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Female Fantasy of Domination

It’s true that women fantasize too. Their minds are filled with naughtiness just as much as ours while they masturbate and bone. But you just might not know exactly what they’re thinking about… until now. We’re laying out the top 10 female sex fantasies so that you can get laid more often by helping to bring her dreams to life.

1.The Pleaser

Female Fantasy in Bed
She fantasizes that you push her against the wall and then carry her to bed, where you want to satisfy her in every way. You are the pleaser, and she is the willing recipient in this wet dream.

2.Submissive You

Her Top Female Fantasy

Who says the guy always needs to take charge? Not in this orgasmic daydream. She is in full control in this popular female fantasy, with the big, macho man begging for her to bring him to climax while she decides exactly when and how that will cum to a head.

3.Surprise Invasion

Female Fantasy Undressing
In her sexy sleep, she plays a scene where she takes someone inappropriate, whom she crushes on in real life, by surprise by undressing herself in front of him and then making out with him. She brings out the unexpressed desire the other person has for her.

4.The Voyeur

Voyeur Female Fantasy

The term “Peeping Tom” might not be so accurate, or at least not in dream land. Many women fantasize about watching other people shag. It can take many variations, of course, from watching a couple in bed through the window to seeing an orgy in all its glory right in front of her.

5.The One That Got Away

Female Fantasy Lover
It may surprise you to learn that her arousal is from thinking about being with people whom she once almost slept with but didn’t for some reason or another.
It’s the ol’ “the one that got away” dream playing out (and in and out, if he knows how to bang her properly). She’s going back in time.

6.Three’s Company

Two Women One Man Fantasy
If the third wheel in the group is another woman, then she’s all for it. A top female fantasy is a threesome with another chick. They start out fondling one another in bed, while you play the role of voyeur, and then you step in when it gets full on. And it goes on and on (you hope) and on.

7.Public Domain

Women Fantasize about Sex in Public
Taking your sexy time to public spaces is another thought going through her head as she touches herself. As many women are shy about their bodies, however, they probably won’t take this fantasy to real life (curses).

8.Use The Force, Rule The Galaxy

She Fantasizes about the Bedroom
This isn’t Star Wars, but it is a top sexual fantasy of women. She gets carried by a manly man to his bedroom, where he proceeds to have his way with her, arousing her body perfectly with every movement. She pretends to protest but in reality she loves every moment of it.

Note: Do not carry out this fantasy in real life without getting her approval beforehand and putting some boundaries in place.

9.Boss & Employee

Female Fantasy in the Office
Getting horny about co-workers is a fantasy men and women share. It’s a dream sequence in which she straddles her boss in his office and everywhere else that is forbidden in real life. Talk about getting a raise!

10.That Kind of Dancing

Female Stripper Fantasy

While few women would have the nerve to strip in real life, many of them do have a fantasy about taking off their clothes for you as part of a striptease. It’s all about lap dances, stripper poles, and turning you on.

Did any of these top 10 female fantasies surprise you? Ask her if she wants to make any of them a reality even just play mock scenes in the privacy of your bedroom. She might be into it and end up stripping for you or… who knows what else could happen?! You’re welcome.

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a list of dogs that will make you look manly

The manly dog is strong, limber, and loyal. He is not overly aggressive. More than anything else, he is your favorite companion. This animal is the one you have chosen as your “best friend,” and he likely makes our top 10 list of the manliest dogs you will ever meet.

1.German Shepherd

Manliest Dog Breeds German Shepherd

Strong, loyal, and intelligent, the German Shepherd has the qualities you want in a pal (he won’t stiff you when the bar tab comes either, unlike human mutts). When you walk the German Shepherd, you exude understated confidence.


Husky is a Manly Dog
The Husky might as well scream the word “manly.” From the muscular arms to the sled he’s been bred to pull, there’s nothing to fault here. Reliable and a good leader, the Husky is a dog we’d be proud to own.

3.Cane Corso

One of the Manliest Dogs is Cane Corso
The name for this manly dog breed comes from “cohors,” which means “protector” in Latin. The rare breed is one hell of a watchdog. He’s muscular and strong, with a masculinity unmatched by other medium-sized dogs. Run with the cane corso and watch the ladies salivate.


Akita Manly Dog Breed
Go power dog, go! Akita is known for being a hunting dog in Japan and keeps away intruders for homeowners too.

We trust this dog for its guarding instincts, and its loyalty is admirable in this dog-eat-dog world (just an expression, no dogs were hurt in the making of this post!).

5.English Mastiff

Manly Dog English Mastiff

It’s not a coincidence that “mastiff” comes from the English word “masty,” meaning powerful. The English Mastiff was once the chosen breed for bear baiting in England because of their proven strength. We’ll “bear” that in mind when we take this manly dog out for a walk as our wingman.


Manly Man and the Bulldog

When you want some irony in with your toughness, opt for this guy. Sure, the bulldog looks stocky but can’t you just tell he feels about 12 feet tall and ready to take on the world?

7.Doberman Pinscher

Manliest Breeds Include Doberman Pinscher
Manly, yes. It’s a given. The Doberman Pinscher is a favorite with police departments for hunting purposes. It’s agile and looks suave from any angle (just like us), which makes it a great choice for a companion. He’ll protect you, even when everyone else mocks you for admitting you like rom coms.

8.Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog in Nature
Hell yeah! Look in the history books and you’ll see this dog breed was used to hunt lions. Taking down a lion is just about as manly as it gets! The Rhodesian Ridgeback has your back when you’re in trouble, is strong, and he’s mighty clever too. That’s probably more than you can say for your best human bud.


Rottweiler Dog is Manly
You talkin’ to me? This macho dog has unfortunately been branded with a less-than-stellar reputation from the media. When he is trained right, though, he can be dominant, stoic, and endearing. Just give him a chance to show you.

10.Black Labrador

Black Lab Dog is Manly
The black Labrador is dark, brooding, and mysterious, just as you wish the ladies saw you to be too. Maybe women will be taken with you sooner when you have one of the manliest dogs at your side. Smart and ready to fetch at your command, the Labrador is a keeper.

When you are in the company of any of these manliest dogs, you will feel like a man and a half. The strength of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Cane Corso are comforting while the loyalty of the Akita and Rottweiler is praiseworthy. You can walk proudly beside any of these dogs, in between your rounds of pushups and squats.

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Lego Hacks

Sometimes you feel creative. Other times you feel like being a kid again. And there are times when you’re annoyed by what your man cave is missing. Make the most of all three moments with these unbelievable lego life hacks that you’ve never seen before. Duplicate them in your pad or just enjoy the unbelievable creations shown here.

1.No Man Is An Island, But Lego Is!

Kitchen Island with Lego

So you want extra kitchen counter space? How about building an island? You think about granite but, blah, so ordinary. Go bright lego style instead. Cover a wooden block with 20,000 multi-colored lego pieces and you should be all set. At least that’s what Simon Pillard and Philippe Rossetti did in their kitchen.

2.Chess, Anyone?

Chess Set Made Out Of Lego
Sometimes we just want to remind others how smart we are. It’s in those moments we wish we had a chess set. Make your set completely out of lego in just a few steps!

Start by building the base. Lay flat pieces down on an even surface to form a square, and then connect them together with normally shaped lego blocks, and cover with 64 squares made of red and blue ones. Alternate colors as you connect them to the base and then follow the rest of the directions here.

3.Keys Please

Lego and Star Wars Key Holder

Lost your keys again? Nope that won’t happen anymore when you make this kickass key holder! Combine your love of Star Wars with your building block fascination. No one said you have to act your age (or they did, and the Stormtrooper told them to screw off).

4.Enjoy the (Musical) Climax

DIY Headphones of Lego

Keep the sound from escaping in your headphones by adding an extra layer of insulation with… lego! Then you can totally enjoy the musical climax in “Stairway to Heaven,” sans the girlfriend bitching about it being too loud again.

Get the how-to guide here.

5.Wall I’ll Be Damned

Use Lego As A Wall
Why not?! This New York loft has unique touches, from its wall drawings to the stair railing made of close to 20,000 lego blocks. The last unique touch I did, well, it got me a slap across the face.

6.Cuff Me, But No Jail Time

Cufflinks Of Lego
It’s much better than being cuffed and doing jail time. It’s cufflinks, totally made out of lego. Yup, we’re stylish AND totally obsessed with these fun bricks. A style icon in the making? You just might be. Maybe these groovy ideas would have added to the love vibe you felt back in the ’70s.

7.Lego My Keyboard

Lego Keyboard Decal

Do these projects seem like too much work? Want to *cheat* a little? Shhh, we’ll help you. Get a Amazon to put over top of your MacBook keyboard. It gives the lego look without the time commitment or energy; the stickers go on in minutes. We’re not lazy, we’re just in energy-saver mode.

8.Go Lazy & Lego Your Cards

Lego Card Holder
Holding your cards while you play is so last year. Instead, build a lego card holder, so your hands are free to wander over to that can of beer on the table.

9.Not Orgy, We Meant Organized

Lego Holder for Cables

Get your mind out of the gutter for a second. Want to stay organized with your cords for your laptop, smartphone, etc., etc.? Us too. So we use lego mini figures. Problem solved.

10.It’s a Wrap

Gift Wrapping Paper Made Of Lego
Have a present to wrap at the last minute and no wrapping paper in sight? Create your own, out of construction paper, paint, and legos. It’s stamping fun. If you weren’t so selfish, we’d suggest you do this project with your kids.

11.iKnew It

iPhone Dock for Lego
iGet it. iKnow. Make an iPhone dock out of lego! Looks basic, easy to make, and right up our alley. Now if only someone would text us.

12.Is It Friday Yet?

Calendar Out Of Lego

You’ll know what day it is with this Amazon. Rebuild the calendar every month! The set comes with bricks pre-labeled for you with the numbers 1-31, 12 months, and 7 days. It’s your calendar for the whole year! It even comes with two figurines. Get your geek on.

Oh lego, how you’ve been our friend for so many years, never deserting us, even when we get piss drunk and go through the doggie door (will relay the full story another time). Lesson learned: Lego is good, and friends won’t stand for us getting shitfaced anymore. Use your legos to make a handy iPhone dock, kitchen island, cord organizer or calendar. The possibilities will make you giddy. Just keep the noise down ’cause we’re still hungover.

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Modern Man Grooming Essentials Tips

After serving up posts on the 1970’s and 1980’s, we’re all set to discuss the modern man again. You know, the metrosexual who never leaves home without his iPhone, the latest issue of GQ, and his e-cig. For the modern man in you, here are 6 grooming essentials to incorporate into your routine (don’t worry, Apple understands).


Grooming for the Modern Man

This grooming essential is one that you’re likely already in ownership of, but are you using it correctly? Cologne is meant to be used sparingly; don’t leave your co-workers or date gagging after they get a whiff of you. Don’t throw on the cheap stuff either. It might give you a rash, fades quicker than the better quality brands, and *hint, hint* you give an air of “I’m sexually desperate.” Gasp! Instead, opt for the Amazon from Giorgio Armani, an unwaveringly masculine fragrance with woody tones and marine notes.

2.Hair Essentials

The Grooming Modern ManKeep your eyes on the prize – your hair. Shaggy hair can ruin your entire look, modern man, and that means you might not be shagging with her anytime soon. Use a trimmer on those nose, ears, and chest hairs once a week, at a minimum. Keep your beard neatly trimmed too; it’s generally easier with an electric shaver. Head to the barber regularly too. Oh and shampoo your hair, you grease monkey! Take pride in yourself and you’ll feel more confident.

3.Skin Cream

Moisturizer and Modern Man
What, you thought moisturizer was just for chicks? Nope. Your skin is your biggest organ, and when you take care of it, then you’re more likely to look younger and fresher. Plus, when you use the cream on your face regularly, it smooths your skin, and you get a closer shave.  Tell time to go f*ck itself. And tell yourself to pick up the Amazon from Neutrogena’s skin care line for men. It’s oil free, fragrance free, has SPF 15, and hydrates with multi-vitamins.

4.Hand Products

Grooming Tips for Men's Hands

So, you don’t pay much attention to your hands? You should. It’s one of the first things women notice about you.

Dirt under the fingernails and sweaty hands are major turn offs. Invest in a nail clipper, file, and hand cream, then keep all of them in your bathroom to remind you to use them. Wash your hands well with soap, especially after meals when they can be grimy or sticky.

5.Stylish Clothes

Stylish Clothes, a Man's Grooming Essential

Any good men’s grooming guide has to address a sense of style. Wearing pants that are two sizes too big is so last decade. Be current by wearing fitted shirts and pants; trim is the best fit for the modern man’s clothes. Avoid taking that tee out of the laundry basket to wear it again – we’ll all notice it smells and is wrinkled. Go for clean clothes that fit you right.  OH and pay attention to your shoes; YES everyone judges your shoes. Keep your black leather footwear in particular clean with the Amazon; it’s perfect if you’re new to shoe shining, offering all of the basic tools, including a shine brush made with 100% horsehair bristles.

6.Men’s Oral Health

Men Grooming Essential Dental Care

Sure, this isn’t the oral that you really want, but it can help lead to that. Even if you are dressed well, shaved impeccably, and smell amazing, you’ll still fail miserably in the grooming department if you have rank breath. Brush regularly with toothpaste that contains fluoride and follow with mouthwash for a fresh breath that attracts, rather than repels, breasts the people who surround you.

Using these grooming products can help you get laid, meet new friends (or combine the two of them into friends with benefits), and make a favorable impression at work. Once you have all of the essentials for your hair, skin, clothes, and more, you’ll step out into the world as the modern man that no one can resist. Damn, you’re one fine (hygienic) specimen!

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1980s and Signs of a Real Man

Let’s head back to in time, shall we? Like, totally! We’ve come up with 8 ways to determine if you were a “real man” in the 1980’s. Yes, we’re going retro. Are you up for the flashback?

1.Dude, Your New Outfit is Fresh

Fashion Real Men 1980s

For casual wear, you were all about the preppy look. Your Varsity jacket was a priceless possession, as were your denim pants, shirts with upturned collars, and your Flock of Seagulls haircut. You got a hard on any time a woman with legwarmers walked by you. When it was time to turn up the charm though, you knew how to play that fashion card too. Suits were back in style, and your “real man” influencer was David Bowie. You also wanted to look like any of the members of Duran Duran in the music video for “Rio.”

2.This Music is Totally Tubular

Michael Jackson in the 1980s

The 1980’s was the end of the punk scene and the start of New Wave. Hip-hop, was getting popular and you even tuned into the local college radio station. You got caught up in Michael Jackson’s Thriller and tried to mimic his snarl in “Beat It.” When Depeche Mode released Music for the Masses in 1987, it reminded you that nobody really understood you and it was OK to sulk. You once felt like you knew every song on Prince’s Purple Rain. We won’t even get you started on Maxell audio cassettes.

3.You Said No to Quiche

Quiche Not for Real Men in the 1980s

You were beginning to understand the importance of being refined, from learning about feminism to appreciating small kids. But, let’s be real, you still held your six-pack of Bud like a baby (until the cans were empty) and you adored the Super Bowl. You said no to making quiche before you’d even read the book Real Men Don’t Eat Quicke

Instead, you said yes to both masculinity and emotional restraint as a “real man” of the 1980’s. If you were a dad, you were secure in yourself, just like Jason Seaver in TV’s Growing Pains.

4.Amped About Your Chevy. Big Time.

Chevy Truck for Real Men 1980s

Your Chevy truck was the bomb (before the body change in ’88). It was after you learned to drive and right when you were ready to drive the guys around town to cruise for hot chicks. You tinkered with your truck after watching the car commercials that talked about transmissions and engines. You weren’t a girly man, and you felt alive. You had aspirations, just like the men on The Jeffersons and Sanford and Son.

5.Rad Scent You’re Wearing

Real Men Wore English Leather Cologne

English Leather cologne would turn on a liberated female in a tight pair of jeans. It was a time for all sorts of liberated horniness. And if anyone didn’t like your choice of scent, they could just go eat your shorts, man.

6.WWF To The Max

1980s WWF and Hulk Hogan

A real man of the 1980’s watched WWF. There were the pay-per-view events and the Saturdays spent with your eyes locked on the television screen. It would later go to be renamed the WWE, but before that we happened we were already deeply obsessed with Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

7.Bruce Was Ace

Real Man Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s

There were nothing more manly than Bruce Springsteen, who represented middle-class America in the 1980’s. When he released Born in the USA in 1984, you wanted to be him. You wish you had later gone on to earn his millions, as well as win Grammys, an Oscar, and an Emmy too.

8.You Don’t Like Gretzky? Bite Me!

Wayne Gretzky Real Man in the 1980s

You were ready to defend Wayne Gretzky, if needed. Not that you really had to though, as you and every other guy in the 1980’s thought (and still think) of him as the greatest hockey player ever. There’s a good reason why he’s often simply called “The Great One.” When not watching Gretzky or Hogan (see #6), you were following the career of Magic Johnson, of course. You watching him win all four championships in the ’80s and supported him when he became one of the first celebrities to be the face of AIDS.

The ’80s was a time for changing fashion styles, obsessions with music, the building of sports legends, and jokes about barf bags. We did you a favour (or a “solid,” as real men would have said in the 1970’s) by not mentioning spandex. You won’t need to have a spazz about it. Chill, man!

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Real Men in the 1970s

The 1970s was a groovy time, with its waterbeds, mood rings, incense, and intense colors. It was also a turbulent time, with oil crises, women’s lib, advances in rock and roll, the fall of Saigon, environmentalism, and so much more. Let’s not forget the invention of the microwave oven either. But what type of guy walked the street and what made him a “real man” in the ’70s? If you were chilling out back then, here’s what your manly self was all about.

1.You Dressed Hip

Groovy Clothes Men 1970s

Your attire was copacetic. You were one cool cat alright, jumping from one big fashion trend to another the decade. You had shirts with circles on them, others with bright stripes, and the colors nearly blinded you as you left your crib to go boogie downtown. Polyester was the name of the fashion game, and you were a serious player, with more leisure suits, wide-flared pants, and big sunglasses than you knew what to do with. Your style icon? Elton John.

2.The Primo Tuff Guy

Movies in 1970s and Real Men

You watched movies like Dirty Harry and The French Connection in the 1970s. Those actors combined action and spy perfectly, with tons of stunts. There were no costumed needed, unlike the Iron Man and Wolverine types of today. You were tough and considered a risk-taker. When you saw Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver deliver what would become one of the top movie lines ever, you went around saying “You talkin’ to me?” a LOT. You were one damn fine warrior.

3.Watched Off The Hook Sports

Sports in the 1970s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
You knew your sports. You were all about the 7’2″ NBA center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who won six MVPs during the decade. His ability to score points and block shots was stellar and radical. You also followed Chuck Noll like a hawk as he took four football teams to Super Bowl wins during the ’70s, each time in a position as head coach. It was his decade to rule, and it was outta sight.

4.Relevant Music. Rock On, Man.

1970s Music for Real Men

For music, the real man of the 1970s was all about Pink Floyd. You knew every song from The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here, and you were impressed with the rad prog-rock of The Wall.

You would later find out your idols influenced a whole whack of bands, from Radiohead and Air to Genesis. These were great tunes to make love to, as were the classics of Marvin Gaye. You were a smooth operator.

5.Stoked about Chillin’ at the Pad

Pong for Real Men in the 1970s

You played the game Pong as you hung with your friends. Little did you know it was the start of the video game industry and that computers would become more enticing in the 1980s. Silly string was brought out for the parties while disco music played loudly. You spent a lot of time scratching your bitchin’ beard and pondering changing it to a thick mustache instead. You smoked Marlboros because you wanted to be the Marlboro Man, and you said “Peace, love and granola” whenever you left your friends. Do you copy?

6.What a Drag, Nixon

Richard Nixon Cartoon of Scandal in 1970s

You were a Richard Nixon fan. You watched him address the issue of Vietnam on your small TV, send troops, and later withdrew in 1973. He did wonders for the space program, and you were 100% behind him when he got reelected. Too bad there was a tiny issue called Watergate that took Nixon down. It was a little different than Deflategate.

7.Military Inclined

1970s Man and Military

The Air Force and Army were really out to recruit you with their ads. They vowed to teach you a skill and give you a fulfilling job. You immersed yourself in the stereotypes of technical training being for the man’s man and told yourself that the Air Force was glamorous. The Marine Corps ads showed serious-looking men with weapons; you weren’t about to smile either, and you embraced the masculine images as well as the opportunity to play the traditional role of the protector.

Sigh, what has happened to the vision of the real man now? Mark Zuckerberg is arguably the leader of the generation. Sure, he is a billionaire that created Facebook and is a tech wizard. But is he a man? Geesh, I think not. I mean, who even came up with the “Poke” button? And Facebook is a social activity, whereas real men are going to get down to tough, hard work. Speaking of which, best continue with work mode. Yeah, baby!

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Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Now THIS is a top 10 list. I mean, it’s not every day that you get told ways to immediately put your life at risk that don’t involve drugs and have athletic components to them. We just want to say that it’s been nice knowing you and that we are not responsible for any injuries, deaths or smiles. OK, we take credit for the grinning. Without further ado, here are the top 10 world’s most dangerous sports.

1.BASE Jumping

Risky Sport BASE Jumping

If you think parachuting is so 2014, then you’ll appreciate that BASE jumping takes it up a notch. BASE stands for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth (which means cliff). Imagine hurling yourself from these types of platforms, only hundreds of feet above the ground. It’s no wonder this dangerous sport is illegal in many countries, including the US, unless it’s part of an organized event.

2.Bull Riding

Bull Riding is Highly Dangerous

It’s a rodeo sport that’s caused numerous concussions and broken bones. Bull riding is a favorite with dumbasses macho men who want to boast they have more testosterone than they know what to do with. Yup, go get on top of a huge bull and try to stay on top of it as long as possible until it bucks you off its back. But recognize you might get trampled by that bull when you fall off it. It’ll hurt much more than when your ol’ lady swatted you as you climbed into bed drunk at 3 am.

3.Street Luging

Street Luge is Dangerous Sport

Gravity is your friend in this sport. Road luge, as it’s also known, involves laying back on a street luge board with your head raised a bit to see where you’re going. With only the aluminum board between you and the concrete, you’ll reach up to 100km/h, and – did we mention this yet – you’ll race against other people to a finish line. Well, you always wanted to be faster than a speeding bullet.

4.White-Water Rafting

The Sport of White Water Rafting

Navigate rough white waters on an inflatable raft and say hello to the large rocks that seem to jut out from everywhere. It’s no wonder that this dangerous sport often leaves its participants with broken bones and twisted knees.

But, hey, on the bright side you might get a great selfie in the process.


Dangerous BMX Stunt
Whoever first thought of doing acrobatics on a bike really wanted to die young. BMX involves racing but also pulling stunts mid-air that can range from grinding and wallrides to roll-backs. By the way, those names could also be sex positions.

6.Big Wave Surfing

Dangerous Big Wave Surfing

Surfers had to take it to the next level and came up with the big wave version, which makes our list of the world’s 10 most dangerous sports. The waves can be upwards of 50 feet high, so that means you’re taking crazy risks that you could get pulled under the water or crash hard onto the rocks. Personally, I’d take a hangover instead any day.


Heli Skiing Dangerous Sport
If you’re a skier who yawns over black diamond courses, then you’re likely considering heli-skiing. The adrenaline junkie starts by leaping out of a helicopter onto a snow peak that he can’t access via any other method. The dangers start with the helicopter, which is going into uncharted territory, and escalate from there with the possibility of an avalanche or getting stranded by a change in weather.

8.High Altitude Climbing

At the Top of the Climb

If you’re participating in a sport that keeps fatality stats, you might be an avid high altitude climber. Maybe you want to climb Everest, where for every six successful summits there has been one mountaineer’s life taken. Let’s see, take your pick of dangers here with the mega heights; thank gravity for giving you hypothermia, pneumonia, frostbite or another present. C’mon guys, there aren’t even any gals in bikinis close by here! Give your head a shake.

9.Train Surfing

Dangerous Train Surfing Man
Do you have a death wish? Apparently people who extreme train surf are nodding right now. This dangerous sport is growing in South Africa, where men are running alongside trains, hanging onto them, and dancing along the tops of them. Nah, think I’ll stay inside and order a dark and stormy or other manly drink.

10.Volcano Boarding

Dangerous Volcano Boarding Sport
So then he went insane and decided to volcano board, she whispered. That was the only explanation for why he voluntarily raced down an active volcano in Nicaragua on a small wooden board strapped to his back. Um, I think that at the point when the guide puts the protective gear on me, so that volcanic stones won’t shred my skin on the way down, is when I’ll say hell no and run for the hills flat lands. I like life.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, these top 10 most dangerous sports could appeal to you. From jumping trains to steering a raft along rough white waters, there’s sure a lot of choices, and you can travel the world doing them. Sure, every sport has some element of risk to it but these are upping the stakes (and, let’s be clear here, the “stakes” are your chances of dying). So tell me, do you feel lucky today or just crazy?

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Best Media-Streaming Player
The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Media-Streaming Player and save BIG on your cable bill

So, you think cable TV sucks? You're not alone.

A growing number of Americans are choosing to cut the cord on cable and instead watch video on demand that is streamed to their screens over the Web.

Now you too can use a media-streaming device to watch what you want, when you want it, whether you watch TV shows and movies occasionally or ​are an avid viewer.

If saying buh-bye to cable entirely gives you the jitters, keep your subscription and simply supplement it with a media streamer instead to give you a broader range of content to watch in your downtime.

But, now that you know you want a media-streaming player, here comes the next hurdle. With several boxes on the market, how do you decide on one? Many people feel overwhelmed by the number of choices. With that issue in mind, we off this review post to you.

What The Hack?

We don't call ourselves 'Man Cave Masters' for nothing! In order to elevate your personal space to the ultimate Media Center experience, you would want to do it at the lowest cost possible, right? Well, we got you covered!

True, there's no such thing as a free lunch, but you could watch most of your content for free by busting out your hacker chops. You can "hack" some media streamers more easily than others, making them in to mindless slaves of your ever-thirsty remote.

Hacking or "jailbreaking" means you get even more content and services than what the manufacturer offers you! Many hackers are all about Kodi (formerly called XMBC), the cool software you can get on your media player after you jailbreak it.

review of the top 5 media streamers

Kodi is essentially an entertainment hub for playing videos, music, and even podcasts. You can also record and watch TV because it allows PVR functions. When you hack your media streamer (as the ultimate freeloader, who would have thought it?), you can customize the box just for you.

For the ultimate "free lunch", Kodi will allow you to install apps such as ​1Channel and Genesis that give you access to an infinite collection of TVShows and movies - FOR FREE!

Nobody hates your freeloading nature as much as the manufacturer of your media device - especially Apple and Amazon. Tampering with your device could "brick" your media box, making it unusable for good. In addition, watching stuff for free might have legal consequences in the future! At time of writing this, "streaming" content is not illegal, as long as it isn't stored or distributed.

To be on the save side, we recommend using a VPN service, such as Cactus VPN. It will hide your IP address and lets you stream your content anonymously. You can sign up for their free trial here. If you are in the US, their $4.99/ month service should have you covered. The service offers easy to follow instructions on how to set it up with your streamer box.

Below, you will find our individual reviews of the five most popular streaming players in the US.

Side note: we have excluded the smaller, "stick" versions of some of the devices. Reason: they can't be jailbroken and are therefore not suited for our review purposes.

Read on to learn the features of each box, pros and cons,​ and - unlike other media streamer reviews - ease of hack-ability, and which one we ultimately recommend to you.

Top 5 Media Streamers

This post focuses on streaming media devices or set-top boxes, as they are also known. The five streamers, in order of discussion, are Roku 3, Apple TV 3, Amazon Fire TV Box, Google Nexus Player, and the new kid on the market, G-Box Q.

NameMatricom G-Box Q Media StreamerGoogle Nexus PlayerApple TV 3Amazon Fire TVRoku 3 Streaming Media Player
 Matricom G-Box Q Quad/Octo Core Android Media Streamer Reviewgoogle nexus streaming media player reviewapple tv 3 streaming media player reviewamazon fire tv media streamer reviewroku 3 streaming media player
Amazon Rating
Lowest Price$102.00Amazon See it$74.99Amazon See it$89.00Amazon See it$99.00Amazon See it$99.00Amazon See it
TypeMedia StreamerMedia StreamerMedia StreamerMedia StreamerMedia Streamer
ModelG-Box QNexus PlayerLETV3FTCL11304230R
Weight0.55 pounds18.7 pounds1.3 pounds0.61 pounds0.31 pounds
Dimensions4 x 4 x 1.5 inches16.8 x 11.4 x 8.6 inches6.4 x 6.4 x 4.5 inches4.5 x 4.5 x 0.7 inches3.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches
 Read the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the ReviewRead the Review

These players are generally within the $60-$100 range (excluding the G-Box Q) and come with built-in Wi-Fi to fetch content that's then displayed on yourTV using an HDMI cable. In other words, setup is a cinch, even if you are not a tech guru.

Here is more detail about the general offerings of each box:

Apple TV 3

apple tv media streamer review


While the Apple TV 3 looks small, it has big features. It's not really a "TV" though, despite the name. Its software is similar to the Mac OS, but it's not a Mac; it streams iTunes and other media content to HD televisions. It is powered by an Apple single-core A5 chip.

Pros & Cons

If you're an Apple lover, with an iPhone and iPad already, you'll likely want to add this streamer to your collection. Why? It will be easy to share your content that's already on iTunes, your Mac or iCloud to your Apple TV 3. Now you'll be able to integrate the player with iTunes TV shows, movies, and music.

While Apple added more services lately, including HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, it still lacks Vudu, Amazon, and M-Go. Also, some users say they have to restart the box or iTunes frequently.

Setting up AirPlay will let you stream whatever's playing on your iOS device onto your TV screen. The quality of movies, TV shows, and movies is excellent with the 1080p high definition. Plus, it's compact, stylish, and an affordable $89.

On the other hand, if you're not part of the Apple world, ​it will be more difficult to access these options, and they will, obviously, be more limited. Also, the amount of games and other content on Apple TV 3 is less than on, say, Roku 3.


  1. Jailbreak your Apple TV 3 to get new apps, services, and systems that take your cool media player even further. It's actually a simple process to hack into it, IF you have an Apple TV 2 or the original model. However, with Apple TV 3, not so much.
  2. To use Kodi on your Apple TV (3rd generation), what you have to do is mirror your screen. What do we mean by this?
  3. Here's how mirroring will work: Use the AirPlay Mirroring feature of your iOS mobile device, Android mobile device, Mac, or PC. Peer-to-peer AirPlay is available on iOS 8. AirPlay enables you to connect your iPad or iPhone to your Apple TV 3 to stream a range of content, WITHOUT them both having to connect on the same Wi-Fi network. Your mobile device IS the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  4. Note: This peer-to-peer AirPlay feature is only available on the 3rd generation Apple TVs.

Our verdict on the hackability of Apple TV 3: Installing Kodi is problematic with the third generation model. Instead, use the AirPlay Mirroring feature. Having your Apple TV (3rd generation) is possible with the workaround we've outlined above. But, if you want all of the perks of Kodi then you're best to stick with the two earlier generations of the Apple TV or choose another player instead.

Roku 3

roku3 media streaming device reviews


In theRoku 3, enjoy voice search for finding the movies and TVs you want to watch in no time. Also, get "Roku Feed," so you can follow entertainment that interests you. It's faster than the first generation model and has a new interface, as well as USB ports and a microSD slot.

Pros & Cons

The biggest advantage of Roku 3 is its huge amount of content, surpassing all other media streamers. For movies and TV shows, you get to choose from Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, M-Go, and more. You can even cross-search over multiple platforms. Also, use Roku Feed's "Movies Coming Soon" section to check if a movie is available yet to stream or not.

​The Roku 3 has a wired Ethernet port to connect to a home network, and it supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies; got to love dual-band Wi-Fi. Enjoy 1080p HD resolution, as well as a free iOS and Android app to transform your mobile device into a Roku remote.

However, Roku 3 is more expensive than the Apple TV; current pricing is $100. Another disadvantage is its limited screen mirroring options; it only mirrors your mobile device onto the TV screen if you're on YouTube or Netflix.

Do you want to stream your own digital media? Unfortunately, you'll have a hill to climb to do so. Regarding customer support, some online reviewers discuss the lack of it. Other reviewers say the remote control locks up sometimes. ​


  1. Sorry folks, Kodi cannot be installed onto Roku 3. That being said, there is a workaround. You can use Kodi on your Android devices, such as a phone or tablet, and then mirror your screen to Roku.
  2. Another option is to use Plex Media Server. One advantage of Plex over Kodi is the simplified data management. There aren't many performance issues with Plex either because it's lightweight. However, Kodi is more flexible than Plex, offering custom skins, etc.
  3. Your best bet? For Roku 3, use a free Plex client and pair that with a free Plex server.

Our verdict on the hackability of the Roku 3: It's not an easy process as the media streamer is made to be secure; it won't let you install Kodi. But, you can make do with Plex instead. Performance is reliable when you pair up a Plex client with a Plex server.

Amazon Fire TV Box

media streaming player reviews


Specific features of the Amazon Fire TV Box include voice commands and a kid-centric environment called "FreeTime," where parents can set controls for their children's viewing habits, such as viewing time limits. Get movies and TV shows from a range of content partners.

Pros & Cons

Choose from several content services, including Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu. If the movie or TV show you want is marked "ASAP," it starts quickly, almost as soon as you select it. Fast is a good word to describe the Amazon Fire TV Box; its fast-forward and rewind features are smoother than other streamers.

It's a quality gaming platform too, offering many titles you'll have difficulty finding elsewhere. The newest version lets you add a USB drive too, giving you additional storage for downloading and saving games. Connect it to "captive portal" Wi-Fi networks too, so you can take it with you to play at your hotel while on vacation or in a dorm or apartment building.

A slight disadvantage is that the streamer shoves Amazon in your face every chance it gets. Yes, we know there are Amazon Instant videos, but do we need to see it on almost every screen? Show promotion is high for shows that are new additions to Amazon Prime Instant. Also, the game controller is not included; we recommend it for a better gaming experience. It costs $99, which is on the high end of the price range for media-streaming players.

If you are a Apple user and want to get your iPhone or Mac content on to the Amazon device, there areplenty of AirPlay apps available for that too.


  1. So you've got 10 minutes? Then you have time to sideload Kodi onto your Amazon Fire TV Box. You DON"T have to hack the player as Amazon Fire allows sideloading.
  2. Obviously, first you will need to download the latest Kodi apk available for Android.
  3. Next, enable ADB Debugging on your player. Go to Settings, select Developer Options, and click ON for ADB Debugging. While in Settings, also go to About and write down your IP address.
  4. Download either the Amazon Fire TV Utility App (for Windows, Linux, or Mac) or the adbFire app (solely for Windows users). The simplest process is to extract the app of choice to your C Drive.
  5. IF you chose the adbFire app, install Kodi following these instructions.
  6. IF you choose the Amazon Fire TV Utility App, follow these instructions: 
    • In Windows, go to File, and select Connect. Enter your IP address, choose Normal Debug mode, and then click the bottom button that says Save and Close.
    • Look for a screen prompt to say that you've connected to the player.
    • Go to the Fire TV Utility app to ensure it says it is connected to your IP (look for the line at the bottom of the page). Then browse and select the downloaded Kodi ARM apk, and then click on the top-right button that reads "Side Load 3rd Party Application." 
    • You will then see a notification that Kodi is successfully installed.

Our verdict: Installing Kodi onto the Amazon Fire TV Box is a simple process that requires little time. You don't even need to root the player. It's a great non-HTPC option for Kodi, booting up faster than a Raw Mini HTPC. The streamer starts up almost as you soon as you power on. As the Fire TV allows sideloading, you don't need to hack it to install Kodi.

Google Nexus Player

google nexus player review


The circular design of this black set-top box is certainly unique. It is smart technology that easily connects to the Internet for streaming movies, TV shows, music, and other content. Connect to Netflix, YouTube, Pandora Internet Radio, and more. It works with most HDMI-compatible TVs and has an 8GB hard drive.

Pros & Cons

Voice search using the included remote and you'll find it is highly responsive. Just as we'd expect from its maker, Google Now, a pro with this type of technology. It can handle complex phrases and returns results easily for titles as well as actors.

The Nexus player works well with Google's Cast service, as well as TabCast from the browser Chrome. It can mirror screens too, putting what you see on your phone or tablet onto the TV's screen. The streamer also offers a range of games via the Google Play store; although less than game selection than on Amazon Fire, it is ahead of many of the other set-top boxes.

​The cons? It's at the higher end of the price range for media streamers; it is $99. Plus, it has sparse connections, with only one HDMI output, which is for connecting to the TV to use it, and its microUSB port is just to get service.

While it does offer mirror imaging, this option is only compatible with specific Android devices, and you must use a Chromecast app to do so. It shoves its Google services down your throat too, much like Amazon Fire does with its own offerings. In terms of content, there is a smaller selection than on Roku 3.​


  1. As the Nexus Player is essentially an Android device, it can pretty much do anything your smartphone can do, right? Correct. You can install Kodi onto your Nexus Player, and it's pretty stable for Android, especially when you use Kodi 14 Helix or above.
  2. Our inside research reveals the x86 version of Kodi for Android, which is recommended for it, has a packaging problem that is leading many users to have problems with Kodi crashing and video links not playing. What a hassle, sigh. So, try the ARM version instead; it appears to work well with the Nexus Player, without any of those issues.
  3. Kodi is easily accessible from the Google Play store and then by following these installation steps.

Our verdict on the hack-ability of the Nexus Player: Google doesn't make it easy to sideload Kodi to it. While you'll likely be recommended the x86 version of Kodi for it, packaging issues are causing crashes that are a pain in the ass. Instead, opt for the ARM version and you should have better luck. There are several steps though for the loading process so allow an afternoon to get this one done.

G-Box Q

g-box q review


The G-Box Q from Matricom takes Android TV to its max potential! Enjoy an Octo Core 3D GPU Graphics Processor (see pros section below). It has Ethernet, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot up to 64GB, and 2 USB 2.0 host ports.

Pros & Cons

The amazing 8x 3D graphics of this set-top box deliver outstanding gaming performance. If you're a gamer, you're welcome. Plus, the G-Box Q has smooth playback when you watch movies while streaming live shows is fast and reliable. Its internal storage of 16GB is nothing to scoff at, either.

Perhaps its most important advantage is it has no restrictions; you don't need to jailbreak it, unlike the other four boxes we spotlight here, as it comes with XBMC/Kodi. It has Cloud Updating too, so you never have to worry about manually updating apps or Android versions.​

Now for the disadvantages of the G-Box Q. It is more than double the price of some of the other players at $259. However, shop around for discounts and you will find them (who doesn't love saving a few bucks?). Some online reviewers cite issues with audio cutting out and slow wireless connections.


  1. There's no need to hack the G-Box Q Android TV box to get Kodi, my friends. You read that right, no hacking required. The media streamer basically comes pre-installed with Kodi.
  2. How so? The heart of the G-Box Q is its Matricom Media Center, which is based on Kodi stable technology. If you set your player to get automatic updates, then you'll always have the latest "Stable Kodi," as it is known on Play's app page. If you didn't get the update, just find the Matricom Media Center at the Google Play Store. 

Our verdict: G-Box Q and Kodi are totally compatible. This media streamer is based on Kodi streamer technology, so there's no need to hack it. If you're a general user who's scared by the term "hacker," and has no interest in altering your player, this is likely the one for you.

Our Recommendations

So, which is the best media-streaming play for you? If you are a general user who has no interest in hacking a device, then the G-Box Q is the perfect solution. It offers you the Kodi features without any hacking required. Simple.

If, however, you plan to jailbreak the streamer, then you need to pay more attention to the "hackability" boxes above​ and our details on pros and cons of the other four devices.

Overall, we recommend the Amazon Fire TV Box. You get a lot of content, albeit less than Roku 3, but it kicks Roku's ass when it comes ​to having all-out access to Kodi.

Getting Kodi is a cinch too; just sideload it. Also, if you have children, you can change your settings to be more kid-friendly, and that may well be what ultimately gets you to buy it.

If you're into gaming, Amazon Fire is one you'll love, and you get massive storage for your games too by adding an extra USB drive. It's on the higher end of the price range for media streamers but, in our opinion, it's well worth it with so many great features.

There you have it. This concludes our epic post on how to pick the right media streamer and save money along the way. If you got some value out of it, please share below!

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Electric Train Model for Man Cave

Say goodbye to meetings on Monday mornings. It's time to relax after a demanding career. But, since when does retirement mean sitting around and doing nothing? It's time to design the man cave for the retired guy, full of models (cars, not Cindy Crawford), and a heck of a lot of awesome. You can still enjoy yourself and keep busy, just at a slower pace than before and minus the stress.

model cars are sweeter than christmas morning

Shelby Cobra Model Car Kit

The days of fixing your own car may be over, but you can still build model cars. If you're crafty and methodical, this hobby will be right up your alley. You don't need to climb under the hood anymore.

If you're a beginner, start with a level one model car kit and work your way up in skill. Create your favorite real product car to scale from plastic, resin or die-cast metal, depending on which kit you choose.

Got a thing for sporty convertibles (and hot blondes)? We can help you in the car department. The Revell Monogram Shelby Cobra 427 Plastic Model Kit in cherry red is sweet. The kit includes chrome plated parts and a fully detailed 427 cubic inch engine. It even comes with waterslide decals with authentic Cobra markings and racing stripes.

Model car kits are more than glue, plastic, and paint. It's about American, from '55 Chevys to George Barris and Mopar Muscle. It's about the culture you love and want to replicate in scale.

Tinker with your auto and join a club to show off your finished projects. Display them around your room. Branch out into racing kits, as well as kits for pickup trucks and Big Rig semi tractors. Also, expand into the areas of model planes, ships, and trains. If you dare.​

Testors Model Car Glue

move over boring paper Clips

You've traded in boring paper clips for car model supplies. You will need the proper glue, paint, and tools for your car modeling projects to get amazing replicas. Tube glue by Testors is a popular choice for plastic cars. It has a non-toxic formula, so there is little odor.

Here's a tip to avoid too much glue oozing out of the tube and onto your car. Apply a small amount of glue onto scrap paper and dip into it with a toothpick. Use the toothpick to apply the glue to your auto for a high level of control.

Another option is to use liquid cement. Apply it with a small paint brush, such as the 1/4in decorative painting brush from Winsor & Newton. Clean the brush now and then to keep it clean.

ride into retirement with electric trains

Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer O-Gauge Train Set

Whether you're looking for a starter set or at a more advanced stage, electric trains are a ton of freakin' fun. Plus, there's something nostalgic about it, harkening back to childhood days when you listened to the sounds of trains.

Are you new to the vocabulary? If so, use this quick reference guide to better understand​ the average sizes (scales) of electric trains.

guide to measurements of model trains

  1. G Scale: 17in long x 5in wide x 7in tall
  2. N Scale: 3in long x 1in wide x 1in tall
  3. O Scale: 11in long x 3in wide x 3in tall
  4. HO Scale: 6in long x 2in wide x 2in tall

​Check out the Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer O-Gauge Remote Train Set. It is a remote-control operated for controlling the train's speed, and features a whistling and smoking locomotive, as well as a headlight. Made of metal rather than plastic, it will last a long time and has an authentic sounding tender as it rounds the track you set up in your cave.

As you get to know the electric train arena more, add in buildings, bridges, and die-cast vehicles to your ​collection and displays within your den. All sets comes with a locomotive, but they differ widely aside from that. Types of train cars include flatcar, caboose, box car, and passenger car.

iPad Air 2 Tablet for Retired Guy Man Cave

you're older, not dumb

Are you a gadget-driven kind of guy? Just because you're a senior doesn't mean you can't grasp technology. You understand mobile gadgets and more than people give you credit for.

Sound familiar? Then you'll want to check out these 5 tech gadgets. You can also stay in the high-tech loop with the 16GB Apple iPad Air 2. Use it to see photos of grandkids and have conversations on FaceTime with friends.  Check in on the family on Facebook and read eBooks too. 

This tablet is lightweight, fast, and you can increase the font size to make reading easier.

If you still feel a little insecure around Mac computers or iPods and iPads, this spiral-bound guide, written for Boomers and beyond, will ​put you at ease!

Vinyl Records Shelving in Man Cave

Peace, love, and vinyl

If you're a retiree with a lot of vinyl records, you're not alone. No man cave for the retired guy would be complete without a display of your records for all who visit to salivate over see in all its glory.

The shelf rack shown here doubles as a record display and storage for the amazing tunes that Taylor Swift can't replicate in albums today. You can flip through the records anytime you want, and they're not hidden behind cabinet doors. 

Plus, this open style can accommodate 7", 12", and rare sizes of records too. Note: Vinyl is best stored at 65-70 degrees so keep your man cave cool to prevent warping your favorite Elvis covers.

You'd rather be fishing

Man Cave Sign Gone Fishing

Fishing is a way to enjoy the outdoors and it's a timeless hobby. You can hang this Gone Fishing sign that you likely saw countless times during your working years and now actually indulge in the activity.

Learn more about pier fishing or surf casting. Perhaps you want to perfect your fly fishing technique now that you have time out of the office. Beauty is in the simplicity of it, just you and your rod. Enjoy your catch. Then frame a pic of you at your latest fishing destination on the wall.

Retirement is anything but boring when you design a man cave that involves one or all of the above activities. For car buffs, the model auto kits are a great hobby, and you'll need to stock up on supplies to have the most fun with it. For the music-files, make room in your den for your vinyl collection. Electric trains, a tribute to your interest in fishing, and the latest in technology are also must-have items for your cave. If you need us, we'll be out planning how to retire early so we can join you there soon.

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Home in Steampunk Style

There once was a home to steampunk. And so it began. And so we offer this post to you that is full of awesome tips for getting the steampunk style for your lair. This interior design style mixes elegant Victorian accessories with industrial items. So, imagine someone dressed Goth, holding an old-fashioned revolver gun while refurbishing a coffee table. Intrigued? So were we.

Steampunk Sofa

State The Awesome

Statement furniture is a great place to start. Infuse steampunk into the seating area with a Regency sofa like the one shown here. Its clean lines, wide scrolled arms, and nailhead trim all share an antique-style look. Go with a deep brown or black as most steam-inspired spaces have dark tones.

Add in texture with accessories, such as this tech noir steampunk throw pillow. This one features a sexy gal on it in a design reminiscent of old-school pulp detective comics, with her robotic arm and Corsair engine parts behind her. Mechanical mayhem ensues.

The Vintage Touch, DIY Style

DIY Project Leather Bookshelf

Chances are good that you've got some old shelves in the basement, attic or a storage locker. Repurpose the shelves into an industrial style that's super swag. This DIY project will serve the most important person in the cave - YOU!

Take a wooden bookcase that you already have laying around the homestead and upholster it with leather. Just make sure it's made of real wood so that ​you can staple and hammer on it.

How to Make a Leather Bookshelf

  1. Start with an old wood bookcase you already have around the house
  2. Cover the outside frame with leather, at minimum. You don't need to cover every surface of the shelving (cheat and no one will even notice!)
  3. Follow this step-by-step guide to get your DIY steampunk leather bookcase
  4. Put any design you want in brass tacks on its top and sides for a custom look
  5. Fill the shelves with books on apothecary, a machine era portable fan, terrestrial globe, and vintage-looking gear bookends.
Steampunk Clock and Wall Art of Gears

Get Into Top Gear

Gears are all the rage in steampunk culture. You'll make H.G. Wells jealous with the sci-fi spirit of this hand-painted gear wall art with clock. It does double duty as both a clock and artwork, which is great if you have limited wall space in your den.

It's made from metal for that industrial look you want, featuring oversized gears and sprockets in 3D. It's durable, rough, and perfect for your wall.

Other ways to incorporate gears into your home are in framed art, sculptures, and mirrors. Also, frame a blueprint of a gear room that you can buy from e-shops like Etsy.

Expose Yourself At Home - Without Breaking A Law

Exposing your style needn't be illegal (put on some clothes, man!). Exposed brick is a trademark of steampunk if ever we saw one. It's rough yet sophisticated, just like you, right? If you want to enhance the aged look of the brick or think that adding a brick partition to your den would be cool, it's easier than you think!

There are online tools that can count how many bricks you need for a partition, depending on the size of your space. Usually, it's 60 bricks per square meter for a single layer. ​This free online calculator can help you find the number of bricks you require for your wall.

When you build a partition from the inside, there's no need to dig down to build a foundation. However, you do need to remove the floor's finish to the screed. Buy mortar already mixed to save yourself a step.

Already have a brick wall? Strip it back for that awesome rough look by using a spatula to remove the paint and coating. Yup, it's that easy. Just be sure to lay down nylon sheet in the area so the mess doesn't spread all over your crip. You'll get the brick down at its basics in no time for a cool retro effect.

Don't have brick and don't want to use real bricks but like the look of them? There's a solution for that. Apply this 8-panel photo mural over your wall to give the illusion of bricks. Just past and apply the panels to the wall.

When Junk In The Trunk Is A Good Thing

Vintage Steamer Trunk at Home

A vintage steamer trunk is a must have. You guessed its use already, didn't you? Use it as your coffee table. The trunks come in a range of sizes. They double as great storage items; fill yours with collectibles, mags, movies, gaming controllers, and more. When you put down the lid, should that marriage material gal come over to visit, those items are all hidden from view so your place looks organized.

We like this wooden steamer trunk for its large size; it would fit well in front of that great leather sofa you've brought into the room already. This trunk has old-fashioned hardware and studs that add to its aged appearance. Plus the faux leather strips add visual interest, and you can't go wrong with the choice of Cedar wood.

Is a Victorian design one you dream of? If so, you're off to a great start with these tips for bringing steampunk into your home. With leather seating, steamer trunk, gears art clock, and an exposed brick wall, you're all set to rock the next big interior design trend. Remember to go dark and neutral with your color choices to be true to the steampunk theme. Be true to yourself too by having a cold one to celebrate your newly decked-out living area.

If you want to pick yourself up a pair of Round Steampunk Sunglasses to go with your newly decorated man cave, than check out Top Tier Style!​