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Sexy ashtray pinup girl

Hey sexy! No, not you, we meant the pinup girl ashtray. Here is quite the pre-Girls Gone Wild find, and we just had to share here with you. It is a great way to add a little sexiness to your man cave.

Even if you don’t smoke, you can still embrace a bit of Mad Men here with the throw-back ashtray. It’s as sizzling hot as the ash from a cigarette. Maybe you’re more of a cigar man, in which case this lady could be here you handle your stogie now and then. Or you might not smoke at all but adore luscious ladies.

The sexy design features a curvy blonde laying on her side and talking on the phone. Note the coy smile on her face. Perhaps she is calling you to invite herself over to your lair for a night of frolic.

For a retro product collector, this ashtray’s a must-have piece. It dates back to the 1950s when cars were as exotic as the women. Note the unique shape of the tray, with its great curves to match the pinup goddess’ figure. It is a 10” dish, so it holds your ass, er, ahem, your ash without taking up a lot of space.

Visions of Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, and Ava Gardner dance through your head (literally) as you are consumed by this sultry ceramic woman – or is it just us? Get taken back to the 1940s and 1950s, the WWII era, when the pinup style was all the rage for everything from posters to fashion.

Get the 1950s antique ashtray and then build your collection with a Cigar Tobacco vintage style art print. You could add a vintage pinup girl stainless steel oil lighter too. Even for non-smokers, these accessories are great to have as they add a sexy vibe to your den.

Clothing? Optional, if you’re anything like the long-legged blonde on this ashtray!

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Indoor hammock floor

The hammock isn’t just for the backyard anymore. Now it can be part of your basement, home office or another man-only zone (aka the space you can do whatever the hell you want in).

Perhaps this indoor hammock floor is part of the current trend of incorporating natural elements into home interiors rather than just keeping them outside. Then again, maybe it’s us just wanting to enjoy a bit of R&R.

At first you might remember the days of sleeping on camping gear back in your teens but, trust me, the hammock sleep is so much better than that.

Plus it’s a great alternative when you don’t have much yard space to hang a traditional hammock. Take the hammock inside instead! Yup, we had the same sort of lightbulb moment too (you’re not alone but you’re in very good company, if we do say so ourselves).

There are lots of variations too, should this hammock floor catch your eye. Make it the entire floor or just part of it. Throw some mannified pillows on it for a head rest and you’re good to go. We like the How to Grow a HandleBar Mustache Pillow from the Manly Skills design team.

It’s pretty much a big net that curves to your body, for full-on spread-out lounging whenever you want, however often you want. Comfort and customization. Now THIS is the man cave life. Grab an issue of MAD magazine and waste a few hours away from the office clock. After all, you’re in your 40s now and likely need more sleep.

Now for that R&R we spoke of earlier. We best retreat to our hammock space now. You can check out more hammock floor design ideas here. Man Cave Master out, yo.

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Nutcracker of Hillary Clinton

Some things make you want to gag. Other things are gags. OK, this item might actually be a bit of both. Sure, you see Hillary all over the TV news and political blogs, but do you know her like this?

She’s more than the just one who wears the pants in the Clinton household (sorry Bill, it had to be said). Now she’s a nutcracker, literally.

Simply hold this resin Hillary Clinton nutcracker in your hands, put the nut in the shell between her stainless steel upper legs and squeeze. The “ouch” sensation is one we’re feeling too! Yes, we’re kind of in awe too that you can actually buy this creepy item!

Mind you, it is practical when you want a nutty snack (you were warned in the Beerd bear cozy chat about our penchant for puns) as you lounge out on the sofa in your crib.

The Hillary Clinton nutcracker is sure to get your buddies talking – and laughing – when you show them it at your next guy’s night at your man cave. It’s also a great gag gift for a buddy’s place that you can give him on a birthday if he’s not-so-much a supporter (though we can’t imagine why… not!).

The American politician nutcracker is only 9 inches tall in this form, and she doesn’t talk so you won’t have to worry about her ball busting words. What’s incredible to us though is how lightweight the nutcracker is to hold; given all of Hillary’s baggage from her scandals that’s pretty unreal.

Anyway, it’s nice to have Hillary Clinton shown as the nutcracker we know her to be. Put her to good use here taking the shells off the snack food rather going in for our nuts like she does when she speaks out in public.

Spread those legs, Hillary. We won’t tell Bill, although he’s spread more than a few legs in his time, hasn’t he?

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Beer can cozy beard shaped

It’s like Duck Dynasty for your beer can, bro.

This beer can cozy speaks to the manly bastard you are – and you ought to be proud of it! It’s a must-have for your man cave to keep your beer cold and uber stylish all at the same time.

Who said the beer trend is just for your face? Nope, not anymore. Now you can bring the hairy goodness of that manly beard to your beer can in a more unique way than using some foam sleeve you got at the dollar store. Okay, okay, we won’t tell anyone about that sad sleeve, provided you “Beerd” up today.

Fit the Beerd beer can cozy over your favorite can of beer. Don’t worry, no man’s real beard was sacrificed to make this item. It’s made from crafting fur, available in different shades of brown. And it is elastic too, so if you prefer a glass rather than a can for drinking beer then you can go that route too, and it’ll fit around the glass.

Check out how the name of the beer shows through the mouth part of the Beerd. With creativity like this up their sleeve (get it, sleeve?!), it’s no wonder this handmade beard cozy took first place in a PBR Craft Show. We like using puns now and then, by the way. But you’re a real man, you can take it.

Get one of the cozies for yourself and a couple more for when the guys come to hang in the lair. They’ll be fascinated too. Why? It’s common sense that a beard and beer go hand in hand.

Gather round for a badass beard that even your beer wants to touch. Ladies be jealous. See the full story here on how to treat your beer can to the ultimate cozy experience. Be good to your beer.

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Some call it “gender-objectification”. We call it worshipping. Of the female form that is. Especially when you don’t have a girlfriend. Find more of this controversial goodness here and judge for yourself!