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S-Shaped Shower Seat

You know what we’re thinking? Pretend like you care. Here’s the thought of the day. People spend way too much time standing up. I mean, really. There’s all this research going on about the hazards of sitting down for long periods of time but what about the pain in the ass of standing up all day? It’s a lot of effort. You feel me?

So that’s why we’re bringing you this S-shaped seat for your shower or steam room. It’s about time we get to relax in there. It’s bad enough we have to stand around all day at the office, we might as well get some R&R in the shower or sauna.

The S-shaped seat is the perfect fit; just lean back and relax. Extend your legs and enjoy the rest. If you’re lucky enough to have a wet babe on top of you while you’re in there then all the power to you, bud. We’re jealous, by the way.

The roomy shower is one we want to put in our house, but we would also add some other cool accessories, including a SoundBot HD water resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Amazon. Just put it up with a suction cup and you’ve got music to listen to (and sing along to) as you work up some suds.

Gotta love technology and clever design!

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Man Cave Hunting Design Ideas

Every place becomes a bit more like home when you fill it with animals you killed. Er, let us rephrase that for PETA. Nah, we think we'll stay in the corner of the hunting enthusiast and get our guns into gear for the next outing instead! Here are 10 of the most awesome man cave ideas from across the web for anyone who digs the hunting scene.

Deer Head Shilhouette

1. get a head of this

Okay, so the deer head is classic. We get it. Totally mount your hunting trophy on the wall, but you can also get creative when it comes to another wall in your cabin or basement

Check out this rustic deer head silhouette with instructions to make it below. You can use pieces of reclaimed wood to save a few bucks (the money kind, not the real bucks you hunt for, they're toast). Get the wood from an table you don't use anymore or use old garden stakes.

Here is your step-by-step guide below.

Make A Deer Head Silhouette

  1. You will need 14 wooden planks, about an inch wide each. 12 of them are for the front piece (see above example to match it) and 2 of them go on the back horizontally to reinforce the other ones. 
  2. Nail each piece of sawed wood to the reinforcement planks that go vertically at the top and bottom of the backside.
  3. Add a sawtooth hanger to the middle of the top reinforcement piece for easy hanging on the wall.
  4. Stain it with Minwax Dark Walnut wood stain. Once that dries, go over it with weathered grey color and then a white latex paint.
  5. Gently sand the item to give it a distressed look.
  6. Google "deer head silhouette" and you will see many images free online to use. Download an image and copy it to this free site, where you can pick a size and print it onto several sheets. Tape the sheets together to form the deer shape, like a puzzle. Cut out the deer outline.
  7. Transfer the paper outline to wood using this easy method and then fill it with white latex paint. Optional: sand the white paint to give it a matured look.

2. outlets just got more interesting

Hunter Enthusiast Gear

Okay so we don't usually look at wall sockets in our posts but these ones are special. First off, antlers rock. Secondly, these socket-deer from Nendo are plates that function just like the kind at the hardware store but with a great twist. The antlers double as a holder for your phone while it charges. No more having to find a surface where you can rest your phone; that's for losers. This is where it's at, with several colors available.

Hunter Clock Man Cave Ideas

3. got time to hunt? yup.

The man cave ideas just keep coming! Give your basement a rustic hunting look with the deer antler wall clock. You'll always know when it's time to head out into the wild blue yonder.

Never be late to the game of hide and shoot again with this decorative piece. The clock adds a touch of sophistication to any hunter's den.

It's double sided too, so you can see it from anywhere in the room. Okay so it's not a cuckoo clock but anyone who doesn't hunt certainly is a cuckoo (just had to say it).

4. Guns a blazing

Man Cave Hunter

You'll need to organize your guns, that much is true! Why not add in this Western horseshoe gun rack? You can adjust it for any size of the rifle, which is handy when you get a new one and you want to showcase it on the wall. The holders are strong and feature protective suede. The decorative stars have a great Americana look. It's metal art at its finest (well, except for #7). For some serious gear, check out IBC7 Outdoors instead.

Hunter Man Cave Lamp

5. WOODn't You Want It? 

Light up your man cave with this mossy oak indoor lamp. Bring the outdoors in and let's light up this place! I mean, you want to be able to see your hunter gear and souvenirs in all their glory, right?

This piece complements the deer head trophy and deer antler wall clock perfectly. Go all out on the rustic theme for your hunter's cabin.

6. it's simple, really

Man Cave Ideas for a Hunter

And so we get down to what really counts with our hunter's man cave ideas post. Eat. Sleep. Hunt. The priorities and nothing but. Show everyone who enters your lair what you want to do, which is get that buck, elk, deer or another target. We love the bold red background on this huge wall decal art. Make a statement with this one as the focus of your feature wall.

Hunter Bookends Design

7. Foxy? Yup, Damn Sexy.

It's not a foxy chick. It's fox head bookends that are sexy. 

These foxes have amazing detailing, with a dark bronze finish. Any hunting enthusiast would love them. Between the bookends, you'll want to put your favorite hunting books. 

By the way, here's a few great hunting books to check out, if you haven't already done so: The Mindful Carnivore by Tovar Cerulli, Whitetail Nation by Pete Bodo, and Gut It - Cut It - Cook it by Al Cambronne & Eric Fromm.

8. Stools to make you drool

Stools for Man Cave

These ball-peened stools are badass. They're awesome for your hunter's paradise. The hardwood seats and hand-forged ball-peened backs have such a macho look and make a great statement amid your rustic space. 

Serve up tall, cold ones to your buddies as you talk about your latest hunt and the thrill of the ones to come (sorry ladies, no time to talk about your new clothes today or the latest Oprah quote).​

9. fur-get it, i only want this one

Rug for Man Cave of Hunters

You need an animal hide somewhere in your hunter's man cave. Yes. This high-quality tricolor cowhide rug is spectacular. If you only include one hide here, use this one. It's soft, doesn't shed, and has a suede leather back so it won't damage your floor. Choose from three sizes.

Find out how to cut your Cable Bill in Half!

We have compiled another massive resource for you where we talk about the different ways you can save money by choosing the right streaming packages for your viewing habits - cable-free!

Lay it at your entranceway, underneath your gun rack or over by the bed where you proudly take off your boots after a full day outdoors. Being a hunter is a lifestyle so showcase that hide with pride. Another option is the bear skin rug that Vladimir Putin would likely include in his crib.​

Man Cave Toilet Seat Camo

10. because this is the way to finish the day

Get on the pot and take a sh*t in style at the end of a tough day out hunting. This camo toilet seat is the treasured throne you come home to with pride.

If that buck scared you out in the bush earlier then chances are this toilet seat came a bit too late, and you'll need to change your boxers while you're at it.

But at least you have a place to sit and ponder the day now. Camo style is the way to go. Obviously.

Now you have the 10 best finds for the hunter's man cave and, you guessed it, you can go all out in your own space. Add the deer head, don't forget about the bright red wall decal, lay out the cowhide rug, and fit your guns into the Western-style rack. Well, what are you waiting for? The sooner you get the design done, the sooner you'll be able to get back out there hunting. Let's do this!

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Repurpose Old Fridge into Ice Chest

Find a new use for that fridge you don't use anymore! Since you upgraded to a new fridge, you aren't quite sure what to do with the old one and can't bring yourself to toss it as it might come in handy. Here's your dilemma solved. Turn the old fridge into an ice chest! Use the outdoor ice cooler to keep food and drinks cold inside it; use it to hold your beers at your barbeque tonight without being an eyesore. Here is your step-by-step guide.

What You'll Need:

  1. Tools: Circular saw or miter saw, clamps, power drill, drill bits, sander, measuring tape, and safety glasses
  2. Materials: Non working fridge, 4" x 1/4" wood slats, 2" x 1/4" wood slats, 3" wood screws, drawer pulls, door hinges (optional), and drain plug materials (see below)
  3. Drain plug materials: 1/2" x 1" nipple, 1/2" x 3" nipple, 1/2" elbow, 1/2" tubing of 30" length, 1-1/2" garden hose spigot, 1/2" hose clamps, 1/2" nut, white caulking, and 1/2" rubber washer 

1. remove the fridge accessories

The first step to converting your old fridge into a fantastic ice chest is to remove all of the accessories that it required to function. Take out the evaporator fan and cell, as well as the condenser fan, compressor, drawers, and shelving. Look for any other parts within the fridge that would take up space unnecessarily once it's converted into an ice chest and remove them too.

2. Design the Ice Chest

In the finished structure, the former fridge is on its back. Ideally, you want your structure to be raised on legs so you won't have to bend really far every time you want grab something out of it. Save your back by raising it to counter height. 

To make this project a fully repurposed one, use old barn wood or pallet wood you tore apart recently. ​Maybe a neighbor even has some wood hanging around that he doesn't need anymore.

If you prefer the new look of wood instead, just purchase cedar fence pickets. Also, as the cooler will keep the stuff inside it cold with ice rather than electricity, you will need to add a drain hole.

3. take measurements for the fridge

Measure the Wood for the Ice Chest

Measure the fridge's width, depth, and height. From one side of the fridge, measure the center line running the length. Next, measure the center line of the top half and the bottom half. You may want to add an inch of overhang on each side, just to cover all of your bases.

Also, figure out how high you want it to be. You will want a height at about your waist for ease of use. If the wood is weathered, you will have to take that into consideration too with your measurements.​

4. Time to make the cuts

Cut your top and bottom halves from the 2" x 1/4" slats. You will need to trim out the top and edges. Add trim to the top to hide where the old fridge meets the wood. Cut your wood down to about 2" wide with your saw. You can use 90-degree angles if you want to keep it simple or get a little fancy with 45-degree angles.

Cut your 4" x 1/4" slats to the height of your future ice chest. If you want legs then cut those too. Add trim to the sides and decorative pieces as you desire to create your ideal look.

Create the lid frame too. Measure your lid, create a wood box around it, and attach it with screws. When you put the lid on the ice chest, it should fit snugly and be a little ​lower than your frame. When the lid is in place, screw it in tightly.

Obviously, the exact cuts you make will depend on several factors, such as the size of your old fridge, the height you desire, and how you want it to look on your patio or other location.​

5. Time to screw

DIY Fridge into Ice Chest

This is DIY, so get your mind out of the gutter. Put your 3" screws into the center of your 2" x 1/4" slats cut in the length of the top and bottom halves. Also put the screws about 6" from each end.

Next, screw your 4" x 1/4" slats (cut already to the height you want for your ice chest) into the 2" x 1/4" slats using 3" wood screws. Specifically, use two of the screws for the top slat and three of them for the slat on the bottom. Aim for a duplicate design for the top and bottom.

Repeat the process for the doors on top that were once the fridge and freezer doors. If you want to add legs, now is the time to do so. The height and style of the legs are totally up to you.

If you want to create a support for the ice cooler, you can do so too. As well, add glue along with the screws if you want extra strength.

For a collection of 16.000(!)​ woodworking plans, take a look here.

6. Put in the drain plug

Ensure the location you choose for the drain plug is low on the side and won't get bumped. Drill a hole into the ice chest that is big enough to accommodate a 1/2" x 1" nipple, which you will connect to a 1/2" elbow.

That elbow then connects to clear 1/2" tubing that is 30" long. This tubing joins to a 1/2" x 3" nipple, which then links to a 1-1/2" garden hose spigot.

Check out this guide to installing an ice chest drain plug for additional pointers for this part of the project.​

7. Final touches

Now you just have to move your ice chest to the place where you want it to sit permanently. Fill it with ice and load it up with the items for tonight's barbeque. 

If you would like the doors to ​stay open while you rummage through the cooler, then add hinges to the two doors. If you have old cabinet hinges you're not using at home, just put in those to save a few bucks. Attach them to your lid first and then to the base of the the ice chest. If you want to go more upscale, use hydraulic hinges that open and close gently.

This DIY project is a great way to reuse a refrigerator you have just sitting around unused at home. Turn an old fridge into an ice chest following these 7 steps. You'll amaze your friends and family. Your new ice chest is arguably even cooler than the fridge was in the first place (yes, we're punny, we know it!).

Are you looking for another way to reuse an old item? Take a broken guitar and DIY it into innovative shelving with our instruction guide!

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Beer Glass Al Bundy Approved

Actor Ed O’Neil was making us laugh back in the 1980s, long before he was Jay Pritchett in Modern Family. Yes, he was the cranky yet endearing Al Bundy on Married… with Children.

Al Bundy might have at first seemed like a loser, but he was far from it. We really give him credit for his ability to drown his sorrows about being a shoe salesman with a lazy wife named Peg by drinking a beer (or two). Yes, he loved beer. So do we.

That’s why we’re fans of this Amazon. Can’t you just see Al getting a kick out of it? He may have hated fat women and Oprah, but he’d have thought this glass was almost as great as his Playboy mag collection.

The double-wall beer glasses come as a set of two. Each one is lightweight and holds 12 ounces of your favorite brewski.

The unique design creates the effect of a glass upside down in a glass.  It not only looks awesome but also keeps your beer colder longer on the inside. There’s no outside condensation, and you won’t warm the beer up with your hands. Ug, Al Bundy would not want warm beer.

We all deserve a tall, cold one, whether we’re married, have children or are just looking to sit on the couch and talk inappropriately like Al Bundy. While Al and Peg often fought, we’re pretty sure they’d both give this upside down beer glass the thumbs up. Cheers!

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Man Cave Design of The Beatles

The Beatles were a sensation back in the '60s and their music lives on today. If you're a fan of the Fab Four, imagine a classic rock heaven right in your home. The 6 Beatles design ideas below for your man cave are super groovy.

Beatles Bar Stools for Man Cave

1. decked out bar

Jet set back to the 1960s with a custom-made wet bar where you can toss back a few beers at the end of the day. Bar top features could include a smokey glass finish and a black-and-white base.

As you sip a cold one, you start to hum the 1964 hit "I Feel Fine." You certainly ARE content as you sit on these Beatles-themed specialty chrome barstools

They conveniently come in a set of two. The padded funky seats denote your #1 Fan status and are rich in retro awesomeness.

2. album art, aha!

The Beatles Record Abbey Road

Include some authentic memorabilia of John, Paul, and the gang in your crib. Frame some of their most iconic album covers to hang up on your walls.

Take the Abbey Road record jacket with the famous crosswalk image to use as art. Or if you dig the Rubber Soul one instead, then that's the ticket.​

Collect your favorite album cover (or a few of them, we understand it's hard to choose just one), and get it custom framed at a local store. Want to save a few bucks? DIY it with a 12"x12" frame instead. It'll save you time too; your precious time can be spent instead at the bar we mentioned earlier.

Chalkboard and The Beatles

3. chalk it up to rock n roll

Are you a creative guy who expresses his love of the band regularly? If so, embrace the chalkboard trend that is rocking the design world the way The Beatles rocked Liverpool and beyond.

Get a chalkboard on the cheap online, and some chalk markers to use with it. Hang the board on any wall or prop it on a shelf and use it once a week to write out your favorite Fab Four song lyrics. 

A few examples that come to mind are "Obladi Oblada life goes on" and "I get a little help from my friends." 

The Beatles in the Studio

4. Music mania

Perhaps you want to mix tracks and pretend you're recording "Penny "Lane" in the Abbey Road Studios of London. 

If so, you'll want a proper mixing desk like the EMI TG12345 model that The Beatles used for the Abbey Road album. If you don't have room for a whole transistorized mixing console, opt for a mobile version, such as a 6-channel mixer

This mixer takes up considerably less space than the ones The Beatles used. It can also go gigging with you if you're a DJ, as can the MIDI keyboard controllers we reviewed here.

5. clock in a dIY project

DIY Clock of The Beatles

Chill within your man cave to all hours of the night - and know exactly what hour it is with a custom vinyl wall clock. To recreate the one shown here, follow the steps in the guide below.

Create a Clock with The Beatles Design

  1. Disassemble a clock by removing screws from the back and then use pliers to take out its gearbox and hands.
  2. Cut out the design of a submarine on plain white paper or lay it on the top of one of the band's vinyl records.
  3. Trace the paper with a marker and then slowly cut out the shape with a wood burning tool. Soften any rough edges with an X-Acto knife. Always use best safety practices.
  4. Attach the clock mechanism to the record's backside with superglue. Re-attach the minute and seconds hands to the clock's front. Super Glue the words "Yellow Submarine" on colored paper to the lower half.
  5. Step back and admire your handiwork, as often as you want (no judgement).
Lamp of The Beatles

6. brighten up the day

Light up your pad with this funky Beatles color faces silver lamp. The Beatles design features the faces of your fave performers in a bold psychedelic format reminiscent of the 1960s.

The translucent lamp shade softens the light, and the silver finish of the base is tastefully done. The multi-color shade easily matches to any den, even if you decide to paint the walls a different hue later.

Plus, this lamp's a cinch to turn on and off with a pull-chain. Set it on your teak or oak vintage desk to set the hip mood.

Rock and roll rules! Show the world your love for The Beatles with the design ideas shown here. Put in your own music mixer, add a wet bar with retro bar stools, frame vintage album covers, and more. The Fab Four would nod in approval at the cool space. You'll truly feel "Free As A Bird."

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DIY Ashton Kutcher Basement Makeover

When Ashton Kutcher recently made over the basement of his mom's home, we had a moment of "Wow, neat!" That moment was then followed by a light-bulb moment of "Let's recreate that awesome space." So, without further ado, here we go. This step-by-step guide gives you everything you need to makeover your basement to look like the one that Ashton helped bring into its current magnificent state, as shown in the photo above. 

step 1: Lighten the space

Basement Sectional Sofa

If your space is anything like the basement that Ashton dealt with, it's dark and dismal. Lighten up the room with pale colored furniture, such as a cream shade. Choose neutral tones for the main furnishings to add a brightness with little effort to the area. You can then also add in boldly colored accessories for pops of visual interest here and there.

For the main seating, get Ashton's preferred look with a sectional sofa that has clean lines and is high on the comfort scale. The one in the celeb family basement has its chaise at the left side but choose whichever side suits your room's layout best. Check out the Poundex sectional sofa that even comes with an ottoman. The set is made of cream bonded leather that is soft to the touch. Chill in style!

Add matching pillows to the sofa to complete it, while continuing to focus on neutrals. Great pillow choices are tan and beige. If you want ones with patterns, go with a classic style, such as dots or stripes, as they are always stylish. Yes, we know, you never go out of style either (unlike these vintage computer ads that are so bad it hurts).

2. add table. It's more than just a place for your beer

Table for Extra Storage

You're going to need a place to rest your beer while you pick up the TV remote, right? Now matter what purpose you intend for the tables in your basement, you're going to need at least one. Use its shelves , if it has any, as storage and throw your keys on its surface when you enter the man cave.

Note the oval shape of the stressed-wood coffee table in the Kutcher basement photo at the top of this post. The oak finish Abbyson Living Forgia coffee table is a great match and has an advantage over the original one with its lower shelf for extra storage. 

If you have a small basement, you will appreciate having the extra shelf in the table to store your mags, movies, and other man-esque stuff.

Rope Lamp in Basement

3. tug o' rope lamp

Also, get a matching side table for each end of the sofa; use these surfaces for lamps, which spread out the lighting of the room.

A cool design trend right now is using natural and eco-friendly materials throughout your indoor spaces. This basement is a great place to do so by using a rope base for a table lamp.

Refer to the DIY guide's steps below to create your own rope lamp. Get your creative spirit into gear this weekend! Model your rope design after the lamp shown here or try something completely different. 

Create Your Own Rope Lamp:

  1. Gather your coiled rope and thread thin wire through it
  2. Make sure the rope can bend with the wire in it
  3. Soak the rope in PVC glue; use glue that won't dry clear, for a cleaner look
  4. Wrap the rope around your lamp base. Use a few swirls or tie knots to create a really unique look
Oil Painting of Feathers

4. Rock the walls

Given the natural vibe of this basement, a feather-themed artwork piece would work well here. As there hasn't been a lot of color up to this point, you may choose to concentrate it within your wall art.

If so, this feather oil painting is a great choice. It is 24 x 36in and has a range of colors. It is made by hand too.

Tip: Hang a round-shaped mirror on the wall too (as Ashton did for his basement makeover). Why? Adding a mirror to a dark space helps bring out natural light. Your basement will actually feel brighter.

5. Finishing Touches (and a tV, duh)

Wall Mount TV in Basement

Now to bring it all together. If you have hardwood flooring, place a flat-weave rug in ivory under the coffee table, in front of the sofa. Get a cozy, cable-knit throw blanket for the couch. Also, why not treat yourself to a 42" LG 1080p LED television? It has a sharp picture and is wall mountable. What, you hadn't thought about where the TV is going to go?

Wall mounting a flat panel TV is fairly straightforward. Just be sure you've done it right before you step back from the TV you just bought to admire your work. If you'd rather do it yourself than to hire a pro installer, here are the starting steps.

How To Wall Mount A TV

  1. Get the right wall mount for the weight of your TV. A 42" LCD model can be 45-60 lbs, while a 42" plasma is heavier (about 80 lbs).
  2. Make sure you have a concrete wall to sink your anchors into rather than a hollow wall.
  3. Check where the studs will position the TV. Will it be be high enough when you're sitting on the sofa? Will you get the sun's glare?
  4. Check out the full instructions for wall mounting a TV in this guide.

Well, there you have it. Follow these five steps for a relaxing room for your friends, wife, beer and you. The design is serene and rustic, featuring wooden tables, a comfy sectional sofa, and a new TV. Sit back and enjoy! We'll tell Ashton to stop by and admire your handiwork later.

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mad men office man cave

Get a man cave that fits into a scene right out of one of the Mad Men sets we watched drooled over for their suave, masculine and ultra-cool concoctions of the 1960s. Retro never had it so good - No, wait, YOU never had it so good with this Mad Men decor inspiration.

a desk fit for draper

1960s Desk for Man Cave

Take a step into a space fit for Don Draper to work in, with a sleek mid-century Danish desk in teak. Get it custom made or keep your eyes peeled on the online auction sites as retro pieces don't last long there.

Tip for DIYers: Use several layers of teak oil for a discreet shine that will live on past the seven seasons of the show and have you feeling as though you are in the ad agency on Madison Ave.​

Juggler Ball Wall Clock

If I Could Turn Back Time

Stay on top of your workday with this funky LexMod juggler ball clock. Hang it on the wall across from your desk or above the TV (a.k.a. the ultimate fan viewing zone).

With its range of colors, this clock can easily fit with any wall shade or match that dapper suit you wear like Jon Hamm's character.

Whether you're pitching one of Draper's NYC ad campaigns or doing other work, you'll stick to your schedule with the retro wall clock.

lounging in masculinity

Mad Men Pillow with Betty Draper

We'll stay away from the womanizing jokes with our Mad Men decor tips as Betty Draper might not approve. She's looking stern but sexy beside the show's main character on this throw pillow. Add this pillow or one with a 1960s era print on it to your sofa. 

Shop for Thousands of 100% Authentic Autographed Televsion Collectibles at HollywoodMemorabilia.com

What kind of sofa would fit in this retro man cave? A black tufted sofa in vinyl is manly to the max. If vinyl isn't your thing, opt for leather instead in a throwback style that is fit for a heavy bout of alcoholism a drink or two on the rocks after a long day.​

Retro Bar Cart

a man walks into a bar

Between smoking and drinking, the cast of Mad Man stays busy. Now, while you may want to scale back the drinks-per-day ratio to function properly (aka get out of bed without a slicing headache tomorrow), you can still have a bar area.

The cart shown here is great for smaller spaces like the attic and is easy for serving friends too. The retro style is simple but makes an upscale statement.

Fill it with a selection of bourbon and vodka bottles, along with lemon slices and cherries to add to drinks in true Draper form.

Add old fashioned whiskey glasses. We like this 10oz set of two whiskey glasses because they have weighted bases and classic style.

Art Inspired by Mad Men

artsy Drinking? Okay

Above the bar, hang a framed print that reads "Call Me Old Fashioned." Make it yourself! 

Get your DIY on. Type the four words in all caps into a Word document and then right align the text. Past an image of the appropriate drink to the left side. Print it and put it in a sleek silver 8"x10" frame.

In addition, frame an original print ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes, the brand the bigwigs at the Sterling Cooper Price ad agency smoke in so many scenes.

amplify the mad men

Speakers for Mad Men Man Cave

Turn on the music and amplify it with tabletop HiFi speakers from Symbol Audio. This sweet audio source has retro wood casing for its 4" full range speakers with a subsonic filter on its subwoofer channel.

Hook up your iPod or iPhone to the receiver and then store it out of sight to play your favorite sounds without getting on Pete Campbell's bad side. Might as well prevent any of that nasty blackmail business! Besides, you're too busy trying to get her to like you.​

Ah, 1960s Mad Men decor just got even cooler when you put it in your man cave. With your teak desk, vinyl sofa, bar cart, retro clock, and Lucky Strike art, you may just have to create a new category at the Emmy Awards for yourself (hey, the TV show won several of them, so why can't you too?). What would be the category you win for? "Best mad-deningly brilliant design," of course!

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You don't have to be upset at the prospect of missing out on badass portable Bluetooth speakers just because you don't have a zillion dollars. Yup, there are affordable options out there. You just have to know where to look (hint, hint).

We did the digging for you and found these wireless Bluetooth speakers that work with almost all types of smartphones (Android, Apple or Windows). Whether you want rugged or slick style, there's got to be one here in our Top 5 portable Bluetooth ​speakers list to suit your man cave.

Bluetooth Speaker Nixon Blaster

1. blast the good tunes

Play your music and play it loud. It'll come in crystal clear with the Nixon Blaster. This sweet box delivers crystal clear beats almost anywhere so pack it with you when you go to the shop, back patio at home or into the deepest parts of your lair.

The Blaster is built tough enough for any environment (like you), without any annoying chicks wires to get in the way. 

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 15 hours too. Check out the cool camouflage pattern on the rubber shell - as you though you don't already have enough reason to want this one! Price: $150

2. so you want to jam

Top Bluetooth Speaker MINI JAMBOX

The MINI JAMBOX has a great reputation and for a valid reason. It delivers the crisp sound you want in a portable micro wireless Bluetooth speaker. It's the cool little brother to the original JAMBOX, and, unlike your own brother, it can shut off whenever you want it to. Lightweight and small, the one shown here has funky fish scales on its shell. The other colors have different patterns, from green dot to blue diamond. 

There's nothing fishy about the built-in speaker that lets you take calls on it from from your buds while you're on the go. Just put it into your shirt pocket or sports bag when you head out the front door. There's a groovy Multi Play feature too so you and a bro can connect your two MINI JAMBOX speakers to double the sound or team up to DJ some sick beats. Price: $129.00 $87.12 (32% off)

JBL Clip

3. No Money clip needed

You can wear your music now too. Just clip on this JBL Clip to your belt, backpack or a hook inside your music-infested man cave. This suave tech is a must have on our list of top portable Bluetooth speakers.

Stream music via Bluetooth technology from your smartphone or tablet, and easily take calls wirelessly too. This bad boy is really goooooood. 

The rechargeable battery lasts for 5 hours of Snoop Dogg tracks or whichever musician you like (we accept all possibilities except Celine Dion).

Stream music, call the guys over to the crib and use the wireless speaker for those times when you don't feel like holding anything in your hand but a cold one. Price: $35.59 (save 41%)

4. Brace the musical elements

Braven BRV-1

And then there was the Braven BRV-1 waterproof Bluetooth speaker. She's mighty fine. Now for the highlights: shock absorbent, super light, and small enough to easily go with you on your indoor putting green.

The speaker rocks the rugged design world, and its blue trim gives it a sporty edge.​ In addition to the gray-and-cyan model shown above, it also comes in a black-and-orange color scheme. For such a little speaker, it delivers on big sound, whether you use it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Price: $131.61 $99.99 (24% off)

5. shock this

Top Portable Bluetooth Speaker Philips

Ever drop your electronics and they never quite work the same way again? We get that. So, we suggest the Philips SB7220 Shoqbox speaker. Drop it or splash it; whatever comes its way (almost, you can't go all Chuck Norris on it), this Bluetooth speaker will come out just fine on the other side.

Handsomely rugged in design, it plays your tunes wirelessly and confidently within your manly pad. Did we mention it's got a swipe sensor so you can easily skip songs? That's convenience to parallel the microwave oven. Battery life is about 8 hours and the lithium battery ever-so-nicely comes built in. Price: From $59.50 (4 models of different colors available)

5 Tips for Choosing Portable Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Define your budget and stay within it. You can absolutely find a quality one under $200.
  2. Determine the ideal sound-quality-to-size ratio. Ideally, you want clear sound in the most portable form.
  3. You reduce the risk of getting a crappy speaker when you go with a recognized brand.
  4. Do you want a design that is modern and clean or rough and tough? Go with your favorite look.
  5. Where will you take it with you? If the speaker is going a lot of places with you and you don't have much room for it, you'll likely opt for a smaller version.

Okay so now that we've blown away your argument that you can't afford any Bluetooth speakers... Your next task is to choose which one will best fit within your den. There's the MINI JAMBOX with the Mini Play feature to get double the sound, the camo-pattern Nixon Blaster with a 15-hour battery, the waterproof Braven BRV-1, and more. Well, we never said it would be an easy decision!

The good news is that you can't go wrong as they're all awesome. Heck, that's why they're in our Top 5. No, we won't steer you wrong.

Want to read more top 5 tech posts? Then check out this one on smart technology

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ideas for a game of thrones man cave

Welcome to the world of Westeros, right in your home. Transform your man cave into a Game of Thrones space that kicks some serious medieval fantasy ass!

Map for Game of Thrones Man Cave

Mother of Dragons - In your living Room

Warning: Only for hard-core fans!
Imagine you could take it up a notch and get an real-life signature of Emilia Clarke? Or Kit Harington? That would certainly make a fan happy!

Map for Game of Thrones Man Cave

travel the extra mile

This Game of Thrones map artwork is an amazing find. It shows the compelling world in all of its glory and comes already matted for you. 

The golden frame conjures up images of the gold currency in the dramatic world.

The artwork comes with a hanging cleat for easily putting it up on the wall. Note the amazing details of the map; this item sets the tone for the entire room.

Travel onward with your amazing voyage of design by continuing with this kickass post...

DIY Throne Chair

DIY throne chair... Yes!

Turn a cheap seat into the ultimate GOT chair. Start with a plastic Adirondack chair; it's a good choice as it already has the armrests and the low-slung seat looks familiar to the throne chair.

Next, build the details of the throne using inexpensive sticks. Attach them underneath the arms of the chair in the shapes of X's to close in the sides. Put more sticks behind the chair's back, vertically rising from the back, following the chair's slats.

Next, create swords pointing down into the back of the chair, using pink insulation. Follow the remaining steps in this nifty guide. Your throne awaits you!

cheers, somebody died (again)

Game of Throne Man Cave Mugs

Gather your buddies for the ultimate viewing party in your Game of Thrones man cave, where you stream the show on your favorite box. Every time somebody in the series dies, say "cheers" with beer steins fashioned after the show. Depending on the episode, you could be mighty tipsy by the end of the night. Copper mugs would fit in perfectly in Westeros; all you need to add is the cold ale. 

Another option is silver goblets. Or, if you would prefer a cup of joe instead (hangover remedy?), you could reach for spiky mugs like the one shown in the photo above. The mugs look like they belong on the Iron Islands.

Wall Sconce of Dragon is Mythical

Dragons Tribute to Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion

There's a dragon in the house! It's a tribute to the three dragons of Game of Thrones: Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. 

This dark and brooding castle dragon iron wall sconce is made of solid cast iron. It holds two pillar candles, which is perfect as the more candles the better, at least in this lair.

These beasts of war look magnificent on the wall. Watch out though for dragon eggs hatching.

a crib with a view

Meme of Game of Thrones in Man Cave

You must evote an area to watching (and rewatching) the GOT episodes in your crib. Get this 32-inch Samsung LED TV for a screen that you and your buds can gather around without having to squint to see all the magnificent creatures (like those sexy females). It's got 720p, is the latest model, and it's pretty tough to beat the price. Enjoy built-in Wi-Fi and smart functionality (your buds may or may not have that latter feature).

For seating, look for a sofa with Gothic details in a deep red color reminiscent of spilled blood or wine. Add throw cushions with House Stark or House Lancaster on them to show your passion for the HBO show and the books. At the side of the sofa, bundle up fleece blankets to make them look like stored furs that a Stark would use when traveling overnight while away from Winterfell.

the octopus goes home

Unique Sculpture Octopus Man Cave

The octopus is synonymous with House Greyjoy. Its eight legs wrap magnificently around your den perfectly with this metal octopus sculpture. The sea creatures sits on a shelf in all its glory. Bring the Iron Islands a little bit closer to you.

Other ways to incorporate the sea creature into your Game of Thrones man cave are by hanging a watercolor print of one on the wall. Alternatively, feature it on pillow covers or as the base of a coffee table.

Want some additional medieval style ideas? Try putting up electric sconce lighting. Also, hang wallpaper with wolf patterns all over it on a feature wall. Install driftwood shelves too and set stones on the shelving for a rustic tribute to the King of the North. Want more shelving inspiration? Check out our tropical design post. 

At the opposite spectrum of tropical though is the cold weather. Winter is coming, and you will be ready for the Long Night in your amazing den.

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Kevin Hart Meme in Man Caves Post

Just when you thought that you had seen it all... Nah. You be going all Kevin Hart on us now, like in the pic above. You know what though, hear us out. Seriously. Here are 5 over the top man caves that may just be out of our league but sure are fun to fill up the daydreams (move over Ariana Grande).

5. Dunking the Dollar bills

Man Cave of Celebrity Michael Jordan

Yes, Michael, we know you have money. The former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jackson (you may have heard of him) takes the concept of a sports man cave to the next level. Here you see his full-sized basketball court in all its glory. Former #23 can practice his skills on the private court whenever he wants, without worry about actually having to leave the house.

While you likely can't afford a whole basketball court in your home, you can still pay homage to the athlete's awesomeness by hanging this Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 20x20 Uniframe Photo on the wall.

4. got a candy crush?

Candy Man Cave Celebrity Jay-Z

So, we are slightly obsessed (is that even possible?) with the game Candy Crush. But we totally want this other form of a candy tribute too! Check out this sweet room (literally) in Jay-Z and Beyonce's house. It's likely a useful space for when Jay-Z wants to grab a few of the chocolatey goodies to take back to his den as he hangs out with his musical bro's Justin Timberlake and Chris Martin.

We're totally crushing on the idea of having a room devoted to chocolate. Check out the M&M figurines at the side and how you can choose which type of M&Ms you want easily in those tubes on the wall. Get your own version of this room when you incorporate M&M Star Wars Dispensers into your man cave. Sugar high is coming soon.

3. magical mayhem of money

Celebrity Man Cave Neil Patrick Harris

If you are a fan of magic or of TV's How I Met Your Mother, then you will likely appreciate this over the top man cave from actor Neil Patrick Harris. He and his partner David Burtka have a room devoted to magic, including a Houdini tribute area and big carnival signs.

There is a secret door to enter the room, and inside are antique magic kits. Do you want to perform your own magic tricks? This Amazing Money Magic Kit includes everything you need to do three classic tricks. Razzle dazzle your buds and practice your moves to get better than NPH. Speaking of Neil, remind us to ask him what's the secret to ​everlasting fame.

2. Home theater, yeah baby!

Celebrity Man Cave LeBron James

We couldn't come up with a really witty headline for #2, but we have good reason. This home theater doesn't need the extra hype - it's got enough awesomeness on its own! Here is basketball LeBron James' screening room.

Check out the leather reclining chairs with cup holders. While you may not be able to afford the huge screen or custom surround sound audio, this Simmons brown leather recliner is one to check out. It is ultra-comfy with armrest storage for your soda as you watch the latest game of hoops on TV.

1. Jay leno's modest airplane hanger

Airplane Hanger Jay Leno Celeb

Ahem, excuse us, we need a moment to recover from this kick-butt airplane hangar that comedian Jay Leno had installed into his home. It's for his one or two or five or twenty cars that he collects as a hobby. Heck, I'm more into Model Airplane Kits but that's just me and my modest income. 

Should I ever find myself in possession of amazing vintage and modern sports cars, I may just ask Leno for a few tips on how to craft this ultra-cool space. Just in case you are keeping count, the former late night host has over 130 cars.

When is a man cave not a man cave? Dunno but I certainly wish I could get a bit of this posh lifestyle! Well, even if you don't have a room devoted to candy or a home theater, you can still decorate your lair exactly how you want it, within your budget, and have a place to call your own. And that, really, is priceless.