10 of the Most Awesome Man Cave Ideas for the Hunting Enthusiast

Every place becomes a bit more like home when you fill it with animals you killed. Er, let us rephrase that for PETA. Nah, we think we’ll stay in the corner of the hunting enthusiast and get our guns into gear for the next outing instead! Here are 10 of the most awesome man cave ideas from across the web for anyone who digs the hunting scene.

Deer Head Shilhouette

1. Get a head of this

Okay, so the deer head is classic. We get it. Totally mount your hunting trophy on the wall, but you can also get creative when it comes to another wall in your cabin or basement

Check out this rustic deer head silhouette with instructions to make it below. You can use pieces of reclaimed wood to save a few bucks (the money kind, not the real bucks you hunt for, they’re toast). Get the wood from an table you don’t use anymore or use old garden stakes.

Here is your step-by-step guide below.

Make A Deer Head Silhouette

  1. You will need 14 wooden planks, about an inch wide each. 12 of them are for the front piece (see above example to match it) and 2 of them go on the back horizontally to reinforce the other ones. 
  2. Nail each piece of sawed wood to the reinforcement planks that go vertically at the top and bottom of the backside.
  3. Add a sawtooth hanger to the middle of the top reinforcement piece for easy hanging on the wall.
  4. Stain it with Minwax Dark Walnut wood stain. Once that dries, go over it with weathered grey color and then a white latex paint.
  5. Gently sand the item to give it a distressed look.
  6. Google “deer head silhouette” and you will see many images free online to use. Download an image and copy it to this free site, where you can pick a size and print it onto several sheets. Tape the sheets together to form the deer shape, like a puzzle. Cut out the deer outline.
  7. Transfer the paper outline to wood using this easy method and then fill it with white latex paint. Optional: sand the white paint to give it a matured look.

2. Outlets just got more interesting

Hunter Enthusiast Gear

Okay so we don’t usually look at wall sockets in our posts but these ones are special. First off, antlers rock. Secondly, these socket-deer from Nendo are plates that function just like the kind at the hardware store but with a great twist. The antlers double as a holder for your phone while it charges. No more having to find a surface where you can rest your phone; that’s for losers. This is where it’s at, with several colors available.

Hunter Clock Man Cave Ideas

3. Got time to hunt? yup.

The man cave ideas just keep coming! Give your basement a rustic hunting look with the deer antler wall clock. You’ll always know when it’s time to head out into the wild blue yonder.

Never be late to the game of hide and shoot again with this decorative piece. The clock adds a touch of sophistication to any hunter’s den.

It’s double sided too, so you can see it from anywhere in the room. Okay so it’s not a cuckoo clock but anyone who doesn’t hunt certainly is a cuckoo (just had to say it).

4. Guns a blazing

Man Cave Hunter

You’ll need to organize your guns, that much is true! Why not add in this Western horseshoe gun rack? You can adjust it for any size of the rifle, which is handy when you get a new one and you want to showcase it on the wall.

The holders are strong and feature protective suede. The decorative stars have a great Americana look. It’s metal art at its finest (well, except for #7). For some serious gear, check out IBC7 Outdoors instead.

Hunter Man Cave Lamp

5. WOODn’t You Want It? 

Light up your man cave with this mossy oak indoor lamp. Bring the outdoors in and let’s light up this place! I mean, you want to be able to see your hunter gear and souvenirs in all their glory, right?

This piece complements the deer head trophy and deer antler wall clock perfectly. Go all out on the rustic theme for your hunter’s cabin.

6. it’s simple, really

Man Cave Ideas for a Hunter

And so we get down to what really counts with our hunter’s man cave ideas post. Eat. Sleep. Hunt. The priorities and nothing but. Show everyone who enters your lair what you want to do, which is get that buck, elk, deer or another target. We love the bold red background on this huge wall decal art. Make a statement with this one as the focus of your feature wall.

Hunter Bookends Design

7. Foxy? Yup, Damn Sexy.

It’s not a foxy chick. It’s fox head bookends that are sexy. 

These foxes have amazing detailing, with a dark bronze finish. Any hunting enthusiast would love them. Between the bookends, you’ll want to put your favorite hunting books. 

By the way, here’s a few great hunting books to check out, if you haven’t already done so: The Mindful Carnivore by Tovar Cerulli, Whitetail Nation by Pete Bodo, and Gut It – Cut It – Cook it by Al Cambronne & Eric Fromm.

8. Stools to make you drool

Stools for Man Cave

These ball-peened stools are badass. They’re awesome for your hunter’s paradise. The hardwood seats and hand-forged ball-peened backs have such a macho look and make a great statement amid your rustic space. 

Serve up tall, cold ones to your buddies as you talk about your latest hunt and the thrill of the ones to come (sorry ladies, no time to talk about your new clothes today or the latest Oprah quote).​

9. Fur-get it, i only want this one

Rug for Man Cave of Hunters

You need an animal hide somewhere in your hunter’s man cave. Yes. This high-quality tricolor cowhide rug is spectacular. If you only include one hide here, use this one. It’s soft, doesn’t shed, and has a suede leather back so it won’t damage your floor. Choose from three sizes.

Lay it at your entranceway, underneath your gun rack or over by the bed where you proudly take off your boots after a full day outdoors. Being a hunter is a lifestyle so showcase that hide with pride. Another option is the bear skin rug that Vladimir Putin would likely include in his crib.​

Man Cave Toilet Seat Camo

10. Because this is the way to finish the day

Get on the pot and take a sh*t in style at the end of a tough day out hunting. This camo toilet seat is the treasured throne you come home to with pride.

If that buck scared you out in the bush earlier then chances are this toilet seat came a bit too late, and you’ll need to change your boxers while you’re at it.

But at least you have a place to sit and ponder the day now. Camo style is the way to go. Obviously.

Now you have the 10 best finds for the hunter’s man cave and, you guessed it, you can go all out in your own space. Add the deer head, don’t forget about the bright red wall decal, lay out the cowhide rug, and fit your guns into the Western-style rack. Well, what are you waiting for? The sooner you get the design done, the sooner you’ll be able to get back out there hunting. Let’s do this!