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Most Searched Man Cave Items

Say bravo to... you! Your manhood is something to celebrate, and it's about time you did so. Put together the best lair possible by including one, two, or all nine of these most searched man cave items. Go ahead, we're right beside you and grinning too.

1.Everything is better with Bluetooth

Bluetooth Speaker for the Man Cave

You can bet that every man cave has to have some electronics. Bluetooth, in particular, is awesome. It's conveniently portable, has an easy setup, and delivers clear rich sound. Find out why the MINI JAMBOX shown in the photo above makes our list of the top 5 affordable Bluetooth speakers.

2.From the throne to the man cave

Game of Thrones Flash Drive

Game of Thrones is not only the best TV show out there (sorry Big Bang Theory fans) but it also has inspired great stuff for the man cave. Want an example? Sure, but you'll have to suck an egg if you're not in agreement. It's a Game of Thrones flash drive that looks like a dragon egg. Just crack open the shell to birth a dragon reveal the removable USB 16GB drive.

3.Sign Us up for neon

avengers neon sign

Neon signs are a great part of your lair. They come in pretty much any design, light up a dark basement instantly, and add an extra element of cool to the room. Check out how this Avengers neon sign fits into a den devoted to the epic superhero flick.

4.You know the drill

Porter Cable Drill Review

The Porter-Cable PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium 2 Tool Combo Kit shown above is a great choice for your metalwork or woodwork projects for the man cave. It is lightweight, versatile with its 1/2" drill/drive, and has a powerful construction. Make a wood bar top for your basement bar or craft an original gear sculpture for your steampunk room.

5.Everyone gets a kegerator

Beer Dispenser or Kegorator

When Oprah said "you get a car" to the audience and gave away a car to everyone in the audience, men secretly hoped she would also hand out kegerators. These beer dispensers are one of the most searched man cave items for two good reasons. You can make it yourself, and your buds will think you're as awesome as Tony Stark. Check out how to build your own DIY kegerator for your bar.

6.We Played Foosball Before it was cool

Foosball Reviews for Man Cave

Just sayin', we played table games before they were cool. Have your buds over, drink some beers, and play foosball. Can't ask for a better night, all without leaving the house. Better make sure that you get a quality foosball table, though, so check out this review.

7.Poker face Place

Card Table and Man Cave Search

You're not the only one wanting a basement that looks like this one. Card tables are one of the most searched man cave items, no doubt about it. Opt for a quality poker table that is durable enough to withstand regular games and make it part of a Las Vegas style room that has all the glam of the real city. Bet big and enjoy the cave!

8.Man Cave bar: Everyone Knows Your Name

Build Man Cave Bar

You can have your own Cheers where "everyone knows your name" when you have a man cave bar. It's your freakin' house so of course you're known to everyone! It doesn't get much better than going to the basement to sip a few cold ones. No designated driver is needed, but you have to remember to head back upstairs at the end of the night to bed.

9.Media Streamers for Shizzle

Media Streamer for Man Cave

We wanted to find the most searched man cave items, and it led us straight to the TV set. Get the most bang for your buck by cutting the cable and getting a media-streaming device instead. Choose the best media streamer for you and save BIG on your cable bill with this handy guide.

Now you've got the essentials to put together the best man cave ever. From media streamers to a kegerator, drill, and Bluetooth speaker, you've got the ultimate electronics to play with as you drink beer. Just don't operate the drill if you're drunk. Please and thank you. Until next time, bros.

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Organizing with IKEA Life Hacks

Sure, you can buy furniture and use it for its intended purpose. But, why not get creative instead and use these IKEA hacks? Read on for inspiration on how to reinvent the Swedish store's offerings and organize your life with the unique furnishings for your man cave. Let's get started, shall we?

Not the right hacks for you? Get the IKEA HACKS book instead!

Money Saver Tip:
Did You Know You Can Buy Ikea Furniture on Amazon?

While prices aren't always better on Amazon, combined with your Prime membership, saving $29 (you would otherwise pay to IKEA for shipping) might be well worth it! 

1.From lack to luxury

IKEA Organization Hack for Shelving

Need shelving to organize your stacks of Maxim mags and gaming accessories? If so, here's a great solution that uses the IKEA Lack wall shelf. Get three of the basic wood shelves and cover them with copper, gold or silver contact paper for an eye-catching finish. Alternatively, spray the birch wood with metallic spray paint.

2.Garage Worthy

Manly Organization via IKEA

The ultimate garage workbench can be yours. It just takes some creative IKEA hacks and muscle. The Swedish storage is affordable too so you won't be living beyond your means. The base of the workbench is made from three-drawer RAST chests that are only about $40 each.

Above the counter, use KALLAX storage cubes from IKEA to store your most beloved tools and keep them easily within reach. Each cube is big and durable. Sure, you might have to spend some time assembling the items but that's what your media streamer is for, right?! Put on Orange is the New Black in the background and DIY your heart out.

3.Drink Up

Wine Rack DIY from IKEA

Never will you wonder again where to put your liquor, thanks to this great IKEA hack! We love that you can still read the labels clearly and pick the ones you want easily (glub, glub). This stainless steel wine rack is made from several 80cm Grundtal double towel bars. You can make the rack as big as you want by just increasing the number of bars you use for it. No whining here, only wine drinking. Personally, we prefer this wavy design for a less 'Swedish' look, just sayin'.

4.Storage Dreams

Organize with IKEA Men

Even if you have a small bedroom, you can slot in some extra storage beside and beneath the bed. Here's an inventive way to do so, featuring nine Faktum cabinets from the Swedish megastore. Tho get your manly bedding on, we got something for you too. Your room won't look nearly so crowded (or creepy) once you hide away your "toys" in the DIY drawers. Here's the how-to guide.

5.A stool by any other name...

IKEA Organized Man

...would be a bookshelf. Take the legendary Frosta stool and turn it into a bookshelf to showcase your books. Orgasmic organizational tip? We think so. The IKEA hack involves sawing the top of the stool in half. The rest of the DIY steps are here. The stool comes in yellow or red top; we suggest using both colors to add extra panache to your man cave (do we get bonus points for using the word "panache"?).

6.If the Shoe Fits, organize it

Shoe DIY Shelf for Men

Why throw your shoes into a pile by the door? This organizational hack is way cooler. Show off your latest kicks within an Expedit bookcase, customized with Variera shelf inserts. Add Kallax wheels to the display so you can move it around the room as you please.

The LED lights spotlight the sneakers, with the wires all tucked neatly in the shelf corners. Mounted at the bottom of the shoe bookcase and hidden from sight is the power supply box. Want to recreate this shoe display? Here you go.

7.When size matters

Towel Rack for Men

When you want a small towel rack, here's a nifty idea. Invert a Bekvam spice rack to hang the towel. Bonus: The top is a shelf that can hold a bottle of cologne or your go-to deodorant. There are tons of other creative ideas for using the Bekvam in this post.

And there you have it... brilliance. Seven great IKEA hacks to keep you organized, provided you have a few hours here and there to do the conversions from the basic furniture. Choose from the shoe bookcase, storage under the bed, wine rack, and more. These ways of reinventing the timeless, budget-friendly furniture are impressive and, let's not forget, so are you. 

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You Didn't Know You Need to Groom

The modern man is all about looking his best, and it’s about time some companies are actually paying attention to the bro in the know. Here are 8 grooming supplies you didn’t know you needed – or at least not until you came across this post.

1.Beard Lube

Here’s a lube you might not have considered as it goes on another body part – your face. Amazon won’t dry out your skin like shave creams or foams. This 3-in-1 is a dandy, combining pre-shave oil, shave cream, and skin conditioner in one product.

2.Shaver on Ice

If you’re not a fan of the dry shave, then the Amazon with Thermo-Electric-Cooling Technology is one you’ll have to try out soon. It has a cooling bar that cools sensitive skin, reducing the irritation you often get when you electric shave daily. The SensoBlad technology perfectly cuts your whiskers, keeping you looking oh so suave.

3.AXE: Say No to B.O.

B.O. is not going to be your issue with Amazon. It keeps odor and wet pits away for up to 48 hours. We like the “Night” variety shown here because a man at night is on the prowl for action and that’s when he needs confidence the most.

4.Hair Paste

Get your manly locks looking their best with Amazon. It provides the ultimate hold as you shape your damp or dry hair.  We think The Hoff would approve.

5.This Lip Balm Is The Bomb

Keep your lips from becoming painfully dry and make them even more kissable to her. We don’t want lips that taste like fruity sh*t so instead opt for this unflavored, unscented Amazon. It’s affordable in the 4-pack and only uses natural ingredients, including beeswax.

6.Energetic Eye, Oh My

Say goodbye to dark circles, those tell-tale signs that you’re tired when you use Amazon, which is specifically designed for men’s skin. Its roller applicator is easier to use than cream and ice cold too, so it’s really refreshing.

7.Skin Spatula

Why yes you can be a manly man and take great care of your skin. After all, skin that glows is skin that gets touched by hot chicks. Seems obvious? Then give the Amazon a try. This 2-in-1 Ultrasonic machine cleans the skin first. Next, fill it with your favorite skin care product to infuse it onto your face and neck. Goodbye dull skin, hello ladies.

8.Got Wood?

Make . two of the staples in your shower. The smell of eucalyptus and menthol invigorates you in the morning. The hair product duo makes your hair more manageable. Manly yet soft locks are what she will run her hands through if you use these bottles regularly.

When you look your best, you feel your best. It’s that simple. From your skin to your lips and hair, you can rock the runway of life. Want more style info? Check out our grooming essentials for the modern man.

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what to look for when buying a miter saw

We've got news for you: No workshop is complete until it is stocked with a miter saw. To get you up to speed, here is our quick primer in the "mighty" miter saw! For even more miter saw goodness, check out our miter saw reviews post.

In order to make cuts in wood at precise angles, you'll need the specialized tool called the miter saw. In order to produce these angled cuts, they are equipped with a blade that pivots right or left on the swing arm that it is mounted on.

There are many different types of miter saws including a sliding compound miter saw, a dual compound miter saw, a compound miter saw, and a miter saw. Another category you might be interested in is table saws.

These saws are very useful when making cuts for window casings, door frames, picture frames, crown molding, and more.

There are three major variations.

hitachi c15fb 15

1.The Compound Miter Saw

This sucker has blades that pivot right and left for angled cuts. When beveled cuts are needed, the tilt is in a single direction. A compound miter cut is performed by manipulating the saw on both axes simultaneously.

Any project that requires angled cuts in two planes, such as crown molding and picture frames becomes much easier when a compound miter saw is used. They are capable of executing these compound cuts in a single pass.

dewalt sliding dual compound miter saw

2.The Dual Compound Miter Saw

The Dual Compound Miter Saw is very similar to the compound miter saw. However, it is not limited to tilting is just one direction. It tilts both right and left. Bevels at any angle can be swiftly made.

makita ls1016l miter saw

3.The Sliding Compound Miter Saw

It combines a sliding feature with all the versatility of a compound. The blade can be moved backwards and forwards like the radial arm saw. This sliding feature extends the length of the cut, which is a considerable advantage for large projects. When you are looking for a miter saw, look for features that provide you with greater versatility and that will make your work go easier.

The power of the saw motor is measured in amps. You'll get more power behind your cuts when your motor has higher amps. Another important thing to consider when you are looking for a miter saw is the size of the blade. These blades are most commonly found at 8, 10, and 12 inches long.

You will get longer cuts with blades that have larger diameters. You can quickly make precise cuts at specific angles if your saw has factory set points known as positive stops. You won't need as much time to set up your cuts when your saw has these stops.

For quick adjustments, some table saws come with stops that are thumb activated. In order to control how deeply you cut into the wood you are working on, the height of the blade can be adjusted with depth stops.

You will have a better view of the cutting line when you use articulated blade guards. This modification keeps the guard clear of the stock. The blade is completely covered by the guard when the saw is raised. When you release the trigger, the flow of electricity within the motor of the saw is reversed by electric brakes. This reversal rapidly stops the motion of the blade.

The blade motion is stopped in just two seconds on saws that have electric brakes. This is much faster than it is on models that don't have this added feature. It is much easier to swap out the blade when the shaft or spindle locks hold the blade and shaft in a stationary position.

To move sawdust from the cutting area, blowers and dust chutes are available.The sawdust is collected in dust bags that are mounted on the saw.To get a more accurate cut, there are table extensions that are connected to either side of the saw. These are great for supporting stock that is longer. For additional support for tall stock for standard miter cuts, flip sliding fences are used. In order to make bevel cuts, simply flip or slide them out of the way.

To aid you in accurately guiding your cut, there are guide lights and laser guides available that cast a shadow or project a beam onto the work piece.Miter setting and bevel information is easy to read on the digital displays. 

Need more info? Take a look at our miter saw review post.​

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There are basically just two main types of foosball tables on the market for you to chose from. They are:

1.Stand Alone Foosball Table

foosball table

The stand-alone table is larger and expensive compared to tabletop foosball table and remains the most common type of table used in big leagues and schools. This is because they offer great stability. Everything on the table is attached.

These tables are made from solid wood making them quite heavy to move around. The good thing about this product is that they are durable simply because they have been designed with high-quality materials. The only limitation this table has to offer is size and cost. Take a look at the Warrior Foosball table, which scored best in our Foosball table review and offers a good set of features, along with a decent price tag.

2.Table Top Foosball Table

Table top foosball table is quite affordable, lighter and requires less space compared to Stand alone table.

This type of table best suits those who are short on space or simply want to transport their table to many other areas often. Moreover, it gives people the advantage of using lesser space and lighter to be moved.

The biggest advantage is that this table is less expensive compared to the standalone table. This is because this table is made from less expensive materials such as plastic. This table is ideal for kids since it can be placed on lower tables such as the coffee tables where they can play the game more comfortably.

A good tabletop foosball should feature non-scratching and non-slipping pads that will not only protect the surface it it is placed on, but also offer a solid grip for intense gameplay.

Multi Game Foosball Table

This is another foosball table that is ideal for kids back at home. The best thing about this table is that it can be used by the whole family to play and have a good time together. They are the best - especially if there are more than two family members.

All that is required is placing it in your home's game room. When the foosball rod is removed, the table can support many other games such chess, bowling, shuffleboard, air hockey, tennis and many more. As you probably guessed, this type of foosball table will cost more than a single foosball table.

Not Ready For The Real Deal? Here Is Another Option:

new potato technologies classic match foosball for ipad

Classic Match Foosball For iPad 1/2/3

Classic Match Foosball brings the complete foosball experience to your iPad!

Complete with 8 functional 2 axis control bars and real scoring markers on each end, this app- enabled accessory immerses you in game play as good as a tournament grade table, allowing the most expert player to show off their well-oiled skills. 

What To Look For In A Foosball Table

As you probably know, these tables do range dramatically in price. You may get a foosball costing you under $100 whereas there are tables that will cost you more than $1000. The moment a buyer has identified the amount of money they are willing to spend, it is time to consider other options available to them by finding the most suitable foosball table within their budget.This means that a buyer must consider size, playing skill and even the design of the table itself.

    A standard full-sized foosball table is 30 inches in width and 56 inches in length. Factoring in the space for the playing rods that protrude from each side of the table, as well as the space each person requires when playing at the table, it is suggested that a foosball table requires approximately 7 feet by 8 feet of playing space.

    For those people looking forward to purchase an affordable foosball table for young children to play with, consider buying a smaller tabletop version that requires less space. To those players who are interested in improving their playing skills and maybe play the game more competitively, going for a foosball table that is full-sided is the best decision.
    Did you know that the type of foosball table a buyer gets reflects on the skill they have? Moreover, the goals of those skilled players are quite often. Well, as these tables vary in size, price and quality, so is the skills of those using this game.

    Beginners are usually young adults or even kids. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will not find an adult who has never played this game. Tabletop versions are a great idea for small kids because of the size.

    Moreover, the height of this game is quite long making it very difficult for kids to play easily. Even though there are tables that come with an adjustable height. For this reason, many buyers today are buying these small tables before they advance further.

    Intermediate players do want a table with smooth moving rods, a flat playing surface and a structure that is durable about. These tables offer a bit more steady legs from a very strong material. Note that these tables are mid ranged in price and they are ideal for those who are looking to improve on their skills.

    A table for professional foosball players needs to be full in size having compiled with all gaming regulations. It should be very steady with long solid legs and a strong cabinet. Because of this and much more, skilled players, need a table that can withstand and handle forceful types of play. Therefore, it needs to be solid and not to shake.
    The less expensive a foosball table is, the more particle boards has been used in their construction. With time and continuous use, these particle boards will start weakening and ultimately end up falling out.

    However, when it comes to wooden playing surfaces, the truth of the matter is that the table will have a much longer period of time before it becomes weaker.

    To know if the table is of great condition, you can start by looking at the material used. Check if the materials are less than a half-inch in thickness and if the table weighs less than 70 pounds. Although these tables offer a more affordable price, when compared to top-quality foosball tables they offer very little durability or quality play.

    The more expensive top-quality foosball tables are made from solid wood or composite construction. Low-quality wood can warp over time, just as with a particle board, so it important to choose either a very strong wood, such as oak, or purchase a table that is constructed with composite material.

    The composite or solid wood needs to be a minimum of one inch in thickness for it to offer the durability needed for a quality table that sees intermediate use.
    Anyone willing to get a top quality foosball table suitable for those serious players, having a steel rod that is hollow is the best choice. Hollow rods are a lot lighter to move it around than solid ones. This gives players speed on movement while playing. For this reason, it does not cause tiredness like using solid iron while playing.
    Some tables come with table legs of 36 inches.
    This height is suitable for older teens or adults. If younger players wish to play and learn the skills of the game, they will require the table to be set at a lower height. Therefore, if you are considering to buy a foosball table that will be played by more than one person, it is very important to go for a table that offers adjustable legs.

    The best thing about these legs is that they can adjust to a few inches as per your desire and hence making the table more flexible for the whole family to play the game more comfortably. In addition, the adjustable table legs feature its high quality table levellers under the base of its legs. This means that the table can be levelled even when being used on an uneven floor.

This concludes our Foosball table feature roundup. Don't forget to take a look at our review for more Foosball table tips and product recommendations.

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Next Girlfriend is a Real Estate Agent

Sure, you’re dated prime real estate before, all wrapped up in one beautiful package.  Now your best bet is to date a woman who works as a real estate agent. Why? Here are the top 10 reasons.

1.Discount Dining

Dating Real Estate Agent Save Money
Hey, you won’t have to plant a fly in your meal anymore when you eat out to get it at half price. Now you can just (kindly) ask her to submit it as a tax deduction.

2.Party Master

Real Estate Agents are Party Gurus
She surfs online for deals on party favors with one hand while she grants your $%[email protected]#* a favor with her other hand. She can plan rockin’ parties in her sleep and, yup, you think you’ll keep this real estate agent as your girlfriend.

3.Easy To Reach

Real Estate Girlfriend is Easy to Reach
She’s used to fielding calls from home buyers and other real estate agents. Her iPhone is always close by, which comes in handy when your car breaks down again, and you need to ask her to pick up some groceries. She’s always better at picking out the melons anyway.

4.Friends Love Her

Your Girlfriend is Magically Delicious
Your real estate agent, aka girlfriend, is magically delicious. She easily inserts herself into conversations with your friends and oozes charms. She’s had to hone her people skills during her career so much that she’s the human version of Lucky Charms cereal.

5.She Simplifies Stuff

She's Simple as Real Estate

Check out the superpower of Miss Realtor! She can break down complex terms into simple words anyone can understand, thanks to years of explaining 200-page contracts to new homeowners. She’ll explain the Caramilk secret to you when she gets home later, but you just want to eat her yummy filling instead.

6.Flexible As All Hell

He's a Flexible Girlfriend
Choose a real estate agent for your next girlfriend and she’ll find time for you. She freelances, so her job isn’t 9-5, which works great with your schedule. She’s a flexible find, even outside of the bedroom.

7.Hello Teacher

Real Estate Teacher is Sexy
You’ve had wet dreams about being schooled by the teacher for being bad. Now your clever girlfriend is teaching you when to sell and when to hold onto a property. You’ll hold onto this smart fox. Yes indeedy.

8.Late Night Convos

Real Estate Agent on Phone Late at Night
You no longer need to worry about whether calling her at 11 pm will wake her up. She’s working long hours and is just as much of a night owl as you. Tell her to keep staying up late too; soon you’ll be able to afford a bigger house.

9.Change It Up

Changing it Up with Realtor Girlfriend
Routines are boring, and she’s so not. She’s changing your dinner plans again because of a walkthrough, but you know full well that if you go along with it that you’ll get some action later.

10.Savvy In The City

Girlfriend Knows the City Well

Your real estate gal sure knows her way around the city after months of showing homes across the region. She’s a master at driving the shortest routes to get to the bar, as well as knowing where to wine and dine on the cheap. Talk about a keeper!

Are you thinking about switching your “type” to be realtors? We don’t blame you. When your next girlfriend is a real estate agent, you’ll have a lady on your arm who charms your friends, is easily available by phone, writes off dinners, and offers you tons of other great perks. She can cum to your open house any day.

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    cable cutting guide
    A breakdown of the top Streaming TV Packages that Really make you save money!

    We already outlined the media streamers or top-set boxes to perform all of the streaming tasks you want - for free. If you are uncomfortable with the jailbreak-savvy options we recommend in our media streamer reviews, don't despair!

    The following tips will help you to avoid the dark side all together by assembling the perfect, cost effective entertainment package that best fits YOU - completely legal and future-proof!

    So now it's time to get a grasp on the streaming services providers out there so that you can figure out which one best meets your TV viewing needs. After all, you if "cut the cord," can you still get the shows you want to watch?

    4 benefits of cord cutting:

    • Save money. Cable connections can be costly!
    • Avoid paying for channels in subscriptions that you don't even watch (tsk, tsk, how wasteful)
    • No pesky long-term contracts with cable companies. Cancel at any time
    • Little advertising (annoying and distracting)

    Cord cutter packages have hit the mainstream. People are saying goodbye to traditional TV and hello to streaming services, with popular players including Hulu and Netflix. Is it time for you to abandon pay TV and instead get your "television" online or from Internet-based services?

    Making the shift from cable to online viewing doesn't need to be complex (although many guides we've read on the web seem to think so). We're breaking it down for you here, with the ins and outs of the top 7 streaming packages for the cable cutter in you. To make it easier for you, we used personas to better illustrate the guy or gal we think each package would be best fitted for. Here u go:

    armchair quarterback

    1.The armchair quarterback

    So you say you want sports? Absolutely! Check out Sling TV from Dish. Just be aware that getting local games isn't a reality at this point with streaming services, whether that be Sling TV or not. As well, the service might not be stable every time (just one of the drawbacks of Live streaming sometimes). Okay, now onto the awesome sports talk.

    Sling TV






    * Our recommendation: $20/mth Get The Best of Live TV (base package) + $5/mth Sports Extra pack

    ​Pick up two specific Sling TV packages to cover your sports needs. The core package, for $20/month, is called The Best of Live TV. It features 20 channels, including (and most importantly) ESPN and ESPN2. Then add in the Sports Extra bundle for only $5 more to give you SEC Network, ESPNEWS, ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Goal Line, Universal Sports, beIN Sports, and more.

    If you want to get network sports broadcasts too, then add an indoor TV antenna as the perfect accompaniment to your streaming package. If you have a good signal then a basic indoor antenna will do. But if it's a weak signal (feel free to curse here) then invest in in an outdoor antenna and move it around for a better signal to get the broadcast games.

    How Can you get sling tV?

    1. Subscribe at and create an account
    2. Install the app on your device (see #3)
    3. Sling TV works on these media streaming devices: Roku (TV, box or stick) Amazon Fire TV (box or stick), and Xbox One
    4. Tip: You can also set up Sling TV on your mobile device (Android/iOS phone or tablet), your PC and your Mac
    5. Sign in and watch anywhere in the US, using a stable Wi-Fi, wired or cell Internet connection
    media streamer reviews trendsetter

    2.the untouchable Trendsetter

    You want the latest, hottest shows, and you want them right now. You are not to be outdone, and missing out on the trendiest TV shows, like Orange Is The New Black, is simply not an option for you. Then you're going to want the ultimate custom package of Netflix (US), HBO Now, Showtime, and Amazon Prime.

    Netflix US, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and Showtime






    * Our recommendation: $8.99/mth Netflix plan + $15/mth HBO Now plan + $8.25/mth Amazon Prime + $11/mth Showtime

    First step: get on the Netflix bandwagon. It has movies, true, but if you want content that goes past the two-hour mark, then you'll have a whole wack of the most buzzworthy shows to fill the void called the weekend. Did we mention you won't have to deal with commercials?

    Get the two-screens streaming plan for $8.99/month (so you can watch on two HDTVs or share the account with someone else). Some of the best shows on Netflix right now include Better Call Saul, Sherlock, House of Cards, Archer, and Fargo.

    As for HBO Now, it is well-known for having some of the most talked about shows on it. It's a close second to Netflix but you want it too so you can stream Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Wire, Silicon Valley, Oz,Veep, and much more.

    Here's what else rocks about streaming HBO Now. You get it for only $15 per month, which is about the same price as the HBO pay TV channel, yet you get more of the best, newest shows. Um, hello good deal. You could even get a free 30-day trial upon sign up with HBO Now the last time we checked.

    what you need to know about hBO Now:

    1. You cannot sign up for HBO Now from just any device. Account sign up occurs through 3rd parties; currently only Apple and Cablevision are on board
    2. You can, therefore, sign up using Apple TV, an iPhone or iPad. If Cablevision provides Internet service where you live then that's another option.
    3. BUT once you have an account, you can watch it on more than just Apple products. You can see HBO Now shows on any desktop web browser (just use your related account password).
    4. An Android app released in mid-July. Obviously you can't use it on rooted phones or tablets. Get a 30-day HBO Now trial when you get the app in the Play Store.

    And, no, you're not done there. I mean, you need an Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription too. Then you can keep up with The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Transparent, Vikings, and Rome. Did we miss one? You would know as you keep tabs on the latest shows!

    With its top shows, it's no wonder that Amazon Instant video has grown to be more than just an extra service from the web giant, now proving to be a major competitor in the streaming business. It costs $99 per year, which is about $8.25 per month. Note: The Amazon downloads are fast, and if you're a Prime member then you get to stream commercial free for certain content.

    It's Showtime! Enjoy cable-free TV streaming of those shows everyone is eagerly awaiting, like Penny Dreadful. In the US, the news only gets better as you can stream it through your Apple TV or Roku media players for just $11 per month. Get on-demand and live access to the shows so your friends won't tell you the ending of the episodes before you get to see them. Check out Ray Donovan too if you want to binge-watch a great crime drama.

    binge watcher guy

    3.binge viewer extraordinaire

    This selection is for the TV viewer who likes to binge-watch full seasons of shows. Your tastes vary, so one month you might be into crime dramas while the next month you want to lighten it up with a comedy. The only consistency for you is that you want to watch it all, the total season of the show that catches your attention at the time.

    Go with a la Carte TV Instead






    * Our recommendation: Get one TV show's full season for $30/mth

    For wonderful, binge-watching you, it makes the most sense to go with the a la carte option. You can get 30 seasons for $30 each. If you can imagine yourself being satisfied with viewing a season a month, without the need for any other content on top of that, then this solution is perfect for you. The typical season has 22 episodes of 45 minutes each.

    You're going to save big bucks, by the way. You no longer have to shell out upwards of $900 a year for cable when you switch to Internet service. You now spend only $360 a year. How to spend that $540 you just saved? Here are a few options:

    Ways to Use Your Savings, Cable Cutter:

    1. Get yourself a TV antenna so that you can watch big events live, such as the Olympics, the Academy Awards, and the Super Bowl.
    2. Note: You must have a TV made after 2007 for an antenna to work. Plug it into the coaxial port that's at the back of your television.
    3. The Clearstream 2 antenna is a great choice for under $100, with a range up to 50 miles. Get top networks like FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC.
    4. As for the remaining funds, spend it on snacks and beer for the binge-watching sessions, as well as treating yourself to a few cool finds.
    news junkie

    4.a case of the news junkie

    When you like news and you like it a lot, here's the solution: Sling TV. Why? It offers you a the latest stories on world events, politics, tech stories, and more. Never miss out again on breaking US or global headlines! Included in the affordable $20/mth core package is CNN, which is obviously a huge provider of current news and quality feature stories.

    Sling TV






    * Our recommendation: $20/mth The Best of Live TV (base package) + $5 World News Extra pack + separate $100 cable antenna

    We recommend you add in the Sling TV World News Extra pack for just $5 more. That bundle gives you Bloomberg TV, Euro News, Russia Today, News 18, and more. As well, invest in a one-time $100 purchase of the reliable Clearstream 2 antenna (see the "Ways to Use Your Savings" box above) to get access to local and network news too.

    Including the antenna purchase in your first year as a cable cutter, you will save $555, with savings for each subsequent year at a whopping $655. Not too shabby at all.

    More Cord Cutting Tips for the News Viewer:

    1. Once you have your over-the-air antenna, you can watch MSNBC and FOX News IF you have a PlayStation 3 or 4. Just get PlayStation Vue. Note: PlayStation Vue is only available in Chicago, NY, and Philadelphia right now.
    2. For the $49.99/mth Access plan on PlayStation Vue, you get 50 channels that include these news-centered ones: FOX News, NBC, CBS, FOX Sports, and MSNBC.
    3. On Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, you can get CBSN, which is a digital news channel from CBS News. It streams live coverage with anchors for 15 hours a day Monday to Friday.
    4. Another option: Try the ABC News app on Roku, Apple TV or Xbox One. It has special reports dedicated to breaking news items.
    news junkie

    5.The Cable-Aholic

    If you like the shows on cable but are tired of the fees, you're not alone. This viewing combination of CBS All Access, Sling TV, and Hulu gives you all the shows you love on cable, like Modern Family, but at a cheaper price. Sounds good? Read on, it get's better!

    CBS All Access, Sling TV, and Hulu






    * Our recommendation: $20/mth Sling TV basic package + $6/mth CBS All Access (base rate) + $7.99/mth Hulu (base rate)

    For Sling TV, opt for The Best of Live TV core package; for $20 a month you get ABC Family, TBS, Lifetime, HGTV, TNT, and more. Plus, Sling's "Replay" feature lets you go back and watch programming you might have missed; how far back you can view depends on the channel. A benefit of this service over cable is that it is live TV, playing as it happens, unlike cable TV.

    If you want to keep up with Blue Bloods and binge-watch NCIS, which are both hit cable shows, you'll like having CBS All Access too. It currently has more than 6,500 on-demand episodes of CBS shows; watch what you want when you want to for ultimate convenience. You can't beat the price for $6 a month, especially if you like the ability to choose between both old and new episodes.

    Add in Hulu so that you can watch the best shows that you enjoyed on cable from ABC, FOX, NBC, MTV, and Comedy Central. This subscription service gives you new and past season episodes of Good Morning America,The Daily Show, South Park, Community, Once Upon a Time, and many more. The base price? Just $7.99 a month. Here is more about setting up Hulu:

    How to Start Using Hulu:

    1. You need an account in the US; sign up for the subscription through the Hulu site. Start with the trial subscription offered to you (hey, it's FREE), but realize it automatically rolls into a paid version after the trial ends.
    2. To access Hulu, you need one of these media streamers: Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Chromecast or Nexus Player. You can also get the service on your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device. Another option? Watch it from your computer.
    3. For best performance, Hulu recommends your Internet connection has a download speed of 1.5 Mbps (SD videos) and 3 Mbps (HD videos).
    cord cutting guy

    6.I want it all

    You want it all. All that and a bag of chips. If so, then you're a TV junkie who has a wide range of viewing tastes and wants all the content you can get on demand every day. You need an assortment of streaming subscriptions to satisfy your needs: HBO Now, Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, and CBS All Access.

    HBO Now, Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, and CBS All Access






    * Our recommendation: $15/mth HBO Now, $20/mth Sling TV basic package + $8.99/mth Netflix + $7.99/mth Hulu (base rate) + $6/mth CBS All Access (base rate)

    Get the premium network HBO on the cheap with HBO Now. The online streaming service, for $15 a month, gives you access to every hit HBO series. You can still watch Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, Silicon Valley, and Ballers.

    If you still want to get the cable networks ESPN and ESPN2 for great sports coverage then you have to add in Sling TV; it is the only subscription service carrying it. Those channels are included with a ton of others in the basic $20 a month package. You'll still be able to watch big shows like Family Guy, Chopped, and Conan. Watch TBS, TNT, Food Channel, and more assorted shows, all included within the base package.

    Add $8 a month for your Netflix subscription. Why? Steam shows in HD that range from Orange is the New Black to Daredevil and House of Cards and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The most talked about shows are on Netflix, duh. There's a ton of TV shows, and you can watch them as much as you want.

    Hulu has the shows you are used to watching on cable, such as Modern Family, Scandal, and Empire. Get full episodes and full seasons of them. If you want to watch entire seasons of your favorite shows on the cheap (only about $8 a month), then Hulu's for you. It even works on Android or iOS mobile devices. Play it on your Apple TV, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Chromecast, or Nexus Player too.

    When you add in CBS All Access, you get all of the current shows PLUS older ones you can watch on demand. You can get live streaming! Plus, CBS show episodes are available days after for you, in case you want to rewatch them or missed them the first time around. Sync your devices and you can watch shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife on the go on your smartphone.

    You can use two of these streaming services or all five of them, depending on the television shows that you normally like to watch. The point is you will get an assortment of content whenever you want it and are unlikely to run out of shows as news ones are always being added to them.

    another option: get showtime through hulu

    1. In the above section, we suggested HBO Now, but if you're not into Game of Thrones or any other series on there, you could opt instead to get Showtime through Hulu.
    2. On Showtime, you'll get Homeland and Ray Donovan as soon as they air. 
    3. Get live stream shows as soon as they air on your desktop computer, commercial-free content, and more. Watch anything and everything on your TV, PC or mobile device.
    4. Sign up through Hulu by going to your account settings, select Manage Premium Add-ons, and you'll see the Showtime option there.
    cord cutting guy

    7.the film Buff

    If your reason for wanting to keep cable has primarily been your love of movies, then this is what we recommend for you. Get any movie you want on demand by selecting the newest flicks one by one from Amazon or iTunes. These flicks are only $5 each. In addition, you can get Netflix and HBO Now.

    HBO Now, Netflix, and Single Film Picks on iTunes or Amazon






    * Our recommendation: $15/mth HBO Now + $8.99/mth Netflix + $20/mth for 4 movie picks (Amazon or iTunes)

    On Netflix, stream the most buzzworthy movies, as well as the little-known ones. Netflix suggests movies for you, based on what you have watched, and you will find that the New Releases category frequently updates. There are comedies, dramas, thrillers, kids movies, romance, foreign films, and more.

    Add in HBO Now for even more of the latest movies, sometimes faster than you could get them on Netflix. Current selections include Gone Girl, The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, and 12 Years a Slave. For all your movie needs, any time of the day, you'll be covered.

    iTunes vs. Amazon for Movies: Which is Better?

    1. Amazon Instant Video is easily accessible via Xbox, Roku, iPad or PlayStation 3 or 4 while iTunes is limited to Apple users (iOS devices, such as the iPhone and Apple TV).
    2. If you're an Apple fan, however, you want to support the brand likely, so you're going with iTunes hands down. Plus, your music is only a click away while you're there.
    3. Both Apple and Amazon offer about 50,000 movies in their libraries, so there's plenty of content to choose from either way.
    4. Rental and purchase movie prices on iTunes and Amazon are similar (identical in many instances). For example, the movie Insurgent is $19.99 to buy from each store.
    5. Bottom line: Which is "better" depends on what factors you use as a comparison between the two stores and what you consider important to meeting your viewing needs.

    0 2041
    Don't Do These Things in 30s

    Whenever you pass into a new decade, it feels like a bit of a graduation from some behaviors of the past. In your 20s, you were doing a heck of a lot of dumb interesting things that you simply cannot get away with anymore. Or at least not if you want to be taken seriously as a 30-something man. Here are some of the items you want to add to your “been there done that” list.

    1.Party Like In Your 20s

    When You Are 30 Do Not Party Like At 20
    While your mind still tells you to go to a rave, your body is getting older. Sure, you can still party like a rockstar but it takes an extra day (or two) to bounce back again. Missing that 20s elasticity, bud? Yep, us too.

    2.Careless Driving

    Driving Reckless in Your 30s
    Gone are the days when you got up the ass of the car ahead of you because it cut you off a minute earlier. If you’re still driving like a wild stallion, you’re best to stop once you reach the big 3-0. Be a stallion in bed instead.

    3.Sleep On A Futon

    Futon and Men in Their 30s
    Here’s what we mean: you shouldn’t be living like you’re in a dorm room anymore. Get yourself a real f*ckin’ bed and man up to your current age. Your days of using patio chairs as your TV seating are long gone too (we hope).

    4.The Paycheck-To-Paycheck Cycle

    Man in 30s Still Living Paycheck to Paycheck
    Stop the madness! Get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle now that you’re in your 30s.

    You don’t have to be filthy rich, but it’s a good idea by the time you’re this age to have some Benjamins saved up for a rainy day or two.

    5.Living On Big Macs

    Big Macs and Man in His 30s
    Are you still downing Big Macs several times a week? Time to slow it down now that your metabolism has taken a nap. If you keep up the fascination with fast food dining, then you’re going to wind up gaining weight and feeling less than the 100% awesome stud that you are. Now who wants that?

    6.Creeping Your Ex on Facebook

    Creep Facebook Man in 30s
    C’mon now. Just let her go, dude. You won’t gain any happiness by seeing her in pics with another guy or her latest status update that says “I’m so in love” with a heart emoji after it. So you broke up. It happens. Move on.

    7.The McJob

    Man in Dead End Job at Age 30
    If your job, the one you do right now, is not one you’re proud to tell people about, then it’s probably not your dream job. Duh, you say. OK, now repeat after me: “I’m going to get out of this dead-end job and into a satisfying career.” Sweet. Do it, bro.

    8.Wear the Shoes You Got 10 Years Ago

    Men in 30s and Shoes
    You ought to be dressing more like the grown ass man that you are in your 30s. When you walk into a room, your physique isn’t the first thing people notice. It’s your shoes, so clean up your footwear and don’t wear them to death. Toss the pair you got when you were 20 or we’ll do it for you.

    9.Hitting Up The Bank Of Mom & Dad

    Man Begs Mom and Dad for Money
    If you’re still going to mom and dad for money, it’s probably time to STOP IT! Instead, get more independent, starting with trading in that McJob (see #7).

    10.Sneak a Cig

    Smoking in Your 30s

    What about those times when you would sneak a smoke at a party? Well, we hope you’ve outgrown that phase by the time you reach 3-0. Cigarettes will clog your arteries and do all kinds of sh*t to your body. You’re better than that, bro.

    OK, so you’re in your 30s now and… WTF, you still don’t know what the hell is going on around you. What’s this 401(k) sh*t everyone is on about, anyway? The truth is that if you haven’t grown up by the time you’re 30 then you’re not compelled to do so, well, maybe until the 40s. We’ll check back with you then. In the meantime, throw out that futon and put both hands on the steering wheel. Got it?

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    signs you are not an alpha male

    The alpha male is cool and confident. Picture Sean Connery as the suave agent 007 and you’re seeing for yourself just how awesome this type of guy is in every way. When he enters the room, heads turn – not just the women are gawking at him but the men too. He’s the bro you want to hang out with, and you admire his laid-back demeanor. What he doesn’t have, though, is every quality that you possess. Harsh? Maybe. True? Yup. Here are 8 signs that you’ll never be an alpha male.

    1.You’re a Butt Kisser

    Butt Kisser is Not an Alpha Male
    You’re fine with kissing some serious butt to get ahead, unlike an alpha male, and we’re close to vomiting just thinking about the number of ass hickeys you’ve given. He believes in working hard instead.

    2.You Need a Panic Room

    Panic and You are Not an Alpha Male
    You can’t take the pressure. You freak out when you even think about watching the original Saw movie and don’t even get you started on what happens when a baby starts to cry. We’ll come find you bawling under the bed later but in the meantime the alpha male is already acting wisely. He takes responsible action.

    3.You Play The Blame Game

    Blame Game Leads to Game Over
    When you’re not inviting buds over to play Twister (ahem *dweeb* ahem), you’re playing the blame game.

    It’s your brother’s fault that the pizza went moldy because it sat on your carpet for two weeks. Right. The alpha male is owning his mistakes while you own a rank slice of pizza.

    4.You Wear Liar Pants

    On Fire You Liar
    We have a few words for you: Liar, liar, pants on fire. You told your girlfriend you weren’t interested in strippers. Ha. You told your buddies you got laid last night. Double ha. An alpha male is a truthful guy. He has morals, and your pants are still on fire.

    5.You Spend Her Money

    Take Her Money, Not Alpha Male

    If she offers to pay for dinner, you let her… And if she doesn’t ask, you still demand she pays for it. Better set another chair at the table for the alpha male who is going to sweep her off her feet by paying for her next meal. And she won’t be eating you anytime soon either.

    6.You Kill The Wolf Pack

    Alpha Male and the Wolf Pack
    You must like that knife that you’re sticking into everyone’s back. An alpha male never stabs the members of his wolf pack in the back. He’d rather help his buds rather than hurt them.

    7.You’re Sorry? Nope.

    Alpha Male Apologizes

    If you don’t apologize, ever, because you don’t think you’re wrong, ever, then you’re not going to be an alpha male. Ever. An alpha male admits to being wrong, says he’s sorry and makes amends. You get drunk instead.

    8.You Act. Then Think. Then Chaos Occurs.

    Chaos, Not the Alpha Male
    The saying, “think before you act” is not one you’ve put into action. You go off in a million directions, act loco, and then wonder why mayhem happens. If you were an alpha male, you would have thought it through first and then acted confidently in the right way.

    So, it’s obvious you’re not an alpha male. On the bright side, you can brag about being an unapologetic backstabber who panics about his boss ass bitch ways. Have fun with that.

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    Dating a Beautiful Woman Means Competition

    Men are largely visual slobbering beasts creatures and, therefore, we naturally want to be with women who look good to us. Call it superficial, sure, but the satisfaction level is so much higher with a 10. The only thing is, dating a beautiful woman comes along with its share of bummer facts. What are they? Keep reading.

    1.Secure? Not So Much.

    Insecure Man Dates Beautiful Woman

    She’s va-va-va-voom, and you’re not sure if she’s really into you. If you’re insecure in any way, that’s going to turn her off. The next thing you know, you’ll be looking at her amazing highnie going out the front door.

    2.You’re Playdough To Her

    She Manipulates Him

    She plays you. The manipulative package has a beautiful wrapping job (and gives an amazing blowjob) but the uneven power dynamics here are hard to over-cum. When was the last time you said no to her? You may just be her playdough.

    3.You are Casper Too

    Bummer of Dating a Beautiful Woman

    No one notices you around her. They’re seduced by her beauty and you’re like the invisible ghost Casper behind her. Side effect: she forgets about you too. Better say “Boo” and impress her… fast.

    4.Jealous Much?

    A Bummer Fact is Jealousy

    A bummer fact when dating a beautiful woman is that you get jealous whenever she’s talking with another guy, even if it’s just by text. Second guessing her will lead you to the bed alone. Wait, don’t we hate it when our girlfriends treat us like this? (Head spins like in The Exorcist).

    5.She’s After Your Money

    Beautiful Woman Dates You For Money

    You like when she sucks you below the belt but not so much when she sucks off of your wealth. That just sucks, period. Danger sign: She brings out the puppy eyes every time you pass by a jewelry store together.

    6.Bringin’ Out The Big Guns

    Dating a Beautiful Woman is a Bummer

    There’s nothing quite like that moment when another guy gives your gal some extra attention in your presence. You get steamed up and anger can lead to throwing some punches at him. Talk about stressausting.

    7.Ergo Her Ego

    Dating Beautiful Woman With an Ego

    A major bummer fact about dating a beautiful woman is she knows she’s got it all. What she also has is an ego. Nothing’s oversized about her except her boobs sense of self. She might pay more attention to her own needs than yours.

    8.Competition In The Bedroom

    Dating a Beautiful Woman Means Competition

    Even if there is solid trust between the two of you, it can be annoying to think every time you’re away from her there are men trying to get her digits. They want to take your spot in bed, but you’re not ready to give it up (you’d like to think you’re too busy getting it up with her instead).

    9.You’ll Never Do Better Syndrome

    Hello Remember Your Needs

    You might stay with the hot chick even when you two aren’t a great match because you think you’ll never get a chance to date a perfect 10 again. Hello, don’t overlook what’s best for you just because she’s amazing in the looks department.

    10.Step Up The Man Grooming

    Man Grooming His Beard

    You might get tempted to step up your male grooming habits so that when you go out with her you look like you’re (almost) good enough for her. If you’re not into your appearance, then that’s going to be a major pain in the ass.

    While you’ve always dreamed of dating a 10, such a beautiful woman comes with a price. There are bummer facts to being with a hot chick that you might not realize… until you’ve read this post, that is. Proceed at your own risk.