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Man Cave Neon Pacman Sign

Pac-Man eats balls, and no one is thrown for a loop. Then, Ms Pacman comes along, and everyone’s like “Woah, she’s some prostitute!” Did you ever notice that?

Still, Pacman rocked when it first came out in the 1980s, and it still kicks ass. Arcade game 101, folks. Learn it and pass the course with flying colors (four colors, one for each of the ghosts, to be exact).

We love how this Pacman neon light sign pays tribute to the ghostly enemies that always seemed to hound Pacman. I wonder if my ol’ lady took notes from them?

The bright sign is made of glass and creates an awesome effect when you hang it in your man cave’s gaming area or on the wall behind your basement bar. It makes a bold statement with dimensions of 17″ x 14″.

Just plug the attached cord into the wall to turn it on and turn on the ladies, nom nom. Get all Pacman style. Woka woka!

Check out how the “C” in Pacman is lit up in yellow to represent the stud of the gaming scene who eats power bullets for breakfast and then takes those ghosts down. Enemies better watch out, yo. We heard a rumor that even Mayweather from The Matrix was scared of Pacman. Trick or treat? Is it Halloween already?

You may not have six-pack abs put you can have a four pac of ghosts when you get this awesome retro-inspired sign.

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flavour flav in vegas

While you can't bring home a Las Vegas showgirl (wifey is touchy about that last one) or the money you lost playing the slots on the vegas strip, you can design the ultimate Las Vegas man cave. Yeah boy! Even Flavor Flav would hang there.

1. welcome to your man cave

Las Vegas Night View

Las Vegas is the bright light city. It's flashy and known for pushing the limits of nightlife and entertainment - kind of like you, right? Bring the fun into your pad with this iconic Welcome to Las Vegas Neon Sign like the one that greets you when you enter the city.

The sign clearly sets the stage for your themed room and doubles as another lighting source, which comes in handy if you have a dark basement. Hang it on the wall behind your bar, over the sofa or on a feature wall to denote that this the place for mega mayhem. Gambling commences upon waking up, whatever hour that happens to be.

Gazing Ball for Las Vegas Man Cave

2. Bring the Bellagio Home

Why not recreate the magnificent glass structure on display on the Bellagio's ceiling? It's bold and bigger than life - everything you want in your Las Vegas man cave!

Mimic the look by putting multicolor hand blown glass vases and bowls on shelves and other surfaces around your den. The art in bold colors catches the eye.

This 10" Gazing Ball looks amazing with its swirling mix of bright colors and an eye-popping design. 

We know you have balls but now it's officially confirmed.

3. card sharks welcome

Get a load of this one, boys! You're ready for the battlefield of cards. Let's get some serious poker going here. Set up your poker table close to the bar area so that you won't have to move far from the action to get a beer (or two).

Poker Tip:

Use two colors of chips to simplify the stakes; one color for $0.50 and the other for $5 chips. If you have regulars at the table, stick with the same colors for each amount to make it easy (Jim's a bit slow, but he means well).​ Invest in a quality poker chip set; this one includes 500 casino quality poker chips with awesome dice-striped design. The set comes within a heavy-duty aluminum case with black felt interior. In true Vegas style, flashy is fabulous!

Now you can hold poker night at your place. Pound back a few cold ones as your buddies try to win a few hands - but they'll be crying for their mommies when you beat them and take all their money. Playing poker right from your lair? Priceless.

Is Roulette more your game of choice? This 16-inch Deluxe Roulette Set includes everything you need to set up the game within your pad: roulette felt, wheel, 120 chips, two balls, and a rake. It even doubles as a Blackjack playing surface; just flip it over to play Blackjack. Two decks of cards come with the set. Get ready to take your "friends" for all they got! (All in good fun, of course).

Art Las Vegas Style

4. Go Bold or go home

At least part of the magnificence of Vegas is its flashiness. It's bright, intoxicating, and bigger than life. Mimic that effervescence (the word-a-day calendar is coming in handy) with this huge boner metal wall art.

The art is colorful and upbeat (not unlike that boner). The seven-panel set features lively colors that are reminiscent of the non-stop Vegas vibe. Plus, the mix of red, blue, purple, and green matches to any shade of sofa.

Note: This artwork is the perfect complement to the gazing ball we recommended earlier in this post.

5. Bar None, this is the place to hang

Man Cave Bar in Las Vegas Style

Trust us on this - you want an amazing bar in your man cave if you're going with a Las Vegas theme. Plus, a night out on the town can be expensive. Instead, you can have the guys over and if everyone pitches in for drinks then it's dirt cheap. 

We're not going to mimic the giant crystal chandelier at the center of Cosmopolitan's bar, but we do think it would be awesome to recreate the Mandarin-themed bar in Caesar's Palace. Here's how:

Recreate the Caesar's Palace Mandarin-Themed Bar

  1. Paint a feature wall behind the bar in a burnt orange shade
  2. Put drinks at the sides of the counter (easy to reach, hello)
  3. Hang cabinets on the wall for convenient storage
  4. This bar sets up well into the corner of the man cave, and you can plan out the measurements ahead of time using the Pro Home Designer software we spotlighted in this DIY guide.

If you're making your own bar, the standard bar top is 42" from the floor. The overhang is 8" at a minimum but you can extend it more if you want extra knee room. A bar top of 16-20" is adequate; any wider than that and you're just wasting space.

Finish off your room with huge wood letters in "L" and "V". Place them on shelves or hang from the wall like in Rainn Wilson's man cave. Pick up bar stools, chairs for the poker table, and hang some fuzzy dice from martini glasses as accessories for around your crib. Fan out playing cards on the coffee table for an inexpensive centerpiece.

From the Las Vegas neon sign to the poker table, bold metal wall panels, and home bar, you have the bones of a rockin' man cave. Roll the dice and have a blast! We'll see you soon. Don't worry, we'll let you sleep in after your wild Vegas-style night.

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Night Light Plasma Man Cave

Did you make a plasma donation to the local medical center lately? No? No kidding, us neither.

It’s okay, bro, you can make up for it now. No, still not up for it? What’s that, you have a hangover? No kidding, us too. Hmm, you can do your part instead by picking up this Plasma Night Light for your man cave instead.

It’ll light up your life more than that chick ever did. Although you wouldn’t mind putting your bulb into her socket again if the opportunity ever chose to present itself again. By “opportunity,” we mean if she ever raises her top again while sitting on your lap on the chair. We’ll excuse you for a moment or two as you drift off into a sex fantasy again.

In the meantime, this is another great piece to check out. It’s not of the female variety, but it’s vivid for sure. We would even say “out of sight” but that would defeat its purpose. It plugs into any standard 120-Volt power outlet and radiates with swirls of colored light. Trippy. Yup, agreed.

The base of the plasma night light swivels for horizontal and vertical outlets. Much like that chick did too, by the way. Damn, maybe next time you’ll be sober enough to remember her first name next time.

This is one light show that you won’t soon forget. Stumbling around in the dark? Nah, we’re so past that now.

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Style for Her to Like You

When you want to get her to like you, what steps should you take? Well, let's start first by determining what kind of gal we're dealing with her. If she is a "casual" chick, see Part 1 of this series. If she's more "wedding material," read on for ways to style your man cave to attract her to you.

Be Responsible for Her to LIke You

Yes, You're Responsible

On a scale of 1-10, just how responsible ARE you? Even if you're really a 2, we'll help you look like you're a 10+ to her. 

When you know she's coming over to visit your cave, get one of your buddies to phone your cell while she's there. Then when you answer the call in front of her, pretend you're saying no to his invite to the bar.

Say to him, "No, I don't want to go out for (insert supposedly immature activity of a single dude). I would rather stay in with (make sure you get her name right this time)" She'll adore that you chose her over your own needs. Congrats, you've just earned a gold star for responsibility in her books!

hint, hint, you want a pet

Bed For Your Dog

Let it drop that you are thinking of getting a pet. Put an American Kennel Club dog bed at the side of the room. Ask her what names would be great for the dog you're going to get. Why show her you want a pet? It's a step away from being a parent, really. Okay, it's a BIG step but it's a single step away.

By including her in the process of getting your new four-legged friend, you let her know that you want her to be a part of your life for a long time. Building your family starts with a dog or another pet.

Hannibal Welcome Man Cave

Welcome her into your lair (but not in a hannibal lecter way)

Point out what you love about your place in terms of space. Even if your man cave isn't very big, you can still make it obvious that she would be welcome to hang there anytime. The point is: Show her that you have room, physically and in your heart, for her.

Perhaps you get an extra chair for your room, one that's just for her when she visits. Or you can clear a shelf for her in your tropical design office. Help her feel at home with you.

You don't have to go all Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs on her (creepy much?) but do subtly invite her to be a part of your world, starting with your den.

Show You Care for Her

Caring to Get Her to Like You

You need to show this marriage material gal that you care about her. Begin with a compliment. Tell her you adore her and that you support her dream of becoming a trapeze artists or whatever it is she wants to be when she grows up. Those supportive words show her how much you value her happiness.

Now is not the time to say you want to kiss her boobs. No, there'll be plenty of time for that later if you excel at this step now. Tell that bulge in your pants to calm down for the moment.

As you take her on the grand tour around your crib, ask her if she has any questions about what she sees there. For example, has she ever played The Legend of Zelda (the main game of the moment in most guys' rooms) before? Ask her and show interest in whatever she answers. Even follow up by asking her another questions. Hint: Actually listen to what she says this time. Then she'll be less likely to pull away from your lips when you make your move.

Cleanup Easily with Mail and Key Rack

cleanup time

For crying out loud, man, do your dishes before she gets there. Get rid of the stale crusts left over in the pizza box from the guys night last week (and toss the box too while you're at it). It's not rocket science; she wants to see you have a clean place.

Don't get overwhelmed. You can still put half the junk your treasures into your closet or in desk drawers where she can't see them. Got a wad of mail sitting around? Put it into this bronze Twillo Wall Mount Mail and Key Rack.

Just mount it on the wall and toss your mail in it; you'll love how it's not scattered around your pad anymore, and you'll always know where your keys are too. It doesn't look girlish either.

Reel her in with a man cave that's so enticing there's no doubt that it'll get her to like you. Show you're ready for the long haul with this gal who has marriage on her mind. Good thing she can't read your mind though as it's pretty busy in the gutter right now.

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Bar Basement Man Cave

Having a basement bar within your man cave is like owning a 1969 Mustang Boss 429. In other words, it's got a cool factor that's off the charts. Now you can make the most of your neglected basement space by adding in a bar that does double duty as a place to host a great party and relaxed alternative to going out on the town. Use these basement bar ideas to inspire you for your design.

Bring Home the Pub

Traditional Pub Bar

Do you have a favorite bar you frequent down the street or often reminisce about the one you hung out at in the good ol' days? Use those places as inspiration for your own bar. When you recreate its classic style in your basement, you're also likely to never tire of it.

Incorporate exposed brick or stone walls, popular trends in home decor right now, into the bar. Textured stone, for example, adds visual interest and creating a wall that looks weathered and authentic is straightforward... Not to mention it saves you serious moolah as compared to real stone. The process involves applying veneers just like tile. The secret to its real appearance is in the mortar; fill the joints rather than rake them to create a timeworn look.

Add bar stools with high backs for relaxed seating for you and your buddies. Keep the natural colors going throughout the space by choosing espresso brown for the chairs, and treat yourself to soft, comfortable leather seats. Add in shelving behind the bar for your favorite liquor and keep the shelves open to show off the bottles to your guests, so they can quickly place their drink orders with you.

Design a Modern basement bar

Modern Bar Design

For a contemporary basement bar, go for a lighter look that features clean lines on the furniture. A bar made of wood fits in nicely; great choices for a bar top are teak, walnut or oak. If you're handy in the woodworking arena, you could probably design and install the counter over a single weekend. Alternatively, get it custom made and put in for you.

These swivel barstools are a close match to the ones in the photo. Look cool in black synthetic leather seats that turn 360 degrees for ease as you and your buds drink, eat and debate the latest football scandal. The chrome base has modern flair, and chair height easily adjusts.

Additional tips for your modern bar

  1. Go creative with the bar backsplash! Use a mirrored tile that makes the bar look bigger than it is in reality if you have limited space
  2. Add drop-down pendant lights over the bar (as shown in photo above) to illuminate the space without requiring extra room for a lamp on a tabletop.
  3. Make it easy to move from the bar to the lounging area by putting the sofa behind the bar stools, with enough room to walk between the two areas. add a pop of color to the space by choosing a bold sofa fabric, such as burnt orange, or add red throw pillows to your gray sofa.

game on, buddy, game on

Foosball with Basement Bar

This pic is a great reference for when you want a wet bar to be only a part of the basement, with another chunk of the space devoted to a gaming zone. Opt for a basic bar, without custom backsplash or shelving behind the bar. Instead, use your money toward getting a Warrior Professional foosball table (which won top score in our foosball table review), hanging lighting, secure bar top, and other elements that are must-have for you.

This basement bar has a relaxed look that seems unfinished - on purpose. It is rustic and gets to what really matters, which is the booze and game time. Put a few beer glasses on a tray on the wood bar top, insert a mini-​bar underneath the counter, and hang silver pendant lights above the bar. 

Choosing pendants over recessed is a smart move for this room as they improve task lighting by bringing shining down where you really need to see. They look great too! If you have an electrical background then put in the pendants yourself; add a dimmer so you can soften the light when you're over in the gaming area rather than at the bar. Put the pendants 28" to 34" above the bar top (or about 72" above the floor) for the best lighting.

Transform your basement into a custom wet bar, whether you enjoy the traditional pub look, a more modern style or want to balance gaming with drinking time. Remember, the basement renovation doesn't have to be a huge one. Plus, the space may just be sitting there unused so, duh, you really should transform it for your personal use. Now you can put in a bar as the key feature of your man cave, whether you want it elaborate or more of a simple design.

What's a bonus of having a basement bar? Heck, you don't need to worry about driving if you want to have a few beers!​

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Liquor and Chemistry Mad Scientist

And then there was chemistry. You know, that subject in high school that seemed really cool at first but had way too many elements to memorize. Skip the periodic table and let’s get to the good stuff – making cocktails like you’re in a chem lab!

It’s the Chemist’s Cocktail Kit and it’s a hell of a lot cock-ier than your friends on their best day. Give them something to ooh and ahh about that doesn’t involve a Playboy mag. It’s time to bring out this cocktail kit to mix up drinks in ways that draw the crowd at your next guy’s night or a party in your man cave bar.

The mad scientist in you comes alive and, well, gets drunk, as you down some of the alcoholic concoctions you make here. The set comes with 6 test tubes, which you can stand in its powder-coated steel rack, and a flask for rum, whiskey or another of the manliest liquids of choice. A stainless steel shaker and glass stirring rod come with the chemistry cocktail set too, so you can fully mix up the liquid blessings. Shaken or stirred, 007?

Step out of the classroom and into the world of hard liquor and secret cocktail recipes. Be the creative genius that no one else saw you to be… yet. Soon your buds will discover your hidden talent for creating cocktails better than any chemistry experiment they saw before. Science just got a drunken edge, and we’re not complaining at all.

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Get Her to Like You With Man Cave

This is a two-part series we're going to run here. Why two parts? Calm down, we'll tell you. It depends on the type of gal you want to impress with your home. Let's start with the "casual" lady.

She's a chick who's easily captivated and is pretty easy herself once you win her over. She wants a guy with the latest tech, who sports the hottest brands and is a total jock too. Here's how you can design your man cave to get her. Read on men, read on.​

tech Nerds are the new sexy

Gadgets MacBook Pro

First, win her over with your awesome gadgets and other tech stuff around your pad. Be sure to introduce her to your 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display in all its glory. Show her how you maneuver between screens on the user-friendly iOS. Pick her up with the line, "Is your name Google? Because you have everything I'm searching for."

Also, fill the laptop with video games before she arrives. Then dazzle her by showing her how you successfully get through Mega Man 9, all the while telling her how difficult ALL of the levels are in it. You'll leave her going, "How did you learn to do all this?!" It's not a bad thing that she'll think you smarter than her Prof was back in college.

Bonus Tip:

    Show her how to play the video game and then move in for a kiss on the cheek while she's distracted. That maneuver also lowers the percentage of being denied First Base when the time comes!

    You'll also want to insert the biggest brands into your man cave to get the girl to like you. Lego is one of the hottest brands of 2015, so make sure you leave The Lego Movie DVD case out for her to see it. Also, play the film's hit song "Everything is Awesome" on your wireless Bluetooth speakers to get her into a more energetic mood (wink wink nudge nudge).

    golden coffee table

    Roll out the expensive furniture too, and be sure that she knows it set you back a pretty penny. Real leather couch? Yup, it cost a lot, and you're going to let her hear you say that. Tell her it's a small pittance to how much she is worth to you. You're stealing her heart, buddy (and next up is her skirt)!

    For furniture, the more luxurious it is, the better. In front of your white leather sofa, for example, place this oval coffee table in gold. Gold says cha-ching, oh yes! As you show her the fine furnishings, be sure to let your sleeve raise a bit, so she sees your Rolex watch. For more gold decor tips, see our gold-themed man cave post.

    The jock always gets the cheerleader

    Sports Decor Get a Girl

    Ahem, there also has to be a corner of the crib devoted to sports.

    You want to come across as the Mac Daddy of your favorite sport, whether that be basketball, football or boxing. Go big or go home in this part of the man cave to get the girl to like you. Hang a framed autographed Scottie Pippen photo on the wall. The NBA legend is all that and then some. She'll be impressed by the Chicago Bulls star's signature on the pic. You'll love that it already comes framed for you.

    You can also hang a heavy bag from the basement ceiling to show her that you work out regularly. That implies to her that you have a great physique. To mount the bag (and later mount her), use the overhead floor joists to secure the bag well. Choose two ceiling joists that are damage free.

    Buy a heavy bag mount designed to connect those joists; they come in "C" or "V" shapes and should be the length of the distance between the two joists. Slip the mount between the joists and continue the hanging process using this heavy bag guide.

    With all this sports stuff, she'll see you as the jock of her dreams. She will also be expecting you to be physically fit though, so you might want to punch that hanging bag a few times, shoot some hoops in Pippen style or head to the gym soon. No pressure.

    Red Bull and Her

    Extra pointers

    If at any point she's falling asleep during the man cave tour, offer her a Red Bull. This beverage should give her the staying power for at least one hug at the end of the visit. 

    Going in for a grab of the ass? Make sure she has drunk two Red Bulls and that you have mentioned you have a Ferrari (only it's in the shop right now, tell her).

    Okay, you suave tech-guru, brand-aholic, sports guy. Now that you've dazzled her with your cleverly designed lair, she'll be wanting to hang out more than ever and, hopefully, hang all over you. Use your magnetic personality to keep her interested, and count down the time until the steamy make-out sessions begin. The chances are good that she likes foreplay just as much as your sweet man cave, dude, just so you know.

    Check out the second part: How to get a girl who is "marriage material" to like you.

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    wireless bluetooth speaker gogroove

    Is there a tech gadget you need? You'll have to read on to see why these electronics take your man cave to an awesomazing level. Go on, you know you want need to find out more.

    Wireless Music Speaker Clock

    1. check out this wood without being a perv

    We had to give this baby a second and third look (oh who are we kidding, we scooped it up before this article was even written). The GOgroove Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Clock Kit multitasks to the max, streaming wireless music, as well as functioning as an alarm clock and speakerphone.

    Rock the room with American Woman; even singer Lenny Kravitz would appreciate the clear sound and how easily it connects with your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, and more.

    The LED display shines bright on the front against the real wood casing. You can easily check the time and date, while also setting alarms to wake up from your nap. By the way, you snooze you lose if you don't get this gadget today.

    2. wash her down & she won't complain

    Easy to Wash Keyboard

    Cleaning your keyboard just got a whole lot easier. This one is washable! It's a breeze to clean it, freeing up any dirt or dust that builds up over time. A keyboard brush is included with this Logitech Washable Keyboard for your Windows PC, and it dries quickly with drainage holes.

    Pound out your frustrations on its durable laser-printed keys with UV coating. Plus, it has all of the hotkeys for your shortcuts, including one-touch access to email (rather than access under Alyssa Milano's skirt, well you can't have it all).

    Just plug in the keyboard and start typing; there's no software to install. It has a sleek look too with a slim frame (sigh, more thoughts of Alyssa MIlano).​

    Tetris Lighting Retro

    3. tetris. need we say more?

    Russia is well-known for vodka and Vladimir Putin, but perhaps what is greatest about it (sorry Vladimir) is the creation of Tetris. If you still love that game as much as us, then you'll go crazy for the tech-erific Tetris Light too. 

    It has seven lights, all boldly colored, that illuminate when they come in contact with one another. Just plug it in to turn on the tower. Plus, you can move around the building blocks any time you to create different shaped towers.

    If you love retro and gaming, this is a great lamp for you. It's customizable and clever, unlike that coworker you don't like.

    Sanitizer Smartphone Charger

    4. Germs! This Sh*t Just Got Real

    And then there were germs. Whole germ communities are likely living on your phone. There may even be E. coli, the flu, and MRSA bacteria.

    Are you ready to hurl yet? Then you need this tech gadget from PhoneSoap. It's a UV Sanitizer and doubles as a universal charger too. It safely kills about 99.99% of bacteria on your phone, whether it's iPhone, Android or Windows.

    And it only takes 5 minutes to disinfect your phone! Leave it in the case longer though to charge it while you're at it.

    Whoever has the most toys wins

    Wi Fi Robot Called Ollie

    A Wi-Fi robot that races at floor-warping speeds? Hell yeah! Meet Ollie, the robot made for a racer at heart to use instead of working any time of the day. It's app-powered, compatible with both iOS and Android phones, for you to easily program it for tricks like spins, flips, jumps, and drifting. Customize it and take play time to the next realm!

    Wanna drive fast but don't want a speeding ticket? Ollie travels up to 6.3 m/s, so it fills your need for speed. It's pretty much awesome, just as we expected app-enabled driving to be.

    Getting the latest gadgets has never been easier, huh? From a washable keyboard to Tetris light and an alarm clock that also streams wireless music, there are many cool options for your man cave. Guys have needs, right? Craving even more tech? Then check out these smart technology options too.

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    minecraft cover image

    Who says your 3D virtual world has to stay in Minecraft? Let's take the game beyond, into your home. Design a Minecraft-themed man cave today by compiling the best resources, just as you would in the game world, only in reality a day lasts longer than 10 minutes and you beat the monsters every time!

    Minecraft Design 3D

    go mine the wall

    When is a wall not a wall? When it's being mined, of course. Here is Steve hard at work mining, and now the decal can be a part of your den's wall. The 3D effect is just like the video game and it's like he's right in your wall! Bring the game out of the computer and into your lair.

    The Minecraft Steve Mining Wall Decal simply adheres to the wall so you won't need tools to hang it. Plus, it can peel off easily if you want to take it down in the future (why you wouldn't want it up 24/7 though is beyond us). There are no limits to your imagination, and this decal reminds you of that!

    keep calm & storage on

    Pallet Trunk

    Where will you keep the resources you collect as you build your home and the rest of your world? In a wooden storage chest, of course! After all, that's how you store stuff in the 3D world, isn't it? Why should reality be any different? Plus, the funky chest can double as your coffee table. Yes, you can pretend it was your idea first; we'll let you, but just this one time.

    Build your storage chest from wood pallets as a DIY project. Here are the steps:

    how to build a reclaimed wood storage chest

    1. Start by disassembling the pallets, using a crowbar or a reciprocating saw to cut the nails.
    2. Next, create the frame by ripping 1x4 pieces down the middle and then taking two 1x2 pieces to use as the trunk's length. 
    3. Cut 1x4 pieces to the height you want the trunk to be and put the two frames together.
    4. Get complete instructions using this step-by-step guide.

    build your world in high res

    Play Minecraft in High Res

    So you want to play the full version of Minecraft, with smooth lighting, clouds, and more, with the best resolution possible. But you likely don't want to go bankrupt doing it! As you won't get the game's full resolution on a tablet, laptop or game console, stick with the PC. Choose a PC with a 64-bit operating system and at least 4GB of memory. Install Oracle's Java in the 64-bit version too.

    Looking for all this tech goodness wrapped in one package? Then get the Dell OptiPlex 745 Tower Computer with a 64-bit OS and integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000, as well as quality built-in sound audio. It includes an iCompNY keyboard and mouse too. The Windows 7 software is preinstalled for you. This computer also doubles as your way to access Google to get the latest Minecraft tricks and how-to videos on YouTube.

    Make a Minecraft Chair

    try to de-throne this

    Move over Game of Thrones, you're not the only one with a throne chair! Now, you want to have one that is comfortable to sit on for your gaming activities, and that lets you feel like the King that you are.

    The best bet? A recliner in a camouflage fabric that looks like it belongs in the wilds of your Minecraft world. It would have built-in heat and message features to calm you down after battling monsters.

    Fully recline in the seat (make no mistake, it's all yours) when you want to take a nap between gaming or feel the compulsion to brainstorm your next strategy. You could always craft a mini-fridge and put it beside the chair for when you get hungry.

    Torch Minecraft for Man Cave

    carry the torch

    You'll need lighting in your den, won't you? After all, you'll be up to all hours of the night fighting mobs, collecting inventory, and working at the crafting table. It takes time to build the perfect world, and you'll do even better when you have good lighting!

    Get the Minecraft Think Geek Wall Torch that has a graphic design reminiscent of the coolest game ever. It comes with a plastic flap for hanging on the wall, just like in the game, or stand it upright on the coffee table.

    Use it to stop the monsters that keep creeping your space!​

    Combine the virtual world with real-world design as you build a Minecraft man cave to call your very own. Get the best computer system possible, add in a storage trunk that doubles as a coffee table, 3D artwork, and anything else that fills your mine-happy mind. It's time for the survival mode of play, and you're in full control when it comes to how you design your lair. Just beware of creepers!

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    GOT Dragon Egg USB Flash Drive

    The dragon egg in HBO’s Game of Thrones represents the rebirth of a new line and the hope of amazing adventures ahead.

    Now you can create awesome adventures when you store data (instead of dragons) in this egg. It’s a Game of Thrones flash drive that really looks like a dragon egg from the hit TV series. BTW, if you don’t watch the TV fantasy series then go suck an egg (don’t take it personally, it’s more fact than anything).

    The shell surface looks like it has tiny scales all over it. It’s made of zinc alloy and has a vintage look. It even has a necklace or keyring attachment so you can keep it close to you at all times, showing your support for the one true King.

    Open up the shell to reveal a dragon an ultra-thin, removable USB flash drive that is super fast. There are 16GB and 8GB versions. We link to the 16GB flash drive as, you know, bigger is better; it has a 2.0 memory capacity.

    Use the egg to store your list of the complex family lines, maps of the known world based on The Lands of Fire and Ice, and a list of Season 5’s grammatical errors. You can also (spoiler alert) keep notes about the progression of Stannis from fan favorite to the object of “WTF, writers?!” after he burns his daughter alive.

    When you can’t get enough of Westeros, this is a must-have item! Plug it into your PC or laptop in your man cave for your buds to drool over when they visit (provided you let them in, that is). Enjoy pulling out your dragon egg without it being all scandalous or perverted.

    Store secret info within the egg, and allow only a privileged few to read it. Take a bit of the kick-ass series based on the genius books from George R.R. Martin to the next level with this USB flash drive.

    Geekiness never looked so good on you. Here are five more tech gadgets for your man cave.