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how to practice golf during the winter months

When you live in a cold climate region, it can be a bit hard to practice your golf swing. However, with a bit of creativity and lots of determination, you can get around the snow drifts and freezing temperatures that you'll have to deal in order to go out and work on your skills such as as long shots, putting and chipping. Use these convenient techniques and hacks in order to resist the temptation not to play again until spring, and improve your golfing skills in the cold.

Work On Your Body

medicine ball exercise golf

During the winter, you have a great opportunity to work on your strength and flexibility. Professional golf players such as Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods frequently improve their fitness on the offseason. Of course, exclusively working on your physical conditioning is not going to improve your swing, but it does help avoiding injury and playing better in general.

Ted Bishop, the vice president of PGA of America, says its good to do at least 45 minutes of aerobics, four or five days every week, and, if possible, get a personal trainer to give you a custom designed fitness program.

According to Golf Magazine, using medicine balls and lifting weights is an excellent option for a golfer who's looking to get more strength and power to get longer shot with your driver or other clubs.​

Play Indoors

If you find an indoor driving range, it can be easy and comfortable to practice your shots. Although you won't be able to go as far as you'd go in a field, a domed and heated facility is an excellent way to practice in the winter. If you work during the day, make sure the facility you're looking into is open late into the evening, so you can practice at night.

putting greens for indoor use - a review

If you don't know any indoor ranges around, check with the club pro or ask your fellow golfers. Another option would be to consider an indoor putting green for total weather-independent man cave golfing!

Practice With Weighted Clubs

If an indoor range is not a possibility for you, you can always swing a weighted golf club in our garage. They are shorter than regular clubs, so its likely that you'll have enough space to swing them. The PGA suggests that golfers swing a weighted club every day, even if only for a few minutes, to increase the club head speed you can reach and improve your arms and wrists' strength.

If you don't have access to an indoor range, consider an indoor putting green for your man cave!​

Get A Grip

If you ned to, get a professional instructor to teach you what's the proper grip, or get a club that has a training grip attached to it. Keep the club near you when you're at home during the winter, and work on you grip on your off time.

practice your gold grip durng winter

For instance, you can hold your club during the commercials until its over. Michael Breed, a famous teaching professional from PGA, suggests that players wrap paper around the club's grip, and practice holding it lightly enough for the paper not to crinkle. According to Breed, this is a good way to hold the club without unnecessary tension in your arms and hands.

Find Open Courses

Some courses remain open in the winter - even on regions were the winter is harsh, such as Chicago. If you find a course that's open year-round, you'll be able to carry on practicing on all seasons. There might be outdoor driving ranges that have heated stalls in your area as well, which is another good option.

If All Else Fails, Just Swing

golf practice in winter

If most of these options aren't available to you often, you can always go outside on a nice winter day and swing a club a hundred times. You don't need a ball to practice - just try and improve your form, swinging as if it was the real thing.

Just working out, mastering your grip and taking 100 practice swings whenever you can is already going to significantly improve your golfing skills.

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what to look for when buying a foosball table

Foosball tables have been increasing in popularity recently and manufacturers are hustling to produce a plethora of options to keep consumers buying -- today making a good decision on a quality foosball table can be a tough call.

A Full Sized Foosball table can cost any where from $200 for a lower end option to $1500 for the higher end non-coin-operated varieties. Additionally, the high demand for this entertaining luxury has made it common to see several foosball tables of the exact same make, model and quality bracket selling for prices that vary by several hundred dollars.

Taking time to shop around can be very profitable. It would also be quite advantageous to do some research into the foosball table so that your decision comes from a good perspective. ManCaveMaster to the rescue: here are some of the basics to professional and recreational "Foosballing​".


Did you know that in a Foosball Tournament, "spinning" the rods is illegal? This is important to think about before you purchase your table; this way you will know if you want to purchase a high-end premium table or a quality toy/game that would be a hit with the kids and provide some wholesome entertainment.

table foosball

Of course, if you want to add some prestige to your man cave - and price is not the deciding factor - you may want to consider buying a premium table. In order to begin honing the skills to shred with the pros, you will need a quality work of art with a consistent roll and this comes from a well crafted table, using matching quality materials.

You will need a unit where the little figures, the surfaces and the ball have a consistent and even roll. That will allow you to apply such techniques as scooping, pinning and maneuvering the ball with precision and grace.

Of course, a foosball table of this caliber is going to cost you upwards of $600. Even if you are purchasing a gift for children - and the gift is only intended as a toy - you may think that a premium table is overkill. But consider the additional investment in going premium might pay off in the long run.

You may spend a couple hundred dollars or less on a so called "toy", but in the end you will have a premium grade table that will provide a child with an activity they can grow up with and develop skills on - along with the abilities and techniques made possible by precision quality.

foosball table reviews

Another good reason for opting for a premium quality table is the kind of attention and company it attracts --and we are not talking about kids here. Adults are playful and competitive to. And a true skill game can consistently attract a die hard following of neighbours, friends, coworkers and relatives who show up to kick back and play ball in an environment that demands more grown-up skill than youthful vigor.

Finally, Premium Tables will last you longer and can have damaged parts or components replaced as needed.

Best Age Range For "Foosers"

This largely depends on whether you are buying a toy or an actual activity that can develop into a competitive skill. Kids as young 6 can pick up on the rules of this game and have a fun time knocking the ball around with their friends for countless hours - for smaller children a foosball table with adjustable legs would be ideal. (The official height of a foosball table is 36 inches).

what to look for in a foosball table

There are events, pro tours and other professional competitions that feature kids 17 years and older. There are also many kids in their early teens who have entered these competitions and won.

This kind of hard-core gaming requires superior equipment. Then there are the really "big kids" with full beards, credit cards and adult level vernaculars - and levels of competition that require high-quality foosball tables to properly stand up to ongoing use and abuse.

For high-level competition in the frat house, sorority basement or man cave, you are going to need a premium table.

The Best Spot For Your Table

An official foosball table measures 30 inches by 56 inches. Don't forget, you will need plenty of room for the sticks that jut out from either side. The recommended room size is 7 foot by 8 foot. This will give you about a foot over the end and three feet over each side. For bigger, rowdier kids you may need a bigger room. There are also some very sharp looking varieties of Foosball tables and even some custom finishes to match the decor of your room.

Cabinet Quality

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you will want to be aware of the major manufacturing flaws so you don't end up with a pile of uneven chip-board that will be out of commission in a month. Following are some important things to check before purchasing a bargain foosball table:


Is the Surface flat? Place a marble in the center of the field and check what happens. Did it roll this way or that? Does it have any irregular rolling patterns that could put games on a tilt? Check for any dead zones, especially in the corners where the ball may enter and be unreachable to the players. Some tables have adjustable legs so that they can be levelled out on any surface.


Rough playing is an important part of entertaining Foosball, so you will want that the side walls are held together well and not going to be yanked apart by 13 year olds. Lower quality tables are usually held together with pegs and glue, while quality tables are fastened with sturdy brackets and even ornate metal framework. The thickness of the walls is also a measure of quality (but not always) a thicker wall is a good sign.

Give the rods a firm bounce off the wall and see if it causes the structure to shake. A sturdy structure is a good sign. If it shakes before you buy it: imagine what will happen on day 2 of hard gaming...

Resell Value

There might come a time when you are ready to move on and sell your trusty table. If you were price-savvy in the first place, you should have no problem selling your table locally while still fetching a decent price for it. Taking advantage of websites for local listings as opposed to costly shipping across the country will increase your margin.

As with anything, visible wear diminishes your resell value. One more reason the go with a higher quality grade table. 

For a detailed Foosball table review and comparison, take a look here.

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corded or cordless drill

Contractors, carpenters and handymen use both cordless and corded drills. As they both do primarily the same thing, one would wonder if there is a difference. The fact is they both work well, but are used in differing situations. One is an advantage as being convenient and the other gives more power for the job.

Of course the cordless is much more convenient, but when it comes to power, the corded drill is the one to use. Consequently, a strategy of having one of each kind available in one's tool kit gives you the best of everything.

For Power, Go Corded

For one thing, corded drills are lighter in weight because they don't have to carry any batteries and they are easier to handle as well. A cordless drill will always need a backup battery just in case the first battery goes dead. Down the road, the batteries will have to be replaced too, which can be quite expensive.

Drills with cords do have more consistent power and for those difficult jobs there is no comparison. They provide more torque on a more consistent basis and they are much more reliable. Since there is a constant flow of electricity so there will be no limitation or barrier in the way of voltage. If a carpenter or a contractor has a choice of whether he will want to use a corded or a cordless drill, he will nearly always choose the corded drill.

Cordless Drills Win For Convenience

There is no question that a cordless drill will come out on top in terms of convenience. There are a number of features that cordless drills have that add to that convenience. A manually adjustable clutch and a reversible drive are two such features that come in handy.

Magnetized bits and multiple speeds are very desirable on a cordless drill too. The power of the drill is directly relatable to the amount of voltage that is stored in the battery. The lower the voltage, the less power the drill will have.

The big advantage of the cordless drill is the fact that you can take it with you wherever you go. It is very convenient since there is no cord to become entangled with other objects, boards and tools. They are used a lot for secondary drills by do-it-yourselfers, carpenters and contractors.

Corded drills are preferred for jobs that require a lot of heavy drilling or serious driving, but the cordless drills are great for minor jobs in hard to reach locations. For jobs around the house, that are light in their scope, cordless drills are the ideal tool. With an extra battery that you always have on the charger, you are generally in good shape. It is very seldom too, that at home you will have very heavy drilling jobs, so a cordless is usually ideal for home projects.

Both varieties of drills do serve their own purpose at the job site and in the workshop. Corded drills are excellent for those tough, hard-driving extensive jobs, and the cordless is great for those lighter jobs or around the house. Having to drag around a cord for lighter duty work is saved with a cordless drill. Having both available, depending on the type of work you do is a good strategy to employ.

Take a look at our drill reviews for more information.

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electric or pneumatic framing nailer

When trying to choose between a pneumatic and electric nail gun, opinions largely differ. We are trying to shed some light for you in the below breakdown of Pros an Cons.

Pros Of An Electric Nail Gun:

  • It is lighter compared to the pneumatic gun thus enabling you to use it for a long period of time without experiencing fatigue than you will encounter using an air operated nail gun.
  • It is cordless. If you purchase a cordless electric nail gun, you will not have a cord or a hose to drag around behind you, which is not safe considering the fact that you are working in a hazardous environment.
  • Operates with minimum noise - this is very important especially if you will be using it in a residential area. You do not need to buy a loud air compressor, therefore the operation of an electric nail gun is much quieter than that of a pneumatic nail gun.
  • Low Cost-corded electric nail gun costs 25 percent less than a comparable pneumatic nail gun. Cordless nail guns, cordless electric nail guns however will be more expensive than a pneumatic one.
  • Has no messy oils - all pneumatic tools require oil to ensure smooth operation, this is mainly done to prevent them from rusting and lubrication of the internal gears. Electric nail guns do not require any lubrication.

Cons Of An Electric Nail Gun:

  • Power Supply
    if you are performing an in depth remodelling project, you may be required to turn off the power supply on the working site. That means that you will need some power cord extensions to ensure supply for your electric nail gun.  With a pneumatic nailer, you simply need to plug your compressor to a power source and run a cord to the working site to ensure operation.
  • Low Operating Power
    most of the cordless and corded nailers have less impact power than what a pneumatic nail gun can deliver. This means that you may have to use a hammer to ensure that the nails are driven in to place properly.
  • Prone To Damage
    Electric nailers are more susceptible to damage, compared to pneumatic ones. Pneumatic nail guns are suited for a heavy duty construction because they are able to withstand the harsh environments. 
  • Battery Working Life Span
    When you choose to utilize a cordless nailer, you will have to replace the batteries regularly. To ensure proper operation you are required to have three batteries.
  • Overall Battery Life Span
    Cordless nail guns requires a lot of power to ensure proper operation. Thus it requires you to change the batteries frequently before they are completely dead. Utilizing these batteries for a long time decreases their efficient overall output thus limiting the amount of work it can handle.

There you have it! If you are looking to purchase a nail gun, take a look at our framing nail gun reviews!

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advantages of a framing nail gun

The framing nail gun is among the numerous kinds of guns you can buy and add to your collection of woodworking tools. Utilizing a nail gun comes along with various options that make its purchase more warranted than any other nail guns you may come across during your window shopping.

Here are a few points in favour of the trusty nailer:

1.Accurate And Easy To Operate

Many people who use hammers to complete a framing task think it is easy to use. The simple idea behind using a hammer is a no-brainer, but using it with great effectiveness is a completely different story.

framing nail guns reviewed

It is very easy to use a hammer because you just have to hold the nail in place and strike it on the head. Even if you are perfect at hammering nails, you might occasionally miss the head and smash one of your fingers. The nail may also go into the wood crooked meaning that you will have to pull it out and start a fresh.

Additionally, the nail could bend when hit thus removing it will not be an option. The perfect solution for these problems is a framing nail gun. Here, smashing the woos with its nozzle removes the nail. You can also achieve the same by pulling the trigger. Result: no crooked or bent nails to deal with!


If you are trying to complete a job on your own, a framing nail gun is the best options if you want the job done as quick as possible. If you have a team of multiple workers, you can reduce the work hours or have many tasks being done at the same time. The framing nail gun has a remarkable speed such that you can slice your team by almost half (but of course depending on the task at hand).


This is a kind of woodworking tool that is built to last. This tool can withstand almost any condition ranging from falling off the roof to concrete and being left out overnight. It is its durability that makes it a perfect and smart idea to purchase a roofing nail gun.

4.Different Styles

Similar to any other tools you opt to purchase, nail guns come in different styles and varieties that can easily meet your needs. The most common model is usually lightweight and accommodates more nails.

This kind of framing gun has a drum holder where hundreds of nails can be stored. Additionally, this framing nail gun can offer various methods of firing in nails such as burst firing, single shot and bump firing.

The manner in which the nail gun is powered varies and so does the price. The most common nail guns operate through compressed air, straight electricity or even battery power. Regardless of the gun you buy, you will be in a position to use it in any project that comes your way.

5.Cost Efficient

Utilizing a framing nail will save you lots of cash since you will not waste any nails or need any extra manpower. The task will also be finished quicker so you can handle many jobs in a short duration.

Take a look at our framing nail gun reviews for more details.

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Retro-Futurism Come True?

In case you haven't noticed, we have a love here at Man Cave Master for anything vintage. We've explored everything from retro games to old-school computer ads. Now we're tying together the past with the present in an ode to retro-futurism.

Retro-futurism is all about how the past eras saw their future. Those visions spanned all aspects of the world, from cars and computers to clothing. Now we can look back on those priceless predictions and see how different our surroundings are today than past generations had imagined it. 

It's fun to see the epic retro future images, including flying cars and RoboCop uniforms, and then compare it to the different kinds of awesomeness that surround us today in our man caves and beyond, including smart technologies and portable bluetooth speakers

Without further ado, we present you with the best of the retro future predictions and their modern day versions. Bring on the optimism, along with the houses shaped like flying saucers... and more!

1.Self-Driving cars

the retro Future vision

Back in the 70s and 80s, the visions for the future automobile industry were full of flying and self-driving cars. No, this isn't how we see our future now but instead how the hippy generation started to imagine what we would drive today.

Envision being behind the wheel of a flying ship! The preoccupation of those past predictors (say that three times fast) was with spaceships and life on other planets, so it made sense that there would be airborne cars to go right along with it.

Retro Future Car

Do you recognize the image to the left? It's The Hoff himself in all his glory in Knight Rider. Remember his self-driving car Kitt that we all wanted to have? We thought that would have happened by now. Hasselhoff was The Man.

OK, so this fantasy and similar ones didn't become a reality but you might say we are on our way there. In the meantime, you should test drive these 7 awesome cars, all while Tesla Motors makes progress in the driverless car area.

I mean, we wouldn't expect anything less from Tesla's out-of-the-box CEO Elon Musk, now would we? 

the Reality Check

Tesla is working on software updates as we type these words right now that will make its cars go driverless on roadways and parallel-park themselves too.

Tesla Self Driving Car Update

And it's not just Tesla that is racing to bring the self-driving car to the market. Google is also working on its own version of the driverless auto for commercial resale within the next five years. Its prototypes have racked up hundreds of thousands of test miles on real streets already and rely on Light Detection and Ranging Technology.

Plus, we do have the Tesla Model S. The full-sized luxury electric car is awesome, equipped with a 60-kWh battery and a cinch to charge at any of Tesla's 2,907 Superchargers. 

And let's not forget about the Tesla snake charger. The automated system can plug itself into the Tesla to charge your Model S for you! It's a solid metal snake that is kinda creepy but a totally cool hands-free way to charge up the high-end auto. This car tech might be enough to tide us over as we impatiently wait so politely for the autopilot "Kitt" models to be ready for our consumption, hopefully within the next few years.

2.Space Travel

the retro Future vision

Frank Tinsley imagined the "Lunar Unicycle," shown below in his drawing from 1959, to be typical of spacecrafts of the future. It was ten years before the first moon landing, and we wonder what Neil Armstrong thought of Tinsley's space art depicting a 30-foot high unicycle.

Retro Future Space Art

If you look closely at the image, you will see the moon explorers are carrying long poles. Back in the 50s, there were questions about what the moon's surface would be like and whether it would be so covered with dust that the spacecraft would get lost in the haze.

The space age had not even really begun yet. The building of spacecrafts had not started and yet we were already dreaming of what they would look like in the future. 

In the the 40s and 50s, for example the yellow pulp pages of science fiction mags were full of images of space art. There were images of spaceships travelling to other planets, such as Mars, as well as encounters with life on other planets. The sci-fi covers and images in the pages within them were full of spaceship rockets hurtling through space, men dramatically rescuing helpless women above the clouds, and other thrilling adventures.

The Reality Check

Today we can defy physics without ever leaving our manly lair, thanks to the oversized gravity chair and other smart technology finds we pointed out in a recent post. And don't forget about homes being built with solar panels, so you toss your energy bill in favor of the sun's rays. If you're a stargazer, you could even build a constellation light in your home using this handy guide.

Let's not forget that NASA is taking big steps in exploring the solar system too. Just this year NASA's Dawn spacecraft orbited the dwarf planet Ceres for the first time. The spacecraft is not a "unicycle" but instead shaped like a box, with a 7.7ft length rather than the 30 feet that Tinsley had thought might come to be one day. Dawn is an ion-propelled structure made of graphite composite.

Retro Future and Dawn Spacecraft

As for exploring other planets, we're on it! We have already landed on Mars multiple times, the first time being the Viking 1 Lander in 1976. Today, rumors are swirling about sending humans to the Red Planet in reusable rockets and back, courtesy of Elon Musk's SpaceX team. Wait, doesn't he have enough on his hands with the driverless cars?!

By the way, did you know that you can buy land on Mars? You may want to invest in the planet in case one day humans inhabit it in addition to Earth. Think of it as buying prime real estate before the prices skyrocketed (excuse the pun). At the Buy Mars website, you can (seriously) buy one acre of planet Mars land within a package that also includes a Martian deed, map, and bill of rights. We'll eat a Mars chocolate bar and ponder the investment with you.

3.Police Officers

the retro Future vision

The future law enforcement officers looked like a type of RoboCop if we go by the 1886 drawings of the British humor magazine Punch

RoboCop Future

The officers look violent with their many thorn-like metal protrusions that would bludgeon the criminals of the world. The complex police uniforms show battle axes built into the helmets, and they held clubs with protrusions that could take out eyes or limbs with one swift movement.

The gladiator vision has continued to be a popular one, which is why actor Russell Crowe is now rich after his Gladiator movie that released back in 2000.

As for what the officers would drive, of course, it would be flying cars that were capsule shaped, as was imagined in the 90s.

It was all about the "bot cop car" in the 90s when the retro video game Future Cop rocked gamers' worlds. The game first released on Playstation in 1998 and showed what Los Angeles would look like in the year 2098. Who knows, perhaps that will be the year we see police use Gatling lasers and plasma flares as they do in the game, along with unleashing Hovertanks.

The Reality Check

Today there are about 680,000 sworn officers working in the United States. Regardless of race, sex, age, height, or other differences, each US officer is blue first. Why do they wear blue uniforms? 

There are several reasons why the boys wear navy, including because the color is easy to clean, with stains being less noticeable than with a lighter or brighter shade. Think about it. Would you trust a police officer in a dirty uniform? It might shake your confidence a bit. Also, the dark color makes it difficult to see the officers in the dark, so they can sneak up on the bad guys.

Not the Retro Future Police Vision

As for the weapons they carry, nope, you won't see those medieval type instruments shown in the 1886 illustration. Instead, most US police holsters carry Glocks or semi-automatic pistols. Also, the officers carry duty belts. 

The duty or gun belt is made of nylon or leather and used to keep equipment easily within reach of the officers while keeping their hands free. Er, we guess that means saying buh-bye to the retro future shield. Primary items on the belt are usually a handgun holster to secure the officer's firearm, radio pouch, handcuffs, chemical sprays, taser, and portable lighting, such as a flashlight.

4.Home Design

the retro Future vision

Home sweet home. Back in the 1960s, the retro future man cave looked like a friggin' spaceship! The design was called the Futuro House.

Retro-Futurism Home

Remember the space talk earlier in this post? Yup, that spaceship design fascinated people in the 60s so much that it extended to their home designs too. 

The Futuro design originated with Matti Suuronen, a Finnish architect who envisioned the home's exterior as being elliptical shaped and made of glass-filled polyester resin.

This retro future vision of the home looked like it belonged on another planet but was designed for Earthly humans!

The Futuro House was 26ft W x 13ft H, and it stood on metal legs to provide stability. Check out the oval windows that cover the side of the dwelling. It was a space-age man cave!

Futuros were produced in the 60s (I know!!), but consumer purchases were slow to grow and then the oil crisis of 1973 happened, which drove up the cost of the spaceship home.

The out-of-this-world theme (literally) extended to the inside of the retro future home too. You know the show Outer Limits? That's how you wanted your den to look, right? Actor Rainn Wilson might have ended up with a totally different man cave then!

A "hatch" stairway opened up to take you into the home, like a real flying saucer. Inside were bedchairs on thin legs, rounded benches, and circular tables.

The Reality Check

Today you will see many of the world's tallest skyscrapers in the US. One such building is NYC's One World Trade Center, completed in 2014; it has 104 floors and a height of 1,776ft. The tallest US residential building is 432 Park Avenue in NYC; it is 1,396ft high and has 88 floors.

Skyscrapers Not Retro Future Homes

More and more Americans are also living in houseboats, rather than retro future spaceship-looking residences. In Seattle alone there are about 500 houseboats. There are the barge, pontoon, catamaran, and luxury styles of floating homes, to name just a few.

Another interesting home trend in the US features the adaptive reuse of existing buildings into housing. A range of structures, from abandoned churches to factories and freight containers, are being converted into homes. Perhaps it is part of the green trend; after all, the most environmentally friendly building is the one that is already built.

Sustainability trends and increasing urbanization are driving changes in the housing market. Homeowners are choosing to reduce energy consumption and enjoy smaller power bills, whether buying a couch made of non-toxic flues and natural fabrics or making a reclaimed wood table. Want to learn more? We showed you how to make that table in our eco-friendly man cave post.

Rather than being a spacecraft-like style of home we're embracing today, it seems that technology rules the most modern of homes. Automated devices are hitting the market that promise to regulate residential heating, lighting, and security systems. They are called "smart" homes and lack alien life forms from other planets (unless we count our family's odd second cousin Pat).

5.Office Worker

Retro Future Employee

the retro Future vision

This image shows another blast from the past vision of the future. It's the office job that people of the 60s thought they would see today.

The pic was part of a 1969 exhibition in Hanover, Germany. Check out the oversized computers, typewriter keys, and photocopier included in this desk.

The office desk of the future, envisioned back in the 1960s, the Mad Men era, featured amazing automation features and out-of-the-box styling. It included television screens for monitors and required more room than we give to desks today.

Other images of retro future desks show receptionists at telephone switchboards and electronic machines for keying rotary files with more speed than ever before. As with the home and car retro future topics above, the outer space influences are apparent here too; note the rounded style of the office desk and chair's headrest, to name just two examples.

And let's not forget about the retro future video conference calls with business colleagues, the video recorders, and the typewriters that people predicted would be part of our 21st century. They were different social networks than Twitter and Facebook, for sure! 

The Reality Check

Technology has exceeded the expectations explained above. We had the typewriter and now it is outdated, replaced by PCs with features such as 16GB of RAM, 1 TB storage capacities, 27in screens, and 3.3 GHz processor speeds. Many workers today are on the go, so rather than having a stationary desk they have laptops with touch screens, in addition to smartphones and tablets that connect back to their desktops. 

Tech for the Office Worker Today

Many workers today are on the go, so rather than having a stationary desk they have laptops with touch screens, in addition to smartphones that connect back to their desktops. You can get a washable keyboard, Bluetooth stereo speaker clock kit, and other cool tech gadgets that you might not even know exist today. 

Many jobs of today are based online, revolving around the World Wide Web that was born in 1989. There is Skype, which is similar to the retro future video calls but today the technology is much faster, better quality, and cheaper than it had been imagined to be by this point in time. Technology is advancing quickly!

Say goodbye to the 9-5 job and hello to making our own schedules. Let's finish our spreadsheets on laptops as we sit at the airport and don't forget that phone call we will make from our Apple Watch. The wearable technology trend is on fire!

Oh and did we mention Google Glass yet? Google is tweaking the reality glasses to reintroduce them to the enterprise market as a way to boost worker productivity. Businesses will reportedly have to pay $1,500 to buy the glasses once they are ready for purchase by enterprises.

6.Flat TVs

the retro Future vision

Back in 1946, Darryl Zanuck said these words:

Television won't be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night."

Darryl Zanuck 
20th Century Fox
Retro-futurism and Television

Zanuck's TV prediction could not have been farther from the truth. Mind you, he was a Hollywood legend who derived his income from the silver screen, so it makes sense that he discouraged the television trend as it threatened his livelihood.

As for how exactly television would look in the future, this image from a Hildebrands postcard shows a woman singing and a woman listening via a device that resembles a phone.

Also, note the singer's image displayed on the wall, which shows the prediction of what live TV would someday look to be for people. Check out the bottom right-hand corner of the postcard to see the year "2000." Talk about one heck of a retro future TV vision!

The Reality Check

Zanuck was also incorrect in his retro future discussion of the plywood box. It is a plastic box today, thank you very much, that we watch mindlessly. We have flat screen TVs and flat panel HDTVs. You can get your television set with a edge-lit or direct LED backlight, remotes with sweet motion control and voice search, 4K resolution, and screen sizes upwards of 80in. 

TV Today

And TV today IS a big deal, by the way. People watch over four hours of television a day, on average, or nine years over a lifetime. TV viewing includes live coverage of Super Bowls, beauty pageants and late night talk shows, although the process is not like the postcard above depicted it would happen in the future. There is 3D TV and don't forget about wall-mounting the device either.

The way we consume television is changing every year, with more people choosing to cut the cord on traditional cable TV and instead choose set top players like Roku 3 and the Google Nexus Player. Watch what you want, when you want, and save money too! Check out this review of the top 5 media streamers on the market to learn which one is the best option for you.


the retro Future vision

In the 1960s, computerized learning was predicted to be big in the future.

Computers and Retro-Futurism

Students were given questions in school lessons and asked to select multiple choice answers on their machines. A correct answer moved them forward with the test while an incorrect answer took them to a review of the related topic.

At the end of the test, their answers were printed out on paper to show the teacher. My, we've come a long way!

But, what did people back then think about computers outside of the classroom, such as in the home? Ahem, this remark of Ken Olsen, the founder and CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation, back in 1977, is a telling one:

There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home."

Ken Olsen 
CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation

Yes, you read that quote right (as we type this post on a computer at home). And if you want more retro laughter, check out these vintage computer ads that are so bad it hurts.

The Reality Check

Here is a few more computer retro future predictions but these are different than Olsen's statement because they came TRUE! 

The predictions below are all from futurist Ray Kurzweil. He is the inventor of technologies such as the first CCD flatbed scanner and was asked by Larry Page to direct Google's artificial intelligence initiatives. 

Here are Kurzweil's retro future predictions over the past 25 years that have come true:

  • Kurzweil predicted a computer would defeat a world chess champion by 1998. It happened in 1997 when IBM's Deep Blue chess computer took down World Champ Garry Kasparov.
  • In 1990, he predicted that by the year 2010 computers would answer queries users asked them by accessing info on the Internet. Hello Google.
  • Back in 1999, Kurzweil accurately predicted that people would have the ability to give commands to their computers by 2009. Yes, Apple's Siri was in development in 2009! 
ray kurzweil predictions

Ray Kurzweil

Today, computers are a major part of learning in classrooms. There are online class discussion forums and tests, and often instructors integrate specific websites into course lectures. Emails provide ways for teachers to touch base with students. 

Often students bring laptops and iPads to the classroom to take notes, research Google for projects, and more. As for distance education courses, they can be done completely on the Internet, without ever meeting the instructor in person.

Yes, the retro future vision of computerized learning appeared to be on the right track. We can't wait to see how video lectures, the iPad, and WiFi will continue to improve in their effectiveness over the future years!

Retro-Futurism And The Now

Let's face it - we're not quite where the folks of the past thought we would be now. We still don't fly around in cars, and the Kardashians rule the television airwaves. 

Funny of Kardashian Power Now

But we've got to give the thumbs up to amazing advances in computerized learning and technologies in general. We'll see you in your flying Tesla in the future and say hello to your clone too. The future is going to be one heck of an amazing virtual reality ride. We're strapping ourselves in for this one!

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how to operate miter saw

The avid do-it-yourselfer clearly knows the benefits of a sliding compound miter saw. The tool is not for the timid; it is large but with a diverse usage.

The saw comes with a sliding blade that enables it to cut various materials, doing 14î in width. The best thing about its features is the base and blade, which can be angled to do intricate cuts with ease.

The Proper Blade

Different jobs require different blades; which is why it is vital to use the right blade when working with a sliding compound miter saw to avoid damaging the blade and add more years to its use.

Part of ensuring that you are using the right blade for the job is ensuring that the blade is sharp. A blunt blade will vibrate and have too much friction that will cause it to overheat.

Lock and Load

Almost all sliding compound miter saws come with a locking feature. The user will position the saw at the desired angle then test it make sure the cut is right and adjust if necessary.

Once the calibrations are correct, the user will turn a screw to lock the saw down to avoid the boards from shifting when cutting. It is important to avoid making the screw too tight because it can strip or break.

Extensions are the Perfect Accessory

An extension is important when using a sliding compound miter saw to cut long boards. Some sliding compound miter saw models have a slide-out extension while others have the extension as an additional accessory that is bought separately when purchasing the saw.

The most ardent of do-it-yourselfers opt to get creative and build an extension for their tool. Regardless of the method of getting the extension, this is a necessary accessory that will help ensure corrects cuts when working on long boards.

Tape Stops Splinters

Use masking tape when cutting; it will help keep the wood from splintering. Just tape the area you plan to cut and then cut through the tape into the wood. Use good quality masking tape the will hold together the wood ends to stop splintering.

Molding is a Breeze

Set the sliding compound miter saw at a 450 locking position when cutting crown moldings. Correctly measure and mark the molding for the furthest end to the other (lengthwise), flip the molding and place the saw as you ensure you reflect the mold on the wall.

Place one end on the fence as you cut into the corners and have it on the table when cut the outside corners. You will need a coping saw to back-cut the profile. Afterward, draw a line of the fence keeping in line with the stock to help you repeat the positioning with ease.

A sliding compound miter saw is the perfect tool for homeowners and contractors that seek for tools that will make challenging cuts easy. The saw makes cutting a molding such a simple job, slashing away the amount of time and effort put into creating exceptional woodwork.​

For more infos on miter saws, take a look at our miter saw reviews!

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Vintage Computer Ads for This Guy

The computer ads of decades past are great to look back on to see just how far technology has progressed today. It’s also worth a laugh to see how marketers of the past used babies, pools, and women to try to sell computers. We’ve selected 18 vintage computer ads that are so bad it hurts.

1.Baby On Board… To Learn

Bad Laptop Ad
Sure, let’s just hand a laptop to a baby. Yup, the little cutie will know what to do with it. Maybe this early learner could become the next Albert Einstein?

2.Grow & Groan

1960s Computer AdThis 1960s ad makes it quite clear that you’ll grow a giant body if you get the advertised job. Right, that’s why you want the job. Uh huh. Sure, it would be great to be ten times our current height but then again we’d just settle for everyone around us having a bit of common sense.

3.Shhhh, I Wanna Tell Ya Something

IBM Computer Ad
In this vintage computer ad, we would like to forewarn IBM of the security attacks to come on businesses around the world in the upcoming years. We like to help people.

4.Partner Of Your Dreams

Funny Retro Computer Ad
Here are a few extra lines to add to the quote in this bad advert: “One day later, I realized with huge disappointment that this dumb machine wouldn’t have a drink with me like my real partner would do.” Priceless.

5.Brainiac Back Then

Brain Vintage Computer Ad
It’s less than $5! Let’s celebrate! The retro ad from a 1967 Marvel comic book shows a unique tech product that we likely wouldn’t see today. Although we do have a friend that also is fun at parties and tells fortunes once he gets a few drinks in him.

6.That’s Some Storage You Got There

Vintage Ad for Computer Storage
To store or not to store, that is the question. And the answer is NOT to store. In 1977, when this ad went to print, who could afford 80 MB for the special price of under $12,000?!

7.I’m Too Sexy For This Computer

Retro Ad Sexy
Why did computer ads play up the sexy back in the 70s? That was certainly an *ahem* insightful *ahem* way to market the microcomputer.

8.Hit (The Keys) & Run

Funny Superhero Computer Ad
You’ll be like a friggin’ superhero with the MultiSpeed computer! The way the tie is flying, we hope we can catch up with this jet setter! It’s such a bad computer ad that it hurts (almost as much as a hit and run).

9.Ditch The Dog, Get A New ‘Puter

Bad Computer Advertising with Family
So much for a dog being man’s best friend. It looks like this retro TRS-80 Model 4 from Tandy was meant to be everyone’s best friend or at least once they put down those awesome software programs they were holding onto for dear life.

10.It’s A Big Moment

Fail Apple Ad

Ah yes, it’s so small that – No, wait, it’s not small at all. Not thin, either. We’ll wait another 20 years, it’s okay. No rush.

11.Awkwardly Mobile

Mobile Computer Ad Hurts So CornyWe don’t care what year this ad came out as there is no way it is mobile in any decade! Hello large and awkward design, nice to meet you.

12.My Briefcase Is Ringing

Briefcase Portability Ad is Bad
We like how the ad mentions “maximum user convenience.” It’s a small phone, y’all, that’s what the advertisers wanted you to think. The smartphones of today are less than a quarter of the size and include all of the features shown here (not that we make phone calls anymore).

13.For Your 2 Favorite Songs

Megabytes Bad Retro Advertisement
Imagine that, a 10 MB hard disk system that will hold both of your favorite songs on it. Wow, how can they possibly top that? Oh, right, the 26 MB system.

14.That’s A Nice Modem You’ve Got There

Old School Ad with Woman
How about a lovely blonde holding a computer and the COMPUTER being the one called sexy? Now that’s a unique computer marketing strategy.

15.Just A Small Office Addition Inn-deed

Computer Ad Bad EfficiencySeriously, look how big that computer is! Well, on the bright side, now the Inn is ready to take your reservation, just wait for the dial-up connection to start and we’ll go from there.

16.If You See This, Call 911

Bad Word Processor Ad

If we saw this model in a store now, we’d back slowly away. We do like the line “when you’re the star, we’re the star.” You’re shining brightly here, WordStar.

17.Color Coded

Old Radio Shack Ad

The 1980s brought us a color computer. I don’t think we can outdo this retro ad from Radio Shack. Wait, let us try…


Old Commodore Computer AdWhy yes, I would like to take my groovy Commodore to the poolside. Thank you for asking me.

My, we’ve come a long, long way baby in the computer age. The ads above are some of the ones that hurt the most. We hope you groaned right along with us as we put together this post. Now let’s all get back to our wearable technologies, shall we?

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These Retro Games Won't Sell Today

Are you ready for a blast from the past? Here are 14 retro games that we’re fairly certain would never sell today. That is, not unless the consumer is Uncle Fester or one of the Three Stooges. It all began with an innocent game of darts.

1.Nothing Like A Dart To The Eye

No Lawn Darts Today
Did your mom ever say to you, “You’ll poke someone’s eye out if you’re not careful”? She might have said it while you played these lawn darts in your backyard. The game was fun but is now banned in the US and Canada over safety risks. If you still have a set of these darts, you’re a badass.

2.Name That Ripped-Off Tune

Name That Tune, But Not Today
The game show Name That Tune ran in the 1950s, 1970s, and 1980s. We don’t think it would be a hit today though as every song on the Top 40s chart seems to sound the same. Plus, artists are being sued for copying one another’s tunes (remember the Blurred Lines lawsuit?).

3.Nothing To See Here

Retro Video Game Pro Wrestling

The graphics on this video game are so outdated that it would never appeal to consumers today. The poor guy shown here just wanted to get ahead in the world.

4.An Exciting Indoor Sport

WTF Board Game

The Orgy board game was meant to appeal to the 70s hippies. Nope, we didn’t make it up. This retro game wouldn’t sell today though because our society is way too politically correct.

5.Clowning Around

Vintage Video Game Circus
Did you play the arcade game Circus? It was a quarter muncher that gave players control over a circus act, just as its name suggests. You had to guide the seesaw underneath the clown. The problem here is obvious. Clowns got really messed up after Circus released in 1977. Now we have disturbing clowns like Pennywise and The Joker. This video game manufacturer would go bankrupt today.

6.Dare To Be Physical

Retro Kids Game Double Dare
This game aired on the Nickelodeon kids’ channel from 1986-1993. Kids were put through physical challenges and trivia Q&A periods. The TV show couldn’t exist today because kids are too busy playing on the computer – do they even know what physical activity is? Also, one of the three hosts was Bruce Jenner, who is now Cait, who is now kinda busy…

7.Where’s The Cats?

Old Maid Cards Are Not SoldToday
Kids today probably have no idea what an Old Maid is so we think that the card game Old Maid would only collect dust on store shelves today. Instead, an updated deck of cards would more appropriately be called Crazy Cat Lady, in our humble opinion.

8.Where’s The Tech?

Vintage Game Lite Brite
If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, then you will know what Lite-Brite is and have fond memories of it. But it wouldn’t be selling to the same crowd today, who want the latest tech and want it to be wearable too.

9.Journey Of The Past

Journey Video Game
Back in the 80s all the cool kids were into video arcades and MTV. The two popular concepts merged into the video game Journey, which plopped one of the most popular bands of that decade into their own gaming adventure. Today, we wonder if teens even know who Journey is and think the game would need to be altered to include Taylor Swift or Snoop Dogg.

10.Knock, Knock, Your Outdated Date Is Here

Vintage Dating Game
This 1965 game was designed for girls ages 6-14 and featured four potential dates for her. The “dud” date card, as the game called it, was the nerdy guy. In the 21st century, the geek is chic so this premise wouldn’t fly! Plus, people are too busy trying to figure out the online dating game anyway.

11.Pass On This Game

Retro Game About DrinkingThe box says it is an “exciting adult game.” Wonder what Bill Cosby would think of the idea?

12.Not Striking Pay Dirt

Oil Strike Game Outdated
It’s not exactly a board game that would sell out in stores today. It was designed for the whole family, but environmentalists around the world aren’t impressed with this one.

13.Boobies (Giggle)

Board Game Would Never Sell Today
Self-explanatory. The word “booby” is fun to say, but the whole family might not chuckle about it. Sorry for embarrassing you, mom.

14.To The Extreme-ly Bad

Retro Rap Game Features Vanilla Ice
Remember Vanilla Ice, the 90s rapper who had hits like To The Extreme and Ice Ice Baby? Us neither. With outdated electronics and an over-the-hill music act as its main draw, this game is a loser in the present time.

These retro board games will leave you bored. As for the Old Maid card game, it was made with an expiry date years ago. Nowadays we’re consuming PC games like Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands 2 but we sure had fun exploring the oldies with you. Let’s leave the dust on those vintage games, not that we’re judgemental about them or anything.

Surprisingly, some games have managed to stand the test of time. Take good ol’ Scrabble, for example. This party favorite is even more fun today, where your odds of winning are greatly improved with a little help from the interwebs, where one can find some handy tools to shurt-cut their path to Scrabble domination. Yes, UnscrambleX.com can do that for you!

Bottom Line

Zeitgeist changes, and so do people’s entertainment habits. What was a hot commodity 20 year ago is now a dust collector in someone’s attic. What used to be casual fun is now politically incorrect and verboten. Therefore, let’s leave the nostalgia to the collectors!

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Creepy Music Cover in Vinyl

Let us set the stage. There once was a blank album cover, and it needed an image. Everyone gathered around the conference table to come up with an ingenious art work. Then the art director got out the Bong. Here is what came next.

1.And Then The Puppet Came Out

Creepy Retro Puppet Album Cover

Is the puppet creepier than the face of the chick on the right? It’s a tough one to decide, but we’ll let Little Marcy have the final say (or risk being stabbed in our sleep later).

2.Bee Gee, I’m Happy

Retro Funny Album Cover
Gee Willikers I’m just so doggone happy! Or he’s saying something like that. After this photo had been taken, the men all went back to Dick’s house for some sword fighting.

3.Puss N’ Topless

Creepy Pussy Woman Album Cover
Whatever got her to take off her shirt and show her pussy cat? The answer: Who cares. As for the daddy line, creepy just came to town with him.

4.Our Condolences

Dead Friends Bad Album Cover
Sorry to hear that Freddie. Good thing you put your tribute to your dead friends so poetically in this title.

5.Hand It To Her, Folks

Woman Odd Cover for Music
Now that’s a talented lady. Sexy? No. At least not unless she uses those hands to help us come along. This is one of the creepiest retro album covers.

6.Blew Us Away

Awkward Album Cover
Apparently it’s Blow Fly’s world, and we just live in it. We’re going to medicate ourselves now.

7.When You Gotta Go…

Creepy Toilet Vinyl Record Cover
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been turned on by a chick sitting on a toilet on an album cover. That’s because it’s never happened.

8.Dirty Boy

Creepy Hans Elder Music CoverThis creepy retro album cover can be summed up in three words: It’s just wrong.

9.For The Love Of God

Lady is Creepy on Retro Album Cover
If chills run down your spine as you look at the concept of this vintage vinyl cover then … you have the same reaction as we did when we first saw this one!

10.No Huckleberry Finn Here

This Puppet Album Cover is So Wrong
Given the look of defiance that the puppet is giving the ventriloquist, we hope it never comes to life to be a “real boy” like Pinocchio. It’s a different adventure than Huckleberry Finn encountered.

11.Clowning Around

Creepy Clown Vinyl
This is the token clown cover that any freaky post has to include in it. Obligation fulfilled.

12.Going To The Dogs

Dog Retro Album Cover
Apparently gay dogs came out of the closet in the 1960s. The evidence for that statement is in one of the creepiest retro album covers ever, which we’ve included here for your viewing pleasure horror.

13.Havarti & Cheddar

Music Cover is Creepy
Cheesy or creepy? You take your pick – it could maybe be both of those options?

14.Taming The Tiger

Creepy Album Features Tiger and Woman
Want to meet up tonight? Sorry, I can’t, I’m just hanging out with the tiger rug and listening to tunes. Oh okay, I did that yesterday. ((Ah, the ’60s!))

15.Just Another Day Freaking Out Friends

Freaky Friends and Music
Just what you always wanted to give your friends for Christmas. You’re welcome.

These are easily 15 of the creepiest retro album covers ever. Whatever compelled people to think that putting images of puppets and a four-armed lady onto the vinyl covers is beyond us. Maybe we’re just more into the likes of that Village People and Twisted Sister, but that’s just us. If you can’t sleep later, you’re not alone – these images are giving us worse nightmares than the time we saw Justin Bieber perform live. On the bright side, it’s time for another Jack & Coke.