13 Vintage Men’s Underwear Ads You Won’t Believe Existed

While looking at advertisements for women’s undergarments of the past can be a “ha, ha” experience, vintage men’s underwear ads are downright hilarious. Let’s look at some of the manly versions, if you can call them that. Don’t worry, we ended up peeing our pants too.

1. Oh You and Your Flappy Pants

Funny Vintage Men's Ad
There’s nothing quite like the male bonding that happens over a quality discussion about underwear – while all while we stand talking in our tightie whities. Yup, you just can’t beat a talk about bias cut, now can you?

2. Flair Under There

Men's Vintage Briefs Ad
You know you want… underflair! After all, this “shape-showing maleness” is what the ladies want – or maybe they did back in the day. This male model seems to have had the same barber as The Hoff.

3. All Kinds of Awkward

Funny Men's Vintage Jockey Ad

There’s nothing so manly as standing around in your Jockeys and smiling, right? That’s the premise of this 1970s Jockey ad, anyway. We love how the t-shirts match the briefs. Way to coordinate it, boys.

4. So Then The Porno Started

Retro Undies Ad for Men
Is it porn or a vintage men’s underwear ad? The only thing we can agree on is the retro prints are so bad they’re scary. Can’t look away? That’s the problem; we know it.

5. Zoo Animals Dig it

Funny 70s Ad for Men Giraffe
You know, the giraffe pattern isn’t used nearly enough. That’s all.

6. Fun Is One Word For It

Vintage Manly Ad is Funny

Just when you thought the retro ads couldn’t get any more douchey… Here you go. You know that some wild orgies happened after this photo shoot, don’t you?

7. Well, It’s Something Alright

Hilarious Underwear on Men

Thank you to this vintage men’s underwear ad for reminding us what not to wear these days. We really don’t want to know why they’re smiling. Although we’re sure that it’s a creepy reason.

8. Cowboy It Up

Hilarious 1980s Underwear Ad
I always wear a hat while shaving in my briefs. JR from the TV show Dallas would have approved of this hilarious 1980s ad.

9. Believable? Nope.

Underwear, Men, and the Retro Ad
We always like to sit around in our undies with our shoes on and drink cups of tea. Oh yes.

10. A Fruit By Any Other Name

Funny Men's Ad from Fruit of the Loom
What are you up to tonight? Oh, you know, hanging out with my buddies in my new underwear. Ah, okay. Makes sense. Sure.

11. Jock Rockstar

Retro Ad for Men

Did you try to order this amazing find years ago? Perhaps the horny bastard in this ad beat you to it.

12. Frenching

1970s Hilarious Ad for Underwear

The kid’s face says it all – horrific! Oui, oui.

13. He Looks Different Somehow

Underwear Ad for Men

In 1965, this ad was born. It’s a “monster of a value” but, seriously let’s make sure it dies a sudden death, shall we?

Yes, these are all vintage men’s underwear ads that really did exist back in the day! We can’t make this stuff up. If you want some “underflair” of your own, you could try to take a selfie of yourself that rivals these ads but we think it’d be pretty tough to top them. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to gouge out our eyes. Want to join us?