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Art Sunglasses Mirror

Sure, Corey Hart sang about his sunglasses at night in his hit song of the same name but you may just want to get these shades for all day AND night. It’s not often you see such a fab-u-lo mirror. Yup, that’s right, this is a mirror in the shape of sunglasses. Care to take a trip on the dark side?

The Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror is a sporty accessory for the wall of your man cave. It’s useful and stylish, which is more than we can say about the ol’ lady these days. And you thought her glasses were oversized? You ain’t seen nothin yet.

The mirror is a great conversation starter when the buddies come over for a serious session of poker. The “lenses” of the specs are mirrored glass. Plus you can check if your bro is cheating at cards by seeing his reflection in the mirror (you can’t be down that much money without some sort of scheme going on here).

It’s not only a mirror for you to check yourself out in before heading downtown for the night, but it’s also wall art at its coolest. The art fits within many different decor styles, from rustic to athletic or modern. It’s a cinch to hang on the wall too with two screws. That’s more screwing than you’ve had in the bedroom lately, unfortunately.

Looking for a different kind of sporty mirror or want a second one that complements the sunglasses? Check out this Skateboard Mirror that is made from stainless steel and mirrored glasses. It’s not meant for skating on but instead as an accessory to hang in your crib.

Hang it horizontally or vertically. Another option is to just prop it up in the corner to add to your street cred. The mirror has skateboard wheels and trucks to mimic the look of the real deal. It even comes with stickers that you can but on the board’s front to customize it.

Did you miss our recent sports man cave post? Get more design ideas there. You’re welcome.

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DIY Cork

Cork is good for more than just your wine bottle! Yup, getting tipsy has its benefits but what if you could use cork in practical ways that didn't leave you hungover the next day? Let's get smart, peeps. Let's DIY with cork for your man cave. Get in on one of the hottest design trends right now and cork it up. Pssst you don't have to start from scratch; we'll provide you some inspiration below.

the drinking team has a dart problem 

Cork Dart Board Surround

It's not enough to say you have a bar in your man cave. You also want to have some FUN with that bar, dude. Darts are always a hit with the buds but when they drink, well, their aim gets a little off (to put it mildly). 

​Therefore, it makes sense to add a dartboard surround. Why muck up your wall full of dart holes when they miss the board? Guess what, the dart board backer is made of... cork! DIY the surround like in the pic above, using a Manton Natural Cork Sheet. It is a thick sheet (over 1in thick) so it won't crumble over time, and it protects the wall. Also, the darts won't bounce off the cork when they make contact with it (the opposite to that gal who was repelled by you the other night).

If you have a typical dartboard, then you'll want a backboard about 4ft by 3ft. To mount the cork board, simply use screws, adhesives, or finishing nails. If you want to permanently install the cork dart board backer, put it directly on the wall. For a movable unit instead, mount the cork board to plywood sheets using rubber cement or wood glue before connecting it to the wall. The latter option lets you move the board to different locations (that'll really screw Jim up after a few cold ones).

Tip: Clamp the corners of the cork to the plywood so they will dry together properly.​ No clamps? Just put a heavy object over the cork instead.

Put a Cork in it & Light it up 

Lampshade Cork

After you tell Jim to put a cork in it (he's whining about how you moved the dartboard on him again), it's time to get all DIY with your bad self again. Make this DIY wine cork lampshade today. If you have a lamp around the house with an ugly shade on it, you can totally revamp it with a cork shade that is uber cool (not to mention eco-friendly).

Build Your Own DIY Cork Lampshade

  1. You will need: a glue gun with glue sticks, a lampshade, and several corks. Get this package of 36 corks to ensure you have enough to cover the lampshade.
  2. Place the corks vertically one at a time on the shade up to the top of the lampshade. Ensure the corks touch one another as you go for a cohesive, clean look.
  3. Want to go the extra mile? Keener! Paint the corks before you attach them to the lampshade. Ideal colors are silver, gold or bronze.
  4. Done! Yup, told you this project was an easy one.

This is a different kind of cabinet meeting

Cork Tile For a Message Board

If you constantly have papers hanging around the place with notes and reminders for you (honey do list, anyone? I have a few to give away). Store those lists, receipts, and other papers in a convenient way by hanging them with thumbtacks on mounted cork tiles.

​But, you say, I don't have the wall space for it? Not a problem anymore. Here's an ingenious solution: ​Hang the cork tiles on the inside of cabinets. Yup, genius. Einstein's got nothing on us.

This 8-pack of natural cork panels is exactly what you will need for the project. They are 1/4in thick so they won't add a lot of depth to your cabinet door's interior and aren't too thick for regular push pins.

Plus, the natural fibers are long-lasting. The panels in this 8 pack even have self-stick backings - BAM all you have to do press them onto the inside of the cabinet to mount them. Make sure you cut them to the size you want first though (Mr. Obvious strikes again).

To cut the cork, a utility knife works great. Before you make a cut, measure the cabinet dimensions and then draw a line in pencil along where you want to cut the cork to fit within it. Use a straightedge, such as a ruler to make sure your cuts are straight. Tip: Put a flattened cardboard box underneath the cork before you cut it with the knife to protect the surface underneath where you cut and create a stable cutting surface too.

There you go! DIY a cork backdrop for your dartboard, make an old lamp new again with a cork lampshade and create a cork bulletin board in a very unlikely but handy place. Now you can DIY with cork any time your heart desires. What, she told you that you're heartless? Well you'll have to prove her wrong when you put together these cork projects. Well, provided you let her into the man cave, that is.

If you're still on a DIY high, why not try these vinyl projects for your man cave too?

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Vintage Steampunk Keyboard

There’s not much more you need in life than this steampunk keyboard. It’s a meeting at the intersection of technology and science fiction. It combines the hipness of fantasy with rugged industrial machinery. That’s what makes this tech accessory just so badass.

Ahem, here you go.

You’re welcome (give us a minute to take a bow).

It’s a hipster’s dream, really. Plug in the steampunk keyboard to your computer and off you go to a world that makes even Keyboard Cat jealous (we are currently refraining from going to YouTube to watch that dang feline again).

The keyboard has retro style and impeccable craftsmanship. It’s enough to make a grown man cry… almost. It has a genuine leather surface and wooden base. Yup, way cooler than a regular plastic and silicone keyboard.

Note: it has all of the keys of a traditional keyboard so, not to worry you, will still be able to run those expert porn searches when you get home after work. It won’t interfere with your hardcore regimen. You’ll just be doing your noble research on these circular typewriter-style vintage keys instead.

The custom keyboard is uber cool. We think it would look great in a steampunk man cave.

Not a fan of the leather look? Then check out this machinist keyboard made of distressed aluminum instead. This steampunk version is rugged with its metal frame, and it props up with two gear assembly risers. The black faceplate is rugged and looks great with the retro keys too.

This type of keyboard is rich with hip juice. And don’t mind if the next time your buds come over they stare at it – they want to be all one of a kind, just like you. Let them keep on dreamin’. With this keyboard, you’re living the dream.

Mainstream ain’t got nothing on you.

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Clockwork Orange and Joker Art

Remember the movie A Clockwork Orange? It certainly cleans out the clock on kooky. We’ve got to hand it to Director Stanley Kubrick for having taken insane to a level that only Borat knows how to fine tune. Wacky just got real, yo.

What do you get when you take sociopathic Alex from A Clockwork Orange and combine him with the Joker from The Dark Knight? You get a hella wicked art print. This is kick-ass design. Titled “A Clockwork Joker,” this fine art print by Butcher Billy from Curioos is a must have for a movie buff’s man cave.

“Why so serious?” Nope, we’re not, but we know that’s one of the best lines from The Dark Knight. While it’s batsh*t what the Joker’s dad did to his mouth, it would be nothing compared to the creepy combo of him and Alex if that union ever did happen. Imagine it – we dare you!

Combine two worlds of evil-licious and here is the result. The bright colors make this print a vibrant one for the wall of your lair.

Weird? Maybe. Creepy? Almost as much as the gaping hole Halloween costume. Genius? This art has global impact potential to the nines.

The Clockwork Joker print is made of 100% cotton and comes unframed. Want to make it look even sicker? Frame it within a lime green or red mat to enhance the face even more.

Want the Joker all on its own? We don’t blame you; Heath Ledger was brilliant in that film. Then check out this Joker Face vinyl art decal instead. It looks amazing on the wall, with Joker’s facial features in a “why so serious” expression. The bloody mouth and dark eyes give the unmistakable expression of the crazy character.

Scary just met serious – and your wall’s lovin’ it. None of this Magic Mike sh*t. You’re a punk-ass villain, and it’s time you styled your man cave to reflect it. No joking around about that, dude.

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Table in Pie Chart Design

So am I the only one who has a coffee table covered with accumulated sh*t? It’s like I clean it one day and then BAM the next thing I know it’s all f*cked up again.

The solution? This pie chart table from Polit that was designed by Goncalo Campos. Called ‘Times 4,’ it’s a pie-shaped table that spins so that you can store your random stuff within it. It’s out of sight (get it?!). Just rotate the table to hide your game controllers, football cards, receipts, comics, dryer lint and whatever else shows up on the tabletop.

The way the pie chart table rotates, you can reveal a quarter at a time. For all you Math whiz’s out there, that leaves three-quarters of space free inside it for storage.

It’s not so shabby looking either with its round shape and short legs. And, heck, white matches everything. The inner colors are soft shades rather than being gaudy or neon. Not that there’s anything wrong with neon.

Also, you can open up a part of the pie chart table to reveal a certain compartment to your buds. You could spotlight your favorite cigars or set up a mini bar in the slice that’s visible. Keep your beer cold even while it sits at the table with the Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller. Just freeze the chiller and then put it into your beer; it fits most standard long neck beer bottles. Drink through it for a cold one without needing to head to the fridge.

OK, so here we’ve shown you how to appear mess-free without having to clean up and keep your beer cold too. Is your mind blown yet? Or do we need to tell you about the surprising reasons beer is healthier than you thought?!

A little slice of heaven, that’s how we would describe the Times 4 table. Time for some brewskies now.

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Batman cufflinks

When you want swag, you want these Batman superhero cufflinks. They take a bit of the serious edge off of those black tie events you sometimes have to attend.

Whether you’re a comic book addict now or used to be one, you would rock the business or social occasion with these bad boys on your cuffs. It’s about time everyone knows about your special superhero powers anyway.

The Batman logo cufflinks in silver tone are officially licensed from DC Comics. They have a vintage look that isn’t tacky in the least. And the fixed logo backing makes them easy to attach.

They’d make a rad groomsmen gift for your wedding or a badass addition for an office shirt that doesn’t cheapen your look (whoever called you cheap can go suck an egg).

As you take on Batman’s superpower characteristics, you become spectacular (more so than usual) at intimidation and interrogation techniques. You’re a brilliant detective, killer in the martial arts field and don a bulletproof batsuit. Hell yea! Do not mess with Adam West you in these metal cufflinks.

The Caped Crusader is in bat form on your French cuffs but never fear for the safety of people in Gotham City as he will continue to protect them from Mr. Freeze and other enemies. The novelty of the comic book just got stylin’ and looks like you’ll be sporting the trend at the next black tie function.

Watch out cause the Batcave just got a bit more swag. The superhero cufflinks can sit on the shelf of your lair until you wear them again. They’ll jazz up that suit that’s been hanging in the closet for a while. Yup, it still fits, and now you can freshen it up by simply adding a bit of bat.

See you on the flip side. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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iPoo Apple Toilet

If you consider yourself the ultimate Apple fan, then you might want to get this high-tech throne.

Called the iPoo, this Apple toilet is a stylish way to pay homage to your i-obsession. The seat is thinner than a MacBook Air, and the flush technology is something you may or may not give a shit about. Yes, you may groan at that lame joke but it’s not like your shit don’t stink, you know.

So what do you think about flushing your money away on this iPoo? No, we couldn’t find it for sale via its designer Milos Paripovic. It very well could be a spoof, but we still wanted to showcase it here.

Take a plop in the comfort of your aluminum toilet. It’s the same material used to create your Apple notebook. Just press the button on the ‘leaf’ portion of the toilet to flush it. You might liken the leaf design to a finger and, if so, it’s the middle finger that is raising, as if to say ‘just how much money did you sink into this technology?!’

All in all, the Apple toilet is a modern tribute to the sanctuary or place where we can get a few minutes of peace from the ol’ ladies in our lives. I mean, is it too much to ask that we get a bit of time to devote to the experience and read part of an ESPN magazine?

Ah, but here’s a concern. What happens if you drop your iPhone in it? Would the world explode from the layers of Apple products?

Is it the apple of our eye? Not so much but it may go into a few man caves someday soon. In the meantime, you can get this iPoo’d Bunny Poop mug, just because it’s hilarious (like we need to offer any other reason).

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Car Parts Furniture Design for Chair

If you’re into cars, and we’re betting a lot of you are, then you’ll dig this chair as much as we do. It looks to be part of a growing trend in furniture made from car parts.

We’ve seen car parts used on bikes before, and gears are a hit in the steampunk design style. Now it’s time to bring your wheels into the home – literally!

Check out the sweet rims on the wheels of this auto-inspired chair. They have a 5-spindle design like the sexy Torq Thrust M AR605 chrome wheel rims from American Racing. The design is timeless, and those rims shine up like nobody’s business. Sporty look, anyone?

The solid black seat has a round shape that accentuates the rubber bad boys resting under its armrests; those are real wheels custom built right into the chair. Yup, we call this powerhouse furniture.

We’re not sure if this is real leather on the chair or not, but it sure has a sleek look just like leather and probably feels soft too.

While you likely already know we are obsessed with cars, now you realize we’re getting obsessed with car parts furniture too. Here are some other ideas for incorporating car parts furniture into your man cave. Read on with caution as you may become infatuated with the home design trend too!

Let’s see… You could add the plastic front upper grill of a Ford Mustang to the front of your bar. It’s also a cool way to tell your guests that drinking and driving is for douches. We’ve also seen a V12 engine transformed into a wine rack. Oh, and there are industrial pendant lights made out of bent license plates!

Now that you’re cursing us for giving you 101 car furniture DIY projects, we’re going to head for a sit down on this wheels chair. Might as well get in a few good hours of gaming time before the ol’ lady gets home.

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50 Shades of Grey Mug

And then there was the slow death of the book and film industry with the outbreak of a virus called Fifty Shades of Grey. X-rated? Nope, more like overrated.

It hasn’t been easy for us to come to terms with the fact that so many hotties are steaming up over that friggin’ Christian Grey. Feel free to send your condolences and money. But, hey, then we found this delightful mug. The words on this mug are ones we are happy to proclaim: “Fifty Shades of I Don’t Give a Shit.”

Who says that men aren’t in touch with our emotions? We certainly are, and we compare the Fifty Shades book to James Franco a big pile of steaming dung. See? We are happy to say how we feel when it comes to this topic! Honesty is an attractive quality, ladies, and I have it in spades.

The Fifty Shades ceramic mug has the capital words on both sides of it so that everyone is sure to get the caring message, loud and clear. No mixed messages here. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe too, so even if it gets wet and steamy, the mug and my hard-on lasts through it.

We endorse the raunchy but did you ever actually read any of the Fifty Shades of Grey book? I did (shudders at the memory) and, guess what, it didn’t even get to the sexy bits until Chapter 8. I mean… What the… Why even bother with plotlines? Obviously a man did not write this book. It’s like saying we read Playboy Magazine for the articles. I’d rather see it rewritten by a manly man like good ol’ Vladimir Putin.

We, hereby, rename the book (and related movie) as Fifty Shades of Cray. And we fully endorse this mug. Fill it with coffee as you head to your man cave for a hardcore round of gaming and, remember, you don’t have to give a rat’s ass about Christian Grey. He’s got nothing on you. See? I can be nice.

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Bacon Themed Bandages

When you have an ouchie or boo-boo on your knee, finger or anywhere else on your body, what better type of bandage to save the day than a bacon one?

Okay, we fess up, these bacon bandages are not really made of bacon. But they sure look like the real deal, and that makes them great items to have around the house. Store a few in the desk drawer, bedside table, and with your grooming essentials in the bathroom cabinet.

They’re a great gift for your bro’s man cave too, particularly with the advertised “free prize inside” the package! The tin is a fun conversation piece to display on your coffee table too, inside your gaming zone or beside the TV in your loft.

Each tin comes with 15 adhesive bandages, and the “free prize” is a bonus trinket, as per its Amazon page. Whatever the prize is though if it has a bacon theme to it then it’s sure to help the minor cut or scratch. Bacon has healing power unlike any other meat!

Each bacon bandage is shaped like a small slab of bacon, which makes the mouth water and the eyes huge. The playful tin is destined to make your man cave look amazing as an accessory on your shelving unit or to show the guys when they come over to watch the latest game of hoops on the big screen.

We abide by the philosophy that everything is better when you add in bacon. Well, you can’t blame us. I mean, it is mighty tasty. Picture it sizzling, and you’re sure to start drooling. While you can’t eat these bandages, you certainly can wear one as you head over to your plate full of bacon-wrapped sausage.

Move over Superman, there’s a new hero in town. And he’s wearing a bacon-shaped bandage. Bacon never looked so good.