10 Bummer Facts About Dating A Beautiful Woman

Men are largely visual slobbering beasts creatures and, therefore, we naturally want to be with women who look good to us. Call it superficial, sure, but the satisfaction level is so much higher with a 10. The only thing is, dating a beautiful woman comes along with its share of bummer facts. What are they? Keep reading.

1. Secure? Not So Much.

Insecure Man Dates Beautiful Woman

She’s va-va-va-voom, and you’re not sure if she’s really into you. If you’re insecure in any way, that’s going to turn her off. The next thing you know, you’ll be looking at her amazing highnie going out the front door.

2. You’re Playdough To Her

She Manipulates Him

She plays you. The manipulative package has a beautiful wrapping job (and gives an amazing blowjob) but the uneven power dynamics here are hard to over-cum. When was the last time you said no to her? You may just be her playdough.

3. You are Casper Too

Bummer of Dating a Beautiful Woman

No one notices you around her. They’re seduced by her beauty and you’re like the invisible ghost Casper behind her. Side effect: she forgets about you too. Better say “Boo” and impress her… fast.

4. Jealous Much?

A Bummer Fact is Jealousy
A bummer fact when dating a beautiful woman is that you get jealous whenever she’s talking with another guy, even if it’s just by text. Second guessing her will lead you to the bed alone. Wait, don’t we hate it when our girlfriends treat us like this? (Head spins like in The Exorcist).

5. She’s After Your Money

Beautiful Woman Dates You For Money

You like when she sucks you below the belt but not so much when she sucks off of your wealth. That just sucks, period. Danger sign: She brings out the puppy eyes every time you pass by a jewelry store together.

6. Bringin’ Out The Big Guns

Dating a Beautiful Woman is a Bummer

There’s nothing quite like that moment when another guy gives your gal some extra attention in your presence. You get steamed up and anger can lead to throwing some punches at him. Talk about stressausting.

7. Ergo Her Ego

Dating Beautiful Woman With an Ego

A major bummer fact about dating a beautiful woman is she knows she’s got it all. What she also has is an ego. Nothing’s oversized about her except her boobs sense of self. She might pay more attention to her own needs than yours.

8.Competition In The Bedroom

Dating a Beautiful Woman Means Competition

Even if there is solid trust between the two of you, it can be annoying to think every time you’re away from her there are men trying to get her digits. They want to take your spot in bed, but you’re not ready to give it up (you’d like to think you’re too busy getting it up with her instead).

9. You’ll Never Do Better Syndrome

Hello Remember Your Needs

You might stay with the hot chick even when you two aren’t a great match because you think you’ll never get a chance to date a perfect 10 again. Hello, don’t overlook what’s best for you just because she’s amazing in the looks department.

10. Step Up The Man Grooming

Man Grooming His Beard

You might get tempted to step up your male grooming habits so that when you go out with her you look like you’re (almost) good enough for her. If you’re not into your appearance, then that’s going to be a major pain in the ass.

While you’ve always dreamed of dating a 10, such a beautiful woman comes with a price. There are bummer facts to being with a hot chick that you might not realize… until you’ve read this post, that is. Proceed at your own risk.