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a list of reasons why men get dumped

So, this is what NOT to do, bro. We’ve all been there, really into a girl and then out of nowhere BAM she’s flown the coop. You know, not returning your text messages or voicemails. It’s like she’s disappeared into thin air. Now you can finally find out why. Here are the 12 most common reasons men get dumped.

1.Your Inner Caveman Escapes

She Doesn't Want a Caveman
Oh right, you vaguely recall grunting at her while she was talking about some sort of nail polish issue.
Couldn’t she see you were in the midst of a serious Minecraft gaming session? The reality is women like communication, so next the time you’re in the middle of something just let her know and offer her a better time later for you two to talk more.

2.Too Much Time with the Homies

She's Not Impressed, You're Dumped
She might have told you that you’re spending too much time with your friends. If you clocked in 3 nights a week or more with the buds then chances are you’re not giving her the attention she wants from you. Try to be more considerate of the lady’s schedule when you climb into bed sloshed at 2am next time. Yep, that’s a tough one to change, we hear you.

3.Mr. Cheapie

Men Dumped for Being Cheapskates
Men get dumped over being cheap all the time. Sure, you want to grab the two-for-one deal at the local burger joint but you’re not going to grab any ass if you keep up that tightwad routine.

4.Liar, Liar, Dumped, Liar

Breakup For a Liar
You know that saying, “liar, liar, pants on fire”? Well, she’ll not only set your pants on fire but she’ll get the hell out of Dodge too. If you lie and get caught by her in that web you’ve spun (you cunning man you) then you better get ready to see her smoking ass leaving your place and not coming back any more.

5.Clairvoyant? Nope.

Not a Mind Reader and Gets Dumped
Quit trying to figure her out! Bro, she dumped you because you read her mind so incorrectly that it’s ridiculous. Even though a chick sets up weekend plans on a Tuesday, that doesn’t mean that she’s twiddling her thumbs until then and plans her life around you. Chances are she just likes to be organized.

6.She Never Sees You

Breakup Workaholic
Seems kind of obvious now that you look back on it, doesn’t it? She never saw, talked or messaged with you because (newsflash) you work too much. Don’t work so much that you don’t see your girlfriend; believe us when we say she’ll tire of that real fast.

7.Bad in the Sack

No Skills in Bed Gets Him Dumped
Ouch. And we’re not talking here about the first time you get it on either. If she’s doesn’t seem impressed by your focus on your own climax, that’s because… she’s not. Listen to what the next babe tells you in bed about what she likes and you’ll like the sexy ways she rewards you (yes, we mean you’ll get laid more).

8.You Show A Different Side

Different with Friends
Remember that time at the local bar when you talked back to her in front of your friends? Yup, you really showed everyone there that you wore the pants. Too bad you continued to wear your pants (and the rest of your clothes) when she sent you home alone that night. She dumped you because you acted differently in front of your friends. Woops.

9.Private Agent Mode

Dumped for Private and Secretive Ways
Being secretive won’t impress her, unless you’re James Bond or some other professional spy. If she asks who you just texted on your phone and you’re super vague in the answer, she’ll probably start to lose trust (and respect) for you. Whether you were cheating or not, chances are good that she’s heading for the hills and by “hills” we’re not referring to that pile of blankets on your bed.

10.Your Ears Don’t Work

Not Listening Gets Men Dumped
You might have two ears but they haven’t worked properly in her opinion. She dumped you because you haven’t listened to her. Women just like to be heard; they don’t need an answer to every issue they bring to you. Do you hear us loud and clear?

11.Moody Man Mode

Dumped Man Being Moody
It’s not just women that have been PMSing, it seems. A common reason men get dumped is for being grouchy. Sure, she has a grumpy grandpa, but she doesn’t want to date him (creepy much?). Now it seems she doesn’t want to date you either, asshole (her words, not ours). Don’t sulk about it but try to open up to her instead.

12.Bachelor Pad

Dumped for Bachelor Pad Ways
Maybe she didn’t like that your crib was bachelor style, with a torn futon as a couch and boxes of leftover pizza all over the place. She may have thought you were a bit immature. Next time you might want to clean up before she comes over and pamper her a bit when she does visit your lair.

So you got dumped. You’re not the only one. It might have been your moodiness, lack of skills in bed or inability to listen to her. Now you know the reason behind the breakup so you can save yourself getting dropped again in the future. It’s time to switch gears and get back into the dating scene. See you there.

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Manly Stance with Whisky

Your drink says a lot about you. It’s your best friend on a Friday night at the bar. It’s manly – provided it makes our list of the 10 drinks for the manliest of men, that is.

1.Whiskey Sour

Get Manly with a Whiskey Sour
It’s whiskey that puts hair on your chest and makes your voice a little deeper. The whiskey sour is a combination of whiskey, lemon, and sugar. Serve it on the rocks and add a slice of orange – or don’t, and just sip another one of these classic cocktails while you chase tail.

2.Old Fashioned

Manly Drink Old Fashioned
It was a hit on TV’s Mad Men and for good reason. The manliest order of the night at your table, the old fashioned is a mix of muddled sugars and bitters with brandy or whiskey. Poured into a short tumbler to drink, this one has a kick to it that will make you the (s)tumbler of the night.

3.Jack and Coke

Manly Men Drink Jack and Coke
This manly drink is affectionately often referred to as JD by its best friends. It’s a simple one with a combination of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and Coca-Cola. The whiskey gives you a kick, while the soda is a thirst quencher. You’ll swear you end the night with a few more chin hairs than when you started it.

4.Tom Collins

Tom Collins Cocktail
If you want a smooth beverage, with a hint of roughness, the Tom Collins is the one to order. It is as classic for men as the tailored, slicked-back haircut. The combo of gin, club soda, lemon juice, and a dash of sugar, severed on the rocks, makes the macho statement that you understand your flavors as well as you understand fine ladies.


Making a Godfather Drink
“Go to the mattresses,” as Sonny said in The Godfather, and so you will, at least in your manly mind. Mix equal parts amaretto and scotch whiskey for a drink on the rocks that demands respect. No wonder the Godfather cocktail was a favorite of Marlon Brando.

6.Gold Rush

Making a Manly Gold Rush Cocktail
Them there bar holds something other than traditional gold – It holds the Gold Rush cocktail. Put a twist on the classic whiskey sour that is all-man, all-the-time. You know it. The Gold Rush is bourbon, lemon, and honey though you’re admittedly sweeter underneath that rough exterior.

7.Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail for Men Drinking

Order the Rusty Nail and you’ll be met with looks of admiration from men sitting at the bar who don’t dare to order it. The Scots had it right when they started drinking this one. A mix of Scotch whiskey and Drambuie, it’s not for the guzzler but more for the man who wants to sip on his manhood. Take down the Drambuie a notch to make it less sweet and all the more potent.

8.Dark and Stormy

A Dark and Stormy Drink for MenThe Dark and Stormy is often a sailor’s drink of choice, perhaps because it sets you off swearing at how smooth it feels going down the throat. Keep your cool every sip of the way through this perfect beverage that combines ginger beer and rum. Yup, we said beer.

9.Irish Car Bomb

Manly Men Drink Irish Car Bombs
It is the right of any man to indulge in this guilty pleasure now and then. The Irish Car Bomb is part of a late night drink-a-thon with the buds. It’s potent enough to have the word ‘bomb’ in it – need we say more? Drop a shot glass of Irish Cream or Irish Whiskey into a pint of Guinness stout and you’re good to go (where you’re going exactly nobody knows).

10.Navy Grog

Drinking with Manly Men
Pack a wallop on the manly scale by ordering up a Navy Grog. Rumor has it that Frank Sinatra liked this kind of sauce. It packs 3 different rums (white, dark, and demerara), lime, white grapefruit juice, and honey syrup. Serve on ice for a grog that makes you almost too groggy to see your awesome handlebar mustache the next morning.

Take your manliness up a notch (if that’s possible) with these 10 manly drinks for the manliest of you beasts out there. It might be a Dark and Stormy night or more of a Gold Rush event. Whichever liquid addiction you choose, we’re pretty sure you won’t look back.

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Athletes Who Eat Junk Food

Sure, we assume sports stars eat mainly healthy, but the truth is they can have some of the ugliest diets. Here are 10 athletes who eat junk food and think they’re getting away with it – until we wrote this post, that is.

1.Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Athlete Eats Junk Food
You know him as the swimmer who holds the most medals ever in Olympic competitions, but you might not know about his junk food eating habits. He’s wolfing down Sour Patch Kids and chips. You might also catch him reaching for a slice of pizza. Surprised? We were too.

2.Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham Junk Food
The defensive end for the Eagles might get a little defensive himself about his diet. When Graham suffered a torn ACL a few years back, he packed on 20 pounds eating Philly cheesesteaks. Given he was only training for 2 months, that must have been a whole lot of cheesy goodness.

3.JJ Redick

Eating with JJ Redick
Are you a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers too? Then it’s high time you knew that superstar player Redick gets a high from eating rice crispy squares. He regularly chows down on the sugary, butter-filled treats before tip-off. We figure maybe we’re only a snap, crackle and pop away from playing the NBA too.

4.Georges St-Pierre

McDonald's and Athletes Eat
And then it was time to fight, with a belly full of the Golden Arches. Just ask ultimate fighter GSP. McDonald’s is what he craves, including french fries, cheeseburgers, and *cough* Chicken *cough* McNuggets. We just cross our fingers St-Pierre won’t barf during a spinning back kick.

5.Ted Ligety

Ted Ligety LIkes Junk Food
Ski racer Ted Ligety has a winning formula when it comes to beating his competition. The key is not that he started skiing at the age of 2 or that he’s spent ever winter on the slopes since he was 13 years old. Nope, it’s the ice cream that he loves to pig out on. We bet he likes to think of the ski hills as big scoops of vanilla ice cream. Care to wager on it?

6.LeBron James

Athlete LeBron James
There’s nothing quite like chowing down on a big bowl of the sugar-infested breakfast cereal Fruity Pebbles or at least that’s what LeBron James seems to think. Rumor has it that this go-to treat that is the inspiration behind the running shoes Nike made for him. Well, on the bright side, you don’t need to ask him if he’s Got Milk.

7.Justin Verlander

Eating with Justin Verlander
As pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, Verlander has got more up his sleeve than a strong arm. He’s also hiding the secret that he often grabs Taco Bell on the go and eats it at home. Run for the border may have been the fast-food giant’s slogan but we’re guessing that Verlander makes many runs to the toilet instead after eating those meals.

8.Peyton Manning

Food of Peyton Manning

A list of athletes eating junk food has got to include Peyton Manning. The Denver Broncos quarterback promotes about 25 brands, many of which are less than nutritious. Among them are Oreos and Papa John’s pizza. What, you don’t think he’s getting some free slices and sugary cookies? The chances are good that he’s putting on a few extra pounds from eating the unhealthy food too.

9.Shani Davis

Shani Davis Junk Food Athlete
He won Olympic gold for speed skating, but Davis isn’t winning over any fitness buffs with his food habits. While in Chicago, he likes to eat some of the local pizza. The skater also chooses McDonald’s fries and Chicken McNuggets when the munchies hit him. Good thing he’s a racing machine, burning up calories, or he’d have a belly holding him back on the circuit.

10.Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Eating Habits Floyd Mayweather

This boxer has won 11 professional titles, and we want to add a 12th one: The Junk Food Kid. Yes, the Karate Kid has nothing on him. Mayweather Jr. downs candy, pop tarts, soda, and Burger King fries. If you think he has made his personal chef’s life a lot easier, we agree with you.

The next time you reach for junk food, you might not feel so guilty. Are we right? Even the biggest athletes are cheating on their diets, from Michael Phelps to LeBron James. It just goes to show that a few sugary snacks are all part of life. Now you just have to burn thousands of calories a day to stay in shape the way these sports heroes do. No pressure.

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7 benefits of beer

Men and beer go together like Home Simpson and donuts. It’s just a partnership that works. And now you can feel even better about reaching for another cold one once you know these 7 surprising ways that beer benefits your health. What, you don’t believe us? Read on, bro, read on.

1.Beer Improves Heart Health

Beer and Heart Health
Your heart will thank you for that beer that you just guzzled back. A recent study found that within an hour after its participants drank most of a British pint (about 378 ml) that they had better blood flow to the heart than did those participants who drank a non-alcoholic alternative!

2.It’s A Type Of Medicine

Prescription for Beer
Forget Buckley’s. The better medicine is beer! The acids in beer called humulones, when taken in small amounts, can be beneficial for diabetes, certain types of cancer, and possibly even weight loss, as per the Angewandte Chemie International Edition Journal.

3.Hydration 101

beer hydration photo
You always knew beer to be a thirst quencher and, guess what, you were right. The carbonation in the awesome beverage helps to satisfy your thirsty feeling, as per a study from the Granada University of Spain. Students were either given beer or water after working out until their body temperatures rose to 104 degrees, and the hydration levels of the beer drinkers were a bit better than the water group. Coincidence? Nah.

4.Say Goodbye to Carcinogens

Dark Beer is Better
Dark beer seems to lesson the carcinogens in grilled meat, as per a study by the Universidade do Porto.

The study tested the possible link between meat that is grilled and colorectal cancer as compounds called PAHs form when meat is grilled using high heat. The finding that dark beer lowers the potential number of carcinogens is a reason to take another sip of that dark brew of health, my friend!

5.Live Longer? OK

Surprised Face Beer Health
You live longer if you drink beer. Yup. It’s true for all alcohol as the drink lengthens telomeres or the caps on DNA strands in our chromosomes. Research indicates that the longer the telomeres in the body, the longer the life of the person. So you got another bigger part that the ladies will like.

6.Get Laid More

sex photo
If you drink beer, you’re more likely to have sex earlier in your relationship. 
The dating website OKCupid’s founder Christian Rudder studied profiles of men and women, as well as their interactions. Rudder found that people who drank beer were more likely to be open for casual sex. Order me up a pint, stat!

7.Be Happier Than Pharrell

A Happy Man About Beer
Pharrell Williams isn’t the only one to sing about being Happy. You might do belting out that song too and feeling a whole lot happier yourself if you drink beer. Well, at least that’s according to Indiana University School of Medicine who found that men showed much more dopamine activity after drinking beer than Gatorade. Ha, we could have told them we’re happy drinking beer and pocketed that research money to buy a few cold ones instead!

Ah, beer. We always knew it was a great choice at the bar or in the man cave but who realized our health would be thanking us for that choice? From living longer to being happier, the amazing benefits of beer remind us that we’re going to have to reach for another brewski soon. The next round’s on us.

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creepiest things to buy on amazon

And then the world got a bit weirder than you already thought it was. Here are 7 of the creepiest finds on Amazon, all for the amazingly low price of under $30. Mail them to your friends or terrorize your younger brother. Whatever you do, you won’t be able to unsee these strange things.

1. Just How Creepy CAN it Get?

Creepy Can on Amazon
Nothing quite says “home” in your man cave like serving up a plate of canned charred Amazon, right from the can. Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, we bet you’re wondering (like us) who got their weird on to the extent they patented this can? On the plus side, it reinforces you at the top of the food chain, above dragons, who already ate the unicorns.

2. A Different Kind of Stoned

Creepy Amazon Pet Rock
So I walk into a bar and say, hey, what up, I got me a pet rock. Hmmm. Because every techie wants a Amazon ? Right, uh huh… Welcome to the world of getting stoned in one of the creepiest ways, a la Amazon. Well, on the bright side, if you tell it to sit it will, and you don’t have to pick up its sh*t around the house the way you do with that dumbass dog of yours.

3. Self Stirring is So Last Week

Automatic Stirring Mug Creepy
Stirring a mug with your hand? That is so last week. This stainless coffee mug stirs itself! That’s right welcome to automatic Amazon . Simply press the button on the handle and whir-r-r your way to a coffee-filled delight. Now you can save that spoon for that trouble you will stir up later on in the bedroom (see what we did there?).

4. Crickets May Just Take Over the World

Buy Crickets Creepy
If you always wanted to receive Amazon in the mail, you’re in luck! Note: If you want to get small crickets, you’re out of luck because these suckers are 1″ in size. Mind you, the bigger ones will taste better, right? They’re almost as big as the super ants that invaded our man cave after we forgot to take out the trash for a few weeks months.

5. This Big Dill Won’t Go Between Two Buns

Pickle Gadget Creepiest
Oh pickle, you always know just want to say. Except this time. Without further ado, I introduce you to the Amazon. I kid you not – this gadget actually exists. Now you see why this one makes our list of the creepiest finds on Amazon. I mean, we all like our pickle to be tickled but who knew one could yodel?! Great gag gift? We agree.

6. Because I Like Toilet Humor

Salt and Pepper Shakers Creepy
There’s nothing quite as appetizing as Amazon. Who’s with me on that? It’s great for your pal’s crib or just in case you need a bit of fun with your seasoning. There’s nothing more boring than a meal where you don’t think about taking another sh*t after it. Am I right or am I right?

7. Shocking Idea. Need We Say More?

Shock Your Friends Game
This creepazoid gadget certainly has shock value. The Amazon shocks its participants once they grab onto it. It’s a p-a-a-a-r-t-y “game” perfect for when your buds are drinking too much of your hooch, or you just feel like zapping them for the heck of it. Nothing wrong with a little payback, as we like to say.

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Shape Hard Boiled Eggs to Eat

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods you’ll come across, true, but sometimes they just seem so boring. Or, at least that’s what we thought. Now you can have some extra fun with your eggs using these Amazon. You’ll totally want to eat more eggs once you get this nifty item.

Sure, your mom told you not to play with your food, but she hadn’t seen these molds before. We say it takes balls to play sports, and so these egg shapers are the perfect addition for your kitchen.

If you’re a sports fan like us, you’ll dig these egg shapers. Choose between three types of sports balls for the egg-cellent shapes: football, golf or tennis. Pick the sport you like best – duh, ours is football.

The next time you make hardboiled eggs, you have to try these molds. The sports balls (formerly plain ol’ hard boiled eggs) will liven up your salad or breakfast burrito. Plus, as they’re are made of plastic, the egg shapers are durable, simple to use, and clean up is a cinch.

It’s definitely payback for anyone who ever told you that you don’t have balls. Yup, you do. Even if you don’t have a top superstar athletes man cave, you can take life by the balls, starting with these egg shapers.

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man cave bar diy

There's nothing better than kicking back with a cold drink at the end of a long day. Rather than going out on the town, which is annoying because it's pricey and you have to wear pants, why not make your own bar? DIY a man cave bar by following this simple step-by-step guide.

Note: Play safe. Always wear safety glasses and ear plugs as you ​work.

Supplies Needed to Build Your Man Cave Bar:

  1. Tools: Table saw, stand up screw gun, 2 foot level, and compound miter saw
  2. Materials: 1" finish nails, 3" outdoor screws (use the same bit), 25' tape measure, and a pencil
  3. Lumber: 6 x 2x4 boards, 1 x 4'x8' MDF board, and 1-1/2" trim. The amount of wood you use will depend on desired size

step 1: take measurements

Measure for Your Man Cave Bar

Determine where exactly you want the bar to go in your basement or other space. Measure the length from the wall that you want the man cave bar to extend. A common length is 7 feet.

Cut your 2 of your 2x4 boards to this length (7 feet or another measurement), using best safety practices with your miter saw. These boards will be the top and bottom plates. 

Mark with a pencil on each plate where you want the "studs" to go; make them identical markings on each of the 2x4s. Square the lines.

step 2: Cut for the studs

How tall do you want the bar? ​The standard home bar height is 42" or 3.5 feet. Work out where to cut the studs by using this equation: 42" - 3" (top and bottom plates) - 3/4" (MDF board is that thick) = 38 1/4". This amount is where you will cut for the studs.

Cut as much as you need to accommodate all of the markings on both top and bottom plates. Then screw the studs into between the 2 plates. Line up the studs with the lines you made on each plate.

Man Cave Bar Frame

Step 3: time to stand up

Stand up your frame. Ensure it is level with the wall or at 90 degrees. Attach it to the wall using the end stud and be sure to use your lever to make sure your frame is just right.

If your bar does not run the length of the room, now is the time to secure it to the floor. Use nails to attach the bottom plate to the floor (obviously it depends on what the floor material is). Google online for help if needed with this part.​

Step 4: add shelves

Add a shelf to your man cave bar frame next. For the project shown here, we are building 3 shelves. The height of the shelf we designed here is 20". Use 6 x 2x4s that are each 10"; they will be 3 pairs of top and bottom plates for the shelf structure. 

Figure out where to put the studs. Use the same equation as before: ​20" - 3" (for top and bottom plates) = 17". This amount is where you cut for the studs. You will cut 6 plates if you have 3 structures as we do here.

Screw the top and bottom plates for the 3 structures using the same method as before.​

Man Cave Bar Top

step 5: Stabilize the Bar

For the top plate of the main framework, add stabilizers to reinforce it. Cut several 2x4s to lay across the top so that you have one covering each stud. Cut the boards the width that you want for the bar top. Cut the amount (such as 8") that hangs over the front and the amount that hangs over the back of the bar top (such as 10"), and add the amount for the top plate (such as 3") to figure out how long each 2x4 should be.

Screw the stabilizers to the top ​plate. Use 4 screws. They will be underneath the bar top. The MDF board goes on top.

step 6: put on the Man Cave bar top

It's time to cut the MDF board to form the bar top. How wide should it be? Use your table saw to cut its length to the size of the top and bottom plates and the stabilizers size for width.

Attach the MDF bar top by screwing up from underneath the stabilizers.​

Take the 1-1/2" trim and cut it to the length of the MDF board on the bar. Attach the trim to the board with finish nails, making it plumb with the top of it using your level.

step 7: finishing touches

Theme Bar Baseball

Add material to the front face of the bar that suits the theme of your man cave. That will cover up the frame. You could go with a retro 60's pattern to match your Mad Men home office, support the Mets like in the bar shown above or use any other style you want. Here is a how-to guide for adding a padded bar front to your man cave bar.

Don't worry if you still have things you want to tweak about the bar. Take your time with the finishing touches. The main thing is that you have built a stable bar. The visual stuff is secondary. 

Now you have a bar to call all your own! Add bar stools and fill the shelves with a collection of your favorite bottles as well as glasses. Invite your buds over and show them what you crafted. Your DIY self is pretty dope, yo.