12 Most Common Reasons Men Get Dumped

So, this is what NOT to do, bro. We’ve all been there, really into a girl and then out of nowhere BAM she’s flown the coop. You know, not returning your text messages or voicemails. It’s like she’s disappeared into thin air. Now you can finally find out why. Here are the 12 most common reasons men get dumped.

1. Your Inner Caveman Escapes

She Doesn't Want a Caveman
Oh right, you vaguely recall grunting at her while she was talking about some sort of nail polish issue.

Couldn’t she see you were in the midst of a serious Minecraft gaming session? The reality is women like communication, so next the time you’re in the middle of something just let her know and offer her a better time later for you two to talk more.

2. Too Much Time with the Homies

She's Not Impressed, You're Dumped
She might have told you that you’re spending too much time with your friends. If you clocked in 3 nights a week or more with the buds then chances are you’re not giving her the attention she wants from you. Try to be more considerate of the lady’s schedule when you climb into bed sloshed at 2am next time. Yep, that’s a tough one to change, we hear you.

3. Mr. Cheapie

Men Dumped for Being Cheapskates
Men get dumped over being cheap all the time. Sure, you want to grab the two-for-one deal at the local burger joint but you’re not going to grab any ass if you keep up that tightwad routine.

4.Liar, Liar, Dumped, Liar

Breakup For a Liar
You know that saying, “liar, liar, pants on fire”? Well, she’ll not only set your pants on fire but she’ll get the hell out of Dodge too. If you lie and get caught by her in that web you’ve spun (you cunning man you) then you better get ready to see her smoking ass leaving your place and not coming back any more.

5. Clairvoyant? Nope.

Not a Mind Reader and Gets Dumped
Quit trying to figure her out! Bro, she dumped you because you read her mind so incorrectly that it’s ridiculous. Even though a chick sets up weekend plans on a Tuesday, that doesn’t mean that she’s twiddling her thumbs until then and plans her life around you. Chances are she just likes to be organized.

6. She Never Sees You

Breakup Workaholic
Seems kind of obvious now that you look back on it, doesn’t it? She never saw, talked or messaged with you because (newsflash) you work too much. Don’t work so much that you don’t see your girlfriend; believe us when we say she’ll tire of that real fast.

7. Bad in the Sack

No Skills in Bed Gets Him Dumped
Ouch. And we’re not talking here about the first time you get it on either. If she’s doesn’t seem impressed by your focus on your own climax, that’s because… she’s not. Listen to what the next babe tells you in bed about what she likes and you’ll like the sexy ways she rewards you (yes, we mean you’ll get laid more).

8. You Show A Different Side

Different with Friends
Remember that time at the local bar when you talked back to her in front of your friends? Yup, you really showed everyone there that you wore the pants. Too bad you continued to wear your pants (and the rest of your clothes) when she sent you home alone that night. She dumped you because you acted differently in front of your friends. Woops.

9. Private Agent Mode

Dumped for Private and Secretive Ways
Being secretive won’t impress her, unless you’re James Bond or some other professional spy. If she asks who you just texted on your phone and you’re super vague in the answer, she’ll probably start to lose trust (and respect) for you. Whether you were cheating or not, chances are good that she’s heading for the hills and by “hills” we’re not referring to that pile of blankets on your bed.

10. Your Ears Don’t Work

Not Listening Gets Men Dumped
You might have two ears but they haven’t worked properly in her opinion. She dumped you because you haven’t listened to her. Women just like to be heard; they don’t need an answer to every issue they bring to you. Do you hear us loud and clear?

11. Moody Man Mode

Dumped Man Being Moody
It’s not just women that have been PMSing, it seems. A common reason men get dumped is for being grouchy. Sure, she has a grumpy grandpa, but she doesn’t want to date him (creepy much?). Now it seems she doesn’t want to date you either, asshole (her words, not ours). Don’t sulk about it but try to open up to her instead.

12. Bachelor Pad

Dumped for Bachelor Pad Ways
Maybe she didn’t like that your crib was bachelor style, with a torn futon as a couch and boxes of leftover pizza all over the place. She may have thought you were a bit immature. Next time you might want to clean up before she comes over and pamper her a bit when she does visit your lair.

So you got dumped. You’re not the only one. It might have been your moodiness, lack of skills in bed or inability to listen to her. Now you know the reason behind the breakup so you can save yourself getting dropped again in the future. It’s time to switch gears and get back into the dating scene. See you there.