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avengers style man cave

1. Laser up the Captain America Shield

captain america laser shield badge

Beam Captain America right into your lair, with this awesome décor projector ghost light.

It features a 5w Cree LED chip that beams the laser Captain America US shield badge onto any wall of your choice. Beckon Steve Rogers to suit up, bringing a piece of the ultimate action flick right into your personal den any time that you want.

Turn off the lights and beam the laser before you put on the flick to watch (again) for the ultimate fan experience.

2. Avengers Desk: Y’all Be Jealous

ultimate superhero desk with  captain america shiedl

Yup, your buddies will be jealous, what more can we say? This desk is the ultimate staple for the Avenger’s man cave with its lit displays of the prized Captain America shield, Iron Man’s helmet, and Thor’s hammer.

Note the sleek glass top, stealth chambers for select Avenger’s exhibits and the stone-like material. Go ahead, give yourself major props for putting this super hero desk into the starring role of your manly space. Add a luxurious leather chair to complete the awe-inspiring look. If you keep styling your man cave this well, you really will get her to like you!

3. 3D Iron Man for a True Avengers Man Cave

ironman wall crash

Everything is better in 3D, right? Billionaire Tony Stark is smiling or at least he was before he got all serious and transformed into Iron Man for The Avengers 3D Wall Art Nightlight of the Iron Man Face.

This hand repulsor of the legendary armor shines brightly for extra lighting for the den and multi-tasks as your defensive weapon when villain Ultron is near. Iron Man explodes from the wall and into your uber-cool Avengers man cave.

Lucky for you, we found out how you can easily recreate this masterpiece!​

robert downey signature iron man

You thought Iron Man slamming in to your living room was cool? Let us spell it out for you in capital letters: ROBERT DOWNEY JR. SIGNED AUTOGRAPH! Go and try to beat that, Ultron! 

And just when you thought it doesn't get any cooler - we proof you wrong! Mr. Tony Stark himself, sitting next to - well, himself...autographed and certified!

downey jr autograph

4. Incredible Hulk Time

If you love Mark Ruffalo’s rendition of The Hulk, then you’ll want to scoop up this Hulk Wall Clock while it’s still available. The 10”-wide timepiece features the Hulkster at its center, with other dynamic heroes around him for a multicolor, action-packed clock that goes with any wall shade. Simply look at Bruce Banner’s strong alter-ego when you want motivation to do a few more sets of the free weights kept at the side of the room.

5. Avengers Style Collage Table

avengers collage table

From The Incredible Hulk to Black Widow, there are so many Marvel-ous characters to behold that it can be tough to pick a favorite one (or two). That’s why a collage table is great; it includes the whole superhero group, and the bright, bold colors conjure up memories of the original comic books.

Buy it pre-made or make the collage yourself on a wooden surface using photos, newspaper cuttings and magazine pics of the cool comic crew. Add cutout letters in chunky fonts too with words such as “Boom” and “Kapow” for an extra funky design.

6. Neon Gives everything a punch

avengers neon sign

Neon signs take the Avenger man cave to a whole new level, whether you have one or several of them in various sizes hung from your walls, including above your bar. The bright signage is fun and eye-catching, bearing the trademark “A” for Avengers, the outline of Iron Man’s face or another version of geekdom at its finest. 

iron man neon sign

Once you decide where to hang your neon sign, drill two holes into the wall a bit narrower than the sign’s width. Screw hooks tightly into the holes and then hang one length of chain from each screw, attaching a carabiner to each chain. There are usually spots at the back of the sign for the chains. Be sure to screw the carabiners tightly shut and there you go, the electric touch!

Simply look at Bruce Banner’s strong alter-ego when you want motivation to do a few more sets of the free weights kept at the side of the room.

Take your manly space to heights that Marvel would be proud of!

From the ultimate Avengers desk to colorful collage table, 3D Iron Man lighting feature, and projector-style Captain America badge, there are many creative ways to pay tribute to the awesome characters. Would the Earth’s finest heroes dig it? We think so.

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man cave ideas for a nyc theme

So you say you’re a fan of NYC? If you want to convert a small space like an attic then you’re halfway there. Yup, apartments in the Big Apple are well-known for being cramped cozy.

Here are tips to create an NYC-inspired man cave now in ways you may not have considered before and pay homage to the city that never sleeps.

1. NYC Street Style

nyc wall decal for your man cave

Devote one wall to a large framed photo of the famous Broadway sign or this awesome wall decal. Pick a gritty photograph though, with a distressed look, rather than one that has perfect coloring, to make it more realistic.

After all, the city’s people can be crass as they call out to one another or hail a cab on the corner of W 44th and Broadway. Looking to save some money on wall art? Another option is to head to your local library, photocopy a few pages of The New York Times and then frame them within a colorful mat that adds visual interest.

2. Floor Fancy

nyc rug for your man cave

If you want to create an NYC feel for your man cave, a great way to start is with a quality rug. This black-and-white New York rug goes with any room color and features the iconic skyline that is synonymous with the Big Apple. The rectangular olefin rug has modern style it easily ties together your furniture around the NYC theme.

3. All Hail the Taxi

leather ottoman for your nyc man cave

Go all out with yellow and black colors that are reminiscent of the taxis throughout the heart of NYC. Put black shades on a pair of saffron yellow lamp bases and then put one on your desk, with the other one sits across the room to provide lighting no matter where you are in the lair.

leather ottoman for your nyc man cave

Other ways to incorporate the taxi theme include using alternating yellow and black storage boxes to hold your magazines, remotes, and other items out of sight on shelves. You can also put a yellow fatboy bean bag as a foot rest in front of your black leather couch for a trippy ode to the famed city’s taxi cabs.

5. Map Out Your Desk or Table

leather ottoman for your nyc man cave

Calling DIYers. Makeover your coffee table or the top of your desk with a map of NYC to customize it for your den. Take a particleboard table (fiberboard works too) that you already have or pick up a second-hand one at auction; the more basic shape, the better.

Pick up paper maps at your local school supplies store (true, not all navigation systems are on your iPhone!). You’ll need white glue and liquid resin too for this time-tested technique called decoupage. Glue the top of the table and apply the NYC map to it, and then glue the legs and wrap the paper around them.

You may find it helpful to remove the legs before working on them. You might need two maps, or even three, depending on the size of the surface areas. Avoid using too much glue as that makes ugly bumps. Once the glue is dry, fold under the edges and glue them in place. Paint the top and legs with resin according to bottle directions. Re-attach the legs to the table.

Are you looking for even more inspiration? If so, check out these three DIY coffee table projects for your man cave!

6. Go NYC on Your Electronics

So you’ve got your laptop and your sound system there in the NYC-inspired man cave, of course. Add NYC accents to coordinate them within your space.

Put an HD desktop wallpaper on your laptop of Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, or another of the city’s awe-inspiring sights. The skyline at night is a favorite. Add a “New York Strong” decal to your laptop and add another to your windows to complete the look.

For your stereo system, make sure you have tunes to suit your space, such as the Live in New York City album by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band or Portishead’s Roseland New York DVD.

7. New York Yankees Tribute

If you’re a fan of the New York Yankees, then you’ll want to include a tribute area to them.

Of course, you’ll have to make it multi-functional with a can cooler that has the Yankees logo on it. Other ideas are a fleece throw on the couch with the team’s logo on it, a metal Yankee’s fan sign on the wall, and a framed jersey hung on the wall. Bring the street-style of the Big Apple to your crib.

yankee man cave sign

From the cool B&W New York rug to the DIY mapped-out table, city-inspired tunes, and New York Yankee’s metal sign, there are tons of décor options. Get a decked-out space that makes your buddies jealous; yup, you have the unofficial capital of the USA right in your home!

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a man cave for vladimir putin

When thinking of manly men, Vladimir Putin would certainly top the list.

In his downtime, the President of Russia, a former KGB agent, likes to engage in extreme sports, wrestle with wild animals, drive F1 cars and submersibles as well as fly firefighting planes. And as a recent-ish bachelor, Putin should treat himself to his own totally decked-out man cave.

What would Putin need in his man cave to demonstrate his manliness to others?

man cave vodka bottles

1) A Vodka Bar - What man cave would be complete without a bar flush with the manliest drinks? In Putin's case, vodka. Lots and lots of vodka. According to the WHO, Russian consumption of alcohol is among the highest in the world.

To Russians Vodka goes with everything: meals, socializing, bathroom breaks, watching The Americans, you name it. Vodka is a staple in Russia and Putin would have the finest Vodka Russia has to offer in his man cave.

Set the bottles, which amount to half a week’s worth of drinking, to the side of a marble tray full of Russian cut crystal shot glasses.

bear skin rug for your man cave domination

2) A Bear Skin Rug - What is man's natural predator? The polar bear. But not to Putin who laughs in the face of a beast that refuses to be tamed. And what Russian doesn’t love bears? A bear skin rug would be an excellent piece to accentuate Putin’s manliness and of course, it would really bring the room together.

Since we don't support animal hunting for sport, we recommend this fake bear skin rug - can you tell it apart from the real thing?​

secret passage bookcase for a man cave

3) A Bookcase with a Secret Passage - Putin is a man of mystery. Even his man cave would have its secrets.

This hidey hole would be a perfect place to keep his KGB mementos, spy notebooks, blueprints and souvenirs from his many manly adventures.

Putin would display famous Russian authors such as Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky and in his bookcase, but pulling on Putin’s favorite boyhood story of Masha and the Bear would allow you to enter his lair where he keeps:

spy gadget collection

4) His Display Case of KGB Spy Gadgets – Behold and marvel at Putin’s display case of KGB spyware and cold war-era mementos.

Visitors to Putin’s man cave would revel in Putin’s telephone monitoring equipment, cyanide-dispensing guns, glove pistols, pen cameras, poison dart-shooting umbrellas, and his favorite AK-47 briefcase. He also has his own Lenin and Stalin action figures.

By the way: you are in luck! All the cold war gadget goodness is now available for your own spy amusement here​!

air hockey table for your man cave

5) A Flippable Air Hockey Table – Putin loves hockey, almost as much as a Canadian. It is his favorite sport after bending frying pans. Putin could unwind in his man cave with his best oligarch buddies and play some good ol’ air hockey. Only Putin's table would flip over to reveal his plans and schematics for world domination. Get your own here!

gun wall

6) A Wall of Manly Weapons - Putin seems like a bit of a show off. He would need to showcase his vast collection of rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, anti-aircraft missiles, grenades launchers, rockets, anti-tank weapons, etc. Putin’s wall would not be complete without his collection of machine guns and Russia’s iconic AK-47.

7) Judo Sparring Floor - Putin's man cave would display his deadly collection of weapons but he would need a special area to display his deadliest weapons... HIS FISTS!

Not only can Putin take down polar bears and tigers as well as crossbow some whales, he can kick some serious ass.

Putin has a black belt in Judo and Karate and has demolished competitors in the Russian martial art of sambo. Putin's awesome man cave deserves a sparring area so Putin can kick anyone's ass who dares enter his cave of manliness.

russian sauna

8) A Sauna - The Russian sauna, or banya, is an important part of Russian culture and tradition. This would help Putin purify his soul after a hard day of briefings, intelligence, press and hating on gay culture.

Here he would get a hot steam, rinse off with some cool water and consume copious amounts of alcohol. He might even add in this S-shaped shower seat so he can lie down when he's had a few too many sips. Due to Putin’s natural animal magnetism, he would be surrounded by many lovely ladies in his sauna. 

putin singing

9) Karaoke Machine - When you enter the manly pad, after riding horses for the afternoon, you may want to relax with a bit of karaoke singing.

Choose the Akai KS-213 CD+G Karaoke Player with iPad Cradle, which has two microphone inputs so you and friends can perform all of those Russian duets that are so much fun. Alternatively, play the music as background tunes to keep you company as you practice your karate moves.

10) And La Pièce de Résistance: a Siberian Tiger. Nothing screams manliness and sexual prowess like taming a wild pussy. Putin may display a stoic and icy-cold exterior but he is a soft cuddly teddy bear when it comes to animals.

Or maybe he is demonstrating that he can rule anyone and anything… He truly is a man of mystery.

Now you’re ready to kick it in the Vladimir Putin man cave! Bring on the amazing fishing accessories, secret safes, bear figurines, vodka and anti-US artwork. Now, it seems it’s time to head off in one of the 43 jets and 15 helicopters that we own. Don’t mind us, nothing to see here in this lair…!