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Vintage Computer Ads for This Guy

The computer ads of decades past are great to look back on to see just how far technology has progressed today. It’s also worth a laugh to see how marketers of the past used babies, pools, and women to try to sell computers. We’ve selected 18 vintage computer ads that are so bad it hurts.

1.Baby On Board… To Learn

Bad Laptop Ad
Sure, let’s just hand a laptop to a baby. Yup, the little cutie will know what to do with it. Maybe this early learner could become the next Albert Einstein?

2.Grow & Groan

1960s Computer AdThis 1960s ad makes it quite clear that you’ll grow a giant body if you get the advertised job. Right, that’s why you want the job. Uh huh. Sure, it would be great to be ten times our current height but then again we’d just settle for everyone around us having a bit of common sense.

3.Shhhh, I Wanna Tell Ya Something

IBM Computer Ad
In this vintage computer ad, we would like to forewarn IBM of the security attacks to come on businesses around the world in the upcoming years. We like to help people.

4.Partner Of Your Dreams

Funny Retro Computer Ad
Here are a few extra lines to add to the quote in this bad advert: “One day later, I realized with huge disappointment that this dumb machine wouldn’t have a drink with me like my real partner would do.” Priceless.

5.Brainiac Back Then

Brain Vintage Computer Ad
It’s less than $5! Let’s celebrate! The retro ad from a 1967 Marvel comic book shows a unique tech product that we likely wouldn’t see today. Although we do have a friend that also is fun at parties and tells fortunes once he gets a few drinks in him.

6.That’s Some Storage You Got There

Vintage Ad for Computer Storage
To store or not to store, that is the question. And the answer is NOT to store. In 1977, when this ad went to print, who could afford 80 MB for the special price of under $12,000?!

7.I’m Too Sexy For This Computer

Retro Ad Sexy
Why did computer ads play up the sexy back in the 70s? That was certainly an *ahem* insightful *ahem* way to market the microcomputer.

8.Hit (The Keys) & Run

Funny Superhero Computer Ad
You’ll be like a friggin’ superhero with the MultiSpeed computer! The way the tie is flying, we hope we can catch up with this jet setter! It’s such a bad computer ad that it hurts (almost as much as a hit and run).

9.Ditch The Dog, Get A New ‘Puter

Bad Computer Advertising with Family
So much for a dog being man’s best friend. It looks like this retro TRS-80 Model 4 from Tandy was meant to be everyone’s best friend or at least once they put down those awesome software programs they were holding onto for dear life.

10.It’s A Big Moment

Fail Apple Ad

Ah yes, it’s so small that – No, wait, it’s not small at all. Not thin, either. We’ll wait another 20 years, it’s okay. No rush.

11.Awkwardly Mobile

Mobile Computer Ad Hurts So CornyWe don’t care what year this ad came out as there is no way it is mobile in any decade! Hello large and awkward design, nice to meet you.

12.My Briefcase Is Ringing

Briefcase Portability Ad is Bad
We like how the ad mentions “maximum user convenience.” It’s a small phone, y’all, that’s what the advertisers wanted you to think. The smartphones of today are less than a quarter of the size and include all of the features shown here (not that we make phone calls anymore).

13.For Your 2 Favorite Songs

Megabytes Bad Retro Advertisement
Imagine that, a 10 MB hard disk system that will hold both of your favorite songs on it. Wow, how can they possibly top that? Oh, right, the 26 MB system.

14.That’s A Nice Modem You’ve Got There

Old School Ad with Woman
How about a lovely blonde holding a computer and the COMPUTER being the one called sexy? Now that’s a unique computer marketing strategy.

15.Just A Small Office Addition Inn-deed

Computer Ad Bad EfficiencySeriously, look how big that computer is! Well, on the bright side, now the Inn is ready to take your reservation, just wait for the dial-up connection to start and we’ll go from there.

16.If You See This, Call 911

Bad Word Processor Ad

If we saw this model in a store now, we’d back slowly away. We do like the line “when you’re the star, we’re the star.” You’re shining brightly here, WordStar.

17.Color Coded

Old Radio Shack Ad

The 1980s brought us a color computer. I don’t think we can outdo this retro ad from Radio Shack. Wait, let us try…


Old Commodore Computer AdWhy yes, I would like to take my groovy Commodore to the poolside. Thank you for asking me.

My, we’ve come a long, long way baby in the computer age. The ads above are some of the ones that hurt the most. We hope you groaned right along with us as we put together this post. Now let’s all get back to our wearable technologies, shall we?

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These Retro Games Won't Sell Today

Are you ready for a blast from the past? Here are 14 retro games that we’re fairly certain would never sell today. That is, not unless the consumer is Uncle Fester or one of the Three Stooges. It all began with an innocent game of darts.

1.Nothing Like A Dart To The Eye

No Lawn Darts Today
Did your mom ever say to you, “You’ll poke someone’s eye out if you’re not careful”? She might have said it while you played these lawn darts in your backyard. The game was fun but is now banned in the US and Canada over safety risks. If you still have a set of these darts, you’re a badass.

2.Name That Ripped-Off Tune

Name That Tune, But Not Today
The game show Name That Tune ran in the 1950s, 1970s, and 1980s. We don’t think it would be a hit today though as every song on the Top 40s chart seems to sound the same. Plus, artists are being sued for copying one another’s tunes (remember the Blurred Lines lawsuit?).

3.Nothing To See Here

Retro Video Game Pro Wrestling

The graphics on this video game are so outdated that it would never appeal to consumers today. The poor guy shown here just wanted to get ahead in the world.

4.An Exciting Indoor Sport

WTF Board Game

The Orgy board game was meant to appeal to the 70s hippies. Nope, we didn’t make it up. This retro game wouldn’t sell today though because our society is way too politically correct.

5.Clowning Around

Vintage Video Game Circus
Did you play the arcade game Circus? It was a quarter muncher that gave players control over a circus act, just as its name suggests. You had to guide the seesaw underneath the clown. The problem here is obvious. Clowns got really messed up after Circus released in 1977. Now we have disturbing clowns like Pennywise and The Joker. This video game manufacturer would go bankrupt today.

6.Dare To Be Physical

Retro Kids Game Double Dare
This game aired on the Nickelodeon kids’ channel from 1986-1993. Kids were put through physical challenges and trivia Q&A periods. The TV show couldn’t exist today because kids are too busy playing on the computer – do they even know what physical activity is? Also, one of the three hosts was Bruce Jenner, who is now Cait, who is now kinda busy…

7.Where’s The Cats?

Old Maid Cards Are Not SoldToday
Kids today probably have no idea what an Old Maid is so we think that the card game Old Maid would only collect dust on store shelves today. Instead, an updated deck of cards would more appropriately be called Crazy Cat Lady, in our humble opinion.

8.Where’s The Tech?

Vintage Game Lite Brite
If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, then you will know what Lite-Brite is and have fond memories of it. But it wouldn’t be selling to the same crowd today, who want the latest tech and want it to be wearable too.

9.Journey Of The Past

Journey Video Game
Back in the 80s all the cool kids were into video arcades and MTV. The two popular concepts merged into the video game Journey, which plopped one of the most popular bands of that decade into their own gaming adventure. Today, we wonder if teens even know who Journey is and think the game would need to be altered to include Taylor Swift or Snoop Dogg.

10.Knock, Knock, Your Outdated Date Is Here

Vintage Dating Game
This 1965 game was designed for girls ages 6-14 and featured four potential dates for her. The “dud” date card, as the game called it, was the nerdy guy. In the 21st century, the geek is chic so this premise wouldn’t fly! Plus, people are too busy trying to figure out the online dating game anyway.

11.Pass On This Game

Retro Game About DrinkingThe box says it is an “exciting adult game.” Wonder what Bill Cosby would think of the idea?

12.Not Striking Pay Dirt

Oil Strike Game Outdated
It’s not exactly a board game that would sell out in stores today. It was designed for the whole family, but environmentalists around the world aren’t impressed with this one.

13.Boobies (Giggle)

Board Game Would Never Sell Today
Self-explanatory. The word “booby” is fun to say, but the whole family might not chuckle about it. Sorry for embarrassing you, mom.

14.To The Extreme-ly Bad

Retro Rap Game Features Vanilla Ice
Remember Vanilla Ice, the 90s rapper who had hits like To The Extreme and Ice Ice Baby? Us neither. With outdated electronics and an over-the-hill music act as its main draw, this game is a loser in the present time.

These retro board games will leave you bored. As for the Old Maid card game, it was made with an expiry date years ago. Nowadays we’re consuming PC games like Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands 2 but we sure had fun exploring the oldies with you. Let’s leave the dust on those vintage games, not that we’re judgemental about them or anything.

Surprisingly, some games have managed to stand the test of time. Take good ol’ Scrabble, for example. This party favorite is even more fun today, where your odds of winning are greatly improved with a little help from the interwebs, where one can find some handy tools to shurt-cut their path to Scrabble domination. Yes, can do that for you!

Bottom Line

Zeitgeist changes, and so do people’s entertainment habits. What was a hot commodity 20 year ago is now a dust collector in someone’s attic. What used to be casual fun is now politically incorrect and verboten. Therefore, let’s leave the nostalgia to the collectors!

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Creepy Music Cover in Vinyl

Let us set the stage. There once was a blank album cover, and it needed an image. Everyone gathered around the conference table to come up with an ingenious art work. Then the art director got out the Bong. Here is what came next.

1.And Then The Puppet Came Out

Creepy Retro Puppet Album Cover

Is the puppet creepier than the face of the chick on the right? It’s a tough one to decide, but we’ll let Little Marcy have the final say (or risk being stabbed in our sleep later).

2.Bee Gee, I’m Happy

Retro Funny Album Cover
Gee Willikers I’m just so doggone happy! Or he’s saying something like that. After this photo had been taken, the men all went back to Dick’s house for some sword fighting.

3.Puss N’ Topless

Creepy Pussy Woman Album Cover
Whatever got her to take off her shirt and show her pussy cat? The answer: Who cares. As for the daddy line, creepy just came to town with him.

4.Our Condolences

Dead Friends Bad Album Cover
Sorry to hear that Freddie. Good thing you put your tribute to your dead friends so poetically in this title.

5.Hand It To Her, Folks

Woman Odd Cover for Music
Now that’s a talented lady. Sexy? No. At least not unless she uses those hands to help us come along. This is one of the creepiest retro album covers.

6.Blew Us Away

Awkward Album Cover
Apparently it’s Blow Fly’s world, and we just live in it. We’re going to medicate ourselves now.

7.When You Gotta Go…

Creepy Toilet Vinyl Record Cover
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been turned on by a chick sitting on a toilet on an album cover. That’s because it’s never happened.

8.Dirty Boy

Creepy Hans Elder Music CoverThis creepy retro album cover can be summed up in three words: It’s just wrong.

9.For The Love Of God

Lady is Creepy on Retro Album Cover
If chills run down your spine as you look at the concept of this vintage vinyl cover then … you have the same reaction as we did when we first saw this one!

10.No Huckleberry Finn Here

This Puppet Album Cover is So Wrong
Given the look of defiance that the puppet is giving the ventriloquist, we hope it never comes to life to be a “real boy” like Pinocchio. It’s a different adventure than Huckleberry Finn encountered.

11.Clowning Around

Creepy Clown Vinyl
This is the token clown cover that any freaky post has to include in it. Obligation fulfilled.

12.Going To The Dogs

Dog Retro Album Cover
Apparently gay dogs came out of the closet in the 1960s. The evidence for that statement is in one of the creepiest retro album covers ever, which we’ve included here for your viewing pleasure horror.

13.Havarti & Cheddar

Music Cover is Creepy
Cheesy or creepy? You take your pick – it could maybe be both of those options?

14.Taming The Tiger

Creepy Album Features Tiger and Woman
Want to meet up tonight? Sorry, I can’t, I’m just hanging out with the tiger rug and listening to tunes. Oh okay, I did that yesterday. ((Ah, the ’60s!))

15.Just Another Day Freaking Out Friends

Freaky Friends and Music
Just what you always wanted to give your friends for Christmas. You’re welcome.

These are easily 15 of the creepiest retro album covers ever. Whatever compelled people to think that putting images of puppets and a four-armed lady onto the vinyl covers is beyond us. Maybe we’re just more into the likes of that Village People and Twisted Sister, but that’s just us. If you can’t sleep later, you’re not alone – these images are giving us worse nightmares than the time we saw Justin Bieber perform live. On the bright side, it’s time for another Jack & Coke.

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what to look for when buying a drill

Whether you are considering simple maintenance work or remodelling your home, a good drill is an essential tool for your home. If you purchase a cordless model, you are able to drill holes as well as drive screws with the same tool. You will not have to worry about finding an outlet to power the drill at regular intervals.

In fact, there are hundreds of drills to pick from. So, how are you going to choose the best drill on the market?

If you are thinking of purchasing a cordless drill, the power is measured in battery voltage. The higher the voltage, the more the torque-spinning strength which helps overcome resistance easily. The top-end voltage has increased from 9.6V to 18V over the past decade.

The voltage comes as 6, 7.2, 12, 9.6, 14.4 and 18V. The higher voltage drills can bore big holes in flooring and framing lumber. That is powerful today's higher voltage drills. But there is a trade off for power which is of course weight. A 9.6V drill will weigh 3 1/2 lbs while the 18V will weight 10 lbs.


If you are thinking of purchasing a cordless drill, the power is measured in battery voltage. The higher the voltage, the more the torque-spinning strength which helps overcome resistance easily. The top-end voltage has increased from 9.6V to 18V over the past decade.

t-handle drill

T-handle on a drill

The voltage comes as 6, 7.2, 12, 9.6, 14.4 and 18V. The higher voltage drills can bore big holes in flooring and framing lumber. That is powerful today's higher voltage drills. But there is a trade off for power which is of course weight. A 9.6V drill will weigh 3 1/2 lbs while the 18V will weight 10 lbs.

The good old drills had pistol grips where the handle was behind the motor like handle of a gun. The latest cordless drills are equipped with a T-handle.

The handle base flares in order to prevent hand slippage and accommodate the battery. The battery is centered under the weight of the motor, and the T-handle provides a better overall balance due to this. These drills can be easily driven into tighter spaces since your hand will be out of the way in the center of the tool.

For heavy duty drilling and driving large screws, a pistol grip will let you apply pressure higher up (almost directly behind the bit). This allow you to place more force on your work.


The adjustable clutch separates electric drills from cordless drills. The clutch is located just behind the chuck, and it disengages the drive shaft of the unit making a clicking sound. This happens once the clutch reaches a preset level of resistance.

clutch on a cordless drill

drill clutch close-up

The result being the motor still turning, but not the screwdriver bit. What is the use of the clutch? In fact, the clutch will give you more control so that you will not strip a screw or overdrive it once snug. The clutch also protects the motor when there is a lot of resistance in driving a screw.

The number of separate clutch settings may vary according to the drill while high quality drills have at least 24 settings. With so many clutch settings, you are able to really fine-tune the power the drill would deliver. The settings with a lower numbers are for the small screws, and the higher numbers are for the larger screws. Most of the modern clutches also come with a drill setting, which will allow the motor to drive the bit at full capacity.


The modern high end drill operate at a single speed, but some have two fixed speeds such as 300 rpm and 800 rpm. There is a trigger so that you are able to select the high or low speed. These drills are great for most of the light duty operations.

The low speed will hep in driving screws while the high speed is for drilling holes. If are looking for a drill for carpentry and repair tasks, you should choose a drill that comes with the two-speed switch and a trigger with a variable speed control. This will let you vary the speed of the drill from 0 rpm to the higher ranges. If you plan to perform more hole drilling, look for more speed such as 1,000 rpm or higher.

Batteries and Chargers

Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) is the latest break-through in the battery industry. These batteries are smaller but run for a longer period of time compared to nickel-cadmium (Nicad) batteries.

clutch on a cordless drill

NiMH drill battery packs are all the rage now

In fact, NiMH poses less threats when it comes to safe disposal since they don't have any cadmium. In fact, cadmium is highly toxic. Hitachi, DeWalt, Bosch and Makta offer NiMH batteries in their products.

All the cordless drills have a battery charger with a recharge time between 15-minutes to three hours. In fact, faster isn't necessarily better. Even though a contractor may depend on a faster recharge, slower recharging isn't an issue at home, especially if you have 2 batteries.In fact, there are certain disadvantages to fast charging.

A quick recharge is capable of damaging the battery by generating too much of heat. If you plan for a fast recharge, go with a unit from Hitachi, Makita or Panasonic.

These brands come with smart charges that are equipped with feedback circulatory and temperature sensors to protect the battery. They can provide a charge in as little as 9-minutes without any damage to the battery.

When You are Ready to Buy

Check out for the weight and balance of the drill before you purchase them. Try out both horizontal and vertical drilling positions to see if they are comfortable for you. Rubber cushioning and contoured grips on the latest models can be quite comfortable, even when you apply palm pressure.

Check whether it is easy to change clutch settings and operate the key-less chuck. Home centers offer discounted hand tools, so look out for promotions when purchasing one. If you know the model, you can check for the prices over the phone.

Matching the Tool to the Job

With all the varieties on the market, it is easy to get confused and buy more than you require. The solution is to purchase a drill based on how you are going to use it. It doesn't make any sense to pay $200 for a tool that will be used to hang only pictures. The same way, it is not a good idea to buy a $50 drill for heavy duty work.

Things To Look For In a Cordless Drill

Here is a quick cheat sheet of parts and what to look out for when you are shopping for your drill:

Drill Part

What to Look for

Chuck Jaws

The maximum capacity is 3/8 inches.
In fact, 14.4 and 18V drills are able to handle 1/2 inch diameter bits.


More settings offer greater control for projects.

Speed Range Switch

Low is for driving screws while high is for drilling.
Select the widest range between them.

Reverse/Forward Switch

It should be easy to operate with the thumb or trigger finger.

Hand Grip

Contour and texture will aid your grip.


More voltage equals more power and added weight.


NiMH batteries are always better.


Your index finger would easily fit around the trigger.

Key-Less Chuck

Hand-turn the chuck in order to open and close the chuck jaws.

For more drill knowledge, take a look at our drill reviews!

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Bring Back These Vintage Grooming Products for Men

We want to go back to the times when orgies were not included in the same sentence as “tsk, tsk, tsk” and when maintenance for men was done so creatively. Here are 14 men’s grooming products that we really want back today. Can you blame us?

1.Soaking Up The Suds

Bring Back Beer Shampoo for Men
Suds up your hair perfectly with the magical ingredient in this 1978 product: Beer! The Body on Tap shampoo contained a cup of beer. So if you got thirsty while you were in the shower… Well, who says men can’t multitask?

2.Manscaping Luxury

Want Back This Grooming Kit for Men
The craftsmanship, oh yes. It impresses the likes of Ron Burgundy. We think if these travel sets for holding your razors and more were still made today then we’d definitely buy one. This one is estimated to be from somewhere between the 1920s and 1940s, which is before our parents made us.

3.Buzzing About This One

Discontinued Lip Balm We Want Back Today

So this was Burt’s Bees medicated lip balm with clove oil. It was a hell of a find that is now discontinued, and our lips are now a clusterf*ck nobody wants to kiss anymore. Jaded? Maybe.

4.Tooth Treat, Anyone?

Retro Oral-B Product for Men
Now that we don’t have Oral-B Brush-Ups anymore, we have to go back to taking the time with a real toothbrush. Curses. If we have bad breath on the go, then it’s on your head Oral-B.

5.Perv Antiperspirant

We Want the Retro Tickle Deodorant Back Today
Because we can all use a little more perv in our lives today. Bring back the Tickle deodorant from the 1970s please.

6.A Tube Unlike Any Other

Retro Grooming for Men in Tube

Shampoo in a tube. Sigh, those were the days. Let’s take a moment to mourn the loss of the 1970s Prell shampoo.

7.The Smell Transports You

Noxzema Cream Memories

Remember as a teen boy rubbing the thick Noxzema face cream onto your skin and hoping it would rid you of your pimply skin? The strong stench of it still makes us half-vomit, half-wish for the return of the old recipe. The jar shown here is a throwback to the 1940s.

8.Golly Gee Me

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo
When the “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” hair product line hit the shelves, we all realized how bad our hair smelled before it. We really want yummy scented hair again.

9.Manly Zebra Cologne

Bring Back This Cologne for Grooming Men
We adored “By Men” cologne from Dolce & Gabbana in the late ’90s. From the zebra packaging to the amazing notes of sandalwood and tobacco, it’s no wonder there’s a Facebook page devoted to bringing back this Godly scent.

10.Hair and Tonic

Grooming Men Used Vintage Hair Tonic
Can’t. Look. Away. From. Her. Eyes. But we could look deep into getting the Jeris Antiseptic Hair Tonic back onto drugstore shelves.

11.Get It Up

Grooming Men and Lemon Up Shampoo

Let’s start a petition to bring back this shampoo. Every bottle supposedly contained the juice of one lemon. We like the idea of mixing our foods with our hair.

12.Go Together Like PB&J

Men Grooming Funny

Don’t you want your tie to match your shirt perfectly too? If so, join us as we try to bring back this combo for the well-groomed man.

13.Denim Scent

Blue Jeans Cologne We Want Today

Why yes, we DO want to smell like blue jeans, thank you very much. Bring back this cologne and then we won’t have to smell like purple jeans anymore, heaven forbid.

14.Super Tonic

Hair Tonic Vintage Men's Product

Back in the 1950s, the Vitalis commercials were as much a hit as the hair tonic itself. Let’s reincarnate the product that promises more manageable hair, as the Duck Dynasty cast members are in serious need of it.

If you put together all of these vintage grooming products for men that we want to bring back today, you would need another aisle at the local Walgreens. Let’s take a moment to mourn the loss of a denim scent, zebra cologne, beer shampoo, and a heck of a lot of other awesome manly products.

For more inspiration, take a look at those awesome manly products over here.

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DIY Ideas for the Ultimate Man Cave

You really ought to fix up your manly dungeon but... how?! If you are in need of inspiration, you've come to the right place. Here are 8 DIY ideas to build the ultimate man cave. Let's start with a few blocks.

1.Go around the Block 

Man Cave DIY Project with Cinder Blocks

Use cinder blocks to create easily a structure to organize your mags, gaming gear, a mish mash of cords, and more. Combine the blocks with wooden planks and add crates at the bottom for extra storage. The TV on top is the pièce de résistance.

We think the inside of one concrete block could be perfect for storing your phone and keys so you never lose them again. Don't be embarrassed, it happens to even the best of us. And by "best" we mean the writers at Man Cave Master. Find extra organizational advice here.

2.Metal bed head

Headboard from Perforated Metal Sheet

If your space is small, and you still want a headboard, try using a perforated metal sheet. This one cuts easily and has a great design. Plus, it's inexpensive. Hang up your favorite framed photo of Nixon or whatever else your heart desires (we'll judge you from afar).

3.a stain by any other name

Man Cave DIY Floor

Normally we loathe stains, but not in this case. Add depth and a cool marbling effect to your boring concrete floor by applying an acid stain to it. The job can be done within just a day. Here is how to get the manly effect:

How to acid stain your concrete floor

  1. Start by removing the baseboards and trim work from the concrete floor to avoid accidentally damaging them as you work on the project.
  2. Cover the lower portion of your walls with masking paper to protect them from the stain; attach the paper with painter's tape every 6-8".
  3. Next, mix the acid stain mix. It has a bold scent so be sure to do so in a well-ventilated area or, better yet, outside. Add the acid stain to water, rather than adding the water to the acid stain.
  4. Wear safety protection, as per the manufacturer's guidelines, and follow the remaining steps.

4.hangin' out with foosball

Man Cave Foosball Coat Hanger

Take your love of foosball to the next level. This coat hanger is great for all ages, but obviously it suits us men the best. If your man cave has a sports theme, complete with game tables like foosball, then you're all set, aren't you? 

Just looking at this coat hanger takes us back to our childhood last week at the YMCA when we were in cut-throat foosball championships. Take a rod from a damaged foosball table no longer being used and add a birch grip to each side. Or buy it at Fancy if you're too sore from foosball wins to DIY anything. Note: the men don't spin when you're done. Your buddy's head may spin though when he sees it.

5.gone to the dogs

DIY Dog Bed for the Man Cave Dog

Your man cave is going to the dogs! This DIY find celebrates your real family (no offense to the Mrs). Turn a wine barrel into a dog bed that looks much more expensive than it was to make. Plus, you can customize it for your furry best friend. Here are all the details on how to repurpose the wine barrel.

DIY Project with Jack Daniels Bottle

6.jack gives back

Jack Daniels never goes out of style, especially when you repurpose the bottle as a soap dispenser in your bathroom.

You've always been told to recycle, and now you are! Way to show your green spirit.

Just make sure you clean out the bottle well before you fill it with soap and add the pump top. Otherwise everyone will be sipping the soap mixture and smelling like alcoholics. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

This Jack Daniels soap dispenser is the DIY man cave project you love because it involves drinking whiskey to empty the bottle and it's super easy to refill it with the soap. The project is done in no time.

7.the perfect wood

DIY Serving Board for Man Cave

Like the simple DIY man cave projects? Then you'll think this one is awesome. Use the finished board to serve cheese or other foods to your guests (if they deserve to enter your lair), or it makes a great cutting board. Even if you don't have access to a wood slice, you can use a basswood round from Amazon. Here's the step-by-step guide. Gotta love wood. No, wait...

8.savvy storage system

DIY Man Cave Project for More Storage

Install drawers underneath your cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms to provide extra space to put those things that you never seem to be able to find a place to put them. Put together the drawers and then slip them under the cabinets. After all, it's wasted space you could be putting to use! Here is the DIY guide on how to build the drawers and install them.

These DIY projects for your man cave are great ways to customize your space, and many of them offer practical solutions too. That wasted space under the counter gets filled with your favorite cooking utensils, for example, while the Jack Daniels bottle you worked so hard to devour can now serve as a creative soap dispenser. Try 1, 2 or all 8 of these DIY ideas. Time to man up and get back to work. It's not easy being perfect.

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You Won't Believe the Vintage Men's Underwear Ads

While looking at advertisements for women’s undergarments of the past can be a “ha, ha” experience, vintage men’s underwear ads are downright hilarious. Let’s look at some of the manly versions, if you can call them that. Don’t worry, we ended up peeing our pants too.

1.Oh You and Your Flappy Pants

Funny Vintage Men's Ad
There’s nothing quite like the male bonding that happens over a quality discussion about underwear – while all while we stand talking in our tightie whities. Yup, you just can’t beat a talk about bias cut, now can you?

2.Flair Under There

Men's Vintage Briefs Ad
You know you want… underflair! After all, this “shape-showing maleness” is what the ladies want – or maybe they did back in the day. This male model seems to have had the same barber as The Hoff.

3.All Kinds of Awkward

Funny Men's Vintage Jockey Ad

There’s nothing so manly as standing around in your Jockeys and smiling, right? That’s the premise of this 1970s Jockey ad, anyway. We love how the t-shirts match the briefs. Way to coordinate it, boys.

4.So Then The Porno Started

Retro Undies Ad for Men
Is it porn or a vintage men’s underwear ad? The only thing we can agree on is the retro prints are so bad they’re scary. Can’t look away? That’s the problem; we know it.

5.Zoo Animals Dig it

Funny 70s Ad for Men Giraffe
You know, the giraffe pattern isn’t used nearly enough. That’s all.

6.Fun Is One Word For It

Vintage Manly Ad is Funny

Just when you thought the retro ads couldn’t get any more douchey… Here you go. You know that some wild orgies happened after this photo shoot, don’t you?

7.Well, It’s Something Alright

Hilarious Underwear on Men

Thank you to this vintage men’s underwear ad for reminding us what not to wear these days. We really don’t want to know why they’re smiling. Although we’re sure that it’s a creepy reason.

8.Cowboy It Up

Hilarious 1980s Underwear Ad
I always wear a hat while shaving in my briefs. JR from the TV show Dallas would have approved of this hilarious 1980s ad.

9.Believable? Nope.

Underwear, Men, and the Retro Ad
We always like to sit around in our undies with our shoes on and drink cups of tea. Oh yes.

10.A Fruit By Any Other Name

Funny Men's Ad from Fruit of the Loom
What are you up to tonight? Oh, you know, hanging out with my buddies in my new underwear. Ah, okay. Makes sense. Sure.

11.Jock Rockstar

Retro Ad for Men

Did you try to order this amazing find years ago? Perhaps the horny bastard in this ad beat you to it.


1970s Hilarious Ad for Underwear

The kid’s face says it all – horrific! Oui, oui.

13.He Looks Different Somehow

Underwear Ad for Men

In 1965, this ad was born. It’s a “monster of a value” but, seriously let’s make sure it dies a sudden death, shall we?

Yes, these are all vintage men’s underwear ads that really did exist back in the day! We can’t make this stuff up. If you want some “underflair” of your own, you could try to take a selfie of yourself that rivals these ads but we think it’d be pretty tough to top them. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to gouge out our eyes. Want to join us?

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Types of Men at the Crossfit Gym

CrossFit has its own culture, that much is for sure. It takes getting up at an earlier hour in the morning than we even thought existed to do sets upon sets of swinging kettle balls and burpees. If you’re new to the CrossFit gym, you are going to find these ten bigger-than-life personalities there.

1.Man Of Chalk

Chalk and the Crossfit Gym

He thinks he defeats the Man of Steel every time. We’re talking about the Man of Chalk, who can’t get enough of the chalk bucket. He wears gym chalk on his hands the way Superman wears the ‘S’ proudly on his chest. Chalk it up to wanting to get a great grip on the rope climb and absorb the manly sweat.

2.BRAND New Boy

Crossfit Gym and Brand Name Clothes
No, we’re not talking about that moment when Pinocchio became a real boy. We’re talking about that dude who wears the brand name gear from head to toe, including boxers that cost so much they ought to be made of gold. As for this guy’s performance in the gym? Who cares, we just like mocking his appearance.

3.Mr. Dumb Dumb

Confused Workout Man
He’s never quite sure quite how to handle the Olympic rings, and his chin-ups lack finesse. You’ve probably seen him muddling over his training program at some point. He needs to get a clue or get out the front door. Warning: You may have to help him if he pulls a muscle or two.


Screaming Man in Gym
OK so we totally made that word up but we’re mighty proud of it as a descriptor for the guy who screams his way through his workout. This CrossFit gym personality has an excellent set of lungs, that much is clear, as he screams with a heavy barbell locked out overhead. Yup, we hear you. Good on you.

5.Self-Serving Selfie Slinger

Selfie Like at the Crossfit Gym

This guy can’t get enough of the selfies. He’s taking pics like a madman… of himself. It’s the cheesy smile you don’t ever need to see again.

6.Sir Sweats-A-Lot

Sweaty Shirt of Guy in Crossfit Workout
Perspire much? Me thinks so. He’s a sweaty mess from the start of the gymnastics session to the end. Don’t even get him started on the extreme stuff as that’s too wet for any man to talk about without dry heaving.

7.The Sexbot

Crossfit Gym Gets Sexy Personality
Ooh la la, the ladies are ready to devour this CrossFit personality. He’s the guy with the “I’m too sexy” attitude that you want to mock but also are secretly dying to know how he gets the ladies so hot for him.

8.The Farty Pants

Farting Man in Crossfit Gym
Yup. He’s the crop duster. He’s been leaving his stink for us for far too long in the gym. It’s time to call him out and stop this madness.

9.The Master Cheater

Cheating Personality at Crossfit Gym

When it comes to counting your own reps for jump rope and other exercises, it’s all on the honor system. But that system goes down in flames when the master cheater steps into the facility. He counts his reps so that he does fewer than he claims to have done and then gets to the top of the whiteboard. Grrrr.

10.The Tight Ass. Literally.

Crossfit Gym Personality
Count on this guy to give his all. Which is great, don’t get us wrong, but he hasn’t stretched in ten years and is getting a little long in the teeth. He’s tight everywhere, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone coming his way to oil his joints.

Are you one of these CrossFit gym personalities or do you recognize them from your last WOD? Check for the sweaty mess in the corner or the selfie extraordinaire in the center of the room the next time you get your workout on. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about them.

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amazon fire tv stick

Black Friday will be here before you know it, and the Christmas season will not be far behind. If you have loved ones who are ready to try products produced by Amazon, they may have an Amazon Fire TV on their wish list. The hard part is to decide if you should go with a Fire TV or a Fire Stick.

We took a closer look at both options and we were generally very pleased with what we saw. While they are very much alike, there are a few details in which they differ. For an even more in-depth review and how the Fire TV stacks up against other media streamers, take a look here.

Purchasing the stick for someone who is an avid gamer would not be a wise choice, yet buying the box for someone with no interest in voice search would be pointless.


If you decide to get an Amazon Fire TV stick, one end goes into a USB port while the other connects to an HDMI port. You also have the option of using an outlet instead of a USB port (we discovered that this is far more reliable).

That is pretty much all you need to know as far as ports go. Audio and video both come via HDMI. Bluetooth is used for the remote and the optional controller and Wi-Fi is used to connect to the World Wide Web.

fire tv ports in comparison to fire tv stick

The Fire TV box is a bit more versatile. In addition to the ports that were mentioned above, it has an Ethernet port, a USB port (which is only used for developers) and an optical audio out port.

If the user does not have any use for Wi-Fi or a very powerful speaker system, the Fire TV box is clearly the better choice.

Voice Search and Remote

One of the most popular features of Fire TV is the voice search. This allow people to search for TV shows, music, games and films by speaking into their smartphones or the remote control. While our reviewers had mixed feedback about this feature, it still means that Amazon Fire TV had an edge over competitors like Roku stick and Chromecast.

fire tv or fire tv stick

The Fire TV box includes a remote control that will allow the user to access the voice search feature. The remote control that comes with the Fire TV stick is not as sturdy and this feature is not supported. While it is possible for an owner of the Fire TV stick to invest $30 and get a voice search remote, it would be more practical to get the Fire TV box in the first place.

Keep in mind that you can use voice search on either platform if you download a free smartphone app, which is not available for Android users and coming soon to iOS users. If voice search is very important and the recipient doesn't own a smartphone, it would be best to purchase the Fire TV box. Otherwise, the stick will do.


Gaming is the area where these two devices are very different. While both of them use the same operating system, the stick does not have as much power as the box. Basically, it can not store the same number of games, particularly those that are very technically demanding.

games for the fire tv

The Fire TV box can support all of your favorites, like Max Payne, The Walking Dead, Grand Theft Auto and The Wolf Among Us. You can not do all of that with the stick, but you can use light, casual games, like Wind-Up Knight.

If gaming is one of the main reasons for making the purchase, buy the Fire TV box and think about getting the optional controller, which is around $40. Otherwise, the stick should be fine, and gaming will have to be just an afterthought.

Value and Price

One of the largest differences between the two is the price. The Fire TV box costs $99, yet you can get the Fire TV stick for only $39. There is no magic ball that can tell you which one will be best able to fit your needs. Even so, I can say that the stick is a decent product that works well without all the extras that come with the box.

If you need top-notch audio, core gaming capabilities, voice search capability and an Ethernet connection, the box would be the best option for you. Otherwise, you can keep some of your money in your pocket and buy the less expensive sister product.

Now since you've made your pick: can you jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV to get even more out of your media streamer? Yes you can! Learn everything about it here in our massive media streamer comparison.

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star-pro greens travel putting green reviews

Whether you are serious about your game or just need a distraction in the office, an indoor putting green is just what the doctor ordered. Indoor putting green mats have many features for you to size up in deciding on what will best suit your style.

They come in all kinds of sizes, from a simple 3-foot miniature green up to a whopping 15 footer. Go for the long of it. The basic idea is to have the ability to practice shots from different distances to improve your skill. Then again, the mini turf needs to fit into your home or office.

indoor putting green for your man cave

Speaking of turf, there are different types of it and if you are serious about improving your golf swing and success, you need to think about the grass too.To train yourself to have a better swing and better success, you probably want something that is as natural as possible.Fortunately for you, today's manufacturers want you to improve too.

Fortunately for you, today's manufacturers want you to improve too. They make it a point to create very natural-seeming grass for indoor golf mats. Part of the natural feel is achieved by how flexible the fake grass blades bend.

If you are purchasing an indoor golf mat, then you want to test out the products in person. You need to make sure it has the same pliability and reflexiveness of natural grass blades of courses that you regularly play.

The durability and maintenance are both at the top of the list after flexibility. The mat needs to be rather low maintenance and easy to keep in good shape.

Practice Makes Pefect

Part of improving your game is getting in regular practice. If you know that you will be traveling a great deal, then you need a portable indoor putting green mat. This makes it impossible to psych yourself out of practicing, hopefully.

While you need to try out the various mats in a store showroom, you may prefer to do your actual purchasing online. The reason is that there are many more models available online than you can conceivably find in a retail store. You may find better pricing online, and even some manufacturer deals that are hard to resist

Getting the latest and greatest models for a steal is more likely online too. If you already have one mat, and are looking for one to keep at home, then you may want some more bells and whistles that a newer version has available exclusively on the manufacturer's website, for instance.

You may find that purchasing a few mats ends up working for you. Rather than traveling with a huge 15-foot mat, take one on the road, leave one at the office, and keep one at home. Also, consider having different sizes and styles to accommodate your development as a golfer.

Even if you are short on time to get out and golf, you can continue to improve your swing.

This is the perfect gift for yourself or the golf addict in your life. You know you want every indoor golf mat you see, but hopefully the tips provided here will help you to narrow down your options. For much more in-depth information on the topic, take a look at our indoor putting green review!