Pool Games for Adults

    The heavy-duty vinyl means no worries when you bring this mattress into the pool at your next party. Now it's time to get drinking playing games. Feel free to modify the rules as you sip like. Of course, the party game float comes in all-American blue.

    Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker

    And now you need some tunes, which is why you'll want to get your hands (and ears) on the Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker.

    It works with MP3, Android, or iPhone, and the floating design keeps it above water all the time. You'll like the trippy blue mood lighting on this one too.

    It's got a 33-foot clear streaming range, just in case you want to brag about the size of your, er, pool.

    And when you want to take up the adult pool party experience another notch, why not mix your love of card games with water goodness? If you're a betting man then you'll want to put your money on the Texas Hold'em Inflatable Pool Poker Set with Card Table.

    This fun game from Bestway even comes with 4 floating pool lounge chairs, a deck of waterproof playing cards, dealer button, and mesh accessory storage bag. All made of durable vinyl. Let's get dealing, folks! Yup, summer love isn't the only thing playing the odds these days.

    Pool party games for adults like these ones are perfect for hot summer days and having a few laughs with your buds. Maybe they'll even invite a hot woman or two to play the adult pool party games with you too. Now that's the kind of hot you can feel comfortable with, wink wink.

    Teen Angst Be Gone

    Rule the Pool with These Outdoor Games for Teenagers

    Tired of spending half an hour just trying to get your teen to crack a smile?

    They'd rather text friends than hang with the family but you'll soon become the cool dad by giving the youngsters some Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls for poolside fun.

    Yellow Inflatable Emoji Balls for the Pool

    Each ball has an emoji face design like on your teen's phone; only there'll be no phone in sight as he or she races around the yard with the balls and friends before heading to the pool. Take a pic to prove they're actually getting off the couch and being active (winky face emoji).

    As you might have already figured out from the one or two words you are able to drag out of your teen's mouth, technology is very popular with the young age group. So, why not treat your spawn to the Banzai Motorized Wave Cruiser Pool Rider? Water toys and gear don't get much better than this. It might even score you a few bonus points wth the youth that you can later cash in when you want them to take out the garbage.

    Water Blaster and Wave Cruizer

    The inflatable pool rider features a motorized steering unit and includes a water blaster. It's got non-stop ammo too because the teen can just take the water from the pool - so watch out dad if you asked them to clean their room that day cause it's payback time!

    Catch a wave! It's a racer alright, zooming at 1.2ft per second across your pool. With a 100lb weight capacity though you won't be getting on this one, dad, even if your teen offered to share it (aka if hell froze over).

    The material is sturdy PVC, and it's battery operated. For backyard fun, all arrows point to pool party games like this one.

    Kids in the Water

    Avoid the 3 Most Dreaded Words: "I'm Bored, Dad"

    Swimline Giant Swimming Pool Toys

    It's about time your kids learned that bigger is better, right?

    Get them the Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy that lets them pursue their love of basketball even when they're in the pool. You won't have to dodge the "I'm bored" bullet for a while, daddy-o.

    This floating game has multiple ports for several players and comes with one ball. Your rugrats will love swimming pool toys like this one that they can invite their friends over to play. Dude, your kid's finally popular (time to fist bump).

    And teens aren't the only ones loving tech these days. Your kids and their friends will get a kick (and heave-ho) out of the Sea Doo Dolphin Seat Scooter with Go Pro Mount. This awesome propulsion vehicle is designed for children 8 years and up.

    Pool Scooter

    It propels you your teen at up to 2 miles per hour, and the deepest it can go is 15.5 feet. You'd better believe you'll be borrowing this one from your little tyke.

    The motorized water toy is lightweight at only 12lbs, believe it or not. Safety features - yes! - include floating body, protective grill, safety lock, and auto shutoff.

    Another of the swimming pool toys to amuse your ankle biters is the classic Swim Thru Rings that help your kids test their underwater swimming skills. These classic swimming aids are great for children of any swimming level and have fun designs of turtles and fish on them.

    Oh and if you're having trouble even getting your kids outside, show them this 3G smartwatch that has games, music, sounds, and even enables you as the parent to chat with them from where you're lounging in your man cave or elsewhere.

    In the Mood for Water Balloon Games? They're Cheap & Fun Entertainment (Kinda Like You)

    • Hula Hoop Water Balloon Toss - One person holds a hula hoop while players take turns tossing the water balloon through the hoop. Basic but classic!
    • Leaky Water Balloon Toss - Poke small holes into water balloons with a safety pin. Stand in a group and toss the balloons around. Don't be the last one holding the balloon when it runs dry - wear year swimsuit, daddy!
    • Water Balloon Toss - Form pairs and stand in two rows. Toss the balloons back and forth in this game, taking one step backward with each catch. Be the winning pair to still be going without popping the balloon. Go team go!
    • Water Balloon Dodge Ball - Divide your buds into equal teams and give each team the same number of water balloons. Yell "Go!" and then try to take out players on the other team by hitting them with a water balloon. The team left with the most players when no water balloons are left wins the action-packed activity.

    Want to Clean the Pool Easier Than Ever?

    Dolphin Adult Pool Toys

    The pool floor, walls, and cove can all get mucky now with all of these swimming games for boys and girls, not to mention the adult water fun.

    Get a spotless pool again with the Dolphin Advantage Plus RC Robotic Pool Cleaner. It comes with a wall-climbing brush and remote control for manually moving the robot.

    Or just use the 1-hour clean cycle for a fresh pool in almost no time at all! The patented swivel cable helps prevent any pesky tangling of the cable. 

    Whether you want to play pool party games for adults, plan outdoor games for teenagers, or get the newest swimming pool toys for your youngest kids, we hope you're full of fun ideas now. Beat the heat and enjoy the water with swimming pool parties and inflatable floats this summer! 

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    Men's Luxury Bedding Collections

    One of the top things 20-something-year-olds Google is how often to wash their bed sheets. Sure, you've come a long way since then, but you still might not know how to get the right manly bed sheets for your personality. Good thing we're here to help you unlock your style, so you can be comfortable at home, even when you have to leave the man cave to get some shut-eye. Yup, men need their beauty sleep too. We knew it before the movie Inception became cool (just sayin').

    To find the manly bed sheets right for you, we've organized our top picks into 5 overarching types, which each link to a kind of guy. Yeah, we know you're more than just a category, and everyone is unique (especially when they've had one too many cold ones) but trust us on this one, okay?  


    Camo Bedding Sets for Total Immersion

    Camo Bedding Set for Daryl Dixon Hunter Type

    Maybe you're like Daryl Dixon with his Horton Scout HD 125 crossbow going after zombies in The Walking Dead. Or, perhaps you're more of a shooter with his hunting rifle, on the lookout for wild game. Either way, you'll do well to blend into your surroundings with camouflage. Camo bedding sets are exactly what you need as you rest after a day of hunting. The adventurer in you deserves a rest.

    For when you want to feel like the king of the jungle, swap out the camouflage sheets for leopard bedding instead. Go for the gold (and leopard spots) by choosing Egyptian cotton leopard print bed sheets for your King Size bed (hell, you deserve it!). These ones have a 650 thread count and the best cotton comes from Egypt, in case you didn't know. Feel the luxury, which you so deserve after a long day out hunting down your dinner.

    Western Bedding for Men

    Or, if you'd much rather reflect your western style in your bedroom, go for rustic sheets, linens, and comforter sets.

    Western bedding doesn't get much better than a quilt set that is all Lone Star and no coward. Pair the soft bedding with Western Star pillowcases and off-white fitted and flat sheets for a bed that appeal to your rustic roots.

    Want to take more inspiration from western or country bedding? We don't blame you. Let's put on your cowboy hat and have a think, shall we? Use traditional wood for cabinets and drawers to give the bedroom that country feel. A four-poster bed would look great too with western bedding.  Add in some vintage accessories, like a wooden floor clock, silver buckets filled with rolled up blankets, and old suitcases for stashing away hunting memorabilia.

    But, no, you say, I love the satin sheets. Yes, we understand, satin is sexy, especially when there's a special lady in the bedroom with you. In this case, the satin zebra sheet set may be just what the hunter of love needs to get his "target." We like the Divatex Home Fashions choice because it is machine washable and has elastic corners to make the bed easily.

    Get other hunting decorating ideas for your man cave, bedroom, and other rooms of the home from our post for the hunting enthusiast.


    Manly Bedding The Outdoorsman Loves

    Cabin Bedding Trumps Dusty Bear Rug

    You spend 90% of your day outside and only come in when it's time to eat or snooze. Sound familiar? You're an outdoorsman all the way, not that there's anything wrong with that. Bring the outdoors in with beach bedding.

    It could be that you choose an easy-care flannel blanket in sky blue to go over your sheet on your Twin, Queen, or King Size bed.

    The microfiber material is durable and just throw it in the washing machine if you spill some hot sauce on it while eating in bed (you were multitasking, you clever man you). This blanket that resembles a sunny blue sky is wrinkle and fade resistant so you can even take the beach bedding outdoors to lay on as you enjoy a warm summer day. 

    Or, maybe you want cabin bedding, like the manly Woolrich Williamsport comforter set (shown above). It has all the rustic charm you want with plaid and a deep gray that balances out the pops of red. It's inviting yet also cool to the max (just like you).

    Wondering what to put with your cabin bedding to complete the room? On the walls, hang canvas prints of bucks or wolves, while antler wall hooks can be where you hang your robe or coat. Line your bookshelves with your favorite guides on game birds, outdoorsman's cookbooks, fresh water fishing, and more.


    Duvet Covers for Men Are the New Lure to the Lair

    The Player with Playboy Bedding

    If you're a player, then the ladies can't seem to get enough of you, inside and outside of the bedroom. But we're just sticking with the sheets story here, and it's about lots of sex and treating her like a princess while you're with her yet not committing to her 24/7.

    Face it, you're a Playboy fanatic, lovin' the array of bodies that come into your lair. Better get Playboy bedding to suit your image. She'll probably get a pick out of the Playboy Bunny blanket you lay across the bed before you get laid.

    The Player and His dkny Bedding

    Part of treating her right is pampering her with champagne, a bubble bath, and luxurious sheet sets like dkny bedding.

    This red stripe duvet cover is an example of dkny bedding at its best with the super soft cotton material that is lightweight enough to stay on the bed year round (although she might not stay more than a season). The bright red color is romantic yet sexual, which are all the qualities that she sees in you, sexy devil.

    Why not put black bedding underneath to enhance the red color? You'll look amazing as the Hercules you are, lying on the black sheets. 

    Elegant Comfort black bedding is wrinkle and fade resistant, so that it will make it through the fun nights ahead without issue, along with your manly bits. It's anything but the boring hotel bedding for this player, and you've likely seen your share of hotels, my friend. We've heard stories!


    Modern Betting Sets and Hennessy

    Luxury Bedding Collections to Lay It out in Style

    If you're living large, then you are a "baller." You might open a bottle of Hennessy in your man cave and then take to the bedroom with a glass for your better other half. 

    You two can relax with drinks and cigars on luxury bedding collections like the Tensel Jacquard gold silk and satin bed set that includes a matching duvet cover, flat sheet, and pillowcase. It goes perfectly with your gold lair and the gold sink faucets in the bathroom.

    Cashmere sheets are another option, but, of course, you'll have to buy luxury bedding collections for the rest of your social circle too, in true baller fashion.

    Watch out, there's a baller in the house, yo.

    Or you might envision modern bedding sets that have gold dots or metallic printed bling sheets in black and silver or black and gold.

    Modern Bedding Sets

    Soft microfiber is the way to go as you won't want any chafing to happen during the night that interferes with your distinguished good looks.

    Ahem, just try not to spill any of the Hennessy on the sheets. Of course, if you do, you can just get new sheets but, well, us common folk like to offer practical advice sometimes...

    Oh and while we're still in the bedroom, let's finish decorating by adding in a shaggy faux fur rug and black bed pillow with the word "sexy" written in silver on it. 

    Quick Tips for Best Masculine Bedding

    Men's Luxury Bedding Collections
    • Gray always looks chic and masculine
    • Crisp white sheets always make a room look fresh, no matter the comforter or duvet 
    • Add in one bold color, such as red, to make a statement
    • Dark colors like brown, gray, and black always look great in the dude's bedroom
    • Patterns add sophistication; try a patterned sheet set with a solid duvet or vice versa

    tHE NERD

    Super Heroes and Periodic Tables Equals Total Sleep Domination

    Nerds are cool these days, so why not let your inner geek shine through? Get a Star Trek pillow case or sheets with your favorite superhero on them. If you're an Avengers fan, get bedding to match your man cave!

    Geeky Men's Bedding

    Or choose a Science theme for your bedroom and start with the Element of Focus (F-O-Cu-S) for your Full, Queen, or King duvet cover. The blue colors go great with solid white sheets and gray accents around the bedroom, not to mention the chemistry set in the corner.

    You might instead want to get a spaceship, X-Men, or Hobbit-inspired bedding. Just throwing out more fun and geeky bedroom ideas!
    pizza bed cover

    Alternatively, maybe you have a major love of pizza and want to express it throughout your home. Get pizza bedding to fill your decor appetite, like the Creative Pizza Bedding Set with duvet cover and two pillow covers. Or. choose instead Emoji bedding that has all the expressions you love to use on your smartphone while you should really be working.

    By now you likely have a good idea of how to best show off your personality through your bedroom style. Bedding isn't just something you use to keep a layer between you and the mosquitos. Nope, it's also a way to create the coolest vibe for your room. Whether you choose camo bedding sets, cabin bedding, black bedding, modern bedding sets, or another type, you can be proud of how you express your guy style. 

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    foosball tips for everyone

    If you are just getting started or looking to make a foray into the exciting and intense world of foosball, you probably want to be acquainted with the basics first. Here are five top foosball tips from buying the best foosball table for your needs, to developing your foosball playing skills, to proper maintenance.

    Buying your first foosball table

    While a good foosball table will cost you a little more, it is a worthwhile investment that will offer years’ worth of service. You want to buy a solid and stable table weighing not less than 200 pounds with a recommended rail thickness of 1 ½ inches. Another feature to look out for is the shape of the foosball men’s toes— buy a table with men whose toes are pointed and have a cross-hatching design for better ball control.

    You also want to ensure that the foosball men are counterbalanced to allow a smooth and fair one on one game. Ensure that the table has octagonal shaped wooden handles to allow a comfortable handgrip and efficient shooting.

    A good foosball table should come with adjustable legs so you can lower or raise the table at your convenience. Lastly, look out for tables with sticky foosballs; avoid smooth foosballs because their lack of grip makes it difficult to pin them down against the table, making for a frustrating game.

    How to Serve: Foosball Serving Tip

    Did you know that you could serve the ball to yourself in foosball? That’s right. Here’s the thing, if your intention is to only get the ball through the hole, you are actually giving your opponent an easy chance to score. So, what you want to do instead is to sharpen your ball spinning skills so that at the drop, you can spin the ball toward the men on your midfielder rod. Dropping the ball in this way gives you greater control over the game.

    ready for the right Foosball table?

    Find your perfect table in our reviews!

    Shooting: Foosball shooting tips for beginners

    One of the most common challenges for beginners is gripping the foosball handle.

    Instead of holding too hard onto the handle, you want to keep your hands flexible so you can spin the handles swiftly and with minimal resistance. Essentially, there should be some minimal space between your hands and the handle.

    Another important shooting tip is to ensure that you turn your wrist swiftly while spinning the rod 180 degrees to make effective shots. Most beginners typically turn their wrist a quarter way, so you find the shot is not strong enough due to lack of speed.

    Here’s a great tip to improve your speed and your shots as well: spin the handle with open hands so that the handle just rolls on your wrist (instead of gripping it). Try this a couple of times until you get it right; it could improve your shots immensely.

    Maintenance tips: How to maintain your foosball table

    One way to lubricate and clean the rod is to slide the rubber bumpers across the length of the rod. This works just fine to get rid of the build-up on the rod. Some silicone typically remains inside the bumper and the sliding motion will lubricate the rod slightly to make it smoother and to allow for a faster spin.

    A word of caution, if you want your foosball bumpers to last longer, don’t slide them up and down the rod too frequently—this should be a one-off maintenance tip.

    A best practice is to simply slather the rod with more silicone for lubrication and cleansing. To apply silicone, squeeze it onto a cotton rag and rub it along the length of the rod. Stay away from WD-40 D0—while this type of silicone will lubricate your rods, the results will only be short-lived. WD-40 will dry out your bearings and bumpers causing your table to wear out pretty fast.

    So, to wrap it up, look to purchase a high quality table if you are serious about playing foosball; it may cost you more but it is entirely worthwhile. Be sure to look at features such as the men’s toes, ball consistency, and the table’s stability.

    When it comes to playing technique, what is really important is practicing your handle gripping, speed and ball control tactics. Finally, to get the most from your foosball table, be sure to undertake regular maintenance according to the recommend best practices.

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    Step by Step How to Level a Foosball Table

    Can you picture trying to play a foosball game on an unleveled table? It just won’t happen.

    Having a thoroughly leveled table is the first step to ensuring that your foosball game is fair, enjoyable and practicable.A leveled table keeps the ball from rolling around and allows you to set up your shots.

    ready for the right Foosball table?

    Find your perfect table in our reviews!

    You want to buy a good quality table that you can level easily. A cheap table that is not leveled from the get go will give you quite a headache and trying to fix it will not work at all. Here is a detailed guide to leveling a good quality foosball table.

    What you will need:

    These can be plastic, wooden or cardboard blocks. Spacers may be optional if your table already comes with adjustable spinning legs.​

    ​Leveling Your Foosball Table


    Ensure that your foosball table is on a solid and stable surface. If the table has adjustable legs, be sure that the legs are tightly screwed in to ensure that all legs are even and none is higher or lower.


    Place the two foot carpenter’s level on one side of the table’s rails. In case the table is unstable, the bubble in the vial will move toward the higher end of the table.


    Prior to adjusting the table, use the torpedo level to confirm the placement of the table’s playing surface both vertically and horizontally.

    After determining the location of the bubble in the vial and toward which direction it is travelling, you want to make this side of the table higher to bring the bubble at the center of the black lines. It is also important that you lift the side opposite to where the bubble is moving.


    Ask another person to lift the table so you can unscrew the legs or insert spacers beneath the leg that needs adjusting. Do the same for the remaining table legs to ensure the bubble is brought to the center irrespective of the direction the level is placed.

    Using levelers for tables with adjustable spinning legs

    You will find that some foosball tables come with spinning leg levelers. Well, these are not part of the table; instead, they come as after sale features. The levers can be great if you know how to use them because you would only need to spin them to adjust and level the table instead of using the spacers.

    High-end tables typically come with the option of adjustable legs, further reiterating the need to buy a good quality table. Another advantage of higher-end tables is that they come with thicker legs that offer more stability than those with skinny legs.

    A rule of thumb is that you should only adjust 1-3 foosball table legs and this should ideally be done once a month. If you play foosball very often and for long periods, you may need to adjust the table regularly, perhaps every other week to enjoy a stable playing surface.

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    Book for New Parents

    Come out alive! It’s treacherous territory having an infant in the house (or anywhere else, for that matter). Now you can learn from the mistakes of other parents in The Infant Survival Guide book by Robert Oram.

    It’s not like being a new parent is hard or anything, right? NOT!

    It’s like going into a minefield and wondering when the next dirty diaper or vomit will be flung your way. It’s not safe out there, so it’s best to be armed with the knowledge of what others in your same situation have gone through already.

    Read about how to avoid oops and f*ck ups with The Infant Survival Guide. It includes funny illustrations by Brielle Wilchinsky of what not to do along with the stories of baby-handling gone wrong. Chuckle at the pictures of right and wrong in a range of situations, while secretly thinking that you just saved yourself a lot of time by not doing what is shown as being wrong on the page.

    You’ll navigate the world with a bit of experience on your side when you have this book on your coffee table (which you still have to baby proof, by the way). You may want to lock it away in a drawer though so baby can’t break into it and snatch away your wise reference book from you. Hey, stranger things have happened (as you will soon find out in the book).

    Get 88 pages of tips, tricks, and information on raising a baby in The Infant Survival Guide. If you’re a new parent or know someone who is, the hardcover book is a must-read. It’s even small enough to toss in your backpack as you head out of the man cave. If you find yourself with questions about showing off your baby or preparing the little one’s bottle, you’ll find help in these pages. And it’s not a boring read with the hilarious drawings and clever writing!

    Besides, you’ll need something entertaining to read now that you only sleep an hour a night…

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    Powerbreather Wave Snorkel

    Finding Dory, the computer-animated sequel to Finding Nemo, is making waves as it heads into 3D at theaters in just two days! The adorable blue tang fish called Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) told us to “just keep swimming” in the original movie, and now you’ve got to abide by her motivational request. Good thing you’ll have the Ameo Powerbreather Wave Snorkel to help improve your underwater technique, endurance, and more.

    The innovative snorkeling device is great for swimmers of any experience level, snorkelers, and triathletes. It is a useful aid when training for endurance or to strengthen respiratory muscles. Just ask Jan Frodeno, the 2015 Ironman World and European Champion, who has been training with the Powerbreather since 2014.

    So, what makes the Powerbreather Wave Edition different than other snorkels? It is 100 percent pure oxygen, taking fresh air from the top while you breathe out from the bottom. In comparison, traditional snorkels use a combination of Co2. Plus, the tube does not bring in any water, only air, so you won’t have to stop periodically to clear water from the tubes.

    Easily breathe in and out with an effective two-tube system. There are no more worries about sucking in salt or chlorine water when you breathe deeply. Now that’s reason to celebrate!

    The Powerbreather Wave Snorkel will take you from open water to the ocean or the pool. It will also be your trusty sidekick as you learn to swim or practice for a pro-level race (just watch out for the buoys). The Wave comes with a ton of accessories, including two standard speed vents, two flip caps for when you flip turn or are on open water, and two extended speed vents for when you’re out on open water.

    The snorkel gear even comes in a case, so you can just store the case in the man cave for the next swimming outing and then take it with you. Well, unless Dory is already using it… Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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    a review of foosball tables on the market

    You are in the market shopping for a great foosball table for your man cave or perhaps one for the family gaming room.

    Other than having a predetermined budget range, what particular features should you look out for? How do you tell a good quality foosball table from a phony one? What works for pro-players and what’s best for wanna-be pro players (maybe like you)?

    Well, here’s the lowdown on buying a foosball table that you won’t have any regrets about; one that you, your buddies and the family will love playing with for hours on end.

    NameWarrior Professional Foosball TableCarrom 525.00 Signature Foosball TableHathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-InchKick Foosball Table Legend 55 InAmerican Legend Manchester Foosball Table
     warrior professional foosball table reviewcarrom foosball table reviewhathaway table foosball reviewfoosball table review of the kick legendamerican legend manchester foosball table review
    Amazon Rating
    Lowest Price$599.00Amazon See it$674.22Amazon See it$453.99Amazon See it$559.85Amazon See it$482.69Amazon See it
    BrandWarrior Table SoccerCarromHathawayKick!American Legend
    TypeFoosball TableFoosball TableFoosball TableFoosball TableFoosball Table
    Weight175 pounds162 pounds130 pounds143 pounds155 pounds
    Dimensions55 x 36 x 32 inches55 x 29 x 36 inches56 x 30.5 x 34.5 inches55" X 30" X 34"56 x 29 x 35 inches
     Read the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the Review

    A solidly constructed table

    You are looking to buy a serious foosball table that will last for the long term and provide you with challenging play, not some flimsy kiddie table.

    The best way to spot a serious table is from its construction. A good table needs to be nice and heavy, with an ideal weight of between 130 and 200 pounds or more. The cabinet or the side walls also need to be thick, preferably 1½inches thick.

    Anything lighter or thinner than this may not be worthwhile in terms of durability and stability. The reason why the table needs to be thick and heavy is that it ensures stability during play. A foosball game can become a bit aggressive so a heavy table is necessary to avoid flipping over or shifting during a game.

    Also, thinner tables are prone to wear and tear after a couple of games, forcing you to buy a new table after just a year.

    Well-built foosball ‘men’

    Those little men on the lines can mean the difference between a smooth play and a cumbersome one. Look out for a foosball table that comes with men whose toes are pointed and crosshatched. Avoid any table where the men have rounded, slippery toes.

    Why are the toes such as big deal?

    Pointed and crosshatched toes provide the best ball control compared to rounded toes. The perfect toes will allow you to maneuver the ball and take advanced shots easily.

    You simply cannot do this well with guys who have these rounded slippery toes. In fact, the men with rounded toes do not have the capacity to the pass the ball back and forth on the same line and aren’t able to shoot bank shots accurately. Such advanced shots require a sharp pointed toe.

    Counterbalanced Foosball Men

    Not all foosball tables will have counterbalanced men; it’s mostly the more expensive or advanced tables that have this feature but it’s absolutely necessary if you are looking for a table that will provide challenging play.

    What’s this counterbalance business about?

    Counterbalanced means that the weight in the men’s head is equal to the weight in their toe. Without a counterbalance in the head, it can be annoyingly difficult to play a one on one game.

    So, for a table that does not come with a counterbalance, you would have to constantly spin your men vertically upside down. This is because the weight in their toes, which is greater than the weight in their head, will cause the men to fall when they are placed at a horizontal angle. The heads will also will keep blocking any lifted shots.

    The story is different and frankly much easier with the counterbalance. This feature allows you to spin your men horizontally. They will remain in that position without blocking any of your shots.

    Quality of handles and legs

    You will come across foosball tables with all sorts of handles including plastic, laminated and wooden handles. The wooden handles are ideal. In particular, go for those with an octagonal shape because these have a comfortable grip and allow stronger shots.

    Plastic handles are too smooth and you are likely to hurt your hand when spinning due to the slipperiness. When it comes to the legs, you need to look out for a table with adjustable legs. The thing with adjustable legs is that they make it easy to level your table simply by moving the leg leveller appropriately. A levelled table ensures fair game all round.

    Game Dynamics

    Here’s the thing, a foosball table without a side ball return is not necessarily inferior.

    But, most advanced have this feature. What’s really cool about side ball returns is that they keep the ball from falling off the table, you do not have to reach to the end of the table when you are playing alone and you can place your table against the wall so it won’t stand in the way.

    Quality of foosballs

    Many foosball table manufactures are notorious for their poor quality foosballs. If you are ordering your table online, it can be quite difficult to determine the quality of the foosballs until they are at your doorstep. Luckily, foosballs can be replaced easily and affordably if you do not get the right type.

    But, if you have any way of checking out the quality before buying, you want to look out for the sticky types of foosballs. Also known as tacky foosballs, the men can pin down this type of ball easily. Avoid the glossy or plastic types of balls because they will make playing incredibly challenging for what it’s worth.

    Just a side note, some professional or advanced players prefer slippery foosballs because these roll faster and make for a demanding game. But if you just want a table that everyone including the beginners can enjoy, go for the tacky balls.

    Rated Foosball Tables in Detail

    1. Warrior Professional Foosball Table
    warrior professional foosball table review

    Warrior Table Soccer is a top manufacturer of the popular foosball table. The Warrior Professional Football Table is a high caliber table made for the pro-player. Even with this great reputation, this is an affordable table that foosball fans can afford to have in their home, in a school or in youth programs.

    This professional table is the only model manufactured by “Warrior Table Soccer”, allowing the manufacturer to completely focus on quality. The table comes with first-rate parts built for the American type of foosball, which tends to be fast paced compared to the European or Asia style of playing. Players commend it for the great game control and the advanced playing options offered.

    The table boasts a solid construction that can handle the rough play that is typical of a foosball game. For a top-caliber product, the Warrior Professional Foosball table is quite easy to assemble.

    The table is also built to keep the kids safe in case they get too close during a game; the safety guards on the rod offer ultimate protection. This table offers a combination of class, affordability and long-term durability.

    2. Carrom 525 Signature Foosball Table
    carrom foosball table review

    The Carrom 525 signature foosball table has made a comeback and it is bigger and better.

    Made from burr oak, this budget friendly table has all the features and markings of a professionally built foosball table. It is specifically built from high quality MDF to prevent the type of wrapping that is typical of tables made from lower quality materials.The table not only offers a consistent play field, it also provides stability with its double-bolted legs, which can withstand any amount of ‘abuse’ from aggressive play.

    Carrom comes with chrome bars and levers for additional support. Leg levers are adjustable ensuring that the play field is leveled and the dead zones that tamper with the game are eliminated to provide optimal ball roll consistency.High quality steel rods are an indication of a professionally made table.

    The rods come with accurate rod bearings, which when combined, boost the response-speed, providing a challenging game. The rod-bearings are built with durability in mind and come in handy with their ability to self-lubricate. This table offers affordability, challenging game play and enhanced durability.

    3. Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-Inch
    hathaway table foosball review

    The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table is the highest quality table produced by its manufacturer. It is perfect for players of all ages including adults and teenagers; intermediate players will likely have the most fun with this as beginner players may find it harder to play with the one-goalie set up.

    The overall sturdiness and high quality of the table lends it well to players with some foosball experience. In spite being a budget table, the Hathaway offers a very realist, pro-like feel.The table is upfront beautiful thanks to its glossy espresso finish. 

    Its thick and solid cabinet construction makes for a strong table that can survive the rigor of a foosball game. The table’s chunky legs supported by connecting beams add an element of stability and strength to withstand the most aggressive of games.A good game needs a level playing field. This table provides a leveled playing surface supported from underneath the cabinet.

    The counterbalanced guys, E-Z spin bearings and stainless steel rods add to the overall quality of the table. The table does not just look elegant; it plays flawlessly as well. This table offers a combination of style, challenging game play and stability.

    4. Kick Legend Foosball Table, 55-Inch
    foosball table review of the kick legend

    The Legend Foosball Table the best-selling model from Kick’s collection. The 55-inch foosball table has a look of sophistication and grandeur with its swooping ebony legs that accent the table’s warm shade of chestnut. The Legend table is a great choice for adults and teens; enjoy a family-friendly activity on this durable foosball table that achieves an excellent balance of field play with modern design.

    It measures 55in L x 30in W x 34in H.Kick understands that good gameplay requires a level playing surface, so the Legend Foosball Table has sturdy leg levelers to provide exactly that. Get precise player control of the 11 blue and 11 red foosball men (two teams) with the 8 chrome-plated player rods, and choose between 1-goalie or 3-goalie options, depending on your preference.

    Slide scoring is mounted on each end of the Kick Legend Foosball Table to help keep the game flowing smoothly, along with a convenient front ball return on each end of the table. The table comes with two foosball balls in a soccer style, which means that you get everything included that you need for a satisfying foosball game. Not that we would expect less from Kick’s founder, a 25-year foosball veteran, and the company’s team of industrial engineers.

    Assembling the table is quick and easy, as you get with all Kick foosball tables. 

    5. American legend
    american legend manchester foosball table review

    American Legend foosball tables are popular for their challenging play and overall quality of the table. Both novice and discerning professional players will appreciate the high quality features of the table. This particular table boasts a solid cabinet construction that keeps it stable during the most rigorous of games.Being a classic foosball table, the American Legend espouses classic features for a classic American game.

    Features include side ball return, balanced, weighted and contoured men, 3-man goalie bars and manual scoring beads. The 3-man goalie offers a relatively easy play suitable for beginners, compared to the more challenging one-man goalie.

    It also comes with solid foosball rods featuring wooden handles and insulated holders for added comfort while playing.This budget friendly table is made from high quality MDF that keeps it from wrapping and provides long-term durability. Its cherry laminate finish makes for an attractive foosball table that can be proudly displayed in the family room.

    So there you are…go for it and have fun with your perfectly selected foosball table!

    Editor's Pick: The Kick Legend Foosball Table, 55-Inch

    foosball table review of the kick legend

    Get a Load of the New Kid in Town!

    This is the stuff of "Legends"! Get challenging and fun foosball action with the Kick Legend Foosball Table.

    With its two teams of 11 blue and 11 red foosball men on 8 chrome-plated player rods, and 1-goalie or 3-goalie options, you get full-on gameplay that impresses even the most expert player.

    Slide scoring and front ball return make for smooth action all game long.

    We gave it a impressive 4.7 out of 5 for it's great quality/price ratio. 

    0 3630
    Wanderwatch Smartwatch for Kids

    In a world where so many kids just want to stay inside and play video games, now there is wearable tech that gets them out into the elements – and having fun while they’re out there too!

    The Wanderwatch encourages outdoor play, rather than being yet another device that keeps kids sluggish and unmotivated to exercise. The result is a healthier, smarter, and happier child, which all adds up to a single word called “awesome.”

    This 3G smartwatch has interactive outdoor games, as well as music, sounds, and chat features. As with many of the latest wearables, it has a touchscreen so youngsters can quickly toggle between options.

    When your children play games using the Wanderwatch, they can use the Bluetooth beacon or “Magic Beacon” to find pirate’s treasure or complete other fun tasks, depending on the type of game. Kids love the interactive gameplay, and they play with other kids that have the Wanderwatch for even more fun! They team up by simply bumping their fists and can then access multiplayer games and connect via chat or text features.

    As for the adults, you will be a fan of the parental app that lets you see your youngster’s location and reach out to him or her at any time via text or doodle chat. You can even see the battery level on your child’s watch, and there is an Alert button that your little one can press if in distress. Your kid stays safe AND healthy with this smartwatch.

    If you are based in the U.S. or Europe, take advantage of the pre-paid SIM card that makes it easy to connect. If you’re outside of these two areas, just switch the data card for one from your country. The apps and tracking feature use minimal data.

    Choose from 4 bold, fun colors and let your child customize the Wanderwatch further with 4 screen color themes. The 3G smartwatch for kids has Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities, microphone, and speaker, with a pre-installed data SIM card.

    Wanderwatch is currently on Kickstarter and moving steadily towards its $35,000 goal. The team behind the groundbreaking technology envisions a healthy world where kids are happy and perform at their best, making the most of their potential every day. Now that’s a cause we can get behind!

    If you are still worrying about your kids spending most of their time indoors, consider a internet access control router!