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Home Tips Eco-Friendly

So you might have a green thumb when it comes to gardening (or when you take on the persona of Hulk from Avengers: Age of Ultron) but do you also have a green home? Here are ways to make your man cave more eco-friendly. Using the tips we share here, you can reduce energy consumption, save costs on your next power bill, and more. Saving moolah is always in style. Don't worry, you don't have to go as far as sleeping with the worms.

Eco-Friendly Seating

1. seating just got friendlier

An eco-friendly sofa is a must-have for this type of lair. Unfortunately, a lot of furniture is made with materials that contribute to global warming. When you go the green route, you embrace furniture made with non-toxic glues and natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, or hemp.

Check out this retro Montego Latte Pennyback Sofa from Overstock. We imagine it on the Mad Men set. It's eco-friendly, made of recycled steel springs, sustainably harvested hardwood and has soy-based cushioning.

Plus, this sofa fits well into a small den with its armless style that keeps it from looking oversized.

Light Bulb Energy Efficient

2. let your light shine green

Energy-efficient lighting is perfect for your lair. Your light source doesn't have to drain your power bill. You can lower your carbon footprint too. 

Don't feel guilty every time you turn on a light switch anymore when you get Bulbrite Halogen 53W A19 bulbs (2 pack) in clear or soft white. They are energy savers and fully dimmable.

These babies are equal to a 75W incandescent bulb yet are only 53W. Each bulb lasts about 1,000 hours. Cha-ching, savings! Need more reasons to get these bulbs? Check out the Lighting Facts to the left.

3. reclaim the table & your inner dIY guy

DIY Wood Table

And then you want a coffee table! Make one out of reclaimed wood and reclaim the DIYer in you. The table shown here is made of Douglas Fir; you can vary the type of wood if you want a harder variety.

How to Make a Reclaimed Wood Table

  1. You will need 3 pieces of reclaimed wood. A good size for each piece is 3"x10"x5'. The lumber shop might cut down a single big piece into these measurements if you beg ask them nicely.
  2. Other supplies you require: wood glue, tenons or biscuits, table legs, hammer, circular saw. mortise, rubber mallet, drill, and sander.
  3. The wood will likely come to you dirty, so clean it first. Remove nails and other random metal on the wood. Use a sander to remove sh*t from the wood's exterior. 
  4. Cut wood corners to 90-degree angles.
  5. Use a Domino to cut mortises and then glue them into place with tenons. About 25 mortises should suffice.
  6. See this awesome guide for the remaining steps to create your table.

4. Win-Win walls

Sustainable Wall

Have you heard of wood wool? That's what the tiles shown here are made of; the wood fibers are mixed with cement and water. BOOM, you've got sustainable wall art!

The hexagon-shaped tiles come in a range of colors and you can put them into any pattern you want on the wall. Bonus: These tiles enhance the lair's acoustics. Yup. Uh huh. That's because they have sound-absorbing properties. Functional AND eco-friendly. Hey, that's win-win in our books.

Want to go with cork instead? We don't blame you. Heck, we did a whole post on cork.  Put up modern, textured cork wallpaper instead. It's organic and manly; what more do you want? We like how it adds impact to the room, without being overbearing at all (unlike the mother-in-law).

Beer Cap Coasters

5. more eco-friendly decor tips

Add even more environmental goodness to your lair by picking up furniture from local flea markets. Also, put some beer cap coasters on your table so your drinks won't leave marks on the surface you worked so hard to put together.

Add plants that will help purify the air (dang, you're rank some days). Leading air-filtering plants include the Boston Fern and Chinese Evergreen.

Reduce your footprint with the eco-friendly man cave. Between your reclaimed wood table, environmental sofa, organic wallpaper, and energy-efficient lights, you're good to go! Yes, you one eco-responsible dude, and here nobody thought you'd make much of your life. Take that, dad! Now you have money to spare for movies, trips to Hooters, and earplugs for when you tell the ol' lady where you've been...

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Wall Decal Hole to Another Universe

If you’ve ever told someone to shut their hole, now that phrase just took on a whole new meaning.

This wall decal advertises as a Hole to Another Universe if you dare try to enter it! “Come on in!” is what it says under the black hole. It means well, we’re sure, but putting yourself headfirst into there really would lead to a wallop-sized bump on the noggin.

The vinyl wall art appeals to anyone who has wanted to warp to another universe or felt warped (ack, maybe a sign to see a shrink). Perhaps the alternate universe won’t be filled with images of people sugar coating shit like it’s yummy as f*cking Lucky Charms (yup, that’s a big chip on my shoulder).

The decal is a cinch to put on the wall of your man cave. It comes with pre-spaced application tape so you’ll get the look just like in the photo. Other than on the wall, you can also put the decal on a window or mirror. It’s easy to remove too (but only a one-use decal).

After you’ve told your buds to head into the hole here – they’re not impressed with how much their head hurts after that, by the way – you’ll be able to offer them consolation with a few stiff ones you serve up using the bottles lining your LED liquor shelf.

Then it’s off to the couch for you all to discuss glory holes to other universes, determinism, and other deep thoughts, including holes of a different kind. Her hole was so tight, and you’re going to tell them about it again. Hell, they’re not getting any so they might as well live through my explosions.

Are you also dead-set on entering a black hole too? It’s the point of no return, but it sure would be cool to travel through the place where time meets space. We’ll have to ask Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory about his thoughts on the subject. After all, he’s not insane; his mother had him tested. He might ask us to Google how to have fun though…

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Smart Tech Excitement

If you're smart and you know it, clap your hands. You can also clap if you incorporate smart technology into your man cave that simplifies your lifestyle. "Smart" tech is equipped with electronic control devices that are computer microprocessors. Sure, you have a smartphone but are you also using these other gadgets to max out your daily quotient of awesome? If not, what are you waiting for?

1. Ding Dong, It's time to get this clock doorbell

Smart Tech Doorbell Clock

Once upon a time there was a clock and a doorbell. Then, one day, a genius combined the two items. Ta-da! Here is the Infinity Instruments Doorbell Clock that is a wall or table clock that doubles as a doorbell. There are 15 tones from which to choose.

It has LED reminder lights and a modern look that even James Cameron would appreciate (man, he's difficult to please). Get it in red, white or orange. Ding dong, the witch is dead in The Wizard of Oz, but ​we still want this rad example of smart technology.

2. To infinity and beyond... because you can

Gravity Chair For Him

When you want to recline, this intelligent chair is all you need. Trust us on this one. The oversized gravity chair from Caravan Sports Infinity has multiple reclining positions and an adjustable headrest for a seat customized for your amazing bod.

The durable textaline fabric is suspended by a double bungee system that makes it a cinch to get the exact chillaxing position that you want to achieve. The headrest moves to provide lumbar support, and this model is oversized; it's 5.3" wider than the typical one. The feel-good chair of the year? It's right here, thank you very much.

Mu-Vie Speaker Smart Tech

3. Move On Over for the mu-vie speaker

Speak on, my friend, speak on. This Mu-Vie Speaker from Idea International amps up your music to a new level of amazing. 

Just connect the audio cable to your iPod, iPhone or MP3 device to get beats that make even Dr. Dre jealous. Want to watch a movie instead? Sure, just insert your iPod or iPhone on top of the speaker and watch movies right from it. Mu-Vie = Music + Movie. You = Even more swagnificent with this speaker in your crib.

Aside from sky blue, it comes in lime green, pink (no judgement) or white.  Is the color gold more your thing? If so, check out this bling-worthy post about gold decor.

Nest Learning Thermostat

4. you know me - no, i mean you really know me

Imagine a thermostat that remembers what temperature you like and self-programs itself to it. That's the promise of the Nest T200577 Learning Thermostat. This second-generation model is 20% thinner than the original design.

Its autoschedule feature remembers the temperature you like and programs itself. It also has auto-away; it turns itself off when you're not in the man cave. Saving you money on your next energy bill, nice!

You can even remote control Nest via your laptop, smartphone or another mobile device, simply by connecting it to your Wi-Fi. Smart technology just got its heat on!

Sail on this stream, anytime you want to

Smart TV Roku

This is one stream we wouldn't mind dipping into at the end of a busy day or on the weekend. It's the 32" Roku TV. It's the ultimate smart TV. The TCL TV brand combines with Roku's kick-ass streaming service to give you entertainment unlike anything else on the market right now. Get over 2,000 streaming channels with 250,000 movies and TV shows. Watch live sports, music, documentaries... The list goes on (and on).

Get YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and more. Enjoy fully integrated streaming and you can even hook up your favorite gaming consoles for a night without the wifey. The set's 60Hz and 720p. Tip: If you sit more than 10ft from your TV and it's under 50", then you won't notice the difference between 720p and 1080p. What you will notice though is the savings to your wallet.

Well, what are you waiting for? You're a smart guy, right? Embrace smart technology in your man cave as you listen to Led Zeppelin on your Mu-Vie Speaker while lounging on your gravity chair, until the wall clock tells you someone's at the door. Got to leave the lair? Note how the Nest thermostat automatically turns itself off. 

Want to watch the first Terminator movie again when you return home? Roku TV saves the day. Arnold Schwarzenegger's assassin character doesn't have anything on you and your smart gadgets. Schlater. I'll be back. Okay Arnold, we heard you the first time, and the second, and the third...

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Tropical Theme Home Office

Feel like you need a vacation? We hear you. It's not always easy, between the 9-to-5 schedule and responsibilities around the house. Or maybe it's chilly outside, and you want a bit of warm inspiration (without a photo of Selena Gomez required). Escape from the humdrum by revamping your man cave with a tropical office design. We're recreating the room above. Mix up a Jack & Coke and let's do this.

Tidy desk, tidy mind

Office Man Cave Desk

A clean desk makes for a clear mind, as the saying goes. This Bestar Marson Corner Desk is similar to the one shown in the tropical scene in the top photo. It has the same closed front, is made of sturdy wood, and has a simplistic design that balances well with the room's emphasis on detailed accessories.

We like how this desk fits into a corner and gives you plenty of working space around you. It has cabinets and shelving, with lots of room for your laptop or a PC for when you're "working." Mind you, working undertime tends to be more fulfilling than working overtime... Just sayin'.

Put a light beige fabric chair behind the desk and add a matching one out in front of the desk too, just in case anyone wants to come visit you in your stylin' tropical lair.

Tropical Theme Shelving

Built-In Shelves

Looking to fit in custom shelving, built up from the desk, like in the top photo? The shelves are a great place to show off highlight your memorabilia collected from trips or books. Use your free moments on the weekend to build your office shelving.

Begin by drawing a design for the built-in shelving on the wall. Use Home Designer 2016 software to make the project easier. Just insert the dimensions for the room, figure out the side of shelving within the space, and more. 

A built-in provides a custom look that screams quality. If you're not sure how to create the shelves yourself, hiring a carpenter can absolutely save you money in the long run. To add even more of a tropical feel to your shelves, you might want to lay some bamboo over your plywood, just for decoration sake.

Tips for Decorating Your Shelves

  1. Pick one color and use it for your displayed items to keep them from looking too cluttered. In the room we're recreating here, blue appears to be the color chosen.
  2. Seashells, travel books and photos of you on vaca are great objects to fit in the tropical theme. Welcome to show and tell at its finest!
  3. Put small office supplies like paperclips and tape into labeled boxes to keep those uglies out of view.
  4. Add one striking object that will be the visual centerpiece of the shelving. It could be a porcelain statue or big block letter like the one we showcased in Rainn Wilson's office man cave.
Hole Base Lamp

Hole-Y, we need light

Yup, light is a necessity in an office (duh). This ceramic table lamp from S.H. International has the same hole in its base as the one in the original room.

It has a calming look in ivory, and this shade also brightens the room, which can look darker if it has a lot of wood in it.

Made of ceramic, the quality lamp is 12" high and very reasonable in price. Put the lamp on the desk, along with accessories that match the ones on your shelving (see previous section) for great coordination.

Tropical Art Print

palms up for high fives

Palm trees bring flair to your space, particularly when you can't get an exotic beauty of the human variety! Spice up your space with a large artificial palm that you stand in a planter by your desk. Invest in a quality one with a lifelike trunk. Bring outdoor Hawaii inside with you!

Extend the palm influence to your decor as well with a painting that includes the tree and parrots, similar to the artwork in the inspiration room. Bring on the bold colors and vivid details. This 8x10" art print features two Scarlet Macaw parrot birds.

The birds in the print are watching to see if you're going to feed them soon, in between your feast of yummy boobies coconuts. The art comes ready to frame or mat.

Now it's time for you to enter in your Hawaiian shorts and put your feet up on the desk. Your smile is wide at the thought that you can enter this tropical design of an office any time you desire it. Add built-in shelving, signature lamp (it's a hole in one, groan), and palm influences in the forms of a tree and art. Vacation is here, whenever you want!

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Home Bar Liquor Shelf

And they said you couldn’t improve on liquor. So wrong, yo. It’s time to light up this joint!

This wall-mounted LED liquor shelf takes your home bar to the next level. The lit shelf looks as though it’s floating on your wall – especially after a few shots are consumed – and it fits up to 10 bottles across it. The lighting is energy-efficient and super bright, making it a great way to highlight your favorite bottles of vodka, tequila or other hangover-worthy brew.

This particular 3ft-long light shelf comes with three heavy-duty mounting brackets for ease of install. It has a water-resistant base and frosted lens cover, which makes for a cool vibe. Just plug it in and light up the bad boy! Now it’s officially time to pour yourself some dinner.

Did we mention the 44 key wireless controller yet? Um, no, you say. OK, let’s chat. Use the remote to light the shelf from the corner where you’re playing foosball. Also, just push a button on the controller to change its color, alter the brightness or create awesome lighting effects like color fade or flash.

Welcome to the man cave of awesome! Tipsy just got even more fun with this display for behind your bar. With about 50,000 hours of run life on this fixture, it’s bound to be around longer than the Terminator series. On a side note, is Arnold ever going to retire?

The next time a buddy comes over to your lair with a down look on his face, show him your liquor stash all LED’d up, and ask him if he wants to drink about it. Should help clear his mind for a while. If he can’t be happy, he might as well be drunk.

For the advanced drinker in you, here’s the perfect way to show off those beautiful bottles o’ deliciousness.

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Man Cave Rainn Wilson Office

And then there was the man cave office makeover. You can get this look for your lair that was originally created for Rainn Wilson of TV's The Office. You may not be famous (yet) like Rainn, but we'll do you a solid by helping you renovate your den like his room, as shown in the photo above.

Capital Letter Art

1. ABC's, Anyone?

Personalize your space with solid letter wall hangings of your initials. Several are available online in solid colors, and they look cool with a vintage paint finish over the metal. 

We like how Rainn's first name initial is larger than the one for his last name. Tip: Make sure the letters you buy come ready to hang so that you won't have to worry about drilling holes in them later. Save yourself some work, dude!

2. Tech it up with a tV

Samsung 40

Bring on the TV. Even though this space is primarily a home office, you deserve a break now and then. Plus, watching those Lakers games might inspire your work, right? Wink, wink. Let us tell you this tip that comes with experience: choose the biggest flat-screen television that fits your budget to avoid buyer's remorse.

Also, measure the space where the TV will go on the wall before making the purchase; that way you ensure it will fit. If you're going with a set that's less than 42" in diameter, the Samsung 40" 1080p LED TV is a sweet choice. It's got clear images, built-in Wi-Fi, and gives you access to games, movies and other media via its Smart TV feature. 

Wall mounted over your fireplace, your TV looks awesome and frees up your floor space too. Be sure to hide the wires to keep the look as tidy as Rainn's place.​

Leather Accent Chair

3. The Sweet Spot

The spot to sit down and watch TV or listen to your Bluetooth speaker pound out Snoop Dogg tunes is a sweet one. 

You'll need comfy chairs (best to have two seats, so your buddy doesn't doesn't get all pissed off again). Get these Roundhill Wonda Bonded Leather Accent Chairs with wood arms. The leather comes in black or white; we think the black one is a close match to those in Rainn Wilson's crib.

The material is a cinch to clean and durable. Lean back and take in an episode of The Office on Netflix. One of our faves is the Season 3 episode titled "Initiation" where Dwight trains Ryan for a sales call in a series of ridiculous lessons. 

Pendant Lights Man Cave Office

4. Boring Lighting? um, no

Why go boring when it comes to lighting? Put in pendant lights like in Rainn's home office. They have style and add personality to your space.

Suspend the lights over your desk, coffee table, and by your entrance to spotlight those areas that you frequent. Add more than three pendants if you have a bigger room than Rainn's space.

In silver steel, the look is timeless. It's minimalistic too so that you and the rest of the room aren't outdone (shudder at the thought).

For when you have to work (sigh)

Work in Man Cave Office

We like how the desk in this home office isn't front and center. Instead, the room retains its man cave feel by having the desk in the back, with fun toys like the TV and guitar at the front. After all, a guy's gotta have his toys!

When you want to get shit done or want a place to band your head, you'll need your desk. Choose a shade of wood that matches with the wooden beams, door frame, and coffee table in your lair. Following this tip will help to give you a cohesive look for the room. 

The rustic look is manly, with room leftover for your PC, LED desk lamp with dimmable touch switch, and a globe.​

Shelve This

DIY Shelves Man Cave

You'll need shelving for all of your gadgets, photos, papers, books, and 1950s decor. Choose a combination of open shelves and closed cabinets to mix up the look. If you have lots of wires or tend to be a hoarder (we won't judge you, this time), you could always hide that stuff behind the shelving doors. Note: there are two free-standing shelving units in Rainn's space, along with wall-mounted shelves; reach for the top shelves via a ladder.

Buy a wooden ladder or make it yourself if you want a DIY project to keep you busy on the weekend. It will only cost you about $20 to make one. 

Build Your Own Wooden Ladder

  1. What you'll need: two 12ft 2x4 boards, two 8ft 2/4 boards, 36 deck screws (2.5"), a pencil, and exterior wood glue
  2. Begin by lining up and then clamping your 2x4s side by side
  3. Mark the center of the ladder's future top run about 8" from the top of each 2x4.
  4. Then mark the center of the other rungs; each rung should be about 16" apart. Follow this guide for the rest of the steps to build your wooden ladder.

To get Rainn Wilson's man cave office look, follow the tips above. From block letters hanging on the wall to the flat-screen TV, comfy chairs, desk, and pendant lights, you will be all set for a great day in your stylin' crib. You'll be the hit of The Office, you might even say.

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light lamp illusion peeling

Add something new to your routine. You’ll eat and sleep still, of course, but now your playtime can include peeling the wall. Say what now?!

This Peel Wall Light from YOY is off the chain. It’s a one-of-a-kind way to light up a room, I’ll give you that much.

It’s a lamp that fits into the corner of your room. It looks like your wallpaper is peeling back to expose a light behind it.

In reality, what your bros won’t see (if you let them come visit your man cave) is that the cable is tucked into the corner. The thin light is intriguing, made of OLED and PMMA. It’s like a magic trick for the wall!

Mount it to your wall easily with a bracket. It’s easier to mount than that drunk chick at the party last month who you offered $10 to see what she could do for that prize. Note: Get to the bank machine soon.

Aside from the visual illusion though, this is a practical light source. This wall lamp is a Japanese original. Second note: Get sushi for dinner.

Are you interested in other illusions for your man cave? If so, this Can You Imagine Melting Clock might just tick-le your fancy. It is artwork that looks like a timepiece. If you put the clock on a shelf, it looks as though it’s melting right off of that surface. Time really is fluid.

Your buds will wonder if it is a clock or a piece of art. Third note: Get Jim shitfaced again and then show him the clock. It’ll be almost as funny as when he went streaking through the neighborhood. Third note: Get over to Ms. Busybody’s house next door to apologize for Jim’s naked ass.

Does it seem as though nothing is what it seems? Bwahaha, we are on step one in our quest to take over the world. We may call on the eloquent Vladimir Putin to help us (once he finishes taking down some guys on the Judo sparring floor).

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goldthemed man cave ideas

Pimp up your basement, attic or another space to make it all your own, with the kind of design you want. What's that? You want gold. You don't say? Yup, gold is freakin' awesome. It's the best thing since sliced bread and is associated with luxury more than another other color, even when it doesn't cost your right arm to buy it! Read on for ideas for your gold man cave, including some DIY tips.

shine bright like a gold ottoman

ottoman in gold

Rihanna sings about shining bright like a diamond, but this manly room is all about shiny gold, baby! Get this gold cube ottoman in vinyl that we would describe as contemporary cool in style. Shhh, it looks more expensive than it actually is!

The tufted sides give a polished look, and it's totally functional when you put it in front of your white leather sofa. Espresso brown is another great sofa shade for this room. 

Rest your feet on the ottoman as you lean back into the sofa cushions with a cold adult beverage. Lay a gold Oushak rug made of wool yarn in front of the seating to complete the glam look.

this is so NOT the bottom of the barrel

table shaped like gold barrel

Never settle for less than you are worth. You've likely heard that phrase. Little did you know it would apply to what you choose for your gold man cave!

The gold barrel table pictured here will intrigue your buddies when they notice the arrow design on its sides. It has a metallic gold finish and glass top. It's not the bottom of the barrel, by any means.

​The cleverly designed table fits easily into even a small space, such as beside your sofa or close to the gaming area. To clean, simply dust it with a soft cloth. Do not use chemicals on it as doing so may tarnish its finish. The exception is a single spray of glass cleaner on its top and use of a lint-free cloth to wipe it dry.

get the golden apple

apple laptop gold case

The golden apple of fairytales need not be poisonous. Now you can bling out your Apple laptop with a metallic gold hard shell case and keyboard cover.

Get the best value with this 4-in-1 kit that includes the shell, keys cover, screen protector, and dust plug. It fits a Macbook Pro 13" A12378 model. The hard cover is slim and has a sleek, polished look that fits in well with your lair.

Don't worry if you're an Android user instead. Get the 2.4G slim mini wireless keyboard and optical mouse, with built-in Nano receiver, in champagne gold. If you're a Windows 7/8 or Vista XP enthusiast, then you will enjoy this alternative.​

Awaken your dIY spirit

DIY stool gold

Hello there, gold metallic spray paint! Spray anything your manly heart desires in the gold shade, from the inside of pendant lamps to the legs of stools. Transform older furniture you already have around the house or get some on the cheap at a second-hand shop.

For hardware like door knobs and handles, sand them one at a time with a sanding block and then clean them to remove residue (we use denatured alcohol with an old cloth). Shake the paint and then follow the can's directions to apply it.

For the best color, check the label on the back of the can, rather than the color of the cap, so that you won't wind up with yellow rather than gold. Coat lightly, 10-12" away from the hardware, for the best effects and use multiple coats.

the golden rule... on the walls

Wallpaper in gold

Wallpaper is back, in a fierce way, as a design trend. Incorporate it into your crib with wallpaper that is as golden in color as it is cool. It has the glitz and glam you want, whether it's for a feature wall or several walls in your pad.

To emphasize the wallpaper even more, frame artwork with white mattes or frames on the walls. The white pops against the gold backdrop, creating a wow factor that rivals 007 on a good day (Roger Moore is our preference, just to make that clear). Also, hang your TV and speakers from the feature wall to emphasize the gold color even more.

Accessories to Finish the Cave

bell to ring for beer

Bring the whole gold man cave together with accessories that are oh so pimp worthy! Clever additions for your lair include a wall mount bottle opener in gold that says "Texas" on it and has a distressed finish.

Add gray throw cushions to the couch to offset the gold ottoman, and put your much-needed beer bell front and center. The bells gets right to the point with its words to "Ring for Beer." 

Ah, yes, that sounds about right! Maybe your buddies will answer this ring if they know they can get a cold beer too.

Your gold man cave is bold, bright, and awesome! Enjoy your golden computer, bold wallpaper, tufted ottoman, and arrow design table. Once you have finished getting all of the items into your crib, break out the 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo cigars and enjoy a golden moment of silence (or two). You deserve it!