10 Female Sex Fantasies Revealed

It’s true that women fantasize too. Their minds are filled with naughtiness just as much as ours while they masturbate and bone.

But you just might not know exactly what they’re thinking about… until now. We’re laying out the top 10 female sex fantasies so that you can get laid more often by helping to bring her dreams to life.

1. The Pleaser

Female Fantasy in BedShe fantasizes that you push her against the wall and then carry her to bed, where you want to satisfy her in every way. You are the pleaser, and she is the willing recipient in this wet dream.

2. Submissive You

Her Top Female Fantasy

Who says the guy always needs to take charge? Not in this orgasmic daydream. She is in full control in this popular female fantasy, with the big, macho man begging for her to bring him to climax while she decides exactly when and how that will cum to a head.

3. Surprise Invasion

Female Fantasy Undressing
In her sexy sleep, she plays a scene where she takes someone inappropriate, whom she crushes on in real life, by surprise by undressing herself in front of him and then making out with him. She brings out the unexpressed desire the other person has for her.

4. The Voyeur

Voyeur Female Fantasy

The term “Peeping Tom” might not be so accurate, or at least not in dream land. Many women fantasize about watching other people shag. It can take many variations, of course, from watching a couple in bed through the window to seeing an orgy in all its glory right in front of her.

5. The One That Got Away

Female Fantasy Lover
It may surprise you to learn that her arousal is from thinking about being with people whom she once almost slept with but didn’t for some reason or another.
It’s the ol’ “the one that got away” dream playing out (and in and out, if he knows how to bang her properly). She’s going back in time.

6. Three’s Company

Two Women One Man Fantasy
If the third wheel in the group is another woman, then she’s all for it. A top female fantasy is a threesome with another chick. They start out fondling one another in bed, while you play the role of voyeur, and then you step in when it gets full on. And it goes on and on (you hope) and on.

7. Public Domain

Women Fantasize about Sex in Public
Taking your sexy time to public spaces is another thought going through her head as she touches herself. As many women are shy about their bodies, however, they probably won’t take this fantasy to real life (curses).

8. Use The Force, Rule The Galaxy

She Fantasizes about the Bedroom
This isn’t Star Wars, but it is a top sexual fantasy of women. She gets carried by a manly man to his bedroom, where he proceeds to have his way with her, arousing her body perfectly with every movement. She pretends to protest but in reality she loves every moment of it.

Note: Do not carry out this fantasy in real life without getting her approval beforehand and putting some boundaries in place.

9. Boss & Employee

Female Fantasy in the Office
Getting horny about co-workers is a fantasy men and women share. It’s a dream sequence in which she straddles her boss in his office and everywhere else that is forbidden in real life. Talk about getting a raise!

10. That Kind of Dancing

Female Stripper Fantasy

While few women would have the nerve to strip in real life, many of them do have a fantasy about taking off their clothes for you as part of a striptease. It’s all about lap dances, stripper poles, and turning you on.

Did any of these top 10 female fantasies surprise you? Ask her if she wants to make any of them a reality even just play mock scenes in the privacy of your bedroom. She might be into it and end up stripping for you or… who knows what else could happen?! You’re welcome.